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Review of Legal medicine 10/11/14

Dangerous Drug act

Dilated pupils - High on abuse drug such as "Shabu" - ask for urine sample

use of dangerous drug is punished for 1st offense - 6 months in rehab
before you can resume your daily activity, you have to find a a DOH doctor to sign
the rehab. clearance.

Unnecessary prescription - when you have an S2 license and you prescreibed certain
Nag reseta ng morphine for the pt. kasi un lang un nkka tanggal ng Headache nya
Yellow pad - for prescription of control drugs.

Unlawful prescription - When you ask somemone to borrow their S2..grounds for
revocation permanently, conviction of crime.

Dr. lising / Name of resident, lic. # at PTR - mostly committed by nurses. This is
wrong. Illegal - Why? bec you are not allowed to share somebody's no. that is strictly

Diet drugs that are to abuse by medicine student that is preventing you from going to
sleep. -


- entire delivery of child w/ or w/o separation from the mother.
- consider alive.
- 7 mos. or 211 days consider born.
- if < 210 days it has to survive the 24 hrs to consider born. if not survived the baby is
not considered born

why is birth considered important?
- bec it determines personality & it is now capable of receiving donations.
- pwde n maka kuha ng mana

ex. mother is pregnant, Bf went to abroad to work but the plane crash,is the child
capable of acquiring inheritance? - there are allowed as HEIRS provided that they are
born alive.

3rd yr med student get pregnant tinakwil ng parents, if they disown you, but still they
can have your child as a HEIR.
- they can make tansfund or donations to your unborn baby -

what if 8 months you deliver? but nag karoon ng ARDS but meron ng donations,
when the child dies you inherent all.
paano kung deliver less than 7 mos. then hindi nag survive w/in 24 hrs. kc napatay is
that considered INFANTICIDE? yes, even if the baby is not considered alive, but
criminally pag pina - nganak ka ng buhay it doesnt matter kung mag survive k ng 24
hrs. bsta pinatay k it is considered infanticide.

- is the civil status of the father w/ respect to the child.
- Probability for the boys

Filiation - the civil status of the child in relation to its mother or father

Legal importance of determining paternity and filiation :
1. For succession
- The law give more rights in the property of the deceased parent to legitimate

2. For enforcement of the naturalization & Immigration laws :
- a minor child of a naturalized or permanent resident aloen may be given the right to
land into our shore upon proofs that such minor is a legitimate child of. a naturalized
filipino or that of a permanent resident alien.

Kinds of children :
A. Legitimate Children
1. legitimate Proper - A legitimate child is one who is born in lawful wedlock, or w/in
a competent time afterwards.

Legitimated children ( out of wedlock )
2. adopted children

B. Illegitimate Children
1. Natural children

2. Spurious children - adulterous, Incestous, Manceres, Sacrilegious

Ex. Secret marriage - when you have to go abroad and you want to bring w/ you your
partner you have to comply w/ the requirements so you can live together like; you
should be a married man and woman.

If you get married at 18 w/o consent. your parents can file for null or voidable of your
marriage until age of 21 but when you reach beyond that they cannot file any grounds
against your marriage.

when your 25 your parents cannot prevent you from getting married.

SENAMAR and valid NSO birth certificate *