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POSWEB v7.XX (build XX)

Release Date: XX/XX/2012
Bug fix:
1. IP screen for styles other than 7x19 fixed by correctly setting lines and col
2. [SAGEM] Fixed terminal blocking when dialing by upgrading OS used.
1. New backlight control using callback variable
POSWEB v7.31 (build 13)
Release Date: 02/08/2012
Bug fix:
1. Fixed dirty at IP screen due to not cleaning attributes from line.
POSWEB v7.31 (build 12)
Release Date: 26/07/2012
1. [PAX_S80] New posnet which fixes dial errors mapping is integrated
POSWEB v7.31 (build 11)
Release Date: 16/07/2012
1. IP screen style configuration is now dynamic according to display dimensions.
2. Exitscreen generated in case of unrecoverable POSNet error.
POSWEB v7.31 (build 10)
Release Date: 11/07/2012
Bug fixes:
1. Encryption of ISO messages for ASCII channels fixed
POSWEB v7.31 (build 09)
Release Date: 10/07/2012
2. [POS_VIRTUAL WINDOWS] The disk space when using MFS is correctly displayed
3. [POS_VIRTUAL WINDOWS] The log, when using MFS is now saving out of MFS
POSWEB v7.31 (build 08)
Release Date: 10/07/2012
1. [SAGEM] Integrated new IP (version 2.44)
POSWEB v7.31 (build 07)
Release Date: 06/07/2012
1. [VERIXV] Integrated the new POSNET (5.83b5)
POSWEB v7.31 (build 06)
Release Date: 03/07/2012
Bug fixes:
1. Fixed problem with status bar updating when using VWSBAR.
2. [SAGEM] Fixed problem with rebooting after printing with terminal font.
POSWEB v7.31 (build 05)
Release Date: 29/06/2012
Bug fixes:
1. [SAGEM] Fixed paperfeed with terminal fonts: the terminal was crashing and re
POSWEB v7.31 (build 04)
Release Date: 29/06/2012
Bug fixes:
1. Fixed ISO messages encryption for ASCII channel
POSWEB v7.31 (build 03)
Release Date: 26/06/2012
Bug fixes:
1. Fixed printing artifacts below logos (a black padding bar was being printed b
2. [SAGEM] Fixed printing with terminal fonts: the printed text had blank lines
after every text line.
3. [VERIFONE] Fixed corruption of the first printed line after a printer flush c
4. [SAGEM] Fixed touch screen delay by handling correctly idle issues.
5. [SAGEM] Browser was not working on older SDK's. Fixed by changing link parame
ters and memory addresses to be used.
1. With one touch it's now possible to enter a menu item.
2. Touching header or the region bellow the buttons will have no effect.
3. There's no enter simulation when touching a text area.
New features:
1. By holding the finger in a directional hot key, the cursor keeps going up/dow
POSWEB v7.31 (build 02)
Release Date: 12/06/2012
Bug fix:
1. [SAGEM] 'G' for GPRS was being added inproperly. Fixed by calling the right O
S function.
2. [SAGEM] WIFI stack is registered only if available on hardware
POSWEB v7.31 (build 01)
Release Date: 08/06/2012
Bug fix:
1. [VERIX_EVO] Battery icon was not being showed on Vx520. Fixed by adding this
check to this model.
2. [SAGEM] Communication features and modules are now being tagged by concatenat
ion on model name. Ex: ICT250GEM-C.
POSWEB v7.30 (build 07)
Release Date: 30/05/2012
1. [SAGEM] CLESS initializing error is new being handle on POSWeb initialization
. I'll be skiped if the file pskppchk.mrk exists on drive i.
2. [VERIX_EVO] Integrated the new POSNET (5.83b3) on verix_evo build
Bug fix:
1. Fixed HTTP resume when server returns HTTP status different than 200 and 206.
POSWEB v7.30 (build 06)
Release Date: 29/05/2012
Bug fix:
1. POSWEB doesn't need to check RAM if it's in a EVO terminal.
POSWEB v7.30 (build 05)
Release Date: 28/05/2012
1. Changed the logic arround the get page with resume to proceed only if the pre
vious attepmt was able to download at least one byte.
Bug fix:
1. Fixed some logs.
POSWEB v7.30 (build 04)
Release Date: 25/05/2012
1. [VERIX_EVO]: The Display function now writes directly in the screen, instead
of creating a file bitmap. This address the flash memory comsumpsion problem.
2. IP callback is now supporting bip function.
3. [SAGEM] New IP integrated: 2.43.
Bug Fix:
1. Timer bar at status bar was corrupting status bar line. Fixed by changin the
way of screen updating.
POSWEB v7.30 (build 03)
Release Date: 23/05/2012
Bug fix:
1. Get with resume was not working properly for the auto-update of POSWeb mam do
POSWEB v7.30 (build 02)
Release Date: 23/05/2012
1. URL.Ping() now supports Hostname and URL. The old version supported only Host
3. [PAXS80] New CSTK GPRS stack v1.4
Bug fix:
1. [VERIFONE] The IP interface to write messages in screen was not properly clea
ning the screen before writing the IP messages. This bug was corrected.
2. [PERTOS] Fixed Filelib behavior
POSWEB v7.30 (build 01)
Release Date: 16/05/2012
New Features:
1. POSWeb now supports HTTP with resume by using the header Range: bytes. It is
automatically used for access the Marketplace and it can be turned on to all HTT
P GET requests in POSWeb ( including the ones in functions such as URL.loadFile(
) ) by using the environment variable PWDLDRS ( details in POSWeb documentation
2. [Windows, Telium and EFT] - POSWeb now can change the transaction receive buf
fer to improve communication performance by using the environment variable PWVTR
ECVBUFFSZ ( details in POSWeb documentation ).
1. [SAGEM] Beep is being emited when a key is pressed.
