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STARS is a thermal, K-value compositional, chemical reaction
and geomechanics reservoir simulator ideally suited for
advanced modelling of recovery processes involving the
injection of steam, solvents, air and chemicals.
STARS is the industrys leading thermal and advanced processes reservoir
simulator. Its robust reaction kinetics and geomechanics capabilities
make it the most complete and flexible reservoir simulator available
for modelling the complex oil and gas recovery processes being studied
and implemented today.
Steam flooding
Cyclic Steam
SAGD - (Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage)
ES-SAGD - (Expanding Solvent -
Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage)
Thermal VAPEX
Hot Water Flooding
Hot Solvent Injection
Combustion (Air Injection)
- HTO & LTO (High & Low
Temperature Oxidation)
- THAI (Toe-to-Heel Air Injection)
Electrical Heating
Differential Temperature Water Injection
Gellation, simple or multi-stage, multi-component
Foams, Emulsions & Foamy Oil
ASP (Alkaline-Surfactant-Polymer) flooding
Microbial EOR
Low salinity waterflooding
Reservoir souring
Steam, Thermal and Advanced processes Reservoir Simulator
Solids Transport & Deposition
Fines transport
CHOP (Cold Heavy Oil Production)
- Sand transport and production (Worm-holes)
Asphaltene precipitation, flocculation,
deposition and plugging
Wax precipitation
Compaction and subsidence
Rock failure
Naturally and Hydraulically Fractured
Reservoir Modelling
Dual porosity
- Multiple interacting continua
- Vertical refinement
Dual permeability
Integrated to Pinnacle Technologies, Inc.s
FracProPT fracture design software
Integrated to Fracture Technologies Ltds WellWhiz
well, completion and fracture design software
Non Oil & Gas Related Applications of STARS:
Ground-water movement
Pollutant clean-up and recovery
Hazardous waste disposal and re-injection
Geothermal reservoir production
Solution mining operations
Near wellbore exothermic reactions
The following is a general list of reservoir processes being modeled with STARS:
Dynamic Reservoir Modelling
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Performance Enhancing Features
DynaGrid (Dynamic Gridding) fully dynamic grid refinement and
amalgamation. This unique feature places small grid blocks in the
model where and when required and large blocks throughout the
remainder of the model. Typical model run time decreases range
from 2 to 5 times.
Parrallel Processing multi-CPU parrallel processing is supported
providing significant decreases in model run times. CMGs unique
parallellization method enables ANY model to be parallellized
regardless of the complexity of the grid or the location of wells.
ParaDyne this powerful combination of parallel processing and
dynamic gridding multiplies the run time reduction factors from both
options, resulting in reductions of 3 to 30 times depending on model
parameters and number of CPUs utilized.
Gridding Options
Fundamental Grid options: Cartesian, Corner-Point, Cylindrical,
& fully unstructured
Local Grid Refinement (LGR) in Cartesian, Corner-Point,
Cylindrical, and mixed coordinates.
Dynamic Gridding (DynaGrid) fully dynamic and recurrent
refinement and amalgamation
9 point, 5 point methodologies
Comprehensive Rock-Fluid Interaction Definition
In addition to standard relative permeability and capillary pressure
functions, STARS also provides multiple sets of rock-fluid data for
interpolating over local component composition, interfacial tension,
and/or capillary number.
Geomechanical Model
3D and 2D Geomechanics formulation
standard elastic/plastic treatment
surface subsidence/uplift
elastic/plastic deformation
shear dilatancy
strain hardening
wellbore loading/unloading
effect of stress on permeability
geomechanics in dual permeability systems
Multiple Platform Support, Windows, Linux, UNIX
STARS supports the following Operating Systems
Windows XP (32 bit and x64)
Linux: Red Hat 7.3 (32 bit) and Red Hat Enterprise 3.0 (64 bit)
IBM AIX 5L (5.1 & higher)
Advanced Features of
STARS include:
User-Defined Reaction Kinetics
STARS allows the user to model reaction kinetics
for rate, temperature and concentration dependent
processes such as combustion or ASP floods.
Mass transfer between phases at a rate
depending on fluid flow velocity to simulate the
formation and/or the breaking of emulsions and
foams is possible. Multiple solids reactions can
also be modelled.
User-Defined Components
User-defined components can appear in any or all
three fluid phases (oil, gas, water) and in an
immobile phase (solid, adsorbed liquid, trapped
liquid). Each component can be a pure chemical, a
combination of several chemicals or a continuum
spanning a range of chemicals. A component can
also be a specific form of material, such as small
gas bubbles entrained in the oil phase, for
modelling special processes.
Dispersed Components Model
STARS dispersed components/stabilized
dispersions model provides the underlying
structure for modelling components suspended
in a carrying phase. This permits the robust
modelling of:
polymers & gels
emulsions & foams
suspended fines
asphaltene flocculation, deposition
and plugging
Well Modelling Source/Sink, Semi-
Analytical & Descritized models
Fully Coupled Wellbore modeling is provided with
three implementations:
1. Standard source/sink model
2. Semi-Analytical Wellbore for well bore
hydraulics and heat loss
3. Descretized wellbore model for horizontal wells
with single or dual circulating streams:
- long transient response times
- viscous pressure drop
- multi-phase flow patterns
- conductive heat flow
Multi-Phase Injectors injection of multiple fluids
Multi-Lateral Wells
Dynamic Reservoir Modelling
For more information or to arrange a demonstration of STARS capabilities in your
office, contact any of the CMG Marketing and Sales offices worldwide:
Head Office: (Calgary, Canada) 1-403-531-1300 Fax: 1-403-289-8502 Email: cmgl@cmgl.ca
Beijing, China Caracas, Venezuela Houston, U.S.A. London, U.K.
86-10-6209-8540 58-212-993-3990 1-281-872-8500 44-1491-832-447
Black Oil Simulator
Steam, Thermal
and Advanced process
Compositional Simulator
Phase Behavior Analysis
CMGs Suite of
Modelling Tools
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