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Bring a criminal to justice.
! Neutral
Solve someones problem without getting emotionally invested.
! Chaoti c
Charge headlong into danger without a plan.

! Dwarf
Your gun is especially sturdy. It only takes you a few seconds to
clean it after a misfire.
! Human
Youre no stranger to violence, even before you took up your
gun. Your damage die is d8.

Fill in the names of your companions in at least one:

I once had ______________ in my sights, but I let him live.

I made a promise to ______________ that I havent yet kept.

______________ and I fought together once before, and one of
us bears a scar from it.

______________ helped me get out of some serious trouble; I
need to return the favor some day.

Thi s i s my Boom- Sti ck!
You posses a unique firearm. Only you can use this gun; it will not function for anyone
else. Your gun has 2 weight, near range, ignores armor, and the following two tags:
Loud: It makes a lot of noise when you fire it
Reload: It takes a few seconds of uninterrupted focus to reload

Choose two upgrades for your gun:
! Buckshot: Add messy
! Double-barreled: Add +1 damage and forceful
! Longarm: Add far range and two-handed, +1 weight
! Compact: -1 weight
! Scope: You can make a Called Shot with your gun as per the Ranger move
! Full-Metal Jacket: Your gun only misfires on double 1s
! Bayonet: Add close range, and you can Hack and Slash with your gun

Choose a look for your gun:
! Gears, clockwork, and steam
! Eldritch machinery
! Sleek and well-made
! Old and well-worn
! Fancy and ornate

When you fire your gun and you roll double 1s, 2s, or 3s, your gun misfires, take -1
ongoing to any action involving firing your gun until you spend several minutes cleaning
it. This does not affect the results of your shot.

Gunman s Oath
When you make a solemn promise to fulfill a deed for someone else, hold 3 Focus. You
may spend 1 Focus to:
Increase your guns range for one shot (near becomes far, far becomes really
Deal +CHA damage forward
Take +2 armor forward
Shake off any fear or an effect controlling or manipulating your mind
Restock 1-ammo

When you suffer a significant setback in the pursuit of keeping your promise or when
you resolve a Bond, hold +2 Focus. When you keep your promise, lose any remaining
Focus you hold and mark XP. If you fail to keep your promise, lose any remaining Focus
you hold and take -1 ongoing to any actions that involve using your gun until you redeem
Dwarf: Arvin, Herm, Keme, Nona, Tagun, Kina, Owan, Gloric, Moira
Human: Hugh, Bart, Ash, Doc, Anne, Kitty, Nancy, Marion, Rose, Jesse, Vincent

Cold eyes, Dead eyes, or Eye-patch
Bandanna, Black mask, or Bad-ass hat
Long coat, Old military uniform, or Foreign clothes
Lean body, Grizzled body, or Long shanks

Your load is 9+STR. You start with dungeon rations (5 uses, 1 weight), your
gun, and a bag of bullets (3 ammo, 1 weight).
Choose three:
! A bag of bullets (3 ammo, 1 weight)
! Leather armor (1 armor, 1 weight)
! Bandages (3 uses, slow, 0 weight)
! Adventuring gear (5 uses, 1 weight)
! Long knife (hand, 1 weight)
! Antitoxin (0 weight)
! 6 coins

(A bag of bullets costs 5 coins, comes with 3 ammo and has 1 weight. If a
bag of bullets ever gets soaked in water, lose 1 ammo from it.)

When you gain a level from 2-5, choose from these moves.
! Dead Man s Tri gger
Nothing can make you drop your gun, but it can still be forcibly taken from
you. If you are reduced to zero HP, you may fire your gun one more time
before you take your Last Breath.
! Ji m Bri dger
When you regale people with tall tales of adventure, you dont need to
spend 100 coins to make the Carouse move.
! More Dakka!
When you fire your gun, you may spend 1 ammo to deal +1d6 damage. If
you do, that gunshot is really, really loud.
! Qui ck Draw
Youre never caught by surprise. When an enemy would get the drop on you,
you get to act first instead. You can draw and fire your gun in the blink of an
! Rai n of Lead
When you fire your gun you may spend extra ammo before rolling. For each
point of ammo spent you may choose an extra target. Roll once and apply
damage to all targets.
! Rapi d Reload
Remove the reload tag from your gun.
! Tacti cal Eye
When you Discern Realities add these options to the list of questions:
What is my best escape route?
Where is my best cover?
Which of my allies is the most vulnerable?
! Thousand- yard Stare
When you fix someone with your cold, hard stare, roll+CHA. *On a 10+,
get both effects. *On a 7-9, choose one.
They flinch or hesitate
You learn something about their true nature, the GM will tell you
! Trench Fi ghter
While you are behind cover, the extra armor granted by the cover is
! Tri ck Shot
When you go for an improbable shot with an unusual effect, describe
what you want to happen and roll+DEX. On a 10+, the GM tells you one
thing you have to do to pull off the shot. On a 7-9, up to three things.
Spend some time lining up the shot
Get into a vulnerable position
Spend 1 ammo or 1 Focus
Sacrifice or endanger something important
When you gain a level from 6-10, choose from these moves or the level 2-
5 moves.
! A New Sherri ff i n Town
When you make a Gunmans Oath you hold 4 Focus instead of 3.
! Bullet Ti me
Requires: Quick Draw
You gain +2 armor against ranged attacks. When you Defy Danger with
your quick reflexes you cannot get a 6-, treat that as a 7-9.
! Bulls- Eye
When you fire your gun, on a 12+ you also damage your targets arms, legs,
or head as if you had made a Called Shot.
! Focused Ai m
Requires: Rain of Lead OR More Dakka!
You may spend Focus as if it were ammo. If you have both required moves,
your shots with your gun deal +1 damage.
! Legendary Gun
Choose a third upgrade for your gun.
! Magi c Bullet
When you fire your gun, you may spend 1 Focus to imbue your shot with
one of the following properties:
Incendiary: The shot deals fire damage and can ignite combustible
Silver: The shot is made of magical silver, and can affect creatures
that normally require a magical weapon to harm, such as monsters
with the insubstantial quality
! Manhunter
Gain a non-multiclass move from the thief or ranger playbooks.
! Mysteri ous Stranger
When you return to a civilized settlement youve visited before, tell the
GM when you were last here, and he will tell you how its changed since
then. Additionally, you never have to make the Outstanding Warrants move,
no one ever seems to remember your face.
! The Whi tes of Thei r Eyes
You may fire your gun at a range of reach without having to Defy Danger
from an incoming melee attack.
! Wanderlust
You always know the way back to the dungeon entrance or the nearest
steading. When you act on this knowledge the GM will give you a choice of
a long, safe path or a shorter, more dangerous path.
! You Only Li ve Twi ce
Requires: Dead Mans Trigger
When you would be reduced to zero HP, you may spend 1 Focus to instead
be reduced to 1 HP.