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Course description for English programme students

Department of Foreign Languages
Ku Socu 12, 70-075 Szczecin
tel. (091) 441-45-30
fax (091) 441-45-35

M.A. Maria Prange-Soiska
Team leader
M.A. Maria Prange-Soiska

I. Regulation of language learning.

1. Course duration- one year in the first year of medical studies
Number of hours- 60
Completion of the course- a pass in the INDEKS book.
2. Participation in the language classes is obligatory.
Students are allowed to have two absences in a semester ( i.e. four- 45 min lessons)
without excuse.
3. At the end of each semester students will be credited on the basis of their attendance
and progress( pass two tests in each semester).
4. Students who miss more than two classes without a certified excuse have to make up for
their absences. The certified excuse comprises of: medical reason( doctors excuse-
health certificate) or Deans consent for students absence.

II. Teaching purposes:

1. the basic principles of Latin grammar with regard to the problems which occur in
medical Latin.
2. vocabulary, diagnostic terms, specific medical terminology
3. general principles of formulating medical diagnoses in Latin with the examples
of syntactic forms used in medical nomenclature
4. focus on the influence of Latin and Greek on medical nomenclature in English
and German languages

III. Subjects and grammar problems:

1st semester 30 h

1. Latin language in medical nomenclature. Pronunciation, accent.
2. Declention I. Diagnostic terms with the use of Decl.I forms.
3. Declention II. Diagnostic terms with Decl. II forms.
4. Adjectives from I and II Decl.
5. Prepositiones with Acc and with Abl.
6. Declention III. Consonant group, vowel group, mixed group.
7. Adjectives from Decl.III.
8. Cardinal and ordinal numbers.
9. Practice in translationes , exercises with diagnostic terms.

2nd semester 30h

1. Declention IV.
2. Declention V.
3. Diagnostic terms with G.sg substantives and adjectives.
4. Present Participle used in diagnoses.
5. Past Participle used in diagnoses.
6. Adverbs.
7. Gradation of adjectives and adverbs.
8. Acc.sg, Acc.pl Abl.sg, Abl.pl forms used in medical diagnoses.
9. Basic principles of writing medical diagnoses, (phrases and general expressions).
Exercises in writing diagnoses.

IV. References

1. B.D.Larsen, Diagnose Latin, Copenhagen 1995.
2. Oxford Latin Dictionary, 1998.
3. Oxford Medical Dictionary, 2003.
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Instructor, mgr Jolanta Soboda