2. [Windows, Telium and EFT] The default transaction receive buffer is now 128K
for Windows and 16K for Telium and EFT terminals in order to improve receive per
3. New Posnet (5.82b2) including Ingenico I5100 and I7910
4. Crash and TA Menu Screens have english, portuguese and spanish versions
5.[Verifone, VerixV, Vx-EVO] Printing process optimization.
Bug fix:
1. Corrected a bug regarding ISO_connect with SSL malfunction
2. The get page with resume feature introduced some regressions regarding the er
ror code mapping of the transactions in POSWeb.
3. [Vx670] - The screen was not being rendered for Vx670 models. Bug was fixed.
4. Fixed a bug where the tamenu.wml creation would hang in Vx and Vx-Evo termina
POSWEB v 7.29 (build 01)
Release Date: 08/05/2012
1. [Sagem] CLESS hardware is now being activated via POSWeb.
POSWEB v 7.28 (build 03)
Release Date: 04/05/2012
1. Http header HOST has now the port included in all requests ( as oppose as onl
y when the host was an IP address, as implemented before ).
2. [SAGEM] IP 2.42 integrated.
Bug fix:
1. Pen moviment on iWL280 was not being captured. Fixed by linking to OS Move ev
2. Fixed selecting to above lines in a menu by touch screen.
3. [PAX_S80] Fixed system information recovering.
4. [PAX_S80] Fixed serial port opening.
5. Error at magnetic card reading used to cause loop on PPGetCard. Fixed by just
return the error code to calling function.
6. [SAGEM] By integrating IP 2.42, it was fixed the of manual data entry on idle
POSWEB v 7.28 (build 02)
Release Date: 20/04/2012
New Features:
1. Support to skin configuration file (.pkn). This file must be download into PO
S's that use figures after this version.
POSWEB v 7.28 (build 01)
Release Date: 19/04/2012
New Features:
1. Added an Environment benchmark utility to test different implementations perf
2. Support for bitmap leds for contactless when using POSWeb PP callbacks ( curr
ently supported only in Ingenico terminals ).
3. Power management features isolated in a source code
Bug Fixes:
1. [PWTELE] - Removed unused libraries from executable header that crashes the s
POSWEB v 7.27 (build 03)
Release Date: 27/03/2012
Bug Fixes:
1. [Verix and VerixV with VCS] Changed the way the veritrans in POSWeb uses the
VCS stack.
1. [Verix and VerixV with VCS] New version of POSNet (5.82b1 ).
Release Notes: Version v7.27b02
1. [VerixV and Verix-EVO] New IP version for Banrisul distribution.
Release Notes: Version v7.26b11
1. [VX680 Apriva] Hiddening of scrollbar in VX680
Bug Fixes:
1. [VX680] Fixed a bug regarding a black column being displayed instead of
the scrollbar
2. [VX680] Fixed a bug regarding the touch buttons not being correctly disp
3. ConfirmDialog labels showing is fixed
Release Notes: Version v7.26b11
New Features:
1.[VERIX_EVO] serial lib now opens PINPad port ( COM5 ).
Bug Fixes:
1.Files with p*.vbm pattern are now global files, being visible by all contexts.
Release Notes: Version v7.26b10
1. [I5100] New posnet version in use.
Release Notes: Version v7.26b09
New Features:
1.[VERIX_EVO] Support to UDP under Ethernet. (a requisite to Apriva Project)
Release Notes: Version v7.26b08
1.[Vx - Banrisul] new ip version for Banrisul distributions ( 0353 ).
Release Notes: Version v7.26b06
New Features:
1. [APRIVA] Support to Secure Dial (sdlc).
2. [VERIX_EVO] Support to Apriva Stack (gprs and sdlc).
Release Notes: Version v7.26b05
Bug Fixes:
1. [APRIVA] Correction of a bug regarding TIMEOUTS in apriva transactions.
Release Notes: Version v7.26b04
New features:
1. VWKEY now supports a flag to disable PWMAMKEY check.
Release Notes: Version v7.26b03
New features:
1. Cache to use multiple packagers in isolib
2. [SAGEM] Support to touch screen, header and buttons bitmap. Browser is now ab
le to be loaded on iWL280.
3. [Vx680] EMV Standard Interface 3.49 integrated.
4. Support to CLESS LED callbacks.
Bug Fixes:
1. [SAGEM] For iWL250 and iCT250, screen was being destroyed after printing tick
et. Fixed by properly initializing graphic context.
Release Notes: Version v7.26b01
New features:
1. VWMsg now has messages for months and days of the week for the three sup
ported languages.
Release Notes: Version v7.25b02
Bug Fixes:
1. [VerixV] With changes in SAGEM display, Vx670 was affected. Fixed.
Release Notes: Version 7.25b01
New features:
1. [SAGEM] Support to bitmap header.
2. [SAGEM] New build parameter to compile browser using more RAM space: MK_
3. Improved performance on apriva library
Bug Fixes:
2. New POSNet version (5.80b1) that fixes a socket leak in apriva library
Release Notes: Version 7.24b01
New features:
1. Hide scrollbar is now an option.
Release Notes: Version 7.23b03
New features:
1.Supporting model iWL220 with required key mapping.
Release Notes: Version 7.23b02
1.[APRIVA] New packagers, and support to connectSec
Release Notes: Version 7.23b01
1.[Vx680] EMV Standard Interface version 3.47 is no longer supported
Release Notes: Version 7.22b05
Bug Fixes:
1.New POSNet version (5.79b1) that fixes the bug with active threads killing.
Release Notes: Version 7.22b04
New Features:
1. Creation of environment variable PWAUNCC to handle cache clean skipping.
2. [SAGEM] Function WMLBrowser.defrag() is now available.
