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I, Pritesh Solanki, of Lala Lajpat Rai College of TYBMS [Semester V] hereby delare
that I ha!e ompleted my projet, titled Developing a Time Investment Strategy i" the
#ademi Year $%%&'$%%() The i"formatio" s*bmitted herei" is tr*e a"d origi"al to the
best of my +"o,ledge)
Sig"at*re of St*de"t
[.ritesh Sola"+i]
I, Pro/& .i0aya *angal, hereby ertify that $r& Pritesh Solanki of Lala Lajpat Rai
College of TYBMS [Semester V] has ompleted his projet, titled Developing a Time
Investment Strategy i" the aademi year $%%&'$%%() The i"formatio" s*bmitted herei"
is tr*e a"d origi"al to the best of my +"o,ledge)
------------------- -------------------
Pro/& .i0aya *angal Pro/& .i0aya *angal

$r& S&N& Shetti
To help yo* determi"e ho, yo* prese"tly *se time
To ma+e yo* a,are of the portio" of time o!er ,hih yo* ha!e o"trol
To establish priorities, re!ie, ho, time is o"s*med, a"d ide"tify time',asti"g
To ide"tify ommo" time'+illers a"d teh"i/*es for deali"g ,ith them
To teah yo* ho, to ma+e the most effeti!e *se of the time *"der yo*r o"trol
To allo, yo* to *se time the ,ay yo* hoose 0,or+, play, or rest1
To highlight the pri"iples of time ma"ageme"t
#ll the abo!e objeti!es are bei"g loo+ed after i" the projet)

Compiled By2
3"tra"e, 4ard 5or+, grad*al progress a"d a" e6iti"g year, that7s ho, I ha!e reahed
this le!el a"d "o, as I sta"d at the threshold of the aside ,orld, I ta+e a loo+ at the past
year ,hih I ha!e spe"t i" this College) 8*r performa"e ,ith their de!otio", ha!e
mo*lded me i" to o"fide"t a"d aspiri"g st*de"t all thro*gh this year)
My g*ide for the projet .rof) Vijaya 9a"gal, ,hose o"sta"t e"o*rageme"t, pla""ed
a"d aref*l g*ida"e helped me to omplete this projet *p to the mar+)
This a+"o,ledgeme"t ,o*ld "ot be ompleted ,itho*t e6te"di"g my si"ere tha"+s to
my 36 : Bosses, Mr) Sa"deep .ha"se a"d Mr) ;agjit Mathar* 0<iretor, 3IC1 ,ho al,ays
helped me ,ith the o"te"t a"d ga!e permissio" to *se the game mod*le)
I ,o*ld also li+e to tha"+ my frie"ds Meh*l, Rishabh, Vishal a"d =eta", for their s*pport
i" e"tire st*dy)
#"d fi"ally a speial tha"+s to my e"tire family espeially my mother, my father a"d my
I hope that I shall be able to reali>e the dream of a ,orthy progress)

3!eryo"e +"o,s that to be effeti!e it is "eessary to omplete tas+s o" time a"d to be
effiie"t those tas+s sho*ld be aomplished i" order of priority) If it7s so easy the
/*estio" remai"s? ,hy do so ma"y people r*" o*t of time@
Bea*se of the !al*e plaed o" all reso*res ,e are fored to get more do"e, ,ith fe,er
people, i" less time) 5hile time is limitless ,e o"ly e!er ha!e aess to si6ty mi"*tes i"
a" ho*r, t,e"ty'fo*r ho*rs i" a day a"d se!e" days i" a ,ee+ et) Therefore, li+e a
preio*s o"sig"me"t ,e ha!e to *se time to its best ad!a"tage, ,hih mea"s that ,e
ha!e to de!elop "e, strategies for the ,ay ,e *se time a"d alter the ,ay i" ,hih ,e
perei!e it)
This projet o" Time Strategies ,ill e"able *s to reali>e the importa"e of time a"d to
determi"e ho, it sho*ld be i"!ested to ahie!e the res*lts they desire)
The ability to prioriti>e, determi"e depe"de"ies a"d o!erome prorasti"atio" gai"s
!al*e ,he" the i"!estme"t of time as a preio*s reso*re is *"derstood)
ABo, go o" a"d e"joy yo*rself, da"e to yo*r heart7s o"te"t a"d ,i" the .ri"e7s heart)
B*t remember, yo* ha!e to be ba+ before the lo+ stri+es t,el!e at mid"ight)C
5e all are familiar ,ith the ,ords of the Dairy 9od Mother i" the e!ergree" fairy tale
ECi"derella7) It7s these ,ords that probably made *s a,are'for the first time i" o*r li!es'
of the !al*e of time) 5e all sympathi>ed ,ith Ci"derella ,he" all her sple"did go," a"d
other fi"ery t*r"ed to rags at the stro+e of mid"ight) 8*r first a/*ai"ta"e ,ith the
!illai"o*s TimeF
B*t the", is time s*h a !illai", ,ho sho*ld al,ays be pai"ted i" bla+@ 5e ha!e heard
the pro!erb that says Athere are "o ,o*"ds that time a""ot heal)C 4ere of o*rse ,e get
the image of a ,i>e"ed old ,oma" ,ho omes hobbli"g *p to *s ,ith a pither f*ll of
balm a"d ge"tle fi"gers that soothe a,ay all o*r pai"s a"d sorro,s)
B*t that7s e"o*ghF This projet ,as "ot made to si"g the praises of time) There is "o "eed
of the roma"e of Ci"derella or the soothi"g fi"ger of a" old lady ,he" ,e are tal+i"g
abo*t time) #"d do yo* +"o, ,hy@ It7s bea*se ,e do "ot ha!e the time for it)
5e are goi"g to try a"d *"dersta"d time i" its ma"y faes) Bo, I ,as "ot referri"g to the
faes of ,athes or lo+s) I ,as referri"g to the ma"y mea"i"gs that time has) 8h yes it
doesF Yo* tho*ght that time mea"t the same to e!eryo"e) 5ell thi"+ agai"? or maybe yo*
o*ld try to e6plai" the logi behi"d the follo,i"g ases)
.it*re a farmer ,ho pla"ts a sapli"g of a tree that ,o*ld probably ta+e te" to t,el!e
years to reah the stage ,he" it ,o*ld start to bear fr*it, by the" the farmer ,o*ld i"
li+elihood be *"der the soil himself)
.it*re a jailbird i" bird o*"ti"g o" the bars of his ell ,aiti"g for the seo"ds, mi"*tes,
a"d ho*rs, days, ,ee+s, mo"ths a"d years to go by before he a" be free agai")
