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Cloquet Police Mission Statement

Provide quality police services to the community; uphold the constitution; enforce state laws and city code; and respond to and deter crime.

We will nurture public trust by striving to attain the highest degree of integrity and professional conduct at all times.
Week Ending October 10, 2014


Chief Steve Stracek


Detective Darrin Berg
Detective Scott Holman
Detective Derek Randall
Sergeant Carey Ferrell
Sergeant Rick Benko
Sergeant Jeff Palmer
Sergeant Tom Hallfrisch
Corporal Mark Laine
Corporal Erik Blesener
Corporal Steve Fiske
Corporal Corey Schneberger
Officer Scott Beckman
Officer Eric Baker
Officer Kerrick Johnson
Officer Adam Reed
Officer Charles Martin
Officer Kristina Kohlmeyer


Shannon Nelson
Nicole Eckenberg

508 Cloquet Avenue
Cloquet, MN 55720
Phone (218)879-1247
Fax (218) 879-1190

This week Detective Randall and Sergeant
Palmer attended the second of three one-
week long leadership/management classes;
Leadership in Police Organizations. The
course is well known as a leadership and
succession building program.

On October 10, 2014, staff gave a police
department tour to a group of preschoolers from
New Horizons Daycare.

This week staff met with Carlton County
Attorney Thom Pertler, Cloquet City Attorney
Frank Yetka, Chief Public Defender Dan Lew,
and Arrowhead Regional Corrections Area
Supervisor Brian Stevenson to discuss options
related to handling first time offender shoplifters
in the city. Based on effective loss prevention
staff in our local retail businesses, Cloquet
handles a notable amount of these types of
crimes. This was a first meeting to discuss some
options related to diversion, administrative
sanctions, and other alternatives.

On October 6, 2014, officers responded to the
area of 900 Riva Ridge Drive on the report of a
burglary in progress. The victim reported
arriving home and encountering a suspect inside
the residence. The suspect was found to have
jumped out of the second floor window while
escaping. A suspect was arrested by officers at
another residence a short distance away. The
suspect was found to be on probation for similar
crimes and has had several prior police contacts.

On October 7, 2014, detectives started an
investigation into a group of suspects involved
in distributing methamphetamine in the city. On
the evening of October 7
two suspects, a
28year old Cloquet man and a 45 year old
Cloquet woman were arrested and eventually
charged with 1
and 2
degree sale of
methamphetamine. The arrests occurred near

City Hall. As part of the on-going
investigation, a search warrant was served
in the 300 block of 21
Street where two
more parties, a 32 year old Cloquet man
and a 30 year old Cloquet woman, were
arrested for 1
degree sale and 5
possession of methamphetamine. The
address where the search warrant was
served was the location of an
assault/disturbance on September 8, 2014.
We have received other complaints about
this address in the past.

On October 9, 2014, officers assisted
Arrowhead Regional Corrections staff at a
residence in the 400 block of 18
when they encountered a female wanted
on several outstanding warrants. The
female led probation and patrol officers on
a foot chase through the neighborhood
before she was arrested hiding nearby.
Coincidentally, the female was the ex-wife
of the male arrested on 21
Street on
Wednesday during our search warrant.

Staff spent extra patrol time in the areas
around the Senior High School and the
Alternative Learning Center making
contact with students outside the building.
We are ramping up our presence in these

Our staff focused on several properties
related to Chapter 7 violations this week.
The addresses were in the 2300 block of
Kelly Avenue, the 300 block of Avenue
A, the 300 block of 8
Street, and the 600
block of Adams Street.

Steven K. Stracek
Chief of Police

Cloquet Police Department
Weekly Newsletter