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LAUSD-Apple CCTP Contract Summary


iPad with Retina display 32GB with Wi-Fi Black (4th gen) with Asset tag
Griffin Survivor Case
Apple EarPods
Charging Cable and power adapter
Apple iCloud Storage (15GB total)

Apple TV:
1 for every 20 deployed student devices, with tagging and deployment 0
HDMI to VGA Adapter - 1 for every Apple TV deployed

Mac Mini:
Caching server - 1 for each mutually agreed school, with tagging and deployment

Bretford Mobility Toploader 36 for iPad
For charging and storing only (no USB device syncing)
Cart includes surge-protected AC outlets, 32 charging cables and 32 power adapters
Comes with combination padlock and keyed boot lock
Includes delivery, set-up and placement into each classroom as directed

Warranty and Support:

3 Years Custom AppleCare
Next day onsite pickup and delivery of failed/spare units
Storage of district procured spare/buffer units
Strategic Account Management
Spares equivalent to 0.5% of the overall deployment will be maintained at a central
depot facility. These units will be delivered onsite in the event of failure as a result
of defects in materials or workmanship of a student or staff device. The 2.5% .5%
was arrived at based upon our previous experience and familiarity with the service
and support needs of LAUSD.
Buffer units equal to 2.5% of the overall units deployed. These iPads will serve as a
self-insurance pool of devices that may be used to replace damaged, lost, or stolen
iPads and those that experience failures not covered by Apples warranty.

Griffin cases 1 year manufacturers warranty
Carts - 12 years on the Bretford hardware and 3 years on the Bretford electrical
Pearson curriculum:
A complete curriculum for Kindergarten to 12th grade curriculum in English
Language Arts and Kindergarten to 8th grade curriculum in Mathematics aligned to
the Common Core State Standards
Pearson will supply curriculum for 9-12 that meet the Publishers Criteria for
mathematics after the criteria are published. The Pearson Common Core System of
Courses already has developed six courses for high school: Algebra 1, Geometry,
Algebra 2, Integrated Mathematics 1-3.

Pre-loaded apps:
Deploy on Device
Name of App K-3 4-5 6-8
Pages X X X X
Keynote X X X X
Numbers X X X X
iPhoto X X X X
iMovie X X X X
GarageBand X X X X
iBooks X X X X
iTunes U X X X X
Podcasts X X X X
Notability X X X
Popplet Lite X X X
Graphing Calculator HD X X
MyScript Calculator X X X
Sid the Science Kid X
Fizzy's Lunch Lab Fresh Pick X
Sketchpad Explorer X X X X
Pick-a-path X X
Cargo-Bot X X X X
Explain Everything X X X X
Skitch X X X X
HanDBase for EDU X X
Khan Academy X X X X
Nova Elements X X X X
BrainPOP Featured Movie X
Rover Browser X X X X
Sketchbook Express X X X X
Wolfram Alpha X X X
NearPod X X X X
Pearson CCSoC 2-12 X X X X
Pearson CCSoC K-1 X
Airwatch MDM Agent X X X X


Using a train-the-trainer model, the Proposer will work in partnership with the District to
develop and provide PD to trainers on both use of the devices and the instructional
implications. The Provider will deliver the training under the direction of the Office of the
Deputy Superintendent of Instruction. Training shall include, but is not limited to:

The functionality and technological capabilities of the device
Basic use of the device and included accessories
Proper care of the device
Interconnection of devices and peripherals
Basic use of the included content, software, and applications
The functionality and technological capabilities of included content, software, and
Concrete examples of how to use the device to support teaching and learning
within their context, such as: using the device for annotation of documents;
synchronizing files between the device and classroom network; and using the device
to control what is displayed on the classroom projector, among others
Use of device in a network environment
Use of device in standalone mode
Specific training on trouble-shooting, maintenance, imaging, deploying, repair
procedures, and inventory management

Additionally, the Proposer will work in partnership with the District to prepare the
Districts technical team to meet the schools support requirements. Training shall include
but is not limited to:

Preventative Maintenance
Fixes and updates for software, firmware, microcode; etc.
Troubleshooting Internet connectivity issues related to the Proposers solution

The train-the- trainer model will include key personnel from Central Offices and Local
Educational Service Centers, and select individuals from school sites (up to: 5 per
Elementary; 7 per Middle School; and 10 per High School), and provide the attendees with
the ability to redirect the training and professional development at school site levels.
Additional training for systems and applications must be provided for technical support
personnel. Training times and locations will be convenient to the target personnel and
include multiple options for training in their Local Educational Service Center. Each
training session will have no more than 25 participants.
Focus of the PD must be within the context of how to best use the device in an educational
setting. The PD needs to be contextually relevant and not just a device skills class. The
District is seeking the following components to be represented in the design of the
technology professional development:
Hands-on technology use including active participation
Variety of learning experiences
Curriculum-specific applications
Sufficient time for learning and follow-up
Technical assistance and support

Project Management:

For each phase, Apple will develop a project plan with the District including all aspects of
the project and its deliverables, including:
Deployment Subplan including Timetable meeting all specified deadlines and a
detailed implementation plan for each individual school
Communications/ Status Reporting Plan
Coordination with central office and the schools
Project Staffing Subplan
Training Subplan
Warranty and Support Subplan
Validation Testing Subplan
Responsibility Matrix (RACI)
Risk Management Strategy Plan

The Proposer will submit on the last working day of each week a detailed weekly progress
report to the central offices Project Manager, starting with the first week of the Agreement.
Among other things, this report must include a weekly summary of the performance
metrics specified earlier.

Apple will work together with the District to conduct system testing, in participating
schools, that confirms that the solution meets or exceeds the functional requirements and
the performance and reliability specifications as required under the Agreement between
the Proposer and the District resulting from this procurement process.

Validation Testing must be successfully completed by a mutually agreed upon date. The
District and Apple will work together to develop a check-off list for validation testing and to
develop a schedule that minimizes interruption to the instructional day.