Bo, pit*re a yo*"g o*ple madly i" lo!e ,ith eah other herishi"g the fe, mi"*tes
they get to spe"d ,ith eah other e!ery day, *rsi"g time bea*se it flies so fast ,he"
they are together a"d "e!er the other ,ay ro*"d)
So ,hat does time mea" to yo*@ 5he" ,as the last time that yo* reali>ed the !al*e of
The a"s,er is probably the last time yo* ,athed o"e of those Bolly,ood thrillers i"
,hih the hero is dri!i"g a ar i" ,hih a time'bomb has bee" pla"ted a"d the hero is
*"a,are of this) B*t ,e bei"g the getti"g'to'see'it'all a*die"e ,ath ,ith bated breath
as the ti"y "eedle of the timer ti+s to,ards the poi"t at ,hih the e6plosio" is s*re to
B*t j*st before that, the hero hits the bra+es sreehes to a halt to a!oid hitti"g that old
lady rossi"g the road) #"d ,he" he j*mps o*t to help her ross the road the "eedle
reahes the poi"t a"d the bomb is e6ploded) #"d o*r hero is safe) It7s f*""y ho, the hero
al,ays esapes ,itho*t a srath i" these mo!ies) B*t I e6pet that7s ,hy they all them
Bo, ,e are really tra"sgressi"g are"7t ,e@ So ba+ to o*r s*bjet that is Time
Ma"ageme"t) <o yo* +"o, ,hat is i"teresti"g abo*t the o"ept of Time@ It is
absol*tely *"o"trollable)
.erso"ally I belie!e that there is somethi"g !ery h*mbli"g abo*t this o"ept) ;*st
imagi"e a ma" ,ith all his po,er is j*st li+e a helpless babe before time) There it is Time
sta"ds tall a"d stro"g before ma" a"d ma" remai"s !*l"erable a"d ,ea+ before it) Ma",
the big stro"g ma" ,ho tamed ri!ers a"d seas, ,ho reahed o*t to the s+ies a"d beyo"d,
,ho har"essed ,i"d a"d ,ater a"d d*g *p the bo,els of the earth is b*t a ,orm before
The best he a" do to ,i" the battle agai"st time is die his hair a"d *se some a"ti',ri"+le
ream o" his fae) I" fat, the losest that ma" has got to,ards o"/*eri"g time is those
ma"y history boo+s that ha!e bee" pe""ed? they are of o*rse hro"iles of e!e"ts that
happe"ed lo"g ago a"d that is ertai"ly "ot m*h to boast abo*t)
#"d so "o, ,e ome to o*r s*bjet that is time ma"ageme"t bea*se after all the
ill*stratio"s gi!e" abo!e, I hope that I ha!e made o"e poi"t lear, that is that Time a""ot
be o"trolled, it a" o"ly be ma"aged) #"d that is ,hat ,e are goi"g to do) 5e are goi"g
to lear" the art of time ma"ageme"t) I do"7t ,a"t yo* to ha!e a" air of helpless"ess) Yo*
might begi" to feel that if the battle a""ot be ,o", the" ,hat is poi"t i" p*tti"g *p a
str*ggle@ #h, b*t there yo* are missi"g o*t o" a !ery importa"t poi"t) I" all the
ill*stratio"s that I *sed abo!e, I ,as referri"g to ma" i" ge"eral a"d "ot to o"e parti*lar
Tom, <i+ or 4arry)
So yo* a" see that this aspet of time is appliable to e!ery h*ma" bei"g a"d there is "o
r*""i"g a,ay from it) 3!ery perso" has o"ly t,e"ty fo*r ho*rs i" a day a"d "o fore o"
earth a" alter that) So i" order to get the *tti"g edge ,hat yo* ha!e to do is to be able to
ma"age yo*r time i" the most effeti!e ,ay possible) #"d that is ,hat Time ma"ageme"t
is all abo*t) It7s abo*t ma"agi"g yo*r time effeti!ely a"d if I may I ,o*ld li+e to add the
,ord effiie"tly too)
Bo,, ,he" ,e tal+ abo*t o*r reso*res, e!eryo"e +"o,s that ,e are referri"g to the
reso*res li+e fossil f*els, forests, mi"eral ,ealth, a"d ,ater bodies a"d so o") B*t
s*rprisi"gly time is "e!er i"l*ded i" this list) 5he" ,e tal+ abo*t "o"'re"e,able
reso*res, fossil f*els li+e oal, petrole*m a"d "at*ral gas top the list) B*t ,hat abo*t
time@ # poi"t that most people te"d to forget is that time is the most !al*able reso*re
that ,e ha!e, a"d time o"e lost, is lost fore!er) 5e a" thi"+ abo*t alter"ate so*res of
e"ergy for fossil f*els li+e eletriity, f*el ells, solar e"ergy a"d the researh goes o")
B*t is there a"y alter"ati!e for time that is lost)
#gai" I stress o" the poi"t that time o"e lost, is lost fore!er) #"d he"e ,e ha!e the
pro!erb, Atime a"d tide ,aits for "o ma")C
The idea of time ma"ageme"t has bee" i" e6iste"e for more tha" G%% years)
H"fort*"ately, the term Itime ma"ageme"tI reates a false impressio" of ,hat a perso" is
able to do) Time a" "either be ma"aged, "or o"trolled) 5e a" o"ly ma"age o*rsel!es
a"d o*r *se of time)
4istory of time ma"ageme"t dates ba+ to the Jth e"t*ry #< ,ith the St) Be"editi"e
Mo"+s ,ho Iemphasi>ed a"d e"o*raged shed*led ati!ities at all times)I The o"ept
of time effiie"y ,as i"trod*ed by Sottish 3o"omist #dam Smith ,ho de!eloped a"
assembly li"e system for fatory ,or+ers) Be"jami" Dra"+li" is o"sidered by ma"y to be
the father of moder" time ma"ageme"t) 4e mostly emphasi>ed o" the effeti!e *se of
time) Dra"+li" arried aro*"d a Ilittle bla+ boo+I ,here!er he ,e"t, a"d ,ithi" it, he
,rote abo*t his thirtee" !irt*es) 3ah "ight he ,o*ld reflet *po" the dayKs ati!ities to
j*dge ,hether he had li!ed *p to these ore !al*es) These !al*es ,ere as follo,s2
L Tempera"e
L Sile"e
L 8rder
L Resol*tio"
L Dr*gality
L I"d*stry
L Si"erity
L ;*stie
L Moderatio"
L Clea"li"ess
L Tra"/*ility
L Chastity
L 4*mility
We all have time to either spend or waste and it is our decision what to do with it. But once
passed, it is gone forever.
