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#1 Falafel Quick Service Restaurant in the World

Letter to the Applicant

Dear Applicant,

The story of Just Falafel started in 2007 when
Founder & Managing Director Mohamad Bitar was
craving for a falafel sandwich. Unable to fnd one up
to his satsfacton, frustrated, he decided to set up
his own falafel shop. Six years on and thousands of
franchising enquiries later, Just Falafel is today the
number one falafel chain in the world.
There is an increasing global demand for more
health conscious, nutritous meals. People are startng
to realise they have to care about what they eat.
We are meetng this demand by ofering a 100%
vegetarian menu with wholesome products that are
good for you and taste good. We constantly keep on
innovatng and perfectng our ofering. For instance,
chia seeds - a nutrient-rich superfood - were recently
introduced into our falafel mix, adding a wealth of
health benefts.
Today, we are opening on average one store per
week. Some of our development plans include rolling
out 100 stores in Egypt, 200 stores in the UK, 50 stores
in Turkey, 50 stores in New York, US, and 125 stores in
Saudi Arabia; all set to become operatonal within the
next three to fve years.
Our fast growth from a local corner shop to a global
chain of restaurants was from the beginning fuelled by
our customers and franchisees. The enormous interest
in the brand and our food has made Just Falafel one of
the fastest growing online communites on Facebook
with over 1.5 million likes to date and growing.
We are currently recording on average 150 to 200
franchising requests per day from over 100 countries,
a huge part of which are received through Facebook.
Our ability to innovate in social media will contnue
to contribute as a major factor in our success.
Facebook, Twiter, and other social channels help
drive our global awareness as more and more people
engage with us. For our pioneering strategy we have
been featured in so far two case studies on Facebook,
making Just Falafel the only company in the region to
have achieved this.
We hope you will enjoy reading our brochure.
Please dont hesitate to get in contact with us with any
further questons you may have.
Fadi Malas
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Our Food Revolution
Just Falafel is our food revoluton. We are taking
it across the world with passion, personality and a
promise to serve authentc, honest and nutritous
falafel. There is an increasing demand for more health
conscious quick meals globally. Our food is fast, but
its not junk food. We serve good food fast. Handmade
by the people and for the people, our menu is an
innovatve mix of global favours born from a dream
to take a common, humble street food into the 21st
What is falafel?
Falafels are scrumptous, round, golden-brown
croquetes, crispy and crunchy on the outside, warm
and moist on the inside. They have been around for
more than a 1,000 years, thanks to their delicious taste
and high nutritonal value. Derived from the word
flfl meaning pepper in Arabic, falafels started of
as a nutritous delicacy during the month of fastng.
Over tme, they also became a popular side dish, main
course and a quick, casual snack.
Our falafel
Our 100% vegetarian recipe uses high-quality fava
beans, chick peas, chia seeds, onions and garlic with a
special blend of spices that includes cumin, coriander,
fennel, cinnamon and mint. We have also recently
begun blending chia seeds into our falafels. Packed
with fbre, protein, essental faty acids and heaps of
antoxidants, they are a revolutonary superfood that
has a multtude of health benefts.
100% vegetarian, 100% global
Today Just Falafel is pioneering the journey of falafels
to the worldwide palate with a revolutonary approach
for the 21st century lifestyle. Our master chefs have
created a falafel sandwich for every taste bud from our
classic to Japanese, Italian, Mexican, Indian, Egyptan,
Greek, Emirat and American. We are 100% Vegetarian
Society approved and source ingredients ethically and
locally. Our cooking process is as healthy as our recipe,
using 0% cholesterol free sunfower oil.
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Just Falafel
Our mission is to redene the fast food
category with great avours, nutritious food
and socially conscious behaviour
We are more than just falafel. The word just in
our name stands for fair, not only falafel. From the
beginning, our objectve has been to contribute to the
beterment of the communites we operate in. We see
ourselves as an organisaton not only concerned with
the ingredients of our food but in the fabric of society.
We could never have achieved our success without
the people we serve. In an efort to give back we are
actvely engaging in charitable causes. Most recently,
we have been involved in projects that educate young
people and support young sports talent. Through
Photo by WFP/Philip Herzog
WFP does not endorse any product or service
Only, simply, competent, condign,
deserved, due, FAIR, justfed, merited,
right, rightul, warranted
Merriam-Webster Dictonary, 2013
To read more about our CSR actvites click HERE
our partnership with the United Naton World Food
programme (WFP) Just Falafel Corporate Head Ofce
will contribute $500 to the charity each tme a new
outlet opens its doors.
(6 Stores)
(5 Stores)
(15 Stores)
(66 Stores)
(70 Stores)
(200 Stores)
(125 Stores)
(11 Stores)
(50 Stores)
(3 Stores)
(3 Stores)
(12 Stores)
(20 Stores)
(100 Stores)
(72 Stores)
(63 Stores)
800+ Signed Franchises
Just the Beginning of Our Journey
Founded in the UAE
First store opens in
Hamdan Street, Abu Dhabi.
March 2011
JF starts franchising.
Five stores open
December 2011
First franchised store outside
the UAE opens in Amman,
December 2011
JF signs Master Franchise
agreement to develop 200
stores in the UK.
JF signs MF agreements
to develop stores in Saudi
Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain,
Egypt, Morocco and Turkey.
May 2013
JF starts expansion plans
to develop stores in USA,
Canada and Australia
January 2013
First store in Europe opens
in Covent Garden, London,
JF crossed 1.5+ MILLION Facebook fans.
36 stores open worldwide in 8 countries.
Regional ofces open in the UK, Egypt, Turkey
and Lebanon.
Agreements signed with commitment of
developing 800+ stores worldwide.
