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Bible 410

This chart attempts to highlight the specific covenant between God and Abraham which can be seen throuought scriptures we see
multiple examples of God keeping his promises concerning the the blessings and promises to which he declared to Abraham. This
chart will then analyze the development throughout the Book of Genesis and then finally, any changes to be aware of in Genesis
chapters 12-50. From the beginning we see that the Favor of the Lord was with Him. God kept his promises concerning Abraham
and we see that as his family descendants began to multiple that God kept his promises throughout the generations.
Bible 410

Reference: Addressed
Circumstance Under
Which it was Reiterated:
Which compose the
Development in the
Book of Genesis:
Any Change in Content
or Emphasis:
Genesis 12:1- Now the Lord had
said unto Abram, Get thee out of thy
country, and from thy kindred, and
from thy fathers house, unto a land
that I will show thee
Abram Gods call for Abraham
to move from Haran to
Abraham left the land of
his father and moved
from Haran to Canaan--
Started with a call from
God to Abraham.
There is emphasis put
on faith as Gods call to
Abraham required faith.
Genesis 12:2- And I will make of
thee a great nation, and I will bless
thee, and make thy name great; and
thou shalt be a blessing.
Abram Gods call for Abraham
to move by faith.
Gods promise of
Abrams call and
promise over his life
I will bless thee.
Genesis 12:3- And I will bless them
that bless thee, and curse him that
curseth thee: and in thee shall all
families of the earth be blessed.
Abram Again Gods call for
Abrahams move of
Gods promise of
God is establishing
Abrahams faith and
The blessing and the
Genesis 12:7- The LORD appeared to
Abram and said, To your offspring I
will give this land. So he built an
altar there to the LORD, who had
appeared to him.
Abram Abraham on his way to
Egypt when God
appeared to him.
Gods promise of
blessing- land.

God promises Abram
the very land he is
standing on.
to you offspring I will
give this land.
Genesis 13:14-15- After Lot had
gone, the LORD said to Abram, Look
as far as you can see in every
directionnorth and south, east and
I am giving all this land, as
far as you can see, to you and your
as a permanent
possession And I will give you so
Abram Abraham and Lot had
just figured out where
they would settle
themselves and their
Heirs would be as
numerous as the dust of
the Earth.
God confirmed his
promise with Abrahm
have he separated from
Preservation of the
Promised Land.
Bible 410
many descendants that, like the dust
of the earth, they cannot be counted.

Go and walk through the land in
every direction, for I am giving it to
Genesis 14:19-20: and he blessed
Abram, saying, Blessed be Abram
by God Most High, Creator of
heaven and earth.

Abram Gods Blessing Covenant The first fulfillment of
Gods promise of

Preservation of the
Genesis 15:1- After this, the word of
the LORD came to Abram in a vision:
Do not be afraid, Abram. I am your

your very great reward.

Abram Abram had vision
shortly after defeating
the kings.
Gods promise- to sheild God reassures Abram
not to be fearful

God identified himself
as his protector and his
Genesis 15:5- He took him outside
and said, Look up at the sky and
count the stars, if indeed you can
count them. Then he said to him,
So shall your offspring

Abram Abraham thought that
God would bless him
through a son through
his servant.
Gods promise of
blessing- offspring.
God reassures Abram
and gives him an
example of what the
number of descendants
he will have
Descendents as many
as the stars
Genesis 16:4-5 He slept with Hagar,
and she conceived. When she knew
she was pregnant, she began to
despise her mistress.

Abram Sarai blames Abram Gods promise-

Sarai offered
Abraham an alternative
because she couldnt
have children
Bible 410
Genesis 16:9-10- The Then the
angel of the Lord told her, Go back
to your mistress and submit to her.
10 The angel
added, I will increase your
descendants so much
that they will be too numerous to
Hagar Ishmael is born Gods promise-
increasing his
The angel of the Lord
promises numerous
descendants through
Hagars son.
Numerous descendants
Genesis 17:5- No longer will you be
called Abram; your name will be
Abraham, for I have made you a
father of many nations.
Abraham God Changed his name
Change of name, Gods
confirms the promise
that he will Father of
many nations.
God tells him that his
name is no longer
Father of many nations.
Genesis 17:10-14This is the
covenant that you and your
descendants must keep: Each male
among you must be
circumcised. 11 You must cut off the
flesh of your foreskin as a sign of the
covenant between me and
you. 12 From generation to
generation, every male child must be
circumcised on the eighth day after
his birth. This applies not only to
members of your family but also to
the servants born in your household
and the foreign-born servants whom
you have purchased. 13 All must be
circumcised. Your bodies will bear
the mark of my everlasting
covenant. 14 Any male who fails to
be circumcised will be cut off from
the covenant family for breaking the
Abraham This is Gods fifth
appearance to Abram
The whole covenant. Sign of the covenant God will make a
covenant with Abraham
Bible 410
Genesis 17:16- I will bless her and
will surely give you a son by her. I
will bless her so that she will be the
mother of nations; kings of peoples
will come from her.
Sarah Abraham was ninety-
nine years old.
Gods promise-
descendants, Sarah will
have a son.
God tells ensures
Abraham that Sarah will
a part of the blessing,
not just him.
Mother of nations
Genesis 17:19- Then God said,
Yes, but your wife Sarah will bear
you a son, and you will call him
Isaac. I will establish my covenant
with him as an everlasting covenant
for his descendants after him.
Sarah Abraham was ninety-
nine years old.
Gods promise-
God specifies who
Abrahams heir would
be, the unborn Isaac (He
names him), as well as
the timing of the birth.