- Bruce Lee (Zen in the Martial rts !" #oe $"ams%
3!ery i"di!id*al o" earth has the same amo*"t of time ' J% seo"ds i" a mi"*te? J%
mi"*tes i" a" ho*r? G,MM% mi"*tes i" a day? a"d N$N,J%% mi"*tes i" a year) 5hile a !ast
majority of people o"fesses falteri"g to ome to grips ,ith it, e6tremely fe, a" laim
to ha!e made the most of it) 4o, is it that they ha!e got it all do"e@ It7s bea*se they
ha!e ma"aged a ,ay to fig*re o*t ho, to ma"age their time effeti!ely)
Time Ma"ageme"t is more tha" j*st ma"agi"g time) It is abo*t o"trolli"g the *se of the
most !al*able ' a"d *"der!al*ed ' reso*re) It is ma"agi"g o"eself i" relatio" to time) It
is setti"g priorities a"d ta+i"g harge of the sit*atio" a"d time *tili>atio") It mea"s
ha"gi"g those habits or ati!ities that a*se ,aste of time) It is bei"g ,illi"g to adopt
habits a"d methods to ma+e ma6im*m *se of time)
5ith good time ma"ageme"t s+ills o"e is i" o"trol of o"e7s time, stress a"d e"ergy
le!els) 8"e a" mai"tai" bala"e bet,ee" o"e7s ,or+ a"d perso"al life) 8"e fi"ds e"o*gh
fle6ibility to respo"d to s*rprises or "e, opport*"ities) It is "ot ho, m*h time o"e has,
b*t rather the ,ay o"e *ses it) The bottom li"e is ho, ,ell o"e ma"ages time)
I"ter"atio"ally +"o," a*thority o" time ma"ageme"t <r) #le Ma+e">ie i" his boo+
The Time Trap arg*es that the !ery idea of time ma"ageme"t is a mis"omer bea*se o"e
really a""ot ma"age time i" the ,ay other reso*res a" be ma"aged2 fi"a"ial apital,
physial apital, h*ma" apital, i"formatio" a"d time) 5hile eah of the first fo*r a" be
a*gme"ted, red*ed, tra"sferred or other,ise o"trolled, Time a""ot be ma"ip*lated)
<r) Ma+e">ie o"te"ds that ,he" it omes to time, o"e a" o"ly ma"age o"eself i"
relatio" to it) 8"e a""ot o"trol time as o"e a" o"trol other reso*res : o"e a" o"ly
o"trol ho, o"e *ses it) I" the ,orld i" ,hih ,e li!e, time a""ot be replaed or re'
reated) It is therefore "ot for *s to hoose ,hether ,e spe"d or sa!e time b*t to hoose
o"ly ho, ,e spe"d it)
There are se!eral miso"eptio"s ,hih ,e all ha!e abo*t time) They affet e!eryo"e
i"l*di"g those perso"s ,ho may be o"sidered /*ite s*essf*l a"d effeti!e) 4ere are
some of the miso"eptio"s ide"tified by <r) Ma+e">ie2
Time management is simple 5 all it re67ires is 8ommon sense& 5hile it is tr*e that
the o"ept is simple, the self'disipli"e re/*ired to pratie effeti!e time
ma"ageme"t is "ot easy)
)ork is 9est per/orme: 7n:er press7re& .syhologial st*dies sho, this to be "o
more tha" a" e6*se for prorasti"atio") 8"e does "ot ,or+ ,ell *"der press*re '
o"ly does the best o"e a" *"der the ir*msta"es) .ress*re a"d halle"ge m*st "ot
be o"f*sed) Lara7s performa"e ,he" the 5est I"dies Team is i" tro*ble has more to
do ,ith appliatio" a"d determi"atio" rather tha" press*re)
I 7se a :iary+ a to5:o list an: have a se8retary to keep me organi;e:& 8"e has to
+eep o"eself orga"i>ed ' "o o"e a" do it for others) The tro*ble ,ith the disorga"i>ed
perso" is that he hardly has time to liste" to his seretary or loo+ at his diary)
I :o not have the time& The effeti!e ,or+er or ma"ager ofte" gets more ,or+ do"e
i" the earlier ho*rs of the mor"i"g tha" most laggards get do"e i" the ,hole day) 4e
the" "o lo"ger has to ,or+ agai"st tight deadli"es a"d *"der stress ,hih o"trib*tes
to heart problems a"d "ot *"*s*ally the *ltimate red*tio" of time o" this earth)
Time management might 9e goo: /or some kin:s o/ <ork 97t my 0o9 is 8reative)
Time ma"ageme"t is "ot abo*t ro*ti"e2 it is abo*t self'disipli"e) La+ of disipli"e
pre!e"ts o"e from bei"g great i"stead of simply good)
Time management takes a<ay the /7n an: /ree:om o/ spontaneity& Is ,or+i"g
*"der stress, forgetti"g appoi"tme"ts, ma+i"g o"sta"t e6*ses a"d apologies to be
f*"@ 5o*ld it "ot be m*h more f*" if by better orga"i>atio" o"e had o"e or t,o
more ho*rs e!ery day to spe"d ,ith the family, to play games, read a good boo+, pla"
for tomorro, a"d the day a"d ,ee+ after or j*st rela6@
Time ma"ageme"t is a ommo" problem faed by most of *s) 8fte"times, ,he" yo* are
s,armed ,ith m*ltiple tas+s at o"e, it beomes e6tremely diffi*lt to ide"tify ,hih
