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This is intended to provide somewhat-lengthy data focused on BHO *Snowdens new flick @ the start

and Rushs ongoing onslaught @ the end+ plus PA-politics [Corbett, PornGate and Conservatism];
following soon thereafter is a blast e-mail containing a more concentrated presentation on BHOs
multi-dimensional gross-misconduct.

SNOWDEN MOVIE INDICTS OBAMA - Citizen Four is the shocking doc about Edward
Snowden made by Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras. Just screened tonight was the
two hour film that will be released by the Weinstein Company this month. It doesnt
paint the Obama administration in a very good light as Snowden explains how the
government has violated privacy rights on a massive scale. Also the filmmakers clearly
inducate that all roads lead to POTUS, a fairly serious accusation.

Additional intrigue: Snowden Movie Revealed Second NSA Whistleblower and a
Mysterious statue appeared in NYC.

As I continued blogging regarding pas third-gubernatorial-debate, I challenged Wolfs adherents to
rebut a report that claimed Wolf's 'Fresh Start' plan requires huge tax increases; as anticipated,
crickets. This gambit carries enhanced import when it is noted that the NY-Times/CBS poll showed
narrowing [Wolf 50 Corbett 41] based upon a survey of 3283 people[!].

Pennsylvania education funding: a look at the facts
By State Rep. Garth Everett

Posted: Thursday, October 9, 2014 12:15 am
{Reprinted because the original is located behind a pay-wall.}

Since 2011, when Gov. Tom Corbett took office and Republicans regained the majority
in the state House, I have heard ad nauseam about how Corbett cut education by a
billion dollars or Corbett is underfunding education. Lets just take a look at the facts.

First, governors do not enact budgets by themselves. In February of each year, the
governor proposes a budget to start the process. Following that, both the House and
Senate appropriations committees have public hearings with each department and
agency of state government to review in detail each proposed appropriation. In
addition, both the House and Senate committee chairmen take feedback from their
respective committee members and from all members of their respective chambers.

When that review process is complete, both the House and Senate develop their own
revised budgets, and the negotiation process begins among the House and Senate
leaders and the governors office. To say that this can be an intense process would be a
vast understatement. Each chamber and member of the General Assembly and the
governor have differing views and priorities on both revenues and expenditures, and
getting 102 votes in the House, 26 in the Senate and the governor on board is an
exhausting undertaking.

My point in outlining the budget process is simply to point out that the enacted budget
is not the governors budget. It is the product of a process, not the dictate of one
person, though I will agree that the governors one veto vote carries a lot more weight
than my one vote on the Appropriations Committee or on the floor of the House.

Next, lets look at the facts of state education funding in the budgets enacted under the
last two governors. In particular, lets look at Gov. Ed Rendells last three education
budgets and the four under Corbett. In the 2009-10 budget, Rendell asked for, and the
Democratic House approved, a reduction in state education spending from $9.6 billion
to $9.2 billion. This reduction was backfilled with $6.55 million in federal stimulus
funds to bring about an apparent increase in spending on education.

Again in the 2010-11 budget, Rendell asked for and the Democratic House approved a
reduction in state education spending from the previous years $9.2 billion to $8.9
billion. Again this reduction was backfilled with $1 billion in federal stimulus funds to
bring about another apparent increase in spending on education.

The problems with using short-term stimulus funds are many.

First, it sets school districts up for failure. Despite warnings that these stimulus dollars
would go away after two years and that state funding would go back to prestimulus
levels, many school districts folded these stimulus funds into their operating budgets,
hired new teachers and staff, took on new debt and generally increased spending to
levels that would not be sustainable without significant school property tax increases.

Second, from a state budget perspective, relying on stimulus funds to be part of the
general education funding line also set the state budget up for failure by artificially
inflating the revenue for the overall state budget. In the 2009-10 and 2010-11 budgets,
the $6.55 million and $1 billion in federal stimulus funds that were used in the
education line item were treated as revenue and shifted into increased spending in
other line items of the budget.

Fast forward to 2011-12: Corbett takes office, the majority in the House shifts to the
Republicans, and the $1 billion in federal stimulus money for education go away.
Because of this loss of $1 billion and other smoke and mirrors budgeting by the
previous governor and House, the new governor and House are faced with a $4 billion
deficit going into their first budget. This results in a lot of belt-tightening in departments
and agencies across the board, particularly in the Department of Public Welfare.