everlasting covenant
Genesis 18: 9-10- Then one of them
said, I will surely return to you about
this time next year, and Sarah your
wife will have a son. Now Sarah
was listening at the entrance to the
tent, which was behind him.
Sarah God appeared to
Abraham while he sitting
at his tent in the heat of
the day and Sarah was
Gods promise- Sarah
would have a son.

Sarah hears the promise
from God for the first

Son of promise
Genesis 22:17- I will surely bless you
and make your descendants as
numerous as the stars in the sky and
as the sand on the seashore. Your
descendants will take possession of
the cities of their enemies,
Abraham This is an angel talking
to Abraham after he had
already attempted to
sacrifice his son.
Gods promise-

God makes it clear that
Isaac is who the
covenant will be fulfilled

I will surely bless you
Genesis 22:18- and through your
offspring all nations on earth will be
blessed, because you have obeyed
Abraham Angel talking to
Abraham after the
attempted sacrifice.
Gods promise-
blessing through
God is continuing to be
faithful as Abraham
remains obedient
All nations will be
Genesis 23:19- Afterward Abraham
buried his wife Sarah in the cave in
the field of Machpelah near Mamre
(which is at Hebron) in the land of
Abraham Abraham buries Sarah in
the land of Canaan,
which Abraham had

Gods promise- land Abrahams actions
acknowledge that his
family will return to

in the land of Canaan
Bible 410
Genesis 24:7- The LORD, the God of
heaven, who brought me out of my
fathers household and my native
land and who spoke to me and
promised me on oath, saying, To
your offspring I will give this land
he will send his angel before you so
that you can get a wife for my son
from there.
Abraham Abrahams orders his
servant to go to his
relatives and find a wife
for Isaac.

Gods promise-
Rebekah was allowed to
marry Isaac
I will give this land
Genesis 25:5-

Abraham left
everything he owned to Isaac.

Isaac Abraham is buried along
with Sarah in the land of
Gods promise- land Abrahams death led to
Gods blessing upon
Abraham left him an
Genesis 25:13-17-

These are the
names of the sons of Ishmael, listed
in the order of their birth: Nebaioth
the firstborn of Ishmael, Kedar,
Adbeel, Mibsam..

Ishmael A list of Ishmaels sons. Gods promise-

God shows His
faithfulness and makes
Ishmael a great nation.
The list of names
Genesis 25:21- Isaac prayed to the
LORD on behalf of his wife, because
she was childless. The LORD
answered his prayer, and his wife
Rebekah became pregnant.
Isaac and
Rebekah was barren. Gods promise-
God continues fulfilling
His promises of future

Rebekah became
Genesis 25:23- The LORD said to
her, Two nations are in your womb,
and two peoples from within you will
be separated; one people will be
stronger than the other, and the
older will serve the younger.
Rebekah The Lord foreshadows
the events where the
older son will forfeit their
Gods promise-
God is warning the
mother of future events
Older will serve the
Bible 410
Genesis 25:33- But Jacob said,
Swear to me first. So he swore an
oath to him, selling his birthright to

Jacob Esau sells his birthright. Gods blessings Jacob gains the rights of
eldest child.

He swore an oath to him
Genesis 26:8-11
When Isaac had been there a long
time, Abimelech king of the
Philistines looked down from a
window and saw Isaac caressing his
wife Rebekah. us." 11So Abimelech
gave orders to all the people:
"Anyone who molests this man or his
wife shall surely be put to death."
Abimelech God showed Abimelech
who Isaacs wife was.
Isaacs descendants God directed Abimelech
to see that Rebekah was
Isaacs wife.
Gods emphases His
Genesis 26:24- That night the LORD
appeared to him and said, I am the
God of your father Abraham. Do not
be afraid, for I am with you; I will
bless you and will increase the
number of your descendants for the
sake of my servant Abraham.

