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Volume: 3 Issue: 3
Vision of the Founder Chairman
Haji Muhammad Saleem (Late)
University Town, Sargodha Road, Faisalabad Tel: 041 8811661-2
URL: www.ucs.tuf.edu.pk Email: ucs@tuf.edu.pk
Session 2013-14
Supervised by
Mrs Mavra Farooq
Event Coordinator
Ms Nosheen Ashraf
Event Organizers
Rubina Irfan
Ms Atia Shafq
Our aim is to ensure that our students are confdent and capable
learners, with a strong sense of self worth, who will be able to adjust
and meet whatever demands are placed upon them.
Surely Allah has conferred favour on the believers that He sent
a Rasool (Messenger of Allah) from amongst them who recites
to them His Verses and purifes them and teaches them the Book
and the wisdom. And previous to that they were clearly in error.
(Al-e-Imran -164)
What actions are most excellent? To gladden the heart of
human beings, to feed the hungry, to help the aficted, to
lighten the sorrow of the sorrowful and to remove the suferings
of the injured.
(Sahih Bukhari)
The students celebrated World Food
Day on 16th October by bringing
diferent kind of food and enjoyed food
festival very much.
Colours depict diferent emotions and feelings of
life. Yellow colour stands for friendship and intimacy.
So far the purpose was to make the students aware
of yellow colour, a special day named as Yellow
Colour Day was celebrated on October 18, 2013.
Students of UCS were given information about the
International School Library Day and they were told
about the importance of library and manners to sit in
the library by performing a skit
Food Mania
Fun with the sun
International School
Library Day
A Competition of Spelling writing was held in the classes and the students showed great progress in this feld. The
names of the winners are given below:
Samama Hayder Class One
Amina Aurangzaib Class One
Azma Awaise Class One
Wania Waseem Class One
Aleshay Aleem Class One
Maliha Tanveer Class One
Saim Zurrain Class Two
Sajjal Abbas Class Three
Ayesha Arif Class Three
Rabda Mian Class Three
Izza Zahid Class Three
Ramee Saad Iqbal Class Three
Ahmad Saeed Class Three
Danish Sarfraz Class Three
Omer Zahid Class Four
Fatima Ahmad Class Four
Areej Bakhtawar Class Four
Muhammad Kamran Class Five
Afnan Rasool Class Five
Bilal Naeem Class Five
Bakhtawar Arif Class Six
Momna Rasool Class Six
Spelling Bee Competition
We are the world,
we are the children
Parent Teacher
Meeting (PTM)
Students paid tribute to Allama
Iqbal and threw light on his
contributions that how did he
play his role in the movement of
Pakistan through his poetry and
On world Kindness
Day our students told
that how to be kind
with others, including
human beings as well
as other creatures in
the world.
On 20th November, 2013 Universal Children Day
was celebrated. The students of UCS presented a
dress show, By dressing themselves according to
the cultures of diferent countries they showed how
children are sufering all over the world.
PTM was held on November 29, 2013. The students
displayed attractive and amazing projects related
to their subjects on this day. PTM was based on
discussion of students performance.
To celebrate Blue Colour Day diferent activities were
planned for the students. The students were told about
the cool peaceful efect of blue colour. Pre school
students wore blue dresses and brought blue toys
along with them.
A Tribute to
Allama Iqbal
World Kindness Day
International Day of Tolerance
Cool Blue Colour
Life all over the world can be made more beautiful by showing patience
and tolerance. To enhance this attitude in our young kids UCS students
presented a skit in morning assembly.
The students were inculcated to help others without
any personal interest. To mark the importance of the
day our students were asked to write a paragraph
on something nice that they did for someone, or on
something that someone did for them.
The students walked in University Town and raised
slogans like:
We should respect Human Rights.
We want Human Rights.
English is the language of science and technology. To enhance the students spoken English ability, an action plan
was designed. To motivate the students the spoken English incharges were given the duty to keep check through
out the day so that all of them keep speaking English. It worked. In this context, crowns were given on every Friday
in the assembly.