o"es yo* m*st omplete first) Too ofte", people eat *p ,hat is s*pposed to be their free
time to be able to aomplish all pe"di"g tas+s i" time) It ta+es a o"siderate amo*"t of
s+ill i" order to ma"age yo*r time properly) If yo* are o"e of these people, yo* are
*s*ally able to o"trol yo*r time effiie"tly that yo* a" e!e" fi"ish tas+s ahead of time)
Let7s try to a"aly>e the importa"e of Time Ma"ageme"t i" differe"t fields)
&ime Management in 'chool()ollege* <*e to more freedom merited to ollege st*de"ts,
it a" beome /*ite halle"gi"g for "e, 0freshma"1 st*de"ts to ope ,ith time
ma"ageme"t) The liberty to hoose yo*r o," shed*le readily reates a false "otio" that
they a" do ,hate!er they ,a"t) 8" the other ha"d, it reflets o"eKs priorities a"d ho,
yo* are able to properly appropriate them i"to yo*r shed*le) 5ith la+ of proper time
ma"ageme"t, a st*de"t ,ill ha!e tro*ble opi"g *p ,ith deadli"es set by professors)
Most st*de"ts ,o*ld te"d to sla+ off d*ri"g !aa"t ho*rs that they e"d *p aomplishi"g
"othi"g) If a st*de"t has prepared his or her o," list of ,or+ for the day, he or she ,ill be
able to properly alloate the time spe"t for e6tra*rri*lar ati!ities a"d assig"me"ts)
&ime Management at Wor+2 5he" it omes to yo*r job, proper *sage of yo*r time is more
parti*lar) This is bea*se yo* are paid for the ho*rs of ser!ie yo* re"der to the firm)
4e"e, ompa"ies ,ill try to e"s*re that eah ho*r yo* spe"d at the offie is *tili>ed
effeti!ely for ,or+) <espite of this, employees still see+ o*t ,ays to ha!e a brea+) If
time is "ot properly ma"aged, employees o*ld easily eat *p more time for their Abrea+sC
tha" ,hat is at*ally spe"t o" at*al ,or+) 4e"e, the ompa"y e"ds *p re/*iri"g the
employee to do o!ertime ,or+ j*st to fi"ish a projet) If the o!ertime re"dered is
refleted o" yo*r payhe+, the" good for yo*) B*t if "ot, the" yo* reap the *"pleasa"t
effets of poor time ma"ageme"t)
.oor time ma"ageme"t sho,s *p by ,ay of o"e or a ombi"atio" of typial pereptible
symptoms) Ma"agers ,o*ld do ,ell to loo+ for a"d reflet o" ,hether they are s*bjet to
a"y of those symptoms ,ith a !ie, to ta+e "eessary orreti!e atio"s)
The follo,i"g are some of the i"diators of poor time ma"ageme"t2
Constant r7shing 0e)g) bet,ee" meeti"gs or tas+s1
(re67ent :elays 0e)g) i" atte"di"g meeti"gs, meeti"g deadli"es1
Lo< pro:78tivity+ energy an: motivation 0e)g) EI a"7t seem to get ,or+ed *p abo*t
(r7stration 0e)g) E8h, thi"gs j*st do"7t mo!e ahead1
Impatien8e 0e)g) E,here the hell is that i"formatio" I7!e as+ed him for@71
Chroni8 va8illation 9et<een alternatives 0e)g) E,hihe!er optio" I hoose it is goi"g
to p*t me at a big disad!a"tage) I do"7t +"o, ,hih ,ay to j*mp71
Di//i87lty setting an: a8hieving goals 0e)g) EI7m "ot s*re ,hat is e6peted of me71
It is /*ite s*rprisi"g ,he" yo* sit a"d thi"+ abo*t ,here all the time i" o"e day goes)
T,e"ty fo*r ho*rs is really a lot of time) B*t o" most days it sarely seems e"o*gh) B*t
this is bea*se of ertai" miso"eptio"s abo*t time) Let *s proeed to aref*lly e6ami"e
,here all that time goes a"d fi"d o*t if t,e"ty fo*r ho*rs really is) Dor that I ha!e listed
o*t ertai" poi"ts ,hih ,ill help yo* to get a realisti !ie, abo*t ho, m*h time yo*
really ha!e i" a day)
Point >
5e do "ot really get t,e"ty fo*r ho*rs i" a day) Maybe it7s bea*se ,e al,ays tal+ abo*t
the t,e"ty fo*r ho*rs i" a day, ,e get the feeli"g that ,e really do ha!e t,e"ty fo*r
ho*rs to fi"ish o*r daily b*si"ess a"d the fat is that ,e do "ot) #ss*mi"g that yo* hit the
sa+ at least by t,el!e i" the "ight a"d ta+i"g for gra"ted the fat that yo* "eed at least
se!e" ho*rs of sleep? let me fi6 yo*r ,a+i"g time at se!e" i" the mor"i"g)
That mea"s that yo* ha!e already lost se!e" ho*rs, ,hih ,e a" ded*t from t,e"ty
fo*r, gi!i"g *s o"ly se!e"tee" ,a+i"g ho*rs) 5a+i"g ho*rs does "ot mea" the ho*rs yo*
ta+e to ,a+e*p b*t the ho*rs that yo* are a,a+e) So let *s get that straight, ,e ha!e o"ly
GO ho*rs i" a day) Bo, if yo* thi"+ that all those se!e"tee" ho*rs a" be *sed for
prod*ti!e ,or+, yo* are ,ro"g agai") Dor this ome to the "e6t poi"t)
Point ?
