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Fukushu no Shiitageraretahitobito

(Revenge of the Oppressed)

An adaptation to an anime entitled Jigoku Shoujo

Written by: Edward Kenneth A. Dragas

Fade In : Intro SFX

Scene : at the school
An unknown girl is seen sitting with a black doll with a
red thread attached to it. She seems uneasy, deciding over
something. After awhile she decides to leave, putting the
doll at her bag.

The opening credits and the title will come out
Fukushu no Shiitageraretahitobito
(Revenge of the Oppressed)
Fade Out Screen

School Flashback scene 1

Girl:(Walking in the pathways of the school, alone) :
Camera will reveal only the lower part of the face and the
back, making the girl unknown at first.)
Fade Out: Intro SFX

Classroom Flashback scene 2

The class was very loud, people chitchatting, others
playing with each other, doing all sorts of things.Suddenly
the teacher comes in to the classroom.

Mr. Dela Cruz: Good Morning class!

Class: Good Morning Sir!

Mr. Dela Cruz: Class Id like you to meet Ms. Angela
Ballesteros. Shes the transfer student from Valley High
Academy. Apparently, their family just moved here in our
city so shes new here. I hope you class can be friends
with her.

Mr. Dela Cruz: Hello Ms. Ballesteros (In a grumpy and low

Mr. Dela Cruz (addressing to Angela): You can now go to
your chair Ms. Ballesteros, forgive me with their rudeness.

Angela: Its okay sir, *smiles then goes to her chair*

Angela(Narrating): Im Angela Ballesteros, 16 years old. I
am 4
year transfer student from Valley High Academy. My
round face compliments with my small height, making me like
an elementary student.I was first a very shy and
antisocial person, never socializing with others. But then
I met her.

Forward to the end of class in the morning. As Angela goes
out of the classroom, a girl approached her.

Ariadne: Hi, so are you enrolling in this school right?

Angela: *responds in a shyly low voice* Yes

Ariadne: Oh by the way, I havent introduced myself yet,
Im Ariadne Santos, Im the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur
and Samantha Santos, one of the wealthiest here in
Gleenwood City.

Angela: *mumbles* Uh uh hello Ariadne. *smiles*

They shaked hands together and the scene fades.

In the benches of the school: Flashback scene 3
The scene starts with Angela and Ariadne having a bonding

Angela: Wow, this music is really good.

Ariadne: I know *smiles*

Angela: How come that Ived never heard them before?
Ariadne: Cause its an import, the band who sang it was
originally from another country. Back there, they were very

Angela: Ahh *then smiles*

Ariadne:Here, Ived prepared you a sandwich, I hope you
like it. *smiles*

Angela: Thats for me? *blushes at first* Thanks *smiles*

Sub scene fades

Another sub scene
Angela narrating while the scenes of their bonding time
with Ariadne are being presented

Angela(narrating): In just a short time, Ariadne and I
become great friends. We were always together. We were like
sisters then. I always thought that we will not be
separated until one day.

Scene fades

Flashback scene 4
The scene opens as Angela was running. She was late from
school. As she entered the classroom, his teacher noticed
Mr. Dela Cruz: Youre late Ms. Ballesteros. How come?

Angela: Im so sorry sir, I was busy on something.
Mr. De la Cruz: By the way class, your rankings are now
posted in the office. It turns out, our new transferee, Ms.
Angela Ballesteros is the new top dog of this class,
outshining Ms. Ariadne Santos by 5 points. Impressive.
Please give Ms. Ballesteros a round of applause.

The class applauded, and all of them are happy with the
result, except Ariadne.
Flashback Scene 6 (at the school)
The scene opens it was already dawn, and almost all of the
students are out of school, except for Angela, for she is
finishing their class weekly report. Finally Angela
finished their report and packed up her things and decided
to go.It was already dark. As she was walking through the
pathways of the school, she saw an image of a girl in weird
uniform.The girl was staring at her. Suddenly the girl
disappeared. Finally shes out of the school. No vehicle is
seen strolling in the streets. She decides to walk. As she
was walking she feels somebody is following her. She
decided to hasten her pace. Suddenly she can see the person
in the distance, constantly following her. She decided to
run across a corner, never looking back. She decided to
stop, to take rest. She thought shed lost the stranger.
Suddenly, a man in a horror mask cupped her face with a
handkerchief with some sleeping additives. She decided to
resist but the force is just to strong. She eventually
passed out.

Flashback Scene 7

She came to her senses in an old abandoned building. She
felt dizzy at first. She apparently came to see that there
weret 3 people staring at her. One of them is Ariadne.

Ariadne: Well, well, my sister has waken up. How are you
feeling you pesky hag? Hahahaha

Angela: I dont understand. Ariadne, why are you doing
this? I thought we were friends.