3. New functions to get DUKPT keys status.
Bug Fixes:
1. ISO.connect design was fixed by rollbacking the changes.
Release Notes: Version 7.22b03
1. [Vx680] New EMV Standard Interface version 3.47
Release Notes: Version 7.22b02
Bug Fixes:
1.[SAGEM] IP callbacks wasnt being set, fixed by calling the set function on open
Devices() function.
Release Notes: Version 7.22b01
1.[SAGEM] Functions to get free flash available and flash size are now related t
o the whole memory instead of disk.
2.Pwshell now has a command to upload files.
3.[Vx680] First version of Vx680 for clients other than Cielo, supporting button
s, labels and contactless.
4.[SAGEM] New EMV standard interface with support for contactless ( 240 ).
Bug Fixes:
1.PPGet_Card is now complied with the changes made for contactless applications,
where Insert card message should appear for Smart Cards.
Release Notes: Version 7.21b01
Bug Fixes:
1.Auto update on Verifone was causing a system failure in the terminal.
2.Downloader on Vx680 was repeating lines.
3.FileLib functions (File.move() and File.erase()) behavior are fixed
1.[Ingenico] New IP version
2.English IP version for CENPOS distribution
Release Notes: Version 7.20b05
Bug Fixes:
1. [SAGEM] SDK 9.0 has incompatibilities that were corrected by calling new
API functions for header/footer disabling.
3. [SAGEM] Spanish EMV Standard Interface is supported with SDK 8.1.2
Release Notes: Version 7.20b05
4. [SAGEM] Model EFT930W is now supported and uses wifi connection
Bug Fixes:
1. Fix to a bug that makes status bar display an invalid connection state f
2. Fixed large text printing.
Release Notes: Version 7.20b03
1. [WINDOWS] Suport to aprivatalk communication api
2. [VERIFONE] Suport to aprivatalk communication api
3. Support to Apriva ISOLIB specs
Bug Fixes:
1. [WINDOWS] fix to a bug that didnt allow the user to restore an minimized
POSWEB SDK window.
2. Fixed an ISOLIB error when unpacking a pack with less than 16 bytes.
Release Notes: Version 7.20b02
1. [WINDOWS] Color support disabled until display handling standardization.
2. [SAGEM] - New wifi stack is integrated for eft930w terminals through new
posnet library version.
Bug Fixes:
1. [INGENICO] posweb statup fail in terminals i5100 with RAM area less than
512kb and OS 343.
Release Notes: Version 7.20b01
1. [PAX_S80] New EMV Standard Interface version 1.0.11 is integrated.
2. [VX-EVO] New EMV Standard Interface version (0337).
Bug Fixes:
1. Fixed system error in the mam downloader when VCLOG level was high.
Release Notes: Version 7.19b01
1. [SAGEM] Model label IWL280 is being supported by POSWEB.
2. Mam downloader now does not accept rando afl file names. POSWeb manages
all authentication tables internally and ignores the local name provided by the
Bug Fixes:
1. POSWeb can now check the signatures of files not belonging to the curren
t application during boot time.
2. [SAGEM] Gray screen between wml pages are not being showed anymore, it w
as provided a new IP version for that.
3. [SAGEM] Black rectangles after IP messages are not begin showed anymore.
Release Notes: Version 7.18b09
Bug Fixes:
1. Many bugs fixed in the new feature of checking downloaded files with sig
nature during MAM download.
Release Notes: Version 7.18b08
Bug Fixes:
1. [SAGEM] In MOCK-UP version, after showing a bitmap, the previous text wa
s showed after MOCK-UP message. Fixed by updating screen correctly on this regio
3. [SAGEM] The last bitmap showed file name has its name cached to optimize
the process of file copying.
Release Notes: Version 7.18b07
Bug Fixes:
1. [SAGEM] Fixed bitmap displaying when MOCK-UP version is being used.
Release Notes: Version 7.18b06
1. POSWeb mam downloader is now checking files for authenticated contexts d
uring the download process.
Release Notes: Version 7.18b04
Bug Fixes:
1. Status bar was not being showed after IP messages end dialogs. Fixed by
creating and calling a new function to reset the status bar when necessary.
2. [SAGEM] Paper feed is disabled by terminal modal instead of only SDK ver
Release Notes: Version 7.18b04
Bug Fixes:
1. [SAGEM] Battery charging was generating (un)dock events every time. Fixe
d by interpreting OS functions in other way.
2. Authentication was failing for CFL auto-update. Fixed by correctly placi
ng check signature flag.
Release Notes: Version 7.18b03
3. [SAGEM] New IP for SAGEM colored terminals (2.37);
4. [SAGEM] Yellow key was disabled as paper feed;
Bug Fixes:
1. [SAGEM] Battery charging with USB is now recognized.
Release Notes: Version 7.18b02
Bug Fixes:
2. Fixed GetKey Error in WML
3. Fixed MFS error: The files werent being deleted when cancelling a downloa
Release Notes: Version 7.18b01
5. New IP for SAGEM terminals (2.36);
6. Callback functions were implemented to be called by IP.
7. A bitmap file is enabled to be showed, referenced by a card attribute.
Release Notes: Version 7.17b03
Bug Fixes:
1. Fixed error mapping in the ISO transact
2. Fixed terminal reboot on pressing the * button error on Ingenico
Release Notes: Version 7.17b02
Bug Fixes:
1. Fixed message decryption in the ISO transact
Release Notes: Version 7.17b01
1. [PAX] New EMV Standard Interface integrated.
Release Notes: Version 7.16b09
1. [SAGEM] Status bar is now overriding sagem footer.
2. Optimization in the display code to avoid painting the status bar when not ne
Bug Fixes:
2. Fixed message display when smartcard is removed
3. Fixed embedded files issues
Release Notes: Version 7.16b08
1. [SAGEM] Using new version of IP with many fixes ( see release notes for IP ).
2. Added variable callbacks to get the display width and height.
Bug Fixes:
4. Fixed transaction flow for channel NAC with TCP in order to execute corr
ectly when no pre/post processing is needed.
