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At equilibrium interatomic spacing, the binding force is

(a) Maximum
(b) Infinity
(c) Zero
(d) Minimum

2. The metals possess high thermal and electrical conductivities because of

(a) repulsion between electrons
(b) interaction between electrons and lattice ions
(c) free electron movement in lattice
(d) charged particles

3. 4.4 eV of energy is required to break one H-Cl bond. This is equal to

(a) 3.52 × 10−19 ergs
(b) 7.04 × 10−19 J
(c) 7.04 × 10−19 ergs
(d) 3.52 × 10−19 J

4. Glass is an example of

(a) Crystalline solid

(b) Semi-Solid
(c) Polycrystalline solid
(d) Amorphous solid

5. The lattice parameters of orthorhombic crystal system, are

(a) a = b = c, α = β = γ = 90o
6 b=
(b) a = 6 c, α = β = γ 6= 90o
(c) a 6= b 6= c, α = β = γ = 90o
(d) a 6= b 6= c, α 6= β 6= γ 6= 90o
6. One of the following crystal systems having the highest Bravais lattices, is

(a) trigonal
(b) tetragonal
(c) cubic
(d) orthorhombic
7. Atomic packing factor of diamond structure is

(a) 0.74
(b) 0.34
(c) 0.68
(d) 0.52
8. If 0.2 nm is the radius of the atom in a crystal in the simple cubic structure, then the nearest neighbour distance is
(a) 0.6 nm
(b) 0.1 nm
(c) 0.8 nm
(d) 0.4 nm
9. The radius of the atoms is 2.3 nm. If a BCC structure is obtained with such atoms, the lattice parameter is
(a) 5.31 nm
(b) 4.60 nm
(c) 2.65 nm
(d) 2.30 nm
10. The coordination number in FCC structure is
(a) four
(b) nine
(c) six
(d) twelve

11. The coordination number of diamond is

(a) five
(b) seven
(c) four
(d) six

12. Coordination number is the

(a) Number of nearest neighbours in a unit cell

(b) Number of atoms per unit cell
(c) Number unit cells per unit volume
(d) Number of distant atoms in a unit cell

13. The number of NaCl molecules in a unit cell of NaCl is

(a) 2
(b) 8
(c) 4
(d) 6

14. The Bravais lattice of CsCl is

(a) base centered cubic

(b) simple cubic
(c) body centered cubic
(d) face centered cubic

15. The planes (1 1 2) and (2 2 4) are

(a) intersecting at an angle other than 90o

(b) perpendicular to each other
(c) parallel to each other
(d) lying side by side

16. To represent the direction of a crystal plane, the related Miller indices should be enclosed in

(a) round brackets

(b) square brackets
(c) curly brackets
(d) quotation marks

17. The interplanar separation for a set of planes (100) of a cubic crystal with lattice parameter ‘a’, is

(a) a/2
(b) a 2
(c) a
(d) a 3

18. In X-ray diffraction the crystal is acting as a

(a) three dimensional grating

(b) glass plate
(c) two dimensional grating
(d) prism

19. In the relation 2d sinθ = nλ, d is known as

(a) Interatomic distance

(b) Intermolecular distance
(c) lattice parameter
(d) Interplanar distance

20. In the Laue method

(a) Continuous beam of X-rays is used

(b) Visible light is used
(c) Radioactive rays are used
(d) Monochromatic X-rays are used