The se!e"tee" ,a+i"g ho*rs a""ot be *sed ompletely for prod*ti!e ,or+) There are
ma"y thi"gs that a h*ma" bei"g sho*ld do i" order to o"ti"*e to li!e li+e a h*ma" bei"g
a"d some of these thi"gs do ta+e *p a lot of time) Bo, the follo,i"g list that I ha!e
dra," *p is s*re to !ary from perso" to perso") B*t I ha!e ta+e" the times for eah atio"
o" ,hat I felt to e reaso"able times as far as a"y "ormal h*ma" bei"g is o"er"ed)
Taking a sho<er&
Most of *s ta+e a sho,er at least o"e i" a day a"d the time I thi"+ ,e a" p*t do," for
that is te" mi"*tes) Dor those of yo* lea"er o"es ,ho sho,er t,ie a day p*t that as
t,e"ty mi"*tes)
Ans<ering the 8all o/ nat7re
8h yes, ,e are all !ery *lt*red people ,ho ha!e the best of ma""ers a"d *pbri"gi"g) 5e
dress o*rsel!es properly a"d o"d*t o*rsel!es ,ith the *tmost poise) B*t there are
se!eral times i" a day ,he" ,e ha!e to go ba+ to "at*re a"d s*mmi"g *p all those
thi"gs ,e do i" the bath room I thi"+ a good half ho*r sho*ld be e"o*gh)
*etting rea:y an: ti:ying o7rselves
5he" ,e mo!e abo*t i" soiety defi"itely ,e ha!e to loo+ o*r best a"d addi"g *p all the
mi"*tes that ,e spe"d i" fro"t of that mirror, ,e get a"other te" mi"*tes) Dor some
people of o*rse, this fig*re omes *p to half a" ho*r) B*t I thi"+ te" mi"*tes is good
5e "eed to eat to li!e a"d tho*gh I aept the fat that people ha!e differe"t eati"g habits
a"d times, I thi"+ that a"d I7m s*re dotors ,ill agree ,ith me that a perso" "eeds three
meals a day a"d sho*ld ta+e at least te" mi"*tes to i"gest a meal a"d "ot j*st gobble it
do,") So that ma+es it P% mi"*tes for food)
Time to rela@
.lease do "ot raise a" arg*me"t "o,) I promise to deal ,ith this bit later o") B*t right
"o, I ,o*ld li+e to p*t do," o"e ho*r as the time to rela6, a"d this i"l*des the time that
yo* get to yo*rself for prayer or meditatio" or j*st to stare o*t of yo*r ,i"do, or perhaps
the fe, e6tra mi"*tes that yo* spe"d i" yo*r bed after ,a+i"g *p, ,aiti"g for the last
traes of sleep to go a,ay)
Time <ith /amily an: /rien:s
.lease ,e are h*ma" bei"gs, are"7t ,e@ #"d ,e ertai"ly a""ot get alo"g ,ith o*r
b*si"ess of life ,itho*t hatti"g a fe, mi"*tes e!ery "o, a"d the" ,ith o*r frie"ds a"d
the family too) So ,ith yo*r permissio", I ,o*ld li+e to ded*t a"other ho*r from yo*r
,a+i"g time)
So "o, ,hat do ,e ha!e left@
5e started off ,ith GO ho*rs of ,a+i"g time) #"d ,e proeed to add *p all the time that
,e ao*"ted for i" the abo!e me"tio"ed poi"ts? let *s see ho, m*h time ,e ha!e left
for prod*ti!e ,or+ pro!ided ,e still ,a"t to e6ist as h*ma" bei"gs)
The ati!ities me"tio"ed abo!e ,o*ld ta+e ,he" p*t together a good three ho*rs a"d
t,e"ty mi"*tes) That is P ho*rs a"d $% mi"*tes) I p*t it do," i" both "*merals a"d ,ords
so that yo* a" get a real taste of the fig*re) Bo, if ,e proeed to s*btrat this fig*re
from o*r GO ho*rs of ,a+i"g time, ,hat do ,e get@ 5e are left ,ith j*st thirtee" ho*rs
forty mi"*tes) I" fig*res that is GP ho*rs M% mi"*tes) #"d that is a fat) That is all that ,e
get) So from "o, o" do"7t yo* thi"+ that it ,o*ld be more realisti to say that ,e ha!e
j*st thirtee" ho*rs a"d forty mi"*tes to aomplish a day7s ,or+ a"d "ot t,e"ty'fo*r
ho*rs) Dor if ,e o"ti"*e to belie!e that ,e ha!e t,e"ty fo*r ho*rs, a"d the" ,e are i"
effet deei!i"g o*rsel!es) B*t ,ait there is more to this story tha" meets the eye) These
r*ial ho*rs that ,e ha!e pai"sta+i"gly added *p are "ot really p*t to o"str*ti!e *se)
There are ertai" thi"gs alled time ,aster ,hih yo* ha!e to loo+ o*t for a"d that is
,hat ,e are goi"g to deal ,ithi" o*r "e6t hapter)
Time #illers
Till "o,, ,e ha!e bee" harpi"g abo*t ho, !al*able time is a"d ho, time lost is time lost
fore!er a"d so o") B*t "o, ,e ome to a stra"ge o"ept a"d that is ETime =illers7) The
!ery ,ord so*"d li+e sarilege does"7t it@ 4o, a" o"e tal+ abo*t +illi"g s*h a !al*able
reso*re) B*t that7s the ,ay the story goes) There are a lots of time +illers i" this ,orld
a"d ,hat yo* ha!e to do is that yo* ha!e to ide"tify these time +illers, loo+ o*t for them
a"d stay ,ary of tem) 8"ly the" a" yo* p*t yo*r a!ailable time to the ma6im*m
possible *se)
The time +illers that I ha!e listed belo, are more or less ge"eral) They are thi"gs that
most of *s e"o*"ter) B*t apart from these, eah o"e of *s may ha!e *"i/*e time +illers
that are parti*lar to o*r style of li!i"g a"d ,ay of ,or+) Be smart a"d ide"tify these
+illers) 5he" I tal+ abo*t +illers, do "ot get the impressio" of mas+ed me" l*r+i"g i"
