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Job Title
Director of Corporate Governance
Pay scale and spinal points
Director 309-312
Reports to
Chief Executive
Service Area
Corporate Governance
Budget responsibility (!
Purpose o" Job#
Effective implementation of the councils policies in line with the Corporate
Monitorin !fficer for the Council"
#o act as $orouh solicitor an% chief leal a%visor to the council"
#o ensure that all %ecisions ta&en throuhout the Council are in accor%ance
with leislation"
Manae the pro%uction an% implementation of a challenin 'e( )erformance
)rovi%e strateic lea%ership"
Manae relationships with internal an% external &e( sta&ehol%ers"
*mprove the +ualit( of life for council citi,ens"
-or& in partnership with .oint procurement of commo%ities an% services"
Deliver a service that meets pu/lic expectations"
0ocus on the oranisations purpose an% /etter outcomes for citi,ens an%
service users"
$uil% capacit( an% a%% value throuh effective performance manaement
which %rives continuous improvement"
$ey Accountabilities#
E""ective Leaders%ip & Political A'areness
Demonstrate lea%ership throuh complex an% onoin chane"
Champion an% %ispla( values of pu/lic service an% excellence in service %eliver("
Demonstrate emotional intellience an% show emotional commitment to staff an%
other services"
)rovi%e clear ui%ance on the level of +ualit( that citi,ens an% customers must
expect1 with a clear vision of the %esira/le outcomes for citi,ens an%
2ctin with interit( 3 transparenc(1 /( settin a personal example"
Manain relationships with local sta&ehol%ers an% local communities1 /oth
reionall( an% nationall("
Esta/lish manaement s(stems which provi%e staff with clarit( on mem/ers
Strategy and Policy (evelop)ent
Develop lea%ership priorities outsi%e of the authorit(1 esta/lishin contacts with a
wi%e rane of in%ivi%uals an% oranisations to ensure that the authorit(s strateic
aen%a is furthere%"
Contri/utin to the %evelopment an% implementation of corporate strateies1 with
the emphasis on communit( strateies1 local pu/lic service areements an%
partnership arranements with &e( sta&ehol%ers"
$alancin strateic an% tactical issues1 un%erstan%in performance /oth in terms
of step chane an% +uic& wins"
Ensure that all internal processes are transparent an% well reulate%"
Per"or)ance and *usto)er Focus
)repare an% implement an annual service 'e( )erformance )lan"
Develop an% implement effective performance manaement s(stems to ensure
+ualit( an% continuous improvement"
Encourae an% %evelop optimum performance from staff an% un%erline the
corporate approach to customer nee%s as reflecte% in $arnets structure an%
Ensure that the hihest stan%ar%s of customer care are maintaine% /( effective
manaement accor%in to the oranisations values"
4et clear tarets an% priorities for officers to follow in line with corporate
Role Speci"ic Responsibilities
#o fulfil the statutor( role as Monitorin !fficer to the Council"
#o provi%e a comprehensive leal service to the council1 inclu%in the %ischare
of its functions relatin to the &eepin of %ee%s an% %ocuments"
#o oversee the con%uct of 5ocal !m/u%smen investiations"
#o ensure proper representation for the Council /efore Courts1 #ri/unal an%
#o reularl( review chanes in law an% to provi%e leal a%vice to the council1 to
protect an% further the councils overall interest"
#o consi%er an% a%vise on relevant issues arisin in the course of corporate
%ecision ma&in to ensure that leal implications are ta&en into account"
6esponsi/ilit( for the authentication of council %ocuments"
#o manae a corporate anti frau% %epartment which maintain a co-or%inate%
intellience s(stem to counter frau%1 anti-social /ehaviour1 an% other criminal
activit( a%versel( affectin the /orouh an% its resi%ents"
#o ensure that effective emerenc( plannin an% /usiness continuit(
arranements are in place1 an% implemente% when re+uire%"
Manain the internal au%it function of the council inclu%in provision of support
to the 2u%it Committee"
Manain the %emocratic processes of the council inclu%in the scrutin( function"
2%visin Mem/ers an% !fficers on their leal constitutional an% ethical
responsi/ilities1 maintainin an% ensurin reular reviews of the Constitution"
Financial Responsibilities
Manae the service within strict /u%et constraints"
Develop the 4ervices /u%et to achieve value for mone("
2%vise Executive Directors an% Mem/ers on the correct level of resources for the
