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Press Release

October 2014
Optimising supply chains for the future with new Oliver Wight and
Oracle workshop
usiness improvement specialists! Oliver Wight "#$"! in partnership with Oracle! are
running a free half%day workshop for senior e&ecutives on optimising supply chains to
create 'the ultimate profitable customer e&perience(! now and for the future)
The morning workshop, which is followed by a networking lunch, will be held at Oracles City
office in Moorgate, London on December 2
2!"# $t will demonstrate how, through the
integration of processes, people and tools, supply chains can be optimised so they continue
to profitably meet changing customer demand, whate%er challenges lie ahead#
&'ffecti%e supply chain optimisation hinges on understanding where %alue is created from the
customers perspecti%e,( says Oli%er )ight associate, *irsty +raines# &'%en if you are one or
more steps remo%ed from the consumer, it is %ital their needs and wants run through the
bloodline of the entire supply chain#(
The workshop includes an inspirational case study presentation by 'lke +eckmann, ,ice
-resident $ntegrated +usiness -lanning at international plumbing and infrastructure pipe
systems supplier, and breakout sessions during the morning will allow e.ecuti%es to test their
own supply chains and address the challenges they face, by asking/
)ill new product ideas really gi%e customers what they want0
$s the supply chain optimised for the future, and is it optimised around the customer0
1re markets segmented and the supply chain aligned accordingly0
$s there genuine collaboration with supply chain partners to ma.imise efficiency and
&2esults from our benchmarking studies show that supply chains which deli%er best3in3class
ser%ice, do so at half the cost of their peers,( says +raines, &so the gains from optimisation
are substantial# 4owe%er, it is %ital to look from the outside3in, rather than the inside3out,(
concludes +raines
To register, go to www#oli%erwight3eame5supplychaine%ent, or contact 6owie 7ewman/
8owie#newman9oli%erwight3eame#com, :"" ;<!"=2 >?@22#
*otes to editors
#bout Oliver Wight
1t Oli%er )ight, we belie%e sustainable business impro%ement can only be deli%eredby your own peopleA so,
unlike other consultancy firms, we transfer our knowledge to you# -ioneers of Bales and Operations -lanning and
originators of the fundamentals behind supply chain planning, Oli%er )ight professionals are the acknowledged
industry thought leaders for $ntegrated +usiness -lanning ;$+-<#
$ntegrated +usiness -lanning allows your senior e.ecuti%es to plan and manage the entire organi8ation o%er a 2"3
month hori8on, while Oli%er )ights e.tended Bupply Chain -lanning and Optimi8ation ensures your supply chain
is designed and structured to deli%er best3in3class customer ser%ice with minimal costs# Csing the Oli%er )ight
Maturity Model to pursue our globally recogni8ed Class 1 standard for best practice will determinea tailored
impro%ement Dourney for you to de%elop your organi8ations processes, and reach and sustain e.cellent business
performance# )ith a track record ofmore than " years of helping some of the worlds best3known organi8ations,
Oli%er )ight will help you define your companys %ision for the future and deli%er performance and financial results
that last#
$ore information
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Oliver Wight "#$" RO*+* $arketing ,imited
8oe#da%is9oli%erwight3eame#com :"" ;< 2 >>2E ="
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