Winners of Urdu Reading Competition
Class One
Position Student
First Samama Hayder
First Usman Irfan
First Alishay Aleem
First Azma Awaise
First Khadija Ali
First Maleeha Tanver
First Waniya Waseem
Class Two
Position Student
First Saim Zurrain
Position Student
First Khaula Adeel
Second Bilawal Hussain
Second Ahmareen Taseel
Class Three
Position Student
First Ramee Saad
First Sajjal Abbas
Second Ahmad Saeed
Second Zainab Ahmad
2nd: Ayesh Arif
3rd: Husnain Ghazi
3rd: Izza Zahid
3rd: Emaan Mohsin
Class Four
Position Student
First Omer Zahid
First Fatima Ahmad
Second Zeniya Waseem
Third Areej Bakhtawar
Class Five
Position Student
First Bilal Naeem
First Ammara Ali
International Day of
Persons with
Vow to Volunteer
Human Rights
Spoken English
Urdu/English Reading Competition
To create awareness about this day, students
of UCS performed a skit and learnt the value of
helping disable people.
The students of pre-school dressed in orange colour
to learn more about Orange Colour. They brought
oranges, balloons, toys and had fun.
On 10th January, 2014. The students dressed
themselves in purple colour . There were purple
balloons everywhere in the school, and the students
were looking like purple fowers.
Winners of English Reading Competition
Class One
Position Student
Firt Samama Hayder
First Usman Irfan
First Azma Awaise
First Maliha Tanver
First Maira Yasir
Class Two
Position Student
First Saim Zurrain
First Fatima Aurangzaib
Second Hamza Kamran
Second Khaula Adeel
Third Taha Tahir
Third Ahmreen Taseel
Class Three
Position Student
First Ahmad Saeed
First Sajjal Abbas
First Zainab Ahmad
Second Hasnain Ghazi
Second Ramee Saad
Second Danish Sarfaz
Second Aayish Fatima
Second Izza Zahid
Second Rania Faisal
Class Four
Position Student
First Omer Zahid
First Fatima Ahmad
First Ammara Ali
Second Khizra Rasheed
Second Ayesha Akbar
Third Areej Bakhtawar
Class Five
Position Student
First Bilal Naeem
First Muhammad Kamran
Class Six
Position Student
First Hassan Rasheed
First Bakhtawar Arif
Class Seven
Position Student
First Kashuf Rehan
First Iqra Akbar
Class Six
Position Student
First Hassan Rasheed
First Bakhtawar Arif
Position Student
Second Areeha Ghazi
Class Seven
Position Student
First Maham Shakeel
Class Nine
Position Student
First Husna Akbar
Purple Trug
An Interview with a
My Mother
On 11th February, 2014, World Day of Sick was
observed. The students performed a skit on the related
topic. Doctor Muhammad Asim Ikram who is a child
specialist, was invited. He shared useful information
with the students about health care and students
asked questions about sickness.
To mark the importance of Mother Language Day, on
24th February, 2014 students of UCS wrote an essay on
their Mother language
During December, 2013 Urdu/ English handwriting Competitions were held in School. The students showed good
results in these competitions. The names of winners are given below:
Winners of English Handwriting Competition
Winners of Urdu Handwriting Competition
Samama Hayder Class One
Khadija Ali Class One
Ayaan Ahmad Class One
Maria Yasir Class One
Hamza Kamran Class Two
Ahmareen Taseel Class Two
Zaid Kamran Class Three
Aayish Arif Class Three
Danish Safraz Class Three
Emaan Mohsin Class Three
Rania Faisal Class Three
Sajjal Abbas Class Three
Zainab Ahmad Class Three
Omer Zahid Class Four
Fatima Ahmad Class Four
Bilal Naeem Class Five
Muhammad Kamran Class Five
Ammara Ali Class Five
Usama Abid Class Six
Hamna Tariq Class Six
Hassan Rasheed Class Six
Iqra Akbar Class Seven
Husna Akbar Class Nine
Samama Hayder Class One
Khadija Ali Class One
Maira Yasir Class One
Saim Zurrain Class Two
Khaula Adeel Class Two
Zaid Kamran Class Three
Aayish Arif Class Three
Bilal Irfan Class Four
Ayesha Akbar Class Four
Muhammad Kamran Class Five
Ammara Ali Class Five
Usama Abid Class Six
Hamna Tariq Class Six
Maham Shakeel Class Seven
Husna Akbar Class Nine
Urdu/English Handwriting Competition
World Thinking Day
Thinking on any point is a basic human instinct.