Release Notes: Version 7.16b07
Bug Fixes:
5. Fixed input message to PP_GetCard().
6. [SAGEM] New EMV Standard Interface is integrated
7. [SAGEM] Printer Blank Screen fixed
8. [SAGEM] Display performance issues fixed
Release Notes: Version 7.16b06
Bug Fixes:
9. [SAGEM] POSWEB was returning a wrong value for disk size. Fixed by calli
ng OS function to return this value.
1. [SAGEM] The keys of iWL250 were mapped like EFT930, with no soft key. No
w iWL250 supports soft keys. Its keys are mapped as follows:
2. [SAGEM] New embedded application was created containing all 7x10 fonts,
which are default for colored terminals. This application is now being used to b
uild POSWEB for the referred POS.
3. [SAGEM] Remaining pixels at borders are now painted in white, and so IP
messages. This procedure was agreed with Ingenico.
Release Notes: Version 7.16b05
Bug Fixes:
1. [SAGEM] The browser was presenting ICT250 model as ICT220. Fixed followi
ng Ingenico suggestion.
1. New POSNet, version 5.75b02.
Release Notes: Version 7.16b04
New Features
1. The post buffer size can now be configured through the variable PWPBSZ.
This allows for XXX_transact apis that use post methods ( for instance XML trans
actions ) to support bigger transactions.
2. Input fields now encode the $ values using URL encode schema ( $ transla
tes to %24 ). This is done to allow entering $ without resolving var names.
Bug Fixes:
1. transactMessage was always returning invalid return values and failing.
2. IP spec 13.01 now support 11.00 features ( it was not supporting due to
a compile parameter that was not set ).
Release Notes: Version 7.16b03
New Features:
1. Variables dynamically added to status bar (syntax %VAR(name,columns)).
2. GetCard now receives the value of the transaction ( for contactless tran
sactions ) through PWGCVAL.
3. Many speed optimizations in the display for the Vx680 terminals.
Bug Fixes:
1. IP contactless for Vx680 terminals now supports all card types correctly
and had some UI bugs fixed.
Release Notes: Version 7.16b02
Bug Fixes:
2. ISO messages encryption of trailing fixed.
Release Notes: Version 7.15b01
New Features:
4. [SAGEM] Colored display support extended for all SAGEM terminals.
5. Messages from local downloader realigned.
Release Notes: Version 7.14b05
New Features:
1. RLE algorithms based on Itautecs SCOPE protocol.
2. Crypto functions for AES.
3. Crypto function for deterministic key generation.
4. Tests based on AES-128 ECB algorithm.
5. Crypto function for AES parameters configuration.
6. New error message for Itautec distribution when the buffer is full.
7. The ISO buffer for messages is now dynamic and configured as an environm
ent variable.
8. The environment variable SIZE_ISO_BUFFER was created to track the desire
d ISO buffer size.
9. [SAGEM] The disk size for POSWEB will be the maximum value between 1,5MB
and 20% of terminals flash memory size.
10. [SAGEM] In the presence of a control file named DELDSK_XX at HOST disk,
the disk XX will be deleted before the calling to function for disk mounting.
11. [VerixV] Background alarm check with VMAC.
12. [SAGEM] Colored display support.
13. Encryption of ISO messages through 3DES and EMV Standard Interface suppo
1. Usage of new functions exported by POSNET.
2. ISO library has options for compressing and encrypting messages.
3. POSWEB Downloader now supports 2KB blocks and a consistency check is mad
4. Maximum block for downloader changed from 1000 to 2048.
5. [SAGEM] Clusters size changed from 512 to 2048.
6. [SAGEM] After downloading, a defragmentation function is now called to o
ptimize space.
Bug Fixes:
3. Correct MFS file closing and X directory handling to avoid system reboot
4. Rotating menu fixed when banner size is larger than terminal columns.
Release Notes: Version 7.14
Bug Fixes:
1. Fixed Bug in MAM of non detecting error when downloading file to cache.
Release Notes: Version 7.13
Bug Fixes:
1. Fixed Bug in Skin Processing for windows platform.
1. Changed windows positions in PosVirtual.
2. Introduced a left displacement in virtual printer in PosVirtual.
Release Notes: Version 7.12
New Features:
14. [SDK] , [POS Virtual] A script function was created to clear the printer
15. Array library.
16. Swap function.
17. Function for character duplication.
18. Function for leading spaces removing.
7. [POS Virtual] Due to a client request the POS Virtual window style was c
hanged to avoid the user to minimize/resize the window. The POS and printer win
dows also had their position locked.
8. PWNWKT variable handles (besides keyboard) also clicks on Posweb skin;
Bug Fixes:
1. [SDK] Fixed VARS window, which previously didnt show callback variables.
2. Ingenico I5100 - Fixed printing of images larger than 384 pixels in widt
h or/and 100 pixels in height.
3. PERTO - Fixed printing of large images in height modifying truncation al
4. [SAGEM] Fixed printing error of % and accented characters.
5. [SAGEM] Fixed removing leading spaces before converting string into inte
6. Fixed bug in fileGetSize()
7. [Win32] Fixed bug in skin dimensions
Release Notes: Version 7.08
New Features:
1. Included POSWeb shell in the exit screen.
8. Optimization on protocol communication of POSWEB Downloader (PWDLD).
9. [VerixV] New IP Version (02.80).
Bug Fixes:
1. [VerixV] - Fixed modem hangup when swap to VMAC.
2. Fixed MAM connection server when the fallback uses local variables.
3. [VerixV] Fixed GPRS startup behavior to allow querying the SCID without
needing to attach.
