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Face Reading/Body Language Analysis - John Key

The Body Language Company at Think Success Ltd.


Face Reading & Body Language Analysis - John Key - by Suzanne Masefield AIBMA

Face and body reading has existed since the dawn of human existence. Determining characteristics, ualities,
!ros and cons of our friend or foe has been a life determining s"ill at times in history.

#owadays reading non$%erbal communication &body language' is utilised in our e%eryday life to decide if we
li"e, disli"e, trust or mistrust someone, whether we choose to engage them in friendshi!, in a (ob, a
com!etition or an election or e%en if we want to do business with them. )his is conducted mainly
unconsciously within the first * $+, second of meeting someone, either face to face or through the media.

-eading character traits for (ury selection or weighing u! o!!onents is consciously analysed around the world
by body language ex!erts, enabling an insider.s %iew of the wor"ings of an indi%idual.s !otential beha%iour
and !ersonality. /ur face and body is a subtle ma! &or not so subtle in some cases' of who we are as a
!erson and how we tic", it is etched throughout our !hysicality to read li"e an o!en boo", by those of us luc"y
enough to be in the "now.

0hen we analyse !ersonality characteristics from facial features and feature !ositioning it is li"e a reading a
ma! from A$1 of who the !erson is, their !otential, main attributes and challenges, it is literally written all
o%er their face and body. Body 2anguage reading has ex!erienced heightened interest in recent years due to
the tele%ision series such as 3)he Mentalist. and 32ie to Me. &based on 4aul 5"man, a world renowned body
language analyst and in%entor of the FA6S Facial 5x!ression -ecognition techniue'.

Beha%ioural traits from body language obser%ations are commented on in this article to com!liment the mini
facial analysis and gi%e the reader a broader !icture of how they are !resenting themsel%es in different
situations. )he findings are based on !resenting !ictures alone without "nowledge of the full context in each
situation, which may ada!t the meaning, so this needs to be ta"en into consideration when reading.

As a body mind analyst, reading !eo!le is my business and I.m freuently as"ed to comment on "ey figures in
the media alongside wor"ing with businesses to assess clients, staff, !atrons etc. and enhance !erformance.
)his mini face and body language obser%ation gi%es an o%er%iew of the !otential characteristics and traits of
one of our "ey figures and my obser%ations and commentary are for your interest and entertainment only.
)he information contained in this article is for interest and entertainment !ur!oses only. )he author !ro%ides no warranty about the
content or accuracy of content enclosed. Information !ro%ided is sub(ecti%e. 7ee! this in mind when re%iewing this article.

Suzanne Masefield, body language analyst for )9#1 and )he :erald national news!a!er is a
body mind analyst AIBMA, clinical hy!nothera!ist, micro$ex!ressions trainer and executi%e
coach. Founder of )he Body 2anguage 6om!any at )hin" Success 2td, she wor"s with many
leading com!anies that wish to excel and gain the edge in today.s com!etiti%e mar"et.

;tilising her body language and communication ex!ertise to assist security and sur%eillance
teams at S"y 6ity 6asino, -eal 5state 6om!anies and many Sales )eams, 6ustomer Ser%ice, :-,
-ecruitment, :os!itality, -etail and 5ducation sectors running Body 2anguage < Success courses
and +=+ Body 2anguage 6ritiuing. www.)heBody2anguage6om!any.com

I couldnt believe how Suzanne read me like a book within the first 5 minutes of meeting me, quite amazing
quite scarey, but very impressive J. Arnold - Office Manager

Face Reading/Body Language Analysis - John Key
The Body Language Company at Think Success Ltd.
John Key
)his analysis is gi%en from my !rofessional obser%ation for your interest and entertainment.


Head & Face ha!e frontal and !rofile
-e!resents the o%erall structure of the !ersonality su!!orting the rest of the characteristics
Rectangle"O#al $ Steadfast > Ambitious? Flexible
2ogical, strategic !ersonality with strong ambition who !ro(ects himself out in the world, li"es to get on with it
and see results. &based on mental, emotional, !hysical ratio s!lit on the face'

%ro&inent Features

traight hairline @ decisi%e, ma"es decisions easily, !rocesses logically not emotionally, straight to the !oint,
focuses on facts as he sees them and getting !ractical results.

Forehead"Bro' - -e!resents frame of mind
Long forehead @ broad, o!en mind, intellectual, good memory, obser%ant fact based !ers!ecti%e.