4ee& opportunities for external fun%in1 or partnership options1 to %eliver cost
effective services"
#o /uil% effective1 trustin relationships with electe% mem/ers /( supportin1
informin an% listenin to them throuh reular communication channels"
Directin oranisational chane an% %evelopment1 while enhancin oranisational
Contri/ute to the %evelopment of share% values which /ecome part of $arnets
culture1 un%erpinnin polic( an% /ehaviour throuhout the oranisation1 from
councillors to all staff"
)romotin values for the service an% %emonstratin values of oo% overnance
throuh /ehaviour"
Ensure e+ualit( of opportunit( for emplo(ees an% service users /( esta/lishin a
culture of fairness1 respect an% mutual support"
Ensure that con%itions exist to support effective internal an% external partnership
wor&in that minimises ris& for vulnera/le service users an% partner oranisations"
,ealt% and Sa"ety
Ensure a safe an% efficient %eliver( of service /( achievin hih stan%ar%s of
health an% safet( an% controllin ris&"
E)ergency Planning
7ou will /e re+uire% to /e a mem/er of the Directors on-call rota which operates
289:1 3;< %a(s a (ear with responsi/ilit( for respon%in in the event of an
emerenc( occurrin an% actin as the Gol% 4trateic Director" 7ou will /e
re+uire% to atten% relevant trainin run /( the Emerenc( )lannin Collee an%
participate in emerenc( exercises"
.uali"ications Re/uired#
Type Level re/uired
)ractisin 4olicitor1 $arrister or 0ellow of the *nstitute of
5eal Executive =or e+uivalent +ualification in a forein
.uris%iction with entitlement to transfer un%er the
+ualifie% law(ers transfer test>"
Education 5aw %eree"
Evi%ence of onoin manaement %evelopment"
Tec%nical 0 $no'ledge Re/uire)ents#
Type (escription
E2perience )roven trac& recor% of successful financial manaement
in a lare complex oranisation"
)roven successful wor&in relationships /ase% on mutual
un%erstan%in an% respect"
Demonstra/le un%erstan%in of taret settin an%
improvements in service %eliver(
)roven experience of local overnment law an%
'nowle%e of 2%vocac(1 Communit( an% Commercial
Experience of complex leal wor&"
Be%avioural *o)petencies#
*o)petency Level
Political A'areness
2/ilit( to wor& effectivel( in a political environment an%
esta/lish positive relationships with Councillors1 senior
manaers1 staff an% external partners1 to esta/lish
confi%ence1 trust an% cre%i/ilit("
?n%erstan%in of politics an% politicians with the a/ilit( to
wor& within the political process"
2/ilit( to enae sta&ehol%ers to ma&e accounta/ilit( real"
2/ilit( to act with interit( in accor%ance with stan%ar%s of
/ehaviour that is ethicall( appropriate"
2/ilit( to visualise1 communicate effectivel( an% motivate to
improve service %eliver("
Proble) Solving 2/ilit( to anal(se complex information +uic&l(1 reachin an%
articulatin with clarit(1 %elivera/le solutions rather than
%efen% the tra%itional process"
2/ilit( to ta&e informe% transparent %ecisions an% manae
Sta"" 1anage)ent
2/ilit( to %evelop in%ivi%uals or roups of staff with clearl(
i%entifia/le @milestones for proress an% achievement"
2/ilit( to create a positive emplo(ee relations climate where
staff are involve%1 empowere% an% committe%"
2/ilit( to challene an% %irect staff"
2/ilit( to lea% from the front as well as wor& well within
teams1 listenin an% learnin from others"
*%ange 1anage)ent
$e a/le to a%opt an imainative approach in achievin
$arnets vision of Aa successful su/ur/ in a successful
2/ilit( to %irect oranisational chane an% %evelopment1
while enhancin oranisational efficienc("
Tea) 3or4
Communicate an% influence1 wor&in effectivel( in provi%in
lea%ership to a team an% as part of a senior manaement
4uccess in /uil%in an% lea%in teams an% wor&in in
partnership with others"
2/ilit( to enthuse an% motivate peers an% staff to achieve
challenin o/.ectives"
In"luencing & -egotiation
2/le to appl( $est Calue principles to ensure the most cost
effective outcomes are achieve% within resources"
2/le to a%vise the council on specific service area matters
on the ris&s of options an% polic( implications"
1anage)ent &
)roven trac& recor% of promotin service improvement1
customer care an% e+ualit("
)roven trac& recor% of a%%ressin performance issues in a
lare an% complex oranisation"
*o))unication 2/le to communicate effectivel( with colleaues an%
2/le to effectivel( represent the council in a positive liht at
external fora"
Excellent neotiatin s&ills"
Ti)e 1anage)ent 2/ilit( to manae own wor&loa% to meet challenin