Release Notes: Version 7.08
New Features:
1. Included POSWeb shell in the exit screen.
2. Verixv - UCL version now supports APPI PPP stack for dial, gsm, gprs and
3. Perto Ethernet support
4. Verixv Fixed compatibility problems between POSWeb an VCS.
1. Perto, Hypercom, Gemalto, Verixv - Changed ip version.
Bug Fixes:
1. Lipman fixed teleload behavior.
2. Sagem fixed SIM ID problem at gprs initialization, added support to erro
r correction and compression.
3. Gemalto posweb was not running on gemalto platforms.
4. Lipman fixed * key behavior.
5. Perto fixed x28, sdlc and etherned behavior.
6. Lipman heap consumption adjusted.
7. VNLOGD=VMAC fixed.
8. Hypercom PPP was set back to use APPI stack instead of Hypercoms.
9. Perto printer was not detecting paper correctly.
10. Gemalto fixed bug in the bitmap printing
11. Lipman fixed bug in the gsm connection where commands could not be sent
while dialing.
12. Gemalto fixed bug where the terminal wouldnt restart when needed.
Release Notes: Version 7.07
New Features:
4. Pinpad.encryptBuffer() supports again Master/Session encryption on Verix
V terminals.
9. Changed the behavior of the connection server to accept environment vari
ables to serve as search keys to records in pwmantel.db. This change allows an a
pplication to configure multiple ISP or FALLBACKS depending on its needs.
Bug Fixes:
1. Fixed the detection of magnetic card with errors on Nurit terminals.
2. Fixed bug in PRM expansion in Nurit terminals.
Release Notes: Version 7.06
Bug Fixes:
1. Fixed crash when SIMCARD returns some error codes in the V510G (UCL).
2. Fixed erroneous sprite displaying alternate text bug.
3. POSWeb now works correctly with VMAC in all Verixv models.
1. Changed the downloader screen interface to report the serial port that i
s being searched as well as to beep or exit in case of error opening all possibl
e download serial ports.
2. Changed the physical mode of the authentication list to ignore drive and
context letters. With this change the logical mode is not available anymore.
Release Notes: Version 7.05
Bug Fixes:
1. Fixed crash when no SIMCARD was inserted in the Vx510 gprs (UCL).
2. Avoid spending extra unnecessary time waiting when connecting if modem s
upports hardware flow control.
3. Fixed bug in the input tag where it caused a memory invasion when maxlen
gth attribute was not defined and the variable associated with the input field w
as already assigned.
Release Notes: Version 7.04
New Features:
1. New variable VNGPOP created to allow setting of Gprs Preferred OPerator.
Bug Fixes:
1. Fixed bug after X28 connection fault on VerixV terminals.
Release Notes: Version 7.03
New Features:
1. Use of non-volatile RAM in Perto terminals.
2. Support for logical number in Perto Terminals Teleload process.
3. Support to UCL library for Dial-up, GPRS, Ethernet and WiFi modems on Ve
rixV terminals
4. Support for gsm PPP dial on sagem terminals.
5. Support for Spanish IP.
6. Support for GMA on sagem terminals. This support is provided by a differ
ent distribution that must be requested by the client. The default distribution
is not compatible with GMA. So far It is not possible to build an executable tha
t runs both with and without GMA support.
3. Changed the behavior of the VWVHKEY to support any hexadecimal value.
Bug Fixes:
1. Fixed bug in Isolib when, according to the packager, Bitmap supports fie
ld numbers greater than 63, but the message does not have any.
2. Fix of Screen being cleared bug in Sagem terminals
3. Fixed return values o XLS library in case of invalid parameters.
4. Fixed behavior of parameter strMaxLen of function getPIN.
5. Fixed timer ticker position.
6. Fixed blank line after some images.
7. Fix of PPP negotiation in Verix_v terminals.
Release Notes: Version 7.02
1. Support to PRM via downloader for Sagem and Lipman terminals.
2. Change of minimum OS version in Nurit distribution.
New Features:
1. New SI for Hypercom terminals supporting specification version 11.0.
2. Support to print of large bitmaps.
3. Percentage progress status in PRM expanding process.
Bug Fixes:
1. Fix of detecting end of paper in Sagem terminals using APPI fonts.
2. Fixed Bug in call url after WMLBrowser.go().
3. Fix of bitmap printing bug.
4. Fixed bug in call to url STRSS.WML (stress test card). It was booting th
e Sagem terminal.
5. Terminal Sagem: buffered bitmap printing problem fixed and default buffe
r size changed to 8.
Release Notes: Version 7.01
1. Support to POSWEb Manager application to run on float-license key expira
Bug Fixes:
1. Fixed bug on VWSBAR variable setting on config.ini file.
Release Notes: Version 7.00
New Features:
1. Added support to floating-license key validation.
Release Notes: Version 6.35
New Features:
Added hash functions on WMLScript level: HashIni, HashUpdate, HashUpdateHexa and
HashFinal. These functions support MD5 and SHA1 algorithms.
1. Change in XML Lib. Now it is mandatory to call XML.reset() before callin
g any library function.
2. The functions chatToHex, hexToChar, intToHex and hexToInt are supported
by Lang library too.
3. New SI for Nurit terminals, which handles MasterKey.
4. Nurit terminals demand NOS minimum version 7.49.
Bug Fixes:
2. Fixed GET function in Verix terminals.
3. Fixed the way input fields with filler are handled.
4. Fixed in size check of ISO subfields with ID.
5. Fixed Sagem teleload code.
6. Sagem terminals no longer expand CARGA.PRM from \SYSTEM file system, but
only from \HOST
7. Fixed problem to detect invalid magnetic card in Sagem terminals.
8. Fixed problem in check sum of transactions in Little Endian platforms.
9. Fixed out of paper detection on Hypercom T42XX terminals
10. Env in mem is now also cleared when deleting all files in Nurit terminal
11. Fixed the availability of the hotkeys on Verixv, they will not be availa
ble with VMAC.
