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The 7th cusp or bhava sub lord will decide whether one will get married or not , whether it

will it take place earlier or later .

1. The 3rd cusp sub lord will reveal when the negotiation for the marriage comes to final.
2. The 5th cusp sub lord will reveal whether one will get love marriage or arranged
3. The 2nd cusp sub lord denotes Family.
4. The 11th cusp lord will revel fulfillment of desires. So 2, 3, 5 ,7 .11 houses are to be to
be judged for marriage .
5. If the 7
sub lord signifies 2 , 3 ,7 and 11 houses , without any connection to the
houses 4 and 10 the marriage will take place early .
6. If the 7
sub lord signifies 2 , 5 , 7 and 11 and if it is connected 4 and 10 th houses the
marriage Will be delayed .
7. if the 7
sub lord signifies 6 , 12 and 10 houses without any connection to the
houses 2or 3 or 7 Or 11 or 5
houses the marriage will never take place in the life of
native .
8. If the 7
sub lord or 5
sub lord signifies 5 ,7 or 11 houses marriage ., the marriage will
be a love Marriage .
9. If the 7
sub lord signifies 1 , 6 and 12 along with 11 houses ,the marriage will take place
but it will End in subsequent divorce .
10. If the 7
sub lord , 5
sub lord and 9
sub lord are mutually connected 7
sub lord is
either mercury or Jupiter or 7
sub lord is placed in sign of Jupiter or Mercury and
signifies 5 ,7 and 11 houses the native will marry more than one .
11. if the 11
sub lord signifies 11 along with 5 , 2 , 7 houses the marriage will take
place in grand manner and the martial life will be very happy .

KP Rules
1. Longevity and Good Health : If lagna and lagna lord are in the star and sub of lords other
than 6,8,12, native will live long maintaining good health.
2. Marriage: Sub of 7th signifies 2/7/11
3. Spouse from Nearby place : When sub of 7th H signifies 4th or 10th House.
4. Troubled marriage, separation and divorce: If the sub of 7th signifies 1/4/6/10/12. 12th H
is the key point in deciding the Separation or divorce.
5. Divorce by court order : Sub of 7th H when signifies 12 and 3
6. Divorce with mutual consent : Sub of 7th H signifies only 12 and not 3
7. Arguments with spouse : Sub of 7th signifies 4/ 6 & 10 no separation if it does not signify
12th house.
8. Materialisation (marriage) of Love affair - Sub of 5th House should signify 7 and 11.
9. Whether pre-identified individuals will marry each other? In the Prashna kundali if Sub
of 11th H signifies 7th and 1st House the answer is +ve. If the sub of 11th H signifies 6th
house the marraige is damaging the individuals.
10. Repayment of Debts: Sub of 12th signifies 8th and 5th house. 8th House is compulsory
5th is for support.
11. Locating a missing person : sub of 11 if signifies 2/8/11 the person will be located. Based
on the relation of the missing person with the queriest the chart should be rotated
accordingly. If the spouse is missing then 7th house will be considered as Ascendant and
so on. 2nd H indicates Benefit, 8th H indicates hidden treasure so 2nd and 8th Houses are
12. Education till Graduation: When sub of 4th H signifies 4/9/11
13. Higher Education: When sub of 9th H signifies 4/9/11
14. Higher education in the field of Medicine is indicated by connection of 4th H or 9th H
with Sun.
15. Profession - in forces - Mars should be connected to 10th House.
16. Profession - Govt. Service - Sub of 10th House signifies 6th H and 6th Lord is Sun.
17. When to Borrow money - during the period where planets indicates 6th and 2nd House.
6th House indicates spending by the lender and 2nd indicates increase in wealth by the