To enhance the ability to think is one of the basic
goals of education. On 24th February, 2014 students
practised thinking. Later they were provided with
worksheets to be flled.
Plant a Flower
Women Day
To show their love to the Holy Prophet (PBUH) who is the Pride of the Universe, Mehfl-e-Millad was organized. The
students participated respectfully.
During the spring season, UCS students excitedly
planted fowering plants in the ground. They were
given colourful chart paper fower badges related to
the topic as well.
On 14th March students of Pre
School brought brown toys
and balloons. Some students
had potatoes, peanuts and
brownies as well. The activity
helped them know the colour
and diferentiate it from other
Empowering women is not just the right thing to do,
it is the smart thing to do. When women succeed, the
nations are safer, more secure and more prosperous.
They are mothers, sisters, wives and daughters. To
pay tribute to them our students presented diferent
professions adopted by women now a days. An
awareness walk was also conduted in the town.
And Her Death Remains a Mystery for us All.
On 26th January 2001 it was a cold, whizzy day. Elizabeth
Tarky, my best friend and I went to Turkey for a short trip.
Those days Turkey was not a peaceful country. We went to
visit a mountain known as Cleo means death. I called my
other friends there because we wanted to see why it was
called that. Was there a special thing or not. We took a taxi
and reached there. When we were walking towards the
mountain. I looked back and oh my God! Elisabeth was not
there. At frst I thought that she was playing a joke with us.
We started calling her. We searched her everywhere. Police
came on time. After a lot of searching we found her dead
body. We took her and went to the hospital and we were told
that she was expired. All the friends were astonished how
our friend Elizabeth died. Bakhtawar exclaimed that she was
spelled. Areeha said that she might have eaten poison. And
now we were sure that why it was called Cleo. The mountain
of the death. She was our best friend, loyal, honest and kind.
We could never understand the reason of her death and her
death remained a mystery for us all.
(Hamna Tariq: Class six)
I Made a Mistake by telling him my Secret.
I had fve friends. Their names were Shazuka, Nobita Jian,
Sunyo and Doroeamon. My name is DagySogi. Shazuka is my
best friend. I told this to Nobita. Daily we used to play table
tennis. Nobita was a jealous person. Suddenly he became
jealous to see me and Shazuka together. He got red with
anger. Nobita was sort of a person who always took help
from others and didnt do anything on his own. I thought
that Nobita was an innocent person and I went to his home
and told him that I liked Shazuka. After listening to my story,
Nobita teased me that he would tell the whole story to all
of my friends. I was worried that what would be the reaction
of my friends. I thought that I should make Nobita my best
friend forever. When I told him that he was the worlds best
friend, he said he would keep my secret. I was very happy
that now my secret was safe. My secret would not be told to
(Iqra Akbar: Class seven)
Water The Basic Need
Water is a basic need in our life. Water is used for drinking.
Water is very important for our life. Without water we cannot
live. More than half of the earth surface consists of water.
Water is also important for sea animals and fsh. They cannot
live without water also.
Water Drought in Sindh:
Water drought has spreaded in interior Sindh and the people,
animals are dying for water.
Water Inhuman food:
More than 120 people are confrmed to have died in fash
foods which have hit north eastern Iran. In GonbadKavus,
tearful relatives and rescue workers deposited bodies in a
food freezer turned into a makeshift morgue.
Global Warming The Disadvantages:
There are numerous disadvantages of global warming
including ocean circulation disruption which afects world
climate. It also leads to higher sea level that result to fooding
of low-lying lands and hence deaths and disease from
food along with evacuation. Global warming also leads to
desertifcation. One major efect is the increased loss of our
polar ice caps, leading to rising sea levels and land loss. Other
efect of global warming is the increase and severity of storm.