12. Modified call to NOS ApplMngr_ReplaceAppl function in Nurit Terminals to
prevent screen misbehavior from this NOS function.
13. Fixed bug when printing.
14. Fixed a blur on the right side of report when printing.
Release Notes: Version 6.34
New Features:
1. New version of Sagem SI library.
2. Created new env variable PWNWKT for windows distributions.
Bug Fixes:
1. Fixed load of config.ini in embedded files.
2. New SI library for Sagem terminals (IPPOSWEBv207_SDKv55)
3. Fixed bug of displaying blanck screen after script call.
Release Notes: Version 6.33
Bug Fixes:
1. Fixed serial port reading in Perto terminals.
New Features:
1. Added backlight control in Perto terminals.
Release Notes: Version 6.32
New Features:
1. Release of POSWEB for Gemalto model MagIC3.
Release Notes: Version 6.31.01
Bug Fixes:
1. Fixed length of labels in Perto wireless status bar format.
New Features:
1. Added extra serial log in Perto terminals.
2. New Skin (Perto) for Posweb for windows and Posweb SDK.
Release Notes: Version 6.31.01
New Features:
1. Added support to print barcodes in vertical direction.
Release Notes: Version 6.29.04
New Features:
1. Added support to tele-load update of the POSWeb multi-part version on Nu
rit Terminals
1. Elimination of fake modules need on mutli-part version for Millennium te
2. Update of IPP library with TIBC support fix for Millennium terminals
3. Update of XLS library to consume less memory.
Bug Fixes:
1. Fixed bug that cause environment variables disappear
Release Notes: Version 6.29.03
New Features:
1. Added Smartcard.ioctl() library function to set parameters needed before
resetting or opening the smart card port.
1. Update of XLS library that added a new timesstamp parameter on 3 functio
Bug Fixes:
1. Fixed bug that showed two antennas on the status bar of wireless termina
2. Fixed bug of MKTIME function on VerixV PCI terminals
3. Fixed bug in generation of file in Nurit terminals teleload.
4. Fixed bug in intermediate applications in Nurit terminals teleload.
Release Notes: Version 6.29.02
New Features:
1. Added Support to POSWeb self-update on Telium terminals
1. Added check for invalid field length on ISO8583 messages
Bug Fixes:
1. Fixed restart on multi-part version of Millenium terminals
2. Fixed bug on HTTP POST command
3. Fixed bug on smartcard presence test on Telium terminals
4. Fixed 3DES 192 bits key encryption routine that used ede mode, instead o
f eee.
Release Notes: Version 6.28
New Features:
1. Added Multi-part build support for Telium terminals
2. New variable nosignal that accumulates the amount of time that a gsm ter
minal got without signal
1. Change to prevent the cursor to move down when last field of a formulary
is confirmed
2. Added check for invalid message length on channel size field of ISO8583
Release Notes: Version 6.27
New Features:
1. Added Multi-part build support for VerixV terminals
2. New variable VWFFBK created to force fallback connection option.
3. Added Support to embedded files on DLM on Nurit Terminals
4. Added Support to WML pages and script files authentication
5. Added Support to Sign and Authenticate with RSA on Crypto WMLScript libr
1. Optimization on small block memory allocation routines
2. Update of IPP lib with DUKPT support for Telium Terminals
Bug Fixes:
1. Fix of restart function on Millennium terminals
Release Notes: Version 6.25
1. New VerixV IP.
Release Notes: Version 6.22
1. New Ingenico IP.
2. New WMLScript functions File.erase() and WMLBrowser.removeAllFiles().
Bug Fixes:
1. Fix in Smart Card Lib for commands where P3 == 0.
Release Notes: Version 6.20 (build 06)
3. New Nurit EMV Kernel.
4. Nurit Waiting download screen now allows keyboard escape to NOS shell.
Bug Fixes:
2. Fix in Smart Card Lib for commands where P3 == 0.
Release Notes: Version 6.20 (build 05)
New Features:
1. Smart Card Library for Verixv Terminals.
Release Notes: Version 6.20 (build 04)
New Features:
1. New version of SI on on Optimum 2100 terminals.
Release Notes: Version 6.20 (build 03)
Bug Fixes:
1. Support for variables of more than 128 characters in POSWEB SDK.
2. Fixed printing in VerixV terminals.
Release Notes: Version 6.20 (build 02)
New Features:
1. Pin-2-Pin support on Optimum 2100 terminals.
Release Notes: Version 6.20 (build 01)
New Features:
1. POSWEB Virtual translated to spanish.
2. Now POSWEB can be directed to run in MAM mode in configuration file.
Release Notes: Version 6.19 (build 03)
New Features:
1. Teleload support on Optimum 2100 terminals.
Release Notes: Version 6.19 (build 02)
New Features:
1. Keyboard generates Keypress event.
2. Dial Screen changes when a dial up connection is established (windows).
3. Instalation generates a posmam.bat file, to start posweb in MAM mode (wi
4. New logo (windows).
Release Notes: Version 6.19 (build 01)
Bug fixes:
1. Fixed errors on key validation.
Release Notes: Version 6.18 (build 05)
Bug fixes:
1. Fixed errors on initial load contents (MAM mode), windows version.
2. Changed connection selection from combo box to list box.
Release Notes: Version 6.18 (build 04)
Bug fixes:
1. Fixed bug in transact (to memory) when under SSL connection.
Release Notes: Version 6.18 (build 03)
Bug fixes:
3. Fixed errors on initial load contents (MAM mode), windows version.
Release Notes: Version 6.18 (build 02)
New Features:
5. New menu layout for Pos Virtual.
Bug fixes:
1. Corrected error in initial load expansion (MAM mode), windows version.
2. Corrected error in using PC printer, windows version.
3. No longer improperly opening magnetic card dialog in Pos Virtual.
4. No longer improperly opening barcode dialog in Pos Virtual.
Release Notes: Version 6.18 (build 01)
New Features:
1. README.txt included in windows version.
Bug fixes:
1. Corrected a bug in windows version where the installation was broken due
to missing DLLs.
