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You may have been tempted to try the detox diet after several actresses highlighted over the

TV how
it has helped them to lose weight. Yes, it is possible to lose weight using the detox program and you
too can do it successfully as long as you keep in mind some basic things.
Before starting on the diet, consult your doctor on whether it is safe for you. Pregnant and nursing
women must not undertake this diet, nor should people with diabetes, heart ailments or other chronic
Before you actually start dieting, you need to prepare your body for it. top taking nicotine,
caffeine, alcohol, sugar and certain food at least a week before going on the diet. !rink lots of water
and have enough rest.
"xercise for at least #$ to %$ minutes a day before undertaking the diet. This prepares your body
physically for what is to come. "xercise even during and after the diet is over, to boost your energy
Buy plenty of fruits before embarking on the diet. Preferably organic ones. &owever if you can't get
them, even normal ones will do, provided you peel off the skin and wash the fruits well before
consuming. (ll detox diets do not re)uire you to have raw food. There are certain diets in which you
need to eat cooked vegetables partially* say +,- cooked and .,- raw.
o that you are not bored of eating the same food again and again, you may introduce variations by
mixing a couple of couple of them together. But for that, you need to know which ones of them go
together. Try mixing tomatoes or carrots with celery, spinach or cucumber, or if it is fruits you are
experimenting with, use apple, cranberry or pineapple together, but don't use oranges as they are
extremely acidic.
/uices are helpful too, but if you can't get them, a regular blended is fine. &ave at least 01 ounces of
fruits and vegetables, and 0*. glasses of water everyday for the duration of the diet.
2f you couldn't finish the drink the day you made it, don't fret. 3ruit 4uices stay well for % days, while
vegetable ones will last for , days.
2f the detox program lasts longer, say for % days or more, eat some solid food in the succeeding
days. 2f you feel nauseous, or di55y, or have the tendency to throw up anytime during the program,
it's best to stop the diet, consult the doctor, and resume the program only if the doctor approves of it.
6nce you are over with the diet, switch back to solid food.Detox diets are good only for short
term, and prolonging them may result in bad health. 2f you are happy with the results of the
diet, you can take up the diet again, but don't do it more fre)uently, than once or twice a year.
(part from cleaning up your system, detox diet has the added effect of helping you lose weight. But
don't be fooled, as what you have lost is only water, which you'll regain very soon when you take up
the normal diet.
There are plenty of detox diets you can choose from. 7ead about each one to know about them. 2f
you don't like to drink it, you also have the choice to eat it.
Master Cleanse Diet And How It Can Help You Lose Weight
Master Cleanse, compared to other lose weight methods that includes exercising and healthy foods,
is not very popular but it can be effective in weight loss. (lthough people have the desire to slim
down, the body has other priorities that can hinder their )uest for weight loss. 2n fact, the body must
be rid of toxins before it will be able to help in the lose weight process.
The 8aster 9leanse detox diet was established in +:1+; since that time, the food industry has
strategically motivated the consuming public to eat more salt, sugar and fat in various processed foods
and sodas. (ll too often people eat<drink more calories than the body really needs while at the same
time taking in toxins and other impurities through those foods<drinks. 2t=s these things that have led
to the sharp increase of the number of people who are overweight or obese. Thus, a 8aster 9leanse is
Recipe For One To ose !eight and "tay #ealthy
Master Cleanse is not a true fast >what some might say is water fast?. ( true fast diet is
particularly dangerous because people only take in fluids without any real regards to the nutrition or
calories their body needs. 2f you want to lose weight while still keeping your health in mind, here is a
recipe that=s sure to help.
* # Tablespoons organic lemon 4uice
* # Tablespoons organic grade B maple syrup
* +<+$ Teaspoon ground cayenne pepper
* +$ 6unces filtered water
2f you want, you can use cayenne pepper in capsule form. Be sure to refrigerate any unused portion;
however, use freshly s)uee5ed lemons since the en5ymes in them can metabolically break down body
fat and oxygenate the blood.
8aster 9leanse works for best for people who want to have good health for all their life. 2t=s normal for
people in their early years to live a carefree attitude but down the road they must drop a few pounds.
Be sure to talk with your doctor before doing a cleansing detox.
9elebrities often promote diets that help in losing weight, which is the biggest reason people follow the
diets they do. 6f course, people who choose to do a fasting routine will use it many times in the year@
sometimes up to ,$ times. Their motivationA 2t=s to have excellent personal health. People might
consider this a great way to lose weight and feel accomplished when they do. Yet, master cleansing
goes way beyond that.
$% &d'antageous Reasons To (se & Master Cleanse Detox
* (ppearance improvement, which leads to high self esteem
* (ppetite for healthier foods
* Boosted immunity to fight diseases<infections
* Boosted improvement of nutrient digestion needed for good health
* &ealthier skin@ looks younger
* &igher energy levels
* 2mprove glandular function along with hormone action including insulin
* 2ncreased metabolism rate that helps to maintain weight
* Bower blood pressure levels as weight comes off
* 7eduction of 4oint pain, as pressure is off knees and hips
* 7eduction of chronic pain and inflammation
* 7eduction of non*healthy food cravings that result in weight gain
(s you see, there are several good things that come with weight loss and 8aster 9leanse.