To avoid the budget crunch both school districts and the state faced in 2011-12 and in
subsequent budget years, those stimulus funds in 2009-11 should not have been used as
revenue for spending in the general fund but rather used as block grants for specific
capital investments at school districts above and beyond our normal state education
funding. In that way, we would not have ended up with artificially high levels of
spending that cannot be sustained with our existing revenue stream.

Now, lets take a look at education spending during Corbetts years in office. The first
Corbett budget in 2011-12 included $9.4 billion of state funds for education, an
increase of $500 million over the previous years state spending in the last Rendell
budget. In the next Corbett budget of 2012-13, state spending on education was
again increased $300 million to $9.7 billion, the highest amount of state funding in
history. Again in the 2013-14 budget, state spending on education was increased to
$9.98 billion, another record. Finally, in this years budget for 2014-15, we increased
state spending on education to an all-time high of $10.5 billion.

So, the question remains: Where does the claim of Tom Corbetts $1 billion cut in
education come from? The only answer is that the facts do not bear out the claim, and
that the only $1 billion cut in education was the loss of federal stimulus funding in 2011.

PornGate is flourishing, noting the call by the PA SUPREME COURT CHIEF JUSTICE [after reading FILES
ON 'HUNDREDS' OF DIRTY STATE EMAILS] to ACT against MCCAFFERY, noting this backgrounder:


You may have heard about the scandal dubbed "Porngate" in Harrisburg (ABC27 video).

What happened was the Attorney General received Right to Know requests from various
newspapers seeking porn emails distributed over state computers by current and
former employees of the Attorney General's office. The requests were denied but Ms.
Kane selectively released the names of eight (8) former employees who allegedly
received or distributed porn emails.

While the Attorney General had no problem throwing eight Corbett confidantes under
the proverbial bus, she chose NOT to release the names of 30 of her own staffers saying
that Union contracts prevented it. She used her discretion to bring publicity onto people
selectively and the basis of her decision, in part, was Union status. If former employees
like Kevin Harley, Frank Noonan, etc. were covered by Union agreements then she
wouldn't have brought publicity to them. This is essentially what she is saying.

This is politics of the worst lowest kind. It is our Chief Law Enforcement Officer engaging
in the selective application of law ahead of an election.

Today we filed a Right to Know request of Attorney General Kane seeking (among other
things) to know the annual salaries of the public employee porn distributors inside the
AG's office. We're not seeking their names or the emails themselves. But we want to
know how much the porn distributors that the AG is hiding are being paid.

We believe that other Right to Know requests may be needed. And it is entirely possible
that different requests filed by the same or different Requesters could lead the public to
find out who the porn distributors are that the Attorney General is hiding in her office.

The bottom line is this. The AG has publicly staked out a position that says she will hang
a current or former employee out to dry in the court of public opinion if they don't have
a Union contract and received a porn email (and do so without providing any evidence
of wrongdoing). Yet if you're a Union guy in her office you can distribute and receive
porn in secret.

This is not acceptable. The Attorney General can either answer our Right to Know
request to find out how much public money is being paid to the Union porn distributors
inside her office or we will file suit against her.


Simon Campbell
President, Pennsylvanians for Union Reform

The budding-revolt against the GOPs Senate Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi [reinforcing claims by
Wagner] was endorsed by Sen. Don White (R), who wrote, 'To be clear, I will not support your re-
election as Majority Leader should you choose to run.' Although PILEGGI RESPONDED *White mistaken
re: status of several bills+, WHITE countered ['Pileggi has found a way not to let Gov. Corbett have any
victories at all']; perhaps as a result, Sen. Eichelberger (R) averred 'lack of action is embarrassing [re:
getting] standard conservative measures passed.'


Your Rush Limbaugh Echo for Thursday, 10/9/14
Segment#1: Are the next journalists our current comedians?

A lot of information on Ebola, some of it conflicting. The Regime *WH+ creates panic, while saying Dont

Then another WH cover-up and Drive-bys are outraged about the prostitution ring with Secret Service.
They were part of the cover-up, not investigating. They view everything through the prism of propping
up Obama.

Snerdley, did you see how they were willing to give John Stewart a blank check? It was all about
attracting the young demographics. The newscasters of today are coming from comedians. They all
think they are Edward R Morrow. How do you think serious journalists view this?

They all think they are serious journalists when they are not!

CBS buries the results of their own poll: Obama sinksso does the Democrat Party.