Ariadne: Friends? Are you out of your mind? How come youve
become my friend? You see, I was just luring you into
thinking that we could be friends. I was just using you.
But I never thought that you will be the top of our class,
which rightfully deserves to me. Youve taken away of me
being supreme in the school, and for that you must pay.
Boys, take care of her.

Boys: As you wish. *turns their attention to Angela
Angela: Stay away from me, no, NO!

The boys raped Angela while Ariadne, took photos of it.

Ariadne: If you ever decide to tell somebody about this, we
will post these pictures on the internet. Now are you a
good sweet little girl Angela? Can you keep our dirty
little secret eh? *evil laugh* Lets go boys

Scene : At a room

Angela waked from an another nightmare. It was 11 in the
evening. She suddenly cried for awhile. After that she
decided to arrange her things. As she was arranging her
things, she then saw a paper, a weird red paper. She
decided to open it.

Angela(while reading the letter, a weird voice is narrating
it): Welcome to Hell Correspondence.Do you want revenge to
the people whoved tormented you but never have the guts to
do it? Well worry no more, weve got the solution to that
problem. Just visit our website, type the name of your
tormentor and let the fun begin. *evil laugh*

The camera will focus again at Angela. Angela upon reading
the letter, grins (Close shot) and decided to open her
laptop and visit the website. It was almost midnight, and
Angela struggles to visit the said website. She found it
but when she clicked the link, the page could not be found.
It was now midnight, and finally after many tries, Angela
finally accessed it. She typed the name Ariadne in the box
and click OK. After that she felt a strange sensation. She
was feeling nauseous and suddenly she was down on the
floor. She raised her and in desperation and somebody
grabbed it. She was transported into a different world.

Angela: Where am I?

Ai: Youve summoned me. My name is Ai.
Angela: Hell girl?

Ai: This is for you.*gives a weird doll to angela*
Angela: What is this?

Ai: If you truly wish revenge,untie the scarlet thread from
its neck. Pulling the thread binds you into a covenant with
me. I will ferry the soul of your tormentor straight into
the depths of hell.

Angela: Will you do it for today? Not in the future but
right now? *sounding desperate*

Ai: I will

Angela: Then kill her right now! I will untie the... *she
was interrupted.

Ai: However, once vengeance has been served, you will have
to deliver on your end of the bargain. There always have to
be a price. When you die, your soul will also belong to

Suddenly Angela realized something and saw some visions of
hell. She become delirious and close her eyes. There was a
sudden silence. She was back in the real world.The voice of
Ai again shivered through the cold.

Ai: and now, the decision rests with you.

The very first scene, with her sitting over a bench is
recalled. Back to the very present.

The different normal scenes in a school are presented. The
loudiness of the crowd, the chitchatting of people etc.
etc. The scene will shift into Angela. Her hands are
holding the black doll. She suddenly untied the thread to
it. Suddenly, an evil entity is awakened. The scene will be
shifted again to Ai, where she will be seen wearing a
kimono. She then faces the camera and comes closing in to
it. Scene fades.

Scene : In the school, late afternoon
Ariadne was going home. As she was walking along the
hallways of the school, she felt that someone was following
her. She hasten her pace. She turned left, she turned
right. As she finally turned at a corner, she came face to
face with a masked man. The masked man suddenly cupped her
with a handkerchief containing the same sleeping additives.
After just seconds, she passed out.

Scene : At the abandoned building

Ariadne finally came to her senses. After awhile she saw 4
figures, An old man, a young man, a gorgeous lady and a
young girl, with big red round eyes.

Young woman: The poor little girl has finally came to her
Ariadne: What am I doing here? Who sent you? Answer me
Young man: Not unless youved confessed your sins.
Ariadne: What sins? I dont remember having sins?
Old man: My dear, these denials arent going to get you
Ariadne: You gotta be kidding, I was just messing around
with her. I was only taking whats only mine.
Young man: Ai, shes yours now.

Suddenly Ai suddenly appears at the back of Ariadne.
Ariadne was terrified.

Ai: Oh pitiful shadow lost in the darkness, bringing
torment and pain to others. Your damned soul wallowing with
your sins. Perhaps it is time to DIE.

Ai will raise her shoulder, showing her kimono. The camera
will be suddenly lifted up.

Ariadne: *screams in fear* Ahhhhh

Scene: At the sea, Ai is rowing a boat

The scene opens as Ariadne(in first person camera) will
come to her senses and when she saw the sky and then the
surroundings she was confused. She saw Ai, rowing a boat.
She asked her a question.
Ariadne: What the hell is this? Whats going on?
Ai: This is vengeance, so I have to ferry you to hell.

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