Disadvantages of River-Besides Flooding and its Efects:
People are the worse use rivers as a dumping ground to
dump oil, paint, river valleys have old sofas, stoves etc. Farm
animals urinate and defecate in rivers all of these types
of activities lead to high pollution perhaps a foal aroma
in some areas. Some rivers, depending on location, will
have dangerous in habitants such as gators or crocks, some
piranha, huge snakes etc. Rivers bring on mosquitoes. If in
colder climate river begin to freeze and people and pet walk
on ice but ice is not strong yet Fall through. After winter
in early spring when ice fows we should keep children away
because of danger.
(Kashuf Rehan: Class seven)
Describe a Busy - Eating Place
Since 10 years I have been visiting this busy eating place
star-buks. It is situated in USA. I think its the best place to eat
or drink with friends and with family or even when you are
alone. Star buks is not a place to have lunch or dinner. Mainly
its a caf shop. There, the service is very fast. From outside its
green and red and in some places its just a counter where we
order. That whole counter is full of crowd always. Its a busy
place with perfect service and food. They serve cofee in any
cup we want. The interior is full with funny and interesting
Star buks is a caf where everybody likes to come, because
of its taste. Many visitors, tourist and cofee lovers visit this
place. Businessmen, employees, employers or people of many
cultures visit there. It is caf with old and creepy look. Its a
busy eating place because its very old place and have many
things to choose. Some busy and professional peoples also
eat breakfast there in. Its a very excellent and considerable
(Mahnoor Rasheed: Class Nine)
The Strangest Taxi Ride I Ever Had
Once, I had a quarrel with my friend at a sleepover at her
place and I was returning back to home in anger. The
light was fading as I made my way down the road, when
an ancient cab passed at a stately pace. I hailed it and the
driver stamped out on the footbrake, juddering to a halt
in the middle of the road. He kept the engine running as I
noticed. I climbed in and we drove gently into the town, but
it was not the route we should have been talking to reach my
home. I told him the location and he explained that since
long distance trip it was about 8 kilometers so frst we would
have to get sufcient petrol for the journey. This proved a bit
of the problem. We chased around several locations, atleast
we found a man who gave us some fuel from a petrol can.
Half way along we got stuck behind a car moving very slowly.
He was unable to change down from third and we staked.
We were stuck in the middle of the road. The driver seemed
Students Contributions
unconcerned. He switched of the head lights, folded his arm
and just sat there in the middle of the road, saying nothing.
I asked him, he explained that let the road be cleared. I was
so frustrated by that old taxi and his driver. I tried to move
out but he stopped me, and turned the car to the shortcut.
I was surprised that road was totally damaged and scared
because it was very dark outside. So, we moved through the
shortcut. I opened the window and heard diferent noises. I
saw only some guys there holding knives. They were strange
so, I suddenly closed the window. Abruptly, I was so relieved
when the driver told me this was the fnal mile and I would be
reaching home soon.
(Mahnoor Rasheed: Class Nine)
The Happiest and Worst Day of My Life
When I was eleven, I played a badminton match. The other
team was better but we tried harder. Right at the end, I scored
a goal and we won the match. It was the happiest day of my
One day, I got lost in Metro cash and carry. I could not fnd my
parents. They found me fve minutes later. It was a very hot
day and I was tried. It was the worst day of my life
(Omer Zahid : Class Four)
Life in the Future
In future everybody should learn to use computers. The
children should also learn to type. Everybody will need to
study Math and Science at school. In future, everybody
should protect all kind of wildlife. In addition, we ought to
protect the forests. We also need to keep the environment
and rivers clean. In future everybody should have free
medicine and health care. Also, we ought to look-after blind
and disabled people better. In future we shall need to build
up-to-date hospitals.
(Ammara Ali: Class Five)
Orangutan in trouble
Orangutan means person of the forest. Not everyone
realizes that the Orangutans are the only great apes outside
Africa. They live on the island of Borneo and Sumatra. The
population has fallen in the past hundred years for many
reasons. Firstly, many of the forests are cut down every
year. Secondly poachers shoot orangutan for their meat.
