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F O U N D E D I N S A N F R A N C I S C O 19 2 9

Navigating the DreamScape

Terri Tsoi & Jac Madsen
Overcoming the Stigma

Every year we lose talent to ignorence. We lose painters

to accounting, or construction. Pasionate creatives look
into the murky future and have no idea how to support
themselves with their art. They in turn seek more
“traditional” forms of business.
Demonstrate What is Possible

Our goal is simple.

Show the prospective artist what is possible.
1 our alumni network.

Gather The Material

The first step is to activate the Alumni Network. We do this
by contacting graduates and updating their information. We
want three things from them.

1 A current business card.

2 A bio and short resume.

3 A short story that relates them to the Academy of Art.

2 our student body.

Build the City

Every the campus is flooded with new and prospective
students. Many of these students don’t know anyone else.
Some have never engaged in a collaborative art project.

During orientation we will be engaging these new students

in creating our “city of dreams”. Students will have the
opportunity to build giant mosaics of San Francisco out of
the business cards we collected from our alumni network.
The city will be built from the commerce of art.
Each card they place on the wall is a person who went
through what they are experiencing at that very moment.
They now make up a network of succesfull alumni. People
who followed their dreams—a tangible representation of
what is possible.

This activity will be caught with timelapse photography. The

footage from those photos will then be used as a preloader
for the “Build Your Dream” microsite.
3 the Dream
The site when loaded shows a
skyline of San Francisco, built
from business cards. Hot
Spots depicted by tethered
balloons direct you to
buildings where Academy
Alumni work.
Step 3
Navigating the Dream

The Site will transistion on a close up

of the building where an agency or
company works. The user is then
able to selct from several business
cards from alumni that work for that

Selecting a card will the biographical

information we collected earlier.
Step 4
Visualizing Dreams

Industry Job Description Agency

The final step in our process has a
Advertising Account Executive Mekanism prospective student build their own
business card.
Broadcasting Art Director Pereira & O'Dell
Fashion Copywriter OgilvyInteractive
Motion Pictures Designer Venebles Bell & Partners
Photography Strategist Weiden + Kennedy
A simple form helps them create a
potential business card. The card is then
stamped out and can be saved in a
gallery, or “followed” to the departments
name on the Academy of Art homepage based
phone on the accedemic path to their desired
email job description. The information from the
form is captured and sent to the
admissions department for follow up.
By activating the alumni and engaging the student
body, Academy of Art is able to educate and engage
prospective students in a collaborative and informative
way. We prove that Art is essential to industry.

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