Isaac Isaac and his herdsmen
were digging for wells
and the Lord appeared
to them.
Gods promise-

God was reiterating the
covenant the He had
made with Abraham.
I will bless you
Genesis 26:29- that you will do us
no harm, just as we did not harm you
but always treated you well and sent
you away peacefully. And now you
are blessed by the LORD.

Isaac While Isaac was in
Gerar, the king realizes
that Isaac is blessed by

Gods blessings This was a similar
situation because king
Abimelech recognized
that the Lord was with
Blessed by the Lord
Genesis 27:27- So he went to him
and kissed him. When Isaac caught
the smell of his clothes, he blessed
him and said, Ah, the smell of my
son is like the smell of a field that the
LORD has blessed.
Jacob Jacob deceives his
father and receives the
blessing intended for

Blessing of birthright God was fulfilling His
promise that the older
would serve the younger
He blessed him
Bible 410
Genesis 28:3- May God Almighty

bless you and make you fruitful and
increase your numbers until you
become a community of peoples.
Jacob Isaac sent Jacob away
to get a wife from the
daughters of Laban.
Gods promise-
The descendants of
Abraham were growing.
May God Almighty

Genesis 28:4- May he give you and
your descendants the blessing given
to Abraham, so that you may take
possession of the land where you
now reside as a foreigner, the land
God gave to Abraham.
Jacob Isaac is blessing Jacob. Gods promise- land God is fulfilling the
covenant He made with
May he give you
Genesis 28:14- Your descendants
will be like the dust of the earth, and
you will spread out to the west and to
the east, to the north and to the
south. All peoples on earth will be
blessed through you and your

Jacob Jacob has left Canaan
because Esau will try to
kill him

Gods safety and
blessing over him and
his future family.

God addresses Jacob
for the first time.

All people will be
Genesis 30:30- You had little indeed
before I came, but your wealth has
enormously.The LORD has blessed
you through everything Ive done.
But now, what about me? When can
I start providing for my own family?
Laban Laban sees how
blessed he is to have
Jacob working God
increased Labans

Gods promise-
Jacobs blessing by God
is revealed in prosperity
for those who Jacob is
close to. In this case,

The LORD has blessed
you (Laban) through
everything Ive done.
Genesis 31:23-24- Taking his
relatives with him, he pursued Jacob
for seven days and caught up with
him in the hill country of Gileadbe
careful that you do not speak to
Jacob either good or bad.

Jacob Jacob and his family
leave Laban.

Gods safety over his
God effectively tells
Laban to leave Jacob

Be careful
Bible 410
Genesis 32:29- Jacob said, Please
tell me your name. But he replied,
Why do you ask my name? Then
he blessed him there.
Jacob Jacob wrestles with a
man of God, possibly
a reincarnate Christ.
Gods blessing Jacobs name is
changed to Israel
He blessed him
Genesis 35:11- 12 And God said to
him, I am God Almighty; be fruitful
and increase in number. A nation
and a community of nations will
come from you, and kings will be
among your descendants. The land I
gave to Abraham and Isaac I also
give to you, and I will give this land
to your descendants after you.

Israel God commands Israel
to build an alter at

Gods promise-
God reinstates the
covenant to Israel. Israel
builds an alter and
makes an offering to

A nation will come to
Genesis 35:16-26- The sons of
Leah: Reuben the firstborn of Jacob,
Simeon, Levi, Judah, Issachar and
Israel A recounting of the
sons of Israel.

Gods promise-
God continues fulfilling
His promise of a great

Genesis 48:15- Then he blessed
Joseph and said, May the God
before whom my fathers Abraham
and Isaac walked faithfully, the God
who has been my shepherd all my
life to this day,
Jacob/Joseph At the end of his life,
Israel gives his blessing
to his sons.
Gods blessing Israels sons are being
included in the covenant.
Then he blessed
Genesis 50:13- They carried him to
the land of Canaan and buried him in
the cave in the field of Machpelah,
near Mamre, which Abraham had
bought along with the field as a
burial place from Ephron the Hittite.

The Sons of
Israel is buried in
Canaan along with
Abraham and Isaac.

Gods promise- land Confirmation by Israel
that his family will return
to the land one day to
possess it.

Land of Canaan
Bible 410
Genesis 50:25- And Joseph made
the sons the Israelites swear an oath
and said, God will surely come to
your aid, and then you must carry my
bones up from this place.
The Sons of
Joseph asks to be
buried with his father in

Gods promise- land Joseph confirms that he
believes the Israelites
will someday take
possession of Canaan.
Land of Canaan