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SAP Daily Activities

Daily Activities
1. Monitoring Application servers in SM51
From SM51,we can Check whether all SAP servers are running or not
When application server is not available, we cant in! the host name or the server"
we can also get the inormation about number o users logge! to the instances
We can estimate the current activities an! the resulting loa! on the instance
An! also we can monitor list o all app servers, sever ino, #ueue ino an! S$C status in SM51
We can also view the status o all active%inactive instances using &'()
2. Monitoring Work processes in SM50 & SM66*
We can Check or +ong time running work processes
Check the state o work process
We can cancel a process b, selecting the work process an! click the -process. menu, in this menu we
have -Cancel. option
When we cancel work process ,all transactions are terminate! an! !ispatcher starts new work process
We can also view the work processes o the instance at /S level b, using 0PM/$ p 1when onl, one instance2
0PM/$ P 3instance proile4 3S504 1When multiple instances2
3. Active users over view in SM0 an! A"0#
0ispla, active users an! their activities
Checking or the users who have lost their connections
We can also view the number o &FC users, number o interact users, terminal, active instances"
. $%eck &or log on loa! 'alance using SM"()log on groups*
We can check or loa! !istribution an! average response time an! 6ualit, ratio 777 1in SM+8***press
F5 or loa! !istribution 9now we can see log on groups, instance ,status, response time, number o users
per instance ,6ualit, o loa! balancing an! !ialog steps o each instance
5 an, application server is goes !own or an, reason, user can still connect the group which will assign
the best application server 1SPAC: 9!eault log on group2
5. $%ecking &or A+A, Du-ps in S.22
When user have a program error , the !ump is imme!iatel, !ispla,e!
;his !umps inclu!e inormation like -what happene!.,. what can we !o.,. what tables were being use! at
that time. an! -an, other program were aecte!."
We can see how man, short !umps have been generate! in the current !a, an! previous !a,*****in
S;<<, select the !a, an! click on the !ispla, list icon"
A=AP run time errors like S,nta> errors, wrong logic, e>ception%short te>t
5nvali! re6uest ma!e to 0= interace when accessing table10=5F?&S#+?5$@A+50?&:#A:S;2
Application program error1M:SSA8:?;BP:?C2
:rror occurre! !ue to !atabase inconsistenc, 1start?call?sick2
10=5F?$;A=?;A=+:?$/;?F/A$0 ,A$CAA8D;?:CC:P;55/$2
All these !umps are store! in S/A, table, We nee! to !elete the ol! !umps, wh, because some ol!
!umps ma, cause some more new !umps
5 there are more than <( !umps ,we shoul! sen! a mail to the client
6. $%eck &or "ock entries in SM12
Check or +ock entries ol!er than one !a, shoul! be anal,Ee! an! correcte! 1lock entr, menuF!elete2"
$ormall,, the locks are automaticall, release! when transactions are committe! or when users are
inishe! working on the !ata"
=ut we nee! to aware about locks which are hel! unrelease! or several hours***in this situation ,problem
might be long running backgroun! Gobs which up!ate the !ata base ,a'nor-al ter-ination o& t%e
SA,(01 an! also problems in up!ate processing"
;o solve this problem ,we can !elete the lock entries or logo the user rom SM(H
;o test whether the en6ueue work process is working correctl, or not l1 go to SM1< *:>tras menu*!iagnosis
All lock entries are store! in ."2$3 table"
$auses o& -al&unctions in lock -anage-ent
1. the en6ueue server is not available
2. the message server is not available
3. ault, computer links
. incorrect s,stem installation
5. incorrect setting o s,stem parameters
4. $%eck &or any ter-inate! up!ates in SM13
We can check or an, hange! up!ates, or up!ates pen!ing or long or up!ates in P&5@ mo!e
We can check the s,stem up!ate recor!s with error status or which have not ,et been processe!"