(ye)ro's & (yes $ !rocesses mentally +
, !ractical, balanced thin"ing, shar! and exacting !ersonality, can be
self critical and?or (udgemental at times, high ex!ectations of self and others.
Face Reading/Body Language Analysis - John Key
The Body Language Company at Think Success Ltd.

*ose $ how they !ro(ect their !ersonality, ego, sense of !ersonal !ower into the world.
Long !ointed nose @ )otally focused on the ob(ecti%e $ being the leader regardless of obstacles, single focused
and !ractical. Sense of identity &his dri%er' is based on the tangible results achie%ed. :as high ex!ectations of
self and can be critical and (udgemental of self and others &which is often bitten bac" not ex!ressed'. 6an
a!!ear aloof and disinterested when trying to !rocess information intellectually before ex!ressing, but wants
to ma"e a difference for !eo!le from a results !ers!ecti%e.

:ighly confident, strong and de!endable &results based'. )he !ractical outcome is what matters to this man.
Belie%es he "nows the answers &su!erior attitude at times' and can stretch the facts to what he belie%es is
true &his model of the world'. 2eadershi! based !ersonality, li"es to be helm of the shi! and is able to wor"
alone without a team. )his ty!e of !ersonality en(oys !ro(ecting himself out into the world.

%ro&inent+ strong+ !ointed chin & strong ,a'line $ can be decisi%e, grounded and determined, bordering on
stubborn and single focused at times. 0ants to get the (ob done and get on with it with low tolerance for
as!ects that don.t fit into his !lan.

(ar !osition $ decisions made from obser%ation and logic, not from emotions.

Chee-)ones $ is highly ambitious and determined characteristics, with the intention to generate !ositi%e
results, high heart energy.

Mouth $ 5n(oys life $ strong creati%ity to ex!ress new ideas, can be critical of self as much as others. #ot
always able to ex!ress feelings clearly e%en when he cares, ex!eriences sense of failure when he doesn.t
achie%e !ractical results and meet his own high ex!ectations. )his !ersonality is able to articulate well when
he has the facts and o!en to listening.

Beha#iour traits analysed fro& )ody language
)he analysis below is based on the context of the !hoto !resenting only and not necessarily the whole
situation that occurred which may shine a new or more in de!th light on the beha%iour.
If a full analysis was to ta"e !lace many extra as!ects would need to be !resent to ma"e it %iable.
)his is an analysis from my !rofessional obser%ation !ro%ided for your interest and entertainment.

Hand .esture

/!en !alms facing u! @ I ha%e nothing to hide, a submissi%e,
non$threatening gesture. 2eaning away to the left, emotional
distancing, left arm closer to body as a !rotecti%e gesture, may
be !ulling away emotionally to !rotect self when !ut on the s!ot.
Distance of right arm suggests he is o!en to action. Showing right
side of face, with artery in nec" ex!osed, shows the !ractical side
is o!en to dis!lay and is not threatened nor threatening. )he smile,
almost smir" &!otential ha!!iness?contem!t micro$ex!ression,
with eye crin"ling suggests there is some humour here.

Face Reading/Body Language Analysis - John Key
The Body Language Company at Think Success Ltd.

A= Finger? li! gesture suggests other !erson&s' to be uiet. )he left hand fist suggests a le%el of frustration
and anger that he.s held bac" from ex!ressing. :ead (utted forward trying to assert !ower.

B= An interesting hand gesture suggesting anger &middle finger stic"ing out$ anger' directed at someone or
something, internalising anger?disgust micro$ex!ression, whilst showing a le%el of su!eriority &thumb stic"ing
u!'. )he contraction of facial features and barred teeth, com!liment the hand gesture with their sentiments.
As it is the left hand it is less aggressi%e and more emoti%e than directi%e in nature, but definitely showing
dis!leasure and authority.

/nder tress


A= Barriered body language to !rotect self &arms (oined together in front of body with shoulders !ulled
around'. :and clas!ing suggests anxiety and frustration, although there is a stee!ling as!ect that can be a
gesture of confidence and su!eriority. :ead lowered close to shoulders for !rotection, whilst gi%ing a smile
that doesn.t reach the eyes &fa"e?!ossible contem!t smile'. 5xhibits a sense of bra%ado he is not feeling.

B= 4assifying li!, mouth gesture, &li! !ressing micro$ex!ression @ controlled anger?sadness' lowered brow and
eye !ositioning down to left suggests !ressure, with feelings of !otential anger and?or sadness, frustration
and strong feelings. ;nsure, bites bac" words, whilst thin"ing what to say next. 6hallenging emotional and
logical !rocessing is occurring here.