shado,s bra"dishi"g g*"s a"d +"i!es) The +illers that I am referri"g to are /*ite ordi"ary
e!ery day thi"gs that ,e see a"d *se i" o*r li!es b*t ofte" do "ot reali>e ho, m*h of o*r
time they ta+e a,ay)
Seven terri9le Time #illers
Telepho"e alls
Chatter bo6es
Traffi jams
Di"di"g par+i"g spaes
Bad mahi"ery
Lo"g /*e*es
The list o*ld of o*rse go o") B*t before ,e +eep addi"g to the list, I ,o*ld li+e to
elaborate o" ertai" of the items listed abo!e)
o< to han:le Time #illers
A The f*""y thi"g abo*t telepho"e alls is that these i"str*me"ts are i"deed great
time sa!ers) I" fat the amo*"t of time that people get to sa!e tha"+s to telepho"es is
st*pe"do*s) The problem arises ,he" telepho"es are "ot *sed properly) Most people do
"ot *"dersta"d a"d e!e" if they do they forget that telepho"es are "ot to be *sed for
le"gthy o"!ersatio"s) Dor o"e thi"g, a"other perso" may be tryi"g to reah yo* a"d there
is "othi"g as e6asperati"g as tryi"g to reah a perso" o!er the telepho"e a"d bei"g
o"fro"ted ,ith a b*sy to"e) So the first thi"g abo*t a telepho"e o"!ersatio" is that it
sho*ld be brief)
#"other thi"g abo*t telepho"es is that most people do "ot +"o, ho, to *se a telepho"e
properly) I" stead of immediately ide"tifyi"g themsel!es a"d as+i"g diretly for the
perso" they ,a"t, some people go o" playi"g a lot of A,ho is spea+i"gC games o"e they
ma+e a all or a"s,er the telepho"e)
Bo, omi"g to mobile pho"es there is a lot to be said a"d do"e) 5hat sho*ld be do"e is
t*r" off yo*r ell pho"e ,he" yo* are ha!i"g a o"!ersatio" or a dis*ssio" ,ith more
tha" o"e perso") #s soo" as yo* get a all, yo* may as+ the people yo* ,ere tal+i"g to
e6*se yo*rself b*t yo* lea!e them ,aiti"g ,hile yo* h*+le a"d giggle o!er yo*r
pho"e) 8fte" ,e te"d to gi!e more importa"e to the aller tha" to the perso" ,e ,ere
ha!i"g the dis*ssio" ,ith) #gai" the same r*le applies here) Be brief) # mobile pho"e is
to be *sed to get a" importa"t message aross to a perso" ,ho yo* ,ere "ot able to reah
o" the la"d li"e)
The "e6t poi"t is abo*t those hatter bo6es) 4a!e"7t ,e all met them@ They simply
lo!e the so*"d of their o," !oies a"d o"e they ope" their mo*ths, there is "o stoppi"g
them) They ,aste "ot o"ly yo*r time b*t their time as ,ell) Steer lear of s*h people)
Belie!e me, it is m*h easier to a!oid s*h people tha" to tell them to sh*t *p a"d if yo*
get a telepho"e all from s*h a perso", *se a aller I< faility or as+ yo*r seretary to
di!ert the all)
Traffi jams a"d fi"di"g par+i"g spaes) #"y o"e ,ho has li!ed i" the ity for
at least a day ,ill +"o, ,hat I am tal+i"g abo*t) There is "o getti"g past a traffi jam at
the r*sh ho*r) #"d ,ill someo"e tell me ,hit is alled the r*sh ho*r ,he" that is the time
,he" the traffi is the slo,est)
The o"ly thi"g yo* a" do is a"tiipate the traffi jam a"d lea!e yo*r home a half ho*r or
o"e ho*r early) B*t that does "ot really +eep the time +iller at bay) It j*st helps yo* to
a!oid bei"g late) I" this respet yo* ha!e t,o optio"s) 3ither yo* o*ld fi"d somethi"g
o"str*ti!e to do ,hile yo* ,ait for the traffi to mo!e alo"g or the traffi light to
ha"ge or a better optio" ,o*ld be to ta+e s*b,ay a"d ,al+ the rest of the ,ay) Yo* a"
get a lo"g a lot faster o" yo*r feet a"d it is a lot better for yo*r health as ,ell) By doi"g
so, yo* a" also get rid of the headahe of fi"di"g a par+i"g spae)
Bot s*rprisi"gly le"gthy meeti"gs a"d dis*ssio"s a" pro!e to be a,f*l time
+illers parti*larly if the meeti"g does "ot ha!e a lear age"da a"d if there are people
,ho lo!e top tal+ amo"g the gro*p) It has bee" fo*"d that most middle a"d se"ior le!el
ma"gers spe"d "early O%Q of their ,or+ time tal+i"g) #"d i" most orga"i>atio"s,
parleyi"g has bee" made i"to a fi"e art)
Bad mahi"ery is a time ,aster) 4o, ma"y of *s ha!e ,a"ted to sit a"d sream
a"d ba"g the daylights o*t of a p that does "ot gi!e *s the re/*ired data or i"formatio")
# omp*ter that ta+es a lo"g time to start *p, a photoopier that gi!es shamef*lly fai"t
photoopies, e!e" a lea+y fa*et or a st*bbor" dra,er or door +"ob a" ,aste a lot of
time a"d se"d *s *p the ,all) If yo* ha!e s*h e/*ipme"t or mahi"ery, get it ha"ged at
the earliest possible date) It is ,orth the amo*"t of time a"d e"ergy that yo* ,aste o" it
e!ery day)
Lo"g /*e*es ertai"ly ,aste a lot of time) That does "ot mea" that yo* ha!e to
j*mp the /*e*e) If yo* a" get the job do"e o!er the telepho"e or a" reser!e yo*r ti+et