5 MILLION JF sandwiches sold to date.
JF opens 19 new stores,
including stores in Lebanon,
Qatar and Oman.
Planned UK Rollout of 200 Locations
Covent Garden
1 Monmouth Street,
London WC2H 9DA
Baker Street
129 Baker Street,
London W1U 6SD
Unit 29, Broadway Shopping
Centre, Hammersmith
Staton, London W6 9YE
Charing Cross
21 Charing Cross Road,
London WC2H 0ET
12 Norfolk House, Wellesley
Road, Croydon CR0 1LH
Click here to learn more about our locatons
Click HERE to view our full menu
Our menu is based on falafel sandwiches with a
variety of toppings, fllings and breads to suit the
palates of people from all over the world.
We also ofer organic salads, side dishes, drinks and
homemade desserts. Everything on our menu is 100%
Click HERE to read more coverage
Click to view our CEOs
interview on CNN
Entrepreneur of the Year
Retail Leadership Award
Emirat Business of the Year - Finalist
Business Star of the Year Award
We are Pioneers in Social Media
Social media has played a huge role in our success. Facebook, Twiter, and other social
channels helped drive our expansion as more and more people became aware of our brand
and engaged with us. Today, we have close to 1.5 million fans on Facebook and growing. Our
pioneering social media strategy has been acknowledged by Facebook featuring two case
studies on Just Falafel.
Click here to watch
Facebooks latest case study
on us
Fanchising Details
We are looking for passionate and committed
franchise partners who are as motivated and
hard working as we are.
We assess each franchisee based on our Just Falafels
in-house evaluaton model, easy as your ABCs.
A - Attude
B Brand Ambassador
C Capital Investment Availability
D - Dedicaton
E Experience
Easy steps to becoming a JF Franchisee
1. Apply online by flling in the APPLICATION FORM
and ataching your resume and latest bank statement
2. Our franchising commitee will review your
3. Upon approval, telephone interview scheduled
4. Feedback and support provided with next steps
5. LOI made
6. Meetng organised with UK ofce
7. Final documentaton & franchise fee paid
8. Training begins
9. Find your locaton
10. Start your own Just Falafel business
11. Welcome to the Just Falafel family
Disclaimer: This brochure and the informaton contained in this brochure
are not a franchise ofering and not intended as an ofer to sell or to solicit
an ofer to buy a franchise. Franchises can only be ofered in compliance
with applicable pre-sale registraton and disclosure requirements, if any, in
your jurisdicton.
Click HERE to contact a Franchising Team member
Franchising levels/models
Area Development
Franchising fees
One tme franchise fee 15,000
6% royalty fee
Marketng fee 3% plus 1% LSM
Meet Our Fanchisees
With over 10 stores set to open this year alone in the UK, we have a real belief that the Just Falafel brand will fourish in the
market by being able to meet the demand for healthier, nutritous meal alternatves. Throughout the setng up and launch
process in the UK the Just Falafel head ofce has provided support, guidance, wellproven systems and strong management
expertse that have exceeded our expectatons.
Click HERE to view other franchisees
Michael Biggins
Fequently Asked Questions
How much is the franchise fee?
The franchise fee for each Just Falafel outlet is 15,000. This
provides you with the Just Falafel license, training, operatons
manual, menu development, support & guidance.
How much is the royalty fee?
Our royalty fee is 6% of monthly gross sales.
How much is the marketing fee?
Our marketng contributon is 3% of monthly gross sales.
Franchisees shall spend at least 1% of gross sales on local marketng
and advertsing.
What is the store investment?
The United Kingdom, Wales, & Scotland locatons will cost
approximately 250-300k+. The store investment varies depending
on your locaton and the country you are situated in. Just Falafel
provides an extensive Franchise Kit to each franchisee. All specifc
details in regards to becoming operatonal will be provided upon
signing of the franchise agreement. Each franchise is responsible for
set up costs that include the following key expenses: constructon
ft out, equipment, signage, IT point of sale, CCTV cameras, licenses
and permits. This cost may vary from one locaton to another in
the same country and is paid directly to our list of local approved
suppliers independently.
What are the monthly operational costs?
The fnancial costs for each individual franchise varies from one
locaton to another within the same country because of locaton
size, locaton requirements, staf size, type of business model,
working hours and more.
How much money will I make?
The money you make will depend on you. Your revenue is under
your control and will vary from business to business.
Does Just Falafel oer nancing?
No. You should be looking at third party insttutons that might ofer
you fnance.
Where do I get the food from?
We have a central kitchen which provides each franchised store
with the key ingredients on a regular basis. This will ensure
consistency, quality and best value across all JF restaurants.
Will Just Falafel assist me in nding a location?
During your orientaton part of training each franchisee will learn
and understand the strict site and locaton criteria elements
to fnding the perfect locaton. We will review each submited
locaton. Our Operatons team will mandatorily have to approve
each locaton before commitng to any contracts. We take into
consideraton the following factors: Compettors presence, rent
price, size, electricity load, locaton, parking, visibility and more.
What is the area required for a Just Falafel store?
The size of each store varies signifcantly from from 60 to 185
square meters depending on the customers dining needs and
What kind of training & support will I get?
Just Falafel ofers each franchisee comprehensive orientaton
and training that covers all aspects of the business including HR,
Operatons, Finance, IT & Marketng. We take all of our experience
and knowledge and give you all the tools you need to run your own
Will I need to acquire any special licenses or permits to
run my business?
Yes, you will need to have the licensing authority issue you an A3 or
A5 license depending on your business hours.
Whats next?
Contact Us
Email us: rachel@justfalafel.com
Just Falafel
United Kingdom Oce
T +44 20 7937 0612
26A Adam & Eve Mews
London W8 6UJ