Republicans end up sounding like Democrats, because of the high-paid consultants. Mitt Romney won
Independents majestically, but the 40% that was to be core Republicans became 32% because 4million
Conservatives did not even show up. It gives the LIE to thinking Independents win the national
elections. [Should have fired the consultants, and listened to Rush!]

Push-polls are not pollsrather they are bought and paid for leading news stories. Do you wonder
why their own poll was not reported?

Sam Brownback is rising. For years, Clinton visits have not been helping. Tom Cotton has big lead.
>>> Other Republicans are also doing well in their races.

Seg#2: The Democrat Party is not democratic

Our buddy was on NPR and was questioned about Democratic vs Democrat party. ((Clip: I do listen to
Rush Limbaugh where it began.)) Was that Diane Reems?
>>> [Rush is willing to take the credit, since they are not democratic.]

Seg#11: How can the World Bank stop Ebola?

No need to keep the Joe Kline article, having discussed it. There is a CNN discussion, TX patient didnt
have to die. Never mind the fact (its out there) nurses and doctors are in close proximity. 7,500 cases
out there, and 3,500 dead. People in the hospital do not run away, and it is not racism.

When the guy came back to TX to get treated, he did get treated. A lot is being taken for granted in the
media. There are those in Africa that take extreme measures, like wearing hazardous gear, and they get
it and die anyway.

Thomas Duncan didnt have to die is pure speculation. He was treated twice in TX. Thomas Duncan
died because he didnt tell the doctors the truth, at first. Left-wing journalists cant wait to rip into

French News Agency says the Ebola outbreak is like nothing else, going back to AIDS. IMF, UN, HOW
need to be involved. Is it hard to get or easy to get? What does the World Bank do to stop Ebola? I
know, I know: follow the money.

There may be more cases in the United States? Didnt Obama say No worry; it wont get to USA. 59%
of Blacks believe there would have already have been an cure if Ebola had started in America or Europe
(the Economist poll.). See what racists we are?

At the World Bank Forum on the Ebola outbreak ((Clip: In the 30 yrs Ive been working, this is nothing
else except AIDS. We have to do what we can to avoid another AIDS etc.)) He goes on to say making it
hard to fly out, makes it hard to fly in because you cant fly out. I have no doubt this guy is trying.
>>> You could have special flights for doctors and specialists.

Seg#12: The smoking nanny for Mayor Doomberg

Do you know where Dr. Thomas Freeden came from? He was the health advisor for Mayor Doomberg,
NYC. He was right there banning smoking in bars. Why cant he crack down on Ebola as hard as he did
on smoking? There are AIDS privacy acts. He was the smoking nanny for Mayor Doomberg and
succeeded in banning smoking in the largest city in America.

Now, he thinks it is mean to keep Ebola people out of America.
>>> [ED: Once again, Political Correctness is about to kill all of us.]

Seg#13: Fascinating how the minds of people work, when they do think

BTW, in addition to banning NYC smoking, he banned transfats. They now post caloric intake to help
you decide. This is who the guy is: smokers are public enemy #1 and well banish them with smiles on
our faces. There are no deaths from second-hand smoke. It was studied in many countries and the
study was buried, but we got the cached report.

Caller: They are not un-informed voters, they want the handouts.
They are informed sponges. Vote Democrat to keep the gravy train going.

They dont know what they dont know. Nobody thinks they are uninformed. Man on the street by
Jay Leno and Hannity show what some people dont know.

I did come up with the term, and they never criticize because they always think it is somebody else.

Caller-low-info-gal: People have had Ebola for a year, but now it comes just before an election, to red
states. Accidental? I dont think so.
So they will stay home from voting? Why are you laughing, Mr Snerdley?

>>> Im fascinated with how the minds of people work, thinking.
Do they think? Or do they just react?
Seg#14: He banned all smoking in NYC

QUESTION: When do you update the look of your home or office? [ad]
Go to Blinds.com to cover the windowsblock UV but not the light.

Caller-AZ: H1N1 2009 bird flu with Kathleen Sebelius, cough in your sleeve. Then you had Joe Biden
saying he would not allow his family to fly in a plane because it was a closed space.
Was it raising consciousness or fear mongering? And now, there is nothing at all to worry about until
you see symptoms. They contradict themselves in stark ways. My favorite: this guy will not go out of
his way to ban travel to USA but will ban all smoking in NYC because it could kill you in 30 years.

>>> You have to understand Liberalism and political correctness.

Segment#15: Tomorrow there is more to cover

NFL Pink campaign does not raise any money for breast cancer.
>>> [ED: L.A. Patriot Radio: Obama will speak in Santa Monica today.]

