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Zirva Business Solutions LLP,

V-148/14 A, 1
Floor, City Center,
Pattambi Road, Perinthalmanna,
Kerala, India 679332.

Contact: +91 4933 227530, 227531
Mobile: +91 9745812277, 9645430941
Email: consult@zirvabs.com
Web: www.zirvabs.com

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Email: consult@zirvabs.com
Wealth and Values
Zirva Sharia Securities is a division of Zirva Business Solutions LLP; which is engaged in Sharia
compliant business, investment and educational services. The firm was incorporated in April 2011.
Providing single window Sharia compliant services is at the core of its vision.
Zirva Sharia Securities is the go to place for the Sharia minded investor who wants to invest in
Sharia compliant equities. An investor can find the following services with us:
1. Exclusively Sharia compliant Trading Accounts
2. Demat Services
3. Exclusively Sharia compliant investment advisory
4. Exclusively Sharia compliant stock picks
5. Sharia restructuring of portfolios
6. Porting of currently Sharia non-compliant accounts to Sharia compliance
7. Calculation and communication of Zakat on assets
8. Sharia wealth management services
9. Sharia estate and financial planning

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Email: consult@zirvabs.com
Sharia Screening of Stocks
The Sharia Screening of Stocks is a four step process. The screening of equities are done in
accordance with the guidelines of Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial
Institutions (AAOIFI) which is the apex governance and standard setting body for Islamic Financial
Institutions across the world; headquartered in Manama, Bahrain. The screening of stocks is done
by Taqwa Advisory and Sharia Investment Solutions (TASIS); Mumbai, India and the templates of
Sharia compliant stocks are uploaded to our trading terminals which makes our trading terminals
exclusively Sharia compliant.
At the very outset the total universe of listed companies are screened for their core business
activities. All those companies whose core business activities are Sharia repugnant are screened out.
This will include companies which are engaged in the business of conventional banking,
conventional insurance, Non-Banking Financial Companies with interest based operations,
conventional stock broking firms and asset management companies, companies engaged in the
production and distribution of alcoholic beverages, cigarette manufacturing companies, companies
engaged in the production and distribution of weapons, companies engaged in the production and
distribution of Sharia repugnant entertainment, companies engaged in the operation of hotels and
casinos etc.
In the second step the equities of companies qualifying in the first level are considered for their debt
component as a percentage to their assets. This step is carried out in observance of the rule of bai
al dayn, that is the Sharia rule that debts should be transferred at par value. If the debt of a
company is found to be less than 25% of the total assets it is regarded as a minor component and
the shares are deemed to be fit for trading in the secondary market.
In the third step, the liquidity component of the equities is measured as a percentage to total assets.
If the cash and cash equivalent assets of a company is 90% or more of the total assets; such equities
are considered just like cash and deemed unfit for transactions in the secondary market and hence
screened out.
In the third step the interest component in the total revenue of a company is measured as a
percentage of the total revenue. The idea behind this screening norm is to identify those companies
which earn interest as a matter of incidence and not as a result of deliberate investment in interest
based avenues. In an interest based world financial order, pilferage of interest into any business is
not possible to be kept at zero. All those companies that have an interest component in their
revenue that is 3% or more are screened out.
Now, the investor has arrived in the Sharia compliant universe of equities.
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Email: consult@zirvabs.com
Even with Sharia compliant equities the following practices are not Sharia compliant and are not
carried out by us:
1. Short Sales
2. Interest Based Margin Funding
3. Trading in Futures, Options and other Derivatives

The Sharia Screening Process of Equities

Over the last three years Zirva Sharia Securities has built an astounding record of helping its
clients earn market beating return on their investments by giving high performing Sharia
compliant stock picks. We can say with conviction that nobody else gives their clients such
powerful daily stock recommendations which can do wonders to your portfolio. This ability
has been created as a result of our tedious research to find high performance Sharia
compliant stocks that can rewrite the investment story of the Sharia compliant investor. We
are sure that nobody else can match up to us in this front as we are committed to the niche
space of Sharia compliant stocks and investors can now be rest assured that by working with
us their portfolios are not only becoming Sharia compliant but capable of earning world class
Universe of
Universe of
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Email: consult@zirvabs.com
Who all can open account with us:

1. Individuals
2. Partnership Firms / LLPs / Companies
3. Trusts
4. HUF
5. Unincorporated Association or a Body of Individuals
6. Banks / Institutional Investors
7. Foreign Institutional Investors
8. Army / Government Bodies
9. Registered Society

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Email: consult@zirvabs.com
Zirva Business Solutions is also providing its services in the following areas:
1. Partnership / LLP / Private and Public companies registration.
2. Trademark registration.
3. Project reports and business consultancy services.
4. Software / website development.
5. Accounting and BPO services.
Zirva Institute of Islamic finance is offering training for national and international
certifications in Islamic finance:
1. AAOIFI certifications.
2. CIMA certifications.
3. NSE, BSE and III certifications.

Work With Us
We invite Business Development Associates and franchises all over India and abroad.
Contact us or visit our website www.zirvabs.com for more details.

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Email: consult@zirvabs.com

ZIRVA Business Solutions LLP,
First Floor, City Centre, Pattambi Road, Perinthalmanna
Malappuram, Kerala, India - 679332
Email: consult@zirvabs.com
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