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Comparison between Fluid film bearing(Journal bearing) and

roller bearing:


Journal bearing


operate efficiently in high speed

Please refer to
Slides 3:Bearings

page 15


Roller bearing

operate efficiently in low

high friction at lower speeds but
lower friction in lower
lower friction in high speed
power losses due to friction will
increase again at high speeds which
speed but higher friction
requires proper oil flow rate for heat
in high speed
more reliable
relatively less reliable


need maintenance

doesn't need maintenance


Possible re-repair

we must replace it if
failure occurred
relatively lower rpm
less rigid


of rotation

Permanent care about lubrication

higher rpm precision

Only occasional attention


more rigid


Bear the shocks and high loads

Axial length(width)


very long to bear the shocks and

high loads
used in higher speed application
like turbines and
Relatively inexpensive

Bearing Life

Long life

Short life


Lower possibility to failure occur


Journal bearing(sleeve bearing)

Higher possibility to
failure occur
Ball bearing, Cylindrical
roller bearing, Taper roller
bearing and Needle


Doesnt withstand the

shocks and high loads
relatively less length
used in lower speed
application like gear box

metal JHID power loss @ABCD friction @ABCD E Bearing 6789 :; <9=9> 642 -1
. wear @ABCD to metal contact
dust and fatigue <2 PQRS82 T2 RAW failure 6O2 roller bearing KABL=M-2
.EZ [B8\ P]=Z ^\_2 :; `H; T2a
Babbitt (lead, copper,....)

lubrication ak] =Z =iR2= OH2@ d; KHAS; E; :; journal bearing `Hc\ =d\6e -3

.<Z= RAp Eq\ PHq2 lubricated.@ mS\ R4cHD =m2 na= Z
R82 Rms <Bs tZ=O\ P]u T2 R82 6Hi <Z `QEB2 Jw] Eq\ roller bearing -4
E8O\ a2 journal bearing yqs <Bs large clearance <Bs E8O\ > P]= m Rd
.=4{SL `; 6A| @q}L R82~ A}SD 6s <2 zAZ large clearance <Bs
radial load @mO8\ P]u T2 cylindrical roller bearing 678w\ wind mill K2=e <Z -5
axial @mO8\ <qD axial thrust bearing 678w\ ={\ contact surface \=JWwL T2 KA2=s
.K{k7H; KsRwL 6D wind mill u T2 journal bearing 678w\ > load
JIAZ axial load 6Hs =simply supported @q <Bs Ems =H = -6
thermal stresses JHI82 CZ 6e bearing <Bs @mO2 a@ A}]

Eq\ CZ 6e n=ID< Z axial load @A}AL Angular deep groove ball bearing-7
AOL two angular deep groove ball bearing 678w] :A=ID< Z @mO2@ A}\ }=Bs
. SL yqs :Aw;8; E]Eq\
P] PD6=Z spherical @q <Bs outer race EqAL self alignment ball bearing -8
load capacity @BCAL P] JAs :q2 EmS2< Z @cO\ :qm; <B2 high slope @mO8\ 6C\
. metal to metal contact 6O\ =m axial n=ID< Z
.CZ axial n=ID< Z =me> na RAW= meu RS8\ Thrust bearing -9
.CZ radial n=ID< Z KA2=s =me@ A}\ Cylindrical roller bearing -10
:AL friction 6e JWw\ P]u T2 KA2=S2= sRw2< Z ball bearing 678w\ >-11
.=4{SL `; y;82 :; balls <mO\ a2 separator &balls

roller bearing yqs RAWq2= me>;= 6c2@ mO8\ ` A8w\ journal bearing -12
@mSD =m;= 6c2 :; @BCD journal bearing <Z oil film thickness >T2
Eq8Z roller bearing yqs <Bs K8L= rigidity = m noise :; @BC8Zdamping
.6| KA2=s noise JWwAZ ^L= RAp @mO2 EqAZ rollers ;` RA8; rigidity

Please notice that noise comes also from many other sources (Reading_1_Sound and
Vibration in Rolling Bearings)

.K268S; KkBq82 EqD =4H; RAW 6s ^\R8 :q2 KSkDR; roller bearing KA68L> KkBq82-13
@d; @ q}L @mSD <82= CAW82< Z P;6789 6Hs journal bearing =k_ D -14
.Rm89=L on & off @ms 6Hs PD=k= CD turbines
6L needle `QED Ae needle bearing 678w] :qm; journal bearing K2=e <Z -15
radial n=ID>
. <Z load ]_:qm; T2aL journal & sleeve :AL oil
4D E72 yk] 42 100 bearing ^W| E2 d; rating life( life of bearing) -16
.rating life (L10) <mw\ 10 bearings RwqH\ <8e m\ a2^ ME2=Z parallel
`; T2a K{k7H; KsRwL @mSD <82= CAW82< Z lubrication <Z grease 678w\ -17
. oil `; yqS2< Bs (up to 90c) K{k7Hm2 RO2|=
.AOi yqS2 oil 6789< Bs Kmmc; bearing grease 6789 Bc\ >-18
> lubrication @ms <Zgrease 6789 K2=e <Z bearing <Bsseal `Q{@ k\ -19
.oil 6789 K2=e <Z `QE\
bearing < |_Z 6OD <82= s>}= 8 >678w\ predictive maintenance -20
KZRS; spectrum @q <2 RH2\~ R :s T2 outer race or inner race <Z =
.W{2=L @S2= q; 6\6OD peaks :;=