From the Rush Limbaugh Morning Update: "Reprehensible"

A House race in Arizona gained plenty of attention due to the way the Republican candidate called out
her opponent. Retired Air Force Lt. Col. Wendy Rogers ran an ad with video of American James Foley
kneeling before a knife-wielding ISIS terrorist, shortly before he was beheaded.

The announcer said: Terrorist threats are growing. Are we secure? Are we protected? The voiceover
noted that keeping the country safe and secure is the job of Congress, but that Democrat Kyrsten
Sinema hasnt done her job. Shes allowed her liberal agenda to get in the way of our safety.

Quicker than you can say, Way to go, Democrats threw a nationwide hissy fit. The Democrat
Congressional Campaign Committee deployed spokesman Tyrone Gale: It is reprehensible and
unbecoming of anyone seeking elected office to use the footage of an American tragedy for political
gain, and Wendy Rogers should remove this ad immediately and apologize to Mr. Foleys family, he

Democrats raised such a ruckus that Lt. Col. Rogers edited the Foley clip out of the ad. But not before
sending her own spokesman out to proclaim that this election is about how President Obamas failed
leadership internationally has made our country less safe.

Lt. Col Rogers: theres a reason Democrats were howling mad. And it isnt because your ad was
reprehensible. Its because Obamas policies are reprehensible, and the results are reprehensible.
You hit a nerve because your ad was effective!

[ED: Remember the name, Wendy Rogers, and send her campaign $$.]
Quote Gems from Rush Limbaugh dot com:

"There's a general lack of trust in positions of authority in this government already. There's no trust in
running the economy. There's no trust in policies that grow the economy. There's no trust in foreign
policy. There's no trust period, and it spans the political establishment."

"The book is called Rush Revere and the American Revolution, and it's the best yet. And that's saying
something because the first two were exceptional, just like the subject matter, but this is so good,

[ED: We immediately went to Amazon, where we are One Click customers, and ordered one audio
copy and two hardcopy copies!]

"Ebola is the biggest obstacle to amnesty right now. Ebola spreading is going to put pressure on the
Regime to really control the borders, really control who gets in here, and that can't be allowed to
happen, folks, it just can't."

"I want to share with you just a little bit about book three, Rush Revere and the American Revolution. If
you haven't read the first books, book one and book two, you really should, because it'll make three all
that much better."

"I've always been intrigued with the possibility of informing young people as soon as I could get to them,
as soon as they were capable, the truth of this country. 'Cause I love it. It is great. It's a fantastic story. It
doesn't need any embellishment. It doesn't need any exaggeration. It's unique. There has never, ever
before in the history of humanity been anything like our country."

"When we first started this series, we talked a lot about how we could get younger people to enjoy
history, and, in a way, not even know it was history. But more so, just an incredible adventure, to take
American history and turn it into an incredible adventure that young readers would want to be a part

"Is there any way that you can measure and conclude the country is stronger today after six years of
Obama? Nope. Therefore, job done. Obama, job done. Mission accomplished."

"Have I ever on this program even intimated that Barack Obama purposely allowed and wants Ebola in
this country? Have I ever said that? Well, then why is Alan Colmes asking Dr. Anthony Dr. Fauci to react
to that?"

"This book is also a little bit more. Its timing and its message and its dedication is all about the men and
women of our great armed forces. Never forgotten here, never taken for granted, always in awe of
uniformed military personally on this program, forever. Such profound respect for the sacrifices they
offer and, in many cases, make. So this book is in their honor. This book was written for them, about
them, and with great respect and love."

"The people that voted for Obama who now claim he's failed don't realize that Obama wanted to
fundamentally transform America with his presidency, and who can deny that he's done that even
beyond his wildest dreams?"

"We live in the greatest country on earth. We have an incredible history, and our mission with these
books is to tell the story of America, the story of our founding, and do so in a very relatable way so that
the young reader can really get to know the exceptional patriots that paved the way for all of us and
made all of this possible."

"I would say that in Obama's world, when he and Michelle are up there in the residence quietly
reflecting, I think that they look at what they've done as a resounding success. I think they have
exceeded their wildest dreams in terms of what they wanted to accomplish."

"One of the things that I have been chronicling somewhat irregularly for the past number of years is all
of the erroneous health news that has been reported to the American people."

"Obama's not a roll-up-the-sleeves guy and get to it."

"A lot of Americans still view the United States as a good guy, and they expect their president to be one
of the good guys!"