Both cayenne pepper and lemons promotes the detoxification process, as both can reduce
inflammation anywhere in the body along with tissue swelling. Caste the body produces is loosened
up and eliminated from the colon, which causes an elimination of poisons in the body that will
contribute to a better functioning liver to burn fat. Toxins that are found in fat cells are eliminated
from the body when a good deal of fluid consumed. The grade B maple syrup will include several
essential nutrients and calories that will boost the metabolism.
2f you would like to try a diet plan that will cleanse your body as well as help you to lose weight
)uickly, try using a lemon detox diet. (lthough you may have tried many diets over the years, like
most dieters you have most likely had little success. The lemon detox diet uses all natural ingredients.
The popularity of this diet is growing as people are discovering it. &ealth professionals are
recommending it with increasing fre)uency as a means of cleansing and weight loss for their patients.
Dow you can use this diet, too.
The Basic )dea
The lemon detox diet contains ingredients that are ingested together for a week to ten days. (fter
scientific studies were performed, this has been called the best diet ever formulated as it works very
well and very )uickly. The toxicity will be cleared from your system as you lose weight.
The diet consists of organic palm and maple extracts, lime 4uice, as well as pepper. The high sugar
content produces energy and helps to curb your hunger. ( E$ calorie glass of blended ingredients
provides what your body needs for energy, as well as to provide the proper levels of 5inc and calcium
for the detoxification of your system.
Benefits of the emon Detox Diet
2f you are looking for a holistic diet that provides you with needed vitamins and nutrients while
cleansing your body of toxins, this may be the right one for you. You will notice weight loss and
cleansing at the same time, improving your overall well being, strength, and motivation. 9leansing
your system has the added benefit of better health and you will become acutely aware of your organs
and their functioning. The lemon detox diet also aids in the body=s recovery from the cleansing
process. The essential nutrients provided by this diet make the process successful. Taking a pollen
supplement during the cleansing process is also helpful.
*ossible "ide +ffects
(s with any dramatic change in diet, you may experience a few unusual symptoms when you begin
the lemon detox diet. ince you will be ingesting only the ingredients of the specific mixture, you may
have slight di55iness, which is common when cleansing your system. The expelling of toxins can cause
you to feel their effects as they move through your system and out. 2f you are on medication or under
a doctor=s care, be sure to seek his or her counsel before embarking on the lemon detox diet.
Chen beginning this detox diet, give your body a brief time to become accustomed to it. ( gradual
transition is preferred, ingesting only fruit 4uice and light meals before you begin. Chen you are
finished with the diet, don=t ingest a large meal. Fradually introduce solid foods back to your system.
This is an easy diet to mix up and follow, but it should not be done without consultation of your doctor.
Cith the aid of your health care expert, you can achieve both weight loss and cleansing of your
system for optimum health.
The ideal way to start a detox programme is to begin with a 24-hour fast, if you feel up to it and are
not on any medications. Seek your doctors or nutritionists adice if you are unsure.
!any experts beliee that excessie toxicity of the body creates a whole range of serious illnesses,
from osteoarthritis "where toxins settle in the #oints$, to heart disease, cancer anddiabetes. To
preent such illness you need to be in tune with your body, aware of its condition and its needs, and
be committed to giing yourself a good, thorough internal spring-clean at least once a year. %t that
time, also, implement the good eating and exercise habits that will help preent the build-up of a
toxic state again. % spring-clean for the body is an essential part of any preentatie system of health
The ideal way to detox your body is to begin with a 24-hour fast, if you feel up to it and are not on
any medications. Seek your doctors or nutritionists adice if you are unsure. &hoose a day when it is
not necessary to be ery actie ' preferably a day when you are not physically challenged. (ou also
need to drink lots of fluid during a fast, as dehydration must neer be allowed, but drink only water
or hot water and fresh lemon #uice. To aid inner cleansing, a ery good health habit is to both begin
and end the day with a drink of hot water and fresh lemon #uice. This has a cleansing effect on the
lier and kidneys, as well as the rest of the digestie system.
%fter the first stage in your detox programme, your 24-hour fast, the idea is to eat as much raw food
as possible for the rest of the week. )aw fruit and egetables are not only the easiest food for the
body to digest, and the means of getting the most nutrition from food, but they also hae a brilliant
cleansing effect on the body. &ooked food is more complicated for the digestie system* uncooked
food enhances the metaboblism and strengthens the immune system. +nstead of a slow sluggish
constitution, the body finds its best leel for peak performance.
The high fiber content of fruits and egetables is excellent for flushing toxic residues out of the body.
