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1.) How many type of lot in ruleVIII?

A.)5 B.) 6 C.)7 D.) 8

2.) Courts, yards, and light wells shall be measured clear of all projections from the
walls enclosing such wells or yards with the exception of roof leaders, wall copings,
sills, or steel fire escapes not exceeding _____________in width.
A.) 1.20m B.) 1.30m C.) 1.40m D.) 1.50m

3.) Minimum horizontal dimension of said courts and yards shall be not less
A.)1.80m B.)1.90m C.) 2.00m D.) 2.10m

4.) All inner courts shall be connected to a street or yard, either by a passageway with a
minimum width of __________ or by a door through a room or rooms.
A.)1.20m B.)1.30m C.) 1.40m D.) 1.50m

5.) Defined as the distance between the floor slab and the ceiling
A.) Floor-to-Floor Height B.) Floor-to-ceiling height C.) roof line-to apex
of roof height D.) street-to-eaves height

6.) The vertical elevation from the base to the highest architectural or integral structural
elements of the buildings.
A.) Structural height B.) Roof Height C.) Tip Height D.) Main Roof Height

7.) The vertical elevation from the base to the highest man-made part of the building, or
any fixed attachment thereto, whichever is higher (Antennae)
A.) Structural height B.) Roof Height C.) Tip Height D.)
Main Roof Height
8.) Habitable rooms provided with artificial ventilation shall be ceiling height not less
than___________ measured from the floor to the ceiling
A.) 2.40m B.) 2.50m C.) 2.60m D.) 2.70m

9.) Mezzanine floor shall have a clear ceiling height not less than _______ above and
below it.
A.) 1.70m B.) 1.80m C.) 1.90m D.) 2.00m
10.) Where is the measurement of site occupancy taken?
A.) gross floor area B) ground level C) upper floors D) net usable

11.) The minimum window area for a 12 square meter naturally ventilated room.
A.)1.00sq.m. B) 1.1 0sq.m. C)1.20sq.m. D.) 1.30sq.m.

12.) What is the minimum height of ceilings for spaces that are naturally ventilated.
A) 2700mm B) 3000mm C) 2400mm D) 1800mm

13.) For buildings of more than two (2) storeys in height, the minimum width of the
rear or side court shall be increased at the rate______________ for each additional
storey up to the fourteenth (14th) storey
A) 500mm B) 400mm C) 300mm D) 200mm

14.) What is the relationship between the total floor area of all buildings on a lot and
the total area of that lot?
A) Floor area ratio (FAR) B) Percentage of Site Occupancy (PSO)
C)Total Lot Area (TLA) D) Maximum Building Footprint (AMBF)


15.) A) 0.40 meters B) 0.60 meters C)0.30 meters D) 0.50 meters

16.) A) 0.40 meters B) 0.60 meters C)0.30 meters D) 0.50 meters

17.) The separation wall or fence of two courts , shall not be higher than
A) 3.00 meters B) 2.50 meters C)2.00 meters D) 3.50 meters
18.) What is the side setback of R-1 zoned Property
A) 2.00 meters B) 2.50 meters C)3.00 meters D) 3.50 meters

19.) What is the front setback of R-1 zoned Property
A) 5.00 meters B) 4.50 meters C) 4.00 meters D) 3.50 meters

20.) A young couple has decided that its R-1 zoned property (the Project Site) with
a Total Lot Area (TLA) of 360 sqm and located in a subdivision in Quezon City
shall host a low-rise single detached residential building (the Project).
The Project Site is a corner lot with a 15m wide frontage facing a 10m wide
RROW on the south. On the west side of the lot is a minor road with an 8m RROW.
What is the Allowable Maximum Building Footprint (AMBF) for the Project?
A) 148.75 sqm. B) 248.25 sqm. C) 184.75 sqm. D) 360 sqm.