In addition, poachers catch and sell orangutans for pets.
However, the WWF has tried to protect orangutans since
1962. It has helped to set up reserves in some countries.
In other countries, on the other hand, governments dont
protect the forest or the orangutans. Therefore, the WWF
should continue to protect orangutans.
(Afnan Rasool: Class Five)
An Unsuccessful Shopping Trip
I was taking hot frothy cup of cofee on my campo coach
and then all of a sudden my door bell rang ting, tong. I
unwillingly stood up by placing my cup on the centre table.
I moved towards the door and opened it with the forums
on my forehead Where were you dude? My best friend Ali
shouted. Suddenly my angry mode turned into excitement.
Then we both dropped ourselves on four cousin. We took
cofee and he said I am going to do shopping in mall, do you
want to come with me? I said, yes, we will go after 1:00 pm.
We went for shopping. I was driving the car. Suddenly a car
came from service lane, it was out of control. That car hit ours
in the left door and my car went up side down and started
to roll on the highway. Then our car got in the big tree and
stopped. After that many people were standing around us.
An Ambulance came and took us. When our eyes opened we
were in hospital and we were covered with bandages. We
were worried. Then doctor came in our room we asked what
happened to us. We told our story. After some days we went
to home. Thank Allah we were alive though our shopping trip
remained unsuccessful.
(Usama Abid: Class Six)
Our Dreams
I. I dreamt about my friends. I saw that I was going
somewhere with my friends. We were very happy and talking
to one another. I was playing with my friends. I had my
breakfast with them. Then we went to a river and caught lots
of fsh. We enjoyed very much and came back home. It was a
good dream.
(Omer Zahid: Class Four)
II. I dreamt that I went to a high mountain I was
extremely happy to see diferent mountains in my dream. It
was a good experience to go up and down the mountains. I
saw snow on the peaks. The view was amaizing. I saw many
trees and animals. Then I suddenly woke up.
(Bilal Irfan: Class Four)
III. I have dreamt that once I was fying in the air. I
saw many birds which were fying with me in the air. It was
freezing cold. I could see all the things on Earth. Suddenly I
fell down and I was hurt. Then I saw many people standing
around me. I woke up It was a strange dream.
(Ayesha Akbar: Class Four)
If I were a friendly dinosaur, I would . . . . . .
If I were a friendly dinosaur, I would be the king of land of
dinosaurs. I would help the dinosaurs. I would listen to their
problems and solve them all. When it would be night the
dinosaur thieves come, then I would called dinosaur police.
The police would take the thieves to prison. When a dinosaur
would say that her baby was missing I would help her to fnd
the baby.
(Ahmad Saeed: Class Three)
How I spend my spare time?
My spare time can never be spared from me. In my spare time
I make cards for my friends. I read books like comics. I watch
diferent programmes on TV, such as Cartoon, ARY News. I
play games on the Laptop. I walk down to the street and have
a lot of fun.
(Zaid Kamran: Class Three)
Students Contributions
Activity Based Learning
Sowing a Seed
Fun Reading
Treasure Hunt
Little Chefs
I am an Artist
Sugar Dissolving Activity
Assembly Presentations
Kashmir Solidarity Day
Growing stages of a seed
Behaviour in the Class
Primary and secondary colours Kissan ki Danai - Performance
Students Art Work
Danish Sarfraz (Class Three)
Bilawal Hussain (Class Two)
Haleema Sohail (Pre-nursery)
Hijab Fatima (KG)
Bilal Irfan (Class Four)
Armeen Amir (Nursery)
Cotton Pasting
Poster Colouring
Pencil Mess Work
Thumb Printing
Collage Work
Tissue Crumbling
Sports Bonanza
The Sports Bonanza was held on 26th and 27th February, 2014. The students performed
wonderful skits and amused the spectators with their games also.
Opening ceremony
Jolly jingles
Flying carpet race
Prize distribution ceremony
Famous Disney characters
A Mystic Performance
Fun with fruits
UCS Scholars
Banner hosting
Holding can with straw
Bunny Race
Winners of class KG
Performance on Suf song
Walking in the jungle
Colour collecting
Group Photo