Release Notes: Version 6.17 (build 01)
New Features:
1. Added support for new function keys: VWF6 to VWF9 and VWNOF6 to VWNOF9.
Bug Fixes:
1. Fixed Pin2Pin on Millenium terminals.
Release Notes: Version 6.16 (build 17)
New Features:
1. New extension library functions WMLBrowser.isDocked(), WMLBrowser.shutdo
wn() created.
2. The variables VWCOM3R to VWCOM6R and VWCOM3T to VWCOM6T were added to th
e hard coded list of global variables and now additional global variables can be
defined in pwglobal.ini using the following format:
VARNAME Name of the new global variable
MAXVARLEN Maximum size that this variable may reach.
3. Up arrow on first page control (anchor, input, option) inside a <form> t
ries to scroll up the screen if it is not on the top of the page.
Bug Fixes:
1. Input tags without format attribute were not being considered as *M.
Release Notes: Version 6.16 (build 15)
New Features:
1. The environment variables VWBARC, VWBCPR, VWKBDC, VWKBDR are not support
ed anymore. For backward compatibility they are imported into the generic variab
les for serial devices and then they are deleted. To change the behavior of seri
al devices the variables VWCOM<X>T and VWCOM<X>R must be used (where <X> is the
number of the serial port to configure).
2. New script function WMLBrowser.getSignalStrength() returns an integer va
lue inside the range [0,100], measuring the signal strength for wireless devices
3. T.A. download messages are now multi language.
4. Physical Pinpad support and physical printer support (windows platform).
5. Cookies support at WMLBrowser.loadToFile(),WMLBrowser.loadToCache() and
6. At the status bar, a W character is displayed when connected thru a WIFI c
7. LASTBOOT pseudo-variable is now available indicating last reboot time.
8. New extension library function Card.checkRangesInOpenedStoreEx() created
9. New extension library functions WMLBrowser.transact(), WMLBrowser.transa
ctFile() and WMLBrowser.setVarList() created.
10. Added support for detecting serial connection status.
11. Wireless external modem support.
12. New crash screen.
13. Emulator now supports physical printers.
14. Address bar now shows the active URL (windows platform).
15. Windows positions are saved between sessions (windows platform).
16. Card and Barcode emulation now allows registered items to be used by all
applications (windows platform).
17. Optimum (Hypercom) platform now supported
Bug Fixes:
1. Empty strings areas were being mistakenly reused by WMLScript interprete
2. Constant integer parameters being fed to external library functions coul
d rarely cause an abnormal end.
3. Unified Screen optionally allows non-conforming values at the input fiel
ds, as originally designed.
4. Script variables editing, at the debug window, now accepts values with o
r without quotes (windows platform). Variables are also displayed sorted by name
, and wml variables are not displayed anymore (because the right spot to check t
hem is actually at the VAR window).
5. WML is now properly visualized even when it is compressed (windows platf
6. Fixed wireless state detection on VerixV terminals.
7. Toggle connect/disconnect using F4 key on VerixV terminals restored for
always connections.
8. Bitmap printing interruption with CANCEL key prevented for Verix termina
9. Out of paper detection fix on Millennium terminals.
10. Fixed the behavior of currency conversion script function.
11. Fixed config.ini import error when ; comment found
12. Model now indicates P8517 for presto 210 terminals (PAX Platform).
13. VWWAST was not effective.
14. Fixed the behavior of currency conversion script function.
15. Fixed the behavior of some script functions.
16. Fixed a bug in time zone handling (windows platform).
17. Model now indicates 8517-hcf0 (not 8517-XXXX anymore) for presto 210 ter
minals (PAX Platform).
18. Fixed printer handling on PAX platform. Out-of-paper conditions are now
detected correctly.
Release Notes: Version 6.15.01 (build 03)
New Features:
1. The environment variable VWCBRB (cancel button is right button) now work
s also in platforms where there are no soft keys (as in Lipman Nurit terminals),
though, to assure backward compatibility, the default value in these platforms
is 1 (instead of 0).
2. New environment variable VWCGITO controls CGI Timeout.
Bug Fixes:
1. MAM Key fix (would not check license bits correctly).
2. Fixed post parameters bug in Nurit M03
Release Notes: Version 6.15.01 (build 03)
Bug Fixes:
1. VNPROT=PPP accepted for windows platform. Prior build did not handle it.
Release Notes: Version 6.15.01 (build 01)
New Features:
1. New environment variable VWNORB (no right button) now indicates that the
right key, at terminals with 2 soft keys must be inhibited.
Bug Fixes:
1. When debugging a WMLScript file, at the windows emulator, the debug cont
rol buttons are context activated and deactivated according to the debug state.
2. When using i:VWKEY.DB file to input keys, and with common log set to a v
alue greater than 3, there was a potential crash that was fixed.
3. At Intellect terminals, no paper when booting is now properly handled.
4. Script conversion rules global fix.
5. At the end of a report, the flush printer command now precedes the statu
s check.
Release Notes: Version 6.15 (build 13A)
New Features:
1. Support to barcode reader for PAX Platform.
2. New download of data files using flash blocks at Lipman terminals.
3. Defrag being forced after any context deletion.
Bug Fixes:
1. Crash file creation is now properly done at Lipman terminals.
2. Proper handle of a currency input with an initial invalid. Previously li
ne was not displayed at all.
3. Paper out status was not being reported at Intellect Terminals.
4. Magnetic card status at windows emulator is now properly returned.
5. Error page VWERRF is now properly handled at Intellect Terminals.
6. Proper handle of right button at Intellect Terminals.
7. VWCTOF is now checked dynamically.
8. COM2 and COM3 and CLOCK are being released when turning control back to
VMAC at Verifone terminals.