i" ad!a"e, do it, e!e" if it mea"s a fe, e6tra dollars, it is ,orth the time yo* may ha!e
to spe"d ,aiti"g)
#part from these eah perso" may ha!e parti*lar time ,asters, li+e for i"sta"e, a ar
that ref*ses to start i" the mor"i"g, diffi*lt hair that i"sists o" loo+i"g li+e Med*sas head
o" a bad s"a+e day, a" ele!ator that ta+es fore!er to reah yo*r floor) Hse yo*r ommo"
se"se a"d try to fi"d alter"ate methods or e!e" better, if yo* a""ot fi"d a" alter"ate
method, yo* o*ld p*t the time to some *se li+e read yo*r mor"i"g paper i" the ele!ator)
Yo* ,ill get a better idea of ho, to get o!er time +illers o"e ,e ha"dle the setio"
alled the time sa!ers)
Lining ,p 4o7r D78ks! Prioriti;eB
ALi"i"g *p yo*r d*+sC is a familiar a"d harmi"g phrase) It deri!es from the te"de"y of
baby d*+li"gs to s,im i" a perfetly straight li"e behi"d their mother) If the d*+li"gs
begi" to stray too far, the mother d*+ ,ill i"!ariably AshepherdC them ba+ i"to li"eR
th*s, Agetti"g her d*+s i" a ro,)C
The appliatio" of this phrase to time ma"ageme"t is lear) If yo* deal ,ith thi"gs i" a
logial, orderly se/*e"e, yo*7re s*re to bri"g effiie"y a"d res*lts to yo*r efforts)
5he" yo*r Ad*+sC begi" to stray too far afield, da"ger is l*r+i"gRfor them a"d for yo*)
Let7s fae it) $M ho*rs i" a day is "ot e"o*gh time for ma"y people to do e!erythi"g i"
their shed*le) It is therefore imperati!e that people perform their ati!ities i" the order
of priority) Time ma"ageme"t e6perts li+e Stephe" Co!ey S R 0The Se!e" 4abits of
4ighly 3ffeti!e .eople? Simo" S Sh*ster1 ha!e de!eloped a model alled a time
ma"ageme"t matri6)
This model e"ables ma"agers to prioriti>e their ati!ities a"d *se their time more
effeti!ely) 5ith the help of the model, they a" e!al*ate their ati!ities i" terms of
importa"e a"d *rge"y)
The art of prioriti>i"g o!ers M major tas+ gro*ps2
G) Importa"t a"d Hrge"t
$) Bot Importa"t b*t Hrge"t
P) Bot Hrge"t b*t Importa"t
M) Bot Importa"t a"d Bot Hrge"t
Important an: ,rgent
T*adra"t G represe"ts thi"gs ,hih are both *rge"t a"d importa"t : labeled
Afirefighti"gC) The ati!ities "eed to be dealt ,ith immediately, a"d they are importa"t)
These tas+s are the o"es that m*st be do"e right a,ay, or o"se/*e"es may res*lt) #"
e6ample ,o*ld be bills that are d*e today) If yo* do"7t pay yo*r bills o" time, yo* ,o*ld
i"*r additio"al harges or they might *t off their ser!ies to yo*) #ti!ities belo"gi"g
to this ategory "eed to be ated *po" ,itho*t delay) Yo* sho*ld gi!e them the highest
Important 97t Not ,rgent
T*adra"t $ represe"ts thi"gs ,hih are importa"t, b*t "ot *rge"t ' labelled AT*ality
TimeC) #ltho*gh the ati!ities here are importa"t, a"d o"trib*te to ahie!i"g the goals
a"d priorities ' they do "ot ha!e to be do"e right "o,) #s a res*lt, they a" be shed*led
,he" they a" be gi!e" /*ality tho*ght to them)
# good e6ample ,o*ld be the preparatio" of a" importa"t tal+, or me"tori"g a +ey
i"di!id*al) .rayer time, family time a"d perso"al rela6atio"Urereatio" are also part of
T*adra"t $)
,rgent 97t Not Important
T*adra"t P represe"ts distratio"s) They m*st be dealt ,ith right "o,, b*t fra"+ly, are "ot
importa"t) Dor e6ample, ,he" a perso" a"s,ers a" *",a"ted pho"e all, ' heUshe has had
to i"terr*pt ,hate!er heUshe is doi"g to a"s,er it)
Not Important an: Not ,rgent
T*adra"t M represe"ts Time 5asti"g) Yo* might thi"+ ati!ities i" this setio" are "ot
,orth people7s time, so they ,o"7t e"gage i" these ati!ities m*h) Yo* ,o*ld be
s*rprised to +"o, that people spe"d most of their time doi"g thi"gs that are both
*"importa"t a"d "o"'*rge"t, s*h as ,athi"g TV a"d mo!ies, playi"g !ideo games,
se"seless hatti"g for ho*rs o" the pho"e, shoppi"g for "e, lothes, et)
8f o*rse, it is esse"tial for people to rela6 a"d *",i"d o"e i" a ,hile)
C#ll ,or+ a"d "o play ma+es ;a+ a d*ll boy,C as they say) B*t yo* sho*ld be strit i"
limiti"g yo*r time for these ati!ities? that is, if yo* really ,a"t to aomplish a lot i"
yo*r life)
Treat ati!ities belo"gi"g to this setio" ,ith the lo,est priority) If yo* really ,a"t to
s*eed, stritly limit yo*r time i" doi"g these ati!ities or do"7t do them at all) Do*s o"
those that ,ill bri"g yo* fr*itf*l res*lts)
N7m9ere: Priority Ta8ti8
4ere7s o"e of the most po,erf*l teh"i/*es that yo* a" *se to ma"age yo*r time
effiie"tly : the B*mbered .riority Tati)
B*y a !ery small "oteboo+ that yo* a" p*t i" yo*r po+et) Yo* sho*ld be able to bri"g it
a"y,here yo* go) #t the fro"t page of the "oteboo+, p*t the title2 Important an:
,rgent) #t the ba+ page, p*t the title2 Important 97t Not ,rgent)
If a" idea or e!e"t yo* e"o*"ter is ,rgent 97t Not Important, the" forget it) Yo* ,a"t
to *tili>e yo*r time ,ell, ,o"7t yo*@ If yo* thi"+ it7s sig"ifia"t i" some ,ay, the" yo*
may p*t it *"der Important an: ,rgent& Ig"ore Not Important an: Not ,rgent tas+s)
3!ery time somethi"g omes *p d*ri"g yo*r daily ,or+ or o" yo*r mi"d, p*t it i" the
appropriate page of yo*r little "oteboo+) So let7s say yo*r boss told yo* to s*bmit a report
d*e tomorro,) 5rite it do," o" yo*r "oteboo+ *"der Important an: ,rgent& The" yo*r
frie"d told yo* that there7s a big $'day sale at the do,"to," f*r"it*re store) Yo* may p*t
it *"der Important an: ,rgent if yo* simply m*st ha!e that f*r"it*re yo*7re drooli"g
for mo"ths) B*t if yo* thi"+ yo*r ho*se ,o*ld do fi"e ,itho*t it, the" do"7t ,rite it
a"ymore) #s yo*7re ,al+i"g do," the street yo* s*dde"ly tho*ght of a great "e, idea for
yo*r part'time b*si"ess) Yo* may p*t it *"der Important 97t Not ,rgent)
#s the day goes o", ,rite do," eah a"d e!ery idea, tho*ght, or e!e"t that omes to yo*r
mi"d) #s the list i"reases i" eah ategory, e6ami"e eah of them aref*lly a"d start
"*mberi"g eah item i" the order of priority ' ,ith G bei"g the highest priority) Start
,or+i"g o" B*mber G, a"d "e!er go to B*mber $ *"til yo*7re do"e ,ith B*mber G for
eah ategory) If distratio"s ome abo*t, yo* may ta+e are of them first b*t al,ays
ome ba+ to yo*r "*mbered list ,he" yo*7re do"e)
Bea*se priorities may ha"ge, yo* may s,ith or ha"ge the "*mbers of the items i" the
list) Yo* may also tra"sfer o"e item from Important an: ,rgent to Important 97t Not
,rgent+ a"d !ie'!ersa) 5he" yo* do a"y ha"ges, ma+e s*re yo*r "oteboo+ stays lea")
Tra"sfer yo*r ,riti"gs to a "e, page ,he" yo* see that it7s getti"g *"tidy) Start off ,ith a
"e, page e!ery day)
This method a" e"able yo* to ahie!e more i" o"e ,ee+ tha" ,hat most people a"
aomplish i" a mo"th) The importa"t thi"g yo* m*st do is to b*y that little "oteboo+ a"d
to start doi"g this s*per tati right "o,F Time is r*""i"g fast)
ParetoCs Prin8iple or the DE"?E R7le
It ,as de!eloped i" the G(th e"t*ry) The pri"iple states that &% pere"t of o*r
*"fo*sed effort ge"erates o"ly $% pere"t of o*r e"d res*lts, a"d that &% pere"t of o*r
res*lts are ahie!ed from $% pere"t of the o!erall e"ergy e6pe"ded) Ma"y st*de"ts a"d
professio"als spe"d the day i" a fre">y of ati!ity, b*t ahie!e !ery little of their desired
res*lts bea*se they are "ot o"e"trati"g o" the right thi"gs) I" the G(N%s, the fo*s ,as
o" the ma"ager a"d his orga"i>atio" s+ills) Later i" that deade, ;ames M=ay a*thored
the first boo+ o" time ma"ageme"t)
Stephe" R) Co!ey desribes the first ge"eratio" of moder" time ma"ageme"t teh"i/*es
as "otes a"d he+list remi"ders) The seo"d ge"eratio" fo*sed o" pla""i"g a"d
preparatio" thro*gh the *se of ale"dars a"d appoi"tme"t boo+s) The third ge"eratio"
,as ommitted to Ipla""i"g, prioriti>i"g a"d o"trolli"g)I 8"e agai", these teh"i/*es
,ere "ot ,or+i"g) Co!ey desribes se!eral myth of third ge"eratio" time ma"ageme"t
a"d its ideals of the follo,i"g2
L .la""i"g for effiie"y
L .erso"al !al*esK prioriti>atio"
L Co"trolli"g other people
A%C System
#la" La+ei" de!eloped the A#BC teh"i/*e)C This approah *ses letters to prioriti>e
,hat is tr*ly importa"t to the i"di!id*al) I" labeli"g a tas+ as #, B or C, the i"di!id*al is
at*ally ategori>i"g these tas+s as short'term, i"termediate or lo"g'ra"ge goals) This
system a" be ta+e" o"e step f*rther by assig"i"g "*merial ra"+ to eah tas+) Dor
e6ample, #'G is the most importa"t tas+ a"d #'$ is seo"dary to #'G) The #BC teh"i/*e
of prioriti>atio" ,as limited bea*se I#I list priorities may be o"f*sed ,ith *rge"y
more ofte" tha" tr*e importa"e) Some IBI a"d ICI ra"+ed priorities may at*ally be
more importa"t, b*t "ot as *rge"t)
Co!ey has de!eloped a"other prioriti>atio" teh"i/*e that deals ,ith the problem of
importa"e !ers*s *rge"y) I" the later half of this e"t*ry, time ma"ageme"t i"str*me"ts
a"d i"str*tio" has blossomed i"to a sophistiated b*si"ess) The professio"al is left to a
perso"al searh for those i"str*me"ts that ,ill be the most effeti!e a"d effiie"t for his
or her lifestyle) The professio"al ,ho does "ot *se time ma"ageme"t s+ills may ris+
missi"g appoi"tme"ts a"d d*e dates of assig"me"ts) Bo good e6*ses a" be gi!e" for
bei"g la>y i" this

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