=ase! on the t,pe o error ,re6uest the user repeat the !ata entr, which perorms the up!ate
All up!ate re6uests are store! in 5+"2( table
we can monitor the cancelle! up!ate re6uests an! all up!ate re6uests in SM1
#. $%eck w%et%er ,ro!uction $lient is open or close 1n S$$
Pro!uction Client shoul! be Alwa,s in close! status unless until approve!
close*$o changes allowe!, $o change repositor, obGects an! no changes with out automatic recor!ing
an! no changes to repositor, obGects an! also we can set the protection level <1no over writing, no
e>ternal availabilit,2
/pen*changes to repositor, obGects, automatic recor!ing changes an! no restrictions
6. Monitoring Data'ase in D+02
Check or Space o ;able space use! more than I(J
i table space siEe reache! I(J we nee! to increasing table space b, a!!ing !ata ile using SAP0=A
Check or Missing in!e>es in!e>es in =0(<, b, selecting -missing in!e>es - tab we can in! missing
in!e>es like primar, in!e>es an! secon!ar, in!e>es,
5 we in! an, missing in!e>es we can report to A=APers the, will assign those in!e>es to proper ;ables
Check or Space critical obGects 1huge table%report occup, the ma>imum space in buer, in this situation
s,stem ma, hang2
5 we in! an, space critical obGects ,we shoul! a!! the !ata ile to the table space
10. $%eck &or t%e ter-inate! 'ack groun! 7o's an! log ti-e running 7o's in SM34
We can check the status o the Gob, i it is in active state or long time, we nee! to cancel that Gob1Gob*cancel2
5 it is still in active state we nee! to check the status in Kob menu
Still it is in same state we shoul! kill that particular work process rom SAP level1SM512 or /S level 10PM/$2
5 one particular Gob is cancelle! more than <( times ,a mail shoul! be sent to the user
11. $%eck &or Spool re8uests S,01
+ook or spool Gobs that have been -in process. or an hour"
Checking or problems with spool an! output re6uest
Check logs an! possible causes o printing problems
Check the output re6uest attributes, the log iles, an! the siEe o the print Gob
Check whether the !evice t,pe an! what the access metho! is or the !evice"
0eleting ol! spool re6uests or sche!uling the backgroun! Gob which automaticall, !eletes them, 5 there
are more than 5( spool errors, then the, have to be !elete!"
12. Monitor t%e 'ack9up logs in D+12
Check whether last back up is successul or not
1& it is not success&ul Problem might be sapbackup !isk was ull"
We can check the re!o logs which are not ,et back up
An! check or the back up status
Checking archive log !irector, status1oracle%S50%oraarch2
@eri, the log o the last backup an! ree space in log !irector,
13. Monitoring 2S logs an! $,0 utili:ation in S.06 or 2S06*
We can monitor the entire operating s,stem in /S(L or S;(L
We can monitor OS logs and CPU utilization -detailed analysis-OS logs and CPU utilization
We can monitor the CPA, memor,, swaps, !isks, ile s,stems, an! network 1/S(L*!ataile!
anal,sis 2 From the !etaile! anal,sis menu we can see operating s,stem inormation rom an, o the
previous <H hours
Alert Monitoring in S.0
We can monitor the s,stem alerts rom &'<(*!oubleclick on the correspon!ing monitor*in that screen
click on the /pen alert"
We can set the threshol!s %alerts an! our own monitors in &'<(*e>tras menu*click on activate
maintenance unction*in that we can create threshol! with colors
We can also -onitor !ata'ase alert log in S;(H*0etaile! anal,sis*error log,
in /S level */racle%S50%sap trace%back groun! !irector,
We can in! the all !ata base errors an! warnings in 0=1L
Syste- log in SM21
we can monitor the s,stem log in SM<1
S,stem +og stores all messages inclu!ing problems warnings M inormation"
5n this s,stem log we mainl, look or errors relate! to 0atabase liste! as /&A*NNNN :rror an! up!ate
terminate errors.
We can also monitor the local s,stem an! all remote s,stems logs 9SM<1*s,stem log menu*select
Choose option*in that we have local s,stem, remote s,stem options