9. Printer is never closed at Intellect terminals, to prevent an extra step
that always happen as a side effect of closing it.
Release Notes: Version 6.15 (build 06)
New Features:
1. Support to PAX platform (Intellect terminals).
Release Notes: Version 6.15 (build 04)
New Features:
1. Variable editor now allows separate adding / editing of environment and
script variables.
Bug Fixes:
1. Variable editor now handles environment and script variables correctly.
2. Corrected a bug where printing text after a bitmap caused the last pixel
s of the image to be overwritten.
Release Notes: Version 6.15 (build 03)
New Features:
1. Equal sign (=) added to alpha mode keyboard typing of key 1.
2. Crash screen allow waiting for dial tone duration setting.
3. New environment variable VWRMCT created to indicate to delete cache temp
orary file right after its use, if set to 1. Default value is 0.
4. Unused HTTP headers elimination at file reception.
5. Custom 42 columns printer font available to all supported platforms.
6. Backlight control support on Verix and VerixV terminals.
7. Support to WiFi networks on Verix and VerixV terminals.
8. Use of PP_SetConfirm() to chose if amount confirm screen is to be prompt
ed during EMV transactions.
Bug Fixes:
1. Env file defragmentation limit fix.
2. Lost carrier error detection when phone cable is out.
3. Multi application global env update fix.
4. Environment variable deletion from persistent RAM fixed for Millenium te
5. PP_GetCard() function for magnetic cards fixed for Verix and VerixV term
6. PPP Negotiation error 2202 fixed on Millennium terminals.
7. WMLBrowser.getVarFromString() fixed when the searched variable is not pr
8. Temporary file created for barcode printing was not being erased.
9. Out of paper error detection fixed on Verix and VerixV terminals.
10. Available file space detection fixed on Millennium terminals.
11. AllwaysOn Connection detection fixed on CDMA terminals
12. StatusBar connection speed icons update on connection state change.
13. Line Feed on Omni 5150 Fixed.
Release Notes: Version 6.14
New Features:
1. Support to Verix Communication Server (VCS) application.
2. Support to LAN adapter on Omni 5150.
3. Support to Record Stores data files on flash drive.
4. Automatic Removal of license key database
Bug Fixes:
1. Variable 'keypressed' is set again
2. TCP/IP broadcast packets do not prevent from Idle timeout expiring
3. Environment initialization fixed under VMAC
4. Text input cursor overwrite fixed
5. WmlBrowser.dial() return codes fixed to old connection state values
6. Sprite alternate text printed at wrong line fixed
7. String.removeAt() fixed when removing last element
8. variable with tag size corrupts buffer of other variables.
Release Notes: Version 6.12.05
New Features:
1. Support the MR (Yanco 2000, Yanco 2100, Elgin, Sweda, iCash, SmartKey).
2. Support the Connection Manager.
Bug Fixes:
1. Correction the refresh of the status bar.
Release Notes: Version 6.12.04
New Features:
1. EAN-13 barcode type print support
2. Syntactic tree binary format backward compatibility.
3. Active clock tag created.
4. Animated image sprite tag created.
1. Power loss during HTTP stripping recovery.
2. WMLScript local variables max size extended to 2048.
Release Notes: Version 6.12.03
Bug Fixes:
1. HTTP cache problem, when a page tried to update itself after expiration,
Release Notes: Version 6.12.01
Bug Fixes:
1. HTTP e HTTPS PUT command problem fix
Release Notes: Version 6.12
New Features:
1. Merge of HTTP temp files.
2. POSWEB integration with SmallSSL
3. HTTP e HTTPS PUT command support on POSWEB
Bug Fixes:
1. TCP/IP Memory-leak fix
2. Line break when there is \n in the content of a variable inside a <p>
3. Generic time out fix
4. Function String.insertAt problem fix
5. Forcing Cache usage disabled on page called by post
6. Blinking image when selecting anchor with accesskey fix
7. WBMP printing problems when height was not multiple of 16
8. Always-on connection drop at VMAC switch
9. VMAC HotKey disabled on input lines
10. VWKEY input screen erased digits when pressing Alpha key
Release Notes: Version 6.11
New Features:
1. Cookie support on the methods URL.loadFile() and URL.LoadToCache()
Bug Fixes:
1. ssl_connect error resulting on system error fixed
2. External PinPad slow inicialization
3. Default font setting before calling pinpad
Release Notes: Version 6.10.01
New Features:
1. Support the VMAC (Verix Multi-application Condutor);
2. Support the External Modem GPRS (Siemens, Nokia, Motorola and Sony Erics
Bug Fixes:
1. Fixed caching problem of SSL session
Release Notes: Version 6.09
New Features:
1. Create ambient variables for the customization of the communication mess
2. Support for the use of ALPHA Key for the characters change. The change k
ey can be configured for the variable VWALMK;
3. Treatment of anchors self controlled;
4. Creation of the variable VWCBRB to define "Cancel Button as Right Button
". Default 0, for platforms that dont have right button.
Bug Fixes:
1. Correction of the client problem on the certificate validation when abse
2. Correction of the DUKPT treatment with intention of doesnt request the Ma
ster Key.
Release Notes: Version 6.08
New Features:
1. Support of formats Y,y,L,l no tag <input>
Bug Fixes:
1. Correction on the barcode print.
2. Correction on the DNS search on LAN version.
3. Correction on the image files show WBMP with highs not multiple of 8.
Release Notes: Version 6.06
Bug Fixes:
1. Correction of bug that the light keeps off;
2. Correction a message error on the halt screen;
3. Correction to update the dialing accountant;
4. Correction to update the connection statistics when the pre-dial has alr
eady completed the PPP;
5. Correction for the right work of the set clock.
1. A change to dont close anymore the message files before getting the stand
ard Interface functions on Verifone POS.