6= -ests hands and at times gri!s the edge on !odium to stabilise body
and shuffles !a!ers to hel! mental?emotional !rocessing. Shows le%el of
anxiety to find answers. :ead closer to body for !rotection, slight frown
and (utted forward to mo%e away from own emotions and !ro(ect

D= 2owered brow, tense forehead, tight li!s, zoned out left eye. Shows
signs of weariness, worn out. Although the right eye is still focused
forward and getting things done, there is sadness and exhaustion here.
0ith all the disasters and challenges since the beginning of his term it
unsur!rising this man !ro(ects a sense of battle weariness at times.

Face Reading/Body Language Analysis - John Key
The Body Language Company at Think Success Ltd.

A A+

A= /!en hand gesture, fingers s!read, !alms facing out, ma"ing his !oint out in the world !oint, whilst trying
to draw others in, this gesture has an as!ect of !acifying the audience. )he u!right o!en !osture, focused
%ision with a light smile, suggest he en(oys being in charge. )he chin is tuc"ed down slightly in both !ictures
&often a baseline', so there is a le%el of self !rotection and guardedness when s!ea"ing. :e reaches out to the
audience with confidence and a le%el of authority, wanting to encom!ass e%eryone when s!ea"ing. 0here
the hands face down more &3Magic :ands. as in A+', it is a more dominant gesture ie. I.m the boss, calm
down, be uiet and listen u!A '. Bohn 7ey a!!ears to en(oy leadershi!.

B= Mirroring as!ects of counter!art.s body language to build ra!!ort.
:ands (oined whilst leaning in with foot !ointing towards /bama shows
engagement and focused listening. :is head is uite far forward from
the body, wanting to !ro(ect his !ersonality out towards the other
!erson, showing interest and asserting eual !ower. :e relates
strategically and di!lomatically to maximise !otentially beneficial
relationshi!s. :e is %ery comfortable relating to !eo!le in !ower.

6= 0earing %olunteer uniform from rugby world cu! showing he
wants to relate to the a%erage !erson and a!!ear similar to
e%eryone else, whilst honoring the %olunteer.s efforts. )he hands
touching the heart with o!en fingers, suggests he wants to
encom!ass e%eryone and show he is genuine and sincere.

Face Reading/Body Language Analysis - John Key
The Body Language Company at Think Success Ltd.
Friends and Colleagues


A= 4erforming :ongi with eyes shut and full nose, forehead connection, head slightly higher than his
counter!art. 5ffort is firmly focused on following cultural !rotocol and sensiti%ity, di!lomatic whilst still
establishing leadershi!, although the tightened muscles in the (aw suggest a le%el of tension here &this could
be due to concentration due to trying to 3get it rightC or related to communication between the !arties'.

B= Mirrors body language of /bama whilst turning to face him, builds ra!!ort, shows interest and deference.
:e utilises di!lomatic relationshi! building s"ills often in business and !olitical situations.

0he %ro&otion

4resenting in a dar" na%y suit creates an unconscious !erce!tion of stability, integrity, "nowledge and
leadershi!, whilst the light blue tie creates a sense of trust when obser%ed &!olice, marines uniforms etc wear
blue'. /!en body language, left hand towards billboard outlining !olicies of future !lanning &emotional
connection, almost a wa%e, can be engaging the creative side of the brain' suggests the ob(ecti%e is to con%ey
a sense of stability through forward thin"ing, !lanning and established leadershi!. 0anting to con%ey strong
leadershi! %ia a direct, clear tone and s!ecific hand gestures, deli%ering facts as he sees them and solutions to
o%ercome world &#1' challenges and thri%e.

As the !rime minister of #ew 1ealand Bohn 7ey has ex!erienced many challenges and both his !ositi%e and
negati%e traits ha%e been on show for all to see o%er the last few years. :e offers an interesting blend of
characteristics and beha%ioural traits, which will no doubt continue to engage much commentary as things
!rogress o%er this latest term, as he handles some of the recent challenges !resented to him.

Any 6haracteristics of an indi%idual are based on a combination of !ersonality traits, u!bringing and life
ex!eriences. All these as!ects need to be ta"en into consideration when reading someone.s body language.
5%eryone has their own indi%idual baseline and idiosyncratic body language gestures s!ecific to them, based
on these "ey elements. Any body language gestures and beha%iour need to be read and analysed in context
and in clusters, so that incongruent, conflicting as!ects or transitions can be assessed more accurately.