+f you try this approach, you will see an improement in your oerall health, with many minor
niggling symptoms disappearing altogether. ,hether you suffer from skin rashes, headaches or heart
disease, you owe it to yourself to build your body with the right materials.
Try to buy produce that is as fresh as you can get it and buy organic fruit and eg where possible, as
they obiously hae fewer toxins. % good greengrocer will usually hae much fresher fruits and
egetables than the large supermarket chains. The fresher the good, the higher the nutritional alue.
-resh herbs are also full of healthful properties, so use them liberally. The ideal, of course, is to grow
your own herbs and egetables, but this is not possible for most of us.
,hen you do cook your egetables, remember that many itamins and minerals are destroyed by the
heat in cooking. ,hen we boil egetables, the nutrients are leached out into the water and poured
away down the drain. So, wheneer possible, gently steam or stir-fry egetables for #ust a few
minutes instead, until they are tender ' but only #ust ' to presere their nutritious goodness. %lso
aim to eat a ariety of fruits, salad and other egetables eery day.
Detox action plan
.egin your detox at the weekend or during a time when you dont hae too much going on.
,alk for at least /0 minutes eery day.
1rink at least 2 liters of water a day ' purified, distilled, filtered or bottled. (ou can also drink
dandelion coffee or herb teas.
2ae 3 liter of fruit or egetable #uice ' either carrot and apple #uice "you can buy these two
separately and combine with one-third water$ with grated ginger, or fresh watermelon #uice ' a day.
The flesh of the watermelon is high in beta-carotene and itamin &. The seeds are high in itamin 4,
as well as the antioxidant minerals 5inc and selenium. (ou can make a great antioxidant cocktail by
blending fresh fruit and seeds in a blender into a greast-tasting drink.
Eat in abundance6 -ruit ' the most beneficial fruits with the highest deter potential include
fresh apricots, all berries, cantaloupe melons, citrus fruits, kiwis, papayas, peaches, mangoes,
melons, red grapes. 7egetables ' especially good are artichokes, peppers, beetroot, .russels sprouts,
broccoli, red cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, cucumber, kale, pumpkin, spinach, sweet potato,
tomatoes, watercress and bean sprouts.
Eat in moderation6 8rain ' brown rice, corn, millet, and 9uinoa ' not more than two portions
per day. -ish ' salmon, mackerel, sardines, and tuna ' not more than once a day. :ils ' use extra-
irgin olie oil for cooking and in place of butter, and cold-pressed seed oils for dressings. ;uts and
seeds ' a handful a day of raw, unsalted nuts and seeds should be included. &hoose from almonds,
.ra5il nuts, ha5elnuts, pecans, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and flax seeds
Avoid6 %ll wheat products, all meat and dairy produce "including eggs$, salt and any food
containing it, hydrogenated "trans$ fats, artificial sweeteners, food addities and preseraties, fried
foods, spices, dried fruit. <imits potatoes to one portion eery other day and bananas to one eery
other day.
1ont be surprised if you feel worse for a couple of day before you start to feel better. This is
especially likely if you are eliminating foods to which you are dependant.
Take a double dose daily of 9uality multiitamin=mineral supplements, plus two /,>>> mg
itamin & capsules and antioxidant complex.
Majority of people are finding ways that will help them to detoxify their body. Detoxifying is the process
of eliminating wastes and toxins from the body and enhancing the process of absorption of water and
minerals from the food.
If your body is cleansed your overall health improves and all your organs function properly.
Difficulty Level
Easy but you need to follow these steps sincerely if you want to cleanse your body as many people take it
seriously for the first day but then fail to stay adhered to it. ere are some steps which when followed
daily can really help you to detoxify your body
1. !tay away from "un# food$ !he re"uirement for detoxification of the body heavily depends
particularly on the type of food you eat. If your regular diet contains processed foods# fried foods# caffeine#
sugar# and fat# you might ha%e faced the problem of constipation at some point of time. !hus# if you
want to keep your body clean and free from toxins you need to avoid eating junk food.
2. Drin# lots of water$ Drinking more water helps in eliminating waste and toxins from your body.
%ou should drink at least &'() glasses of water a day to remove toxins from your body.
3. Drin# herbal teas$ &onsuming herbal teas also results in effective body cleanse. !he
recommended herbal teas are green tea# ginger tea# senna tea# and cascara sagrada.
4. Increase the inta#e of %itamins$ 'itamins are effective cleansers. &onsumption of *itamins A+
C+ and , in daily meals contributes to a "uick and effective cleansing process.
5. Include lot of fiber in your food$ (iber plays an important role in the elimination of waste from
your body. 'egetables and fruits are known to have good fiber content so adding them to your daily meals
makes your diet healthier.
6. -ody cleansing treatment is effective in removing toxic matter# mucus# and small worms
commonly found in bowel movements. It is not necessary to visit a doctor to detoxify your body. .ust
follow the instructions gi%en abo%e and see how you will be able to detoxify your body easily and