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Required preparation processes for executing SAP Support Services - implementing
missing service tools.'
Other terms
SAP Support Services, Safeguarding, Solution anagement Optimi!ation Services,
"mpo#ering, SO, SA, Standard Support
S$%%, R&%%&OO', AS, S&(), S*'R, S&-P+, S&-A,P+
SAP Solution anager, Service Preparation
SAP -oing 'ive %hec., SAP -oing 'ive /unctional 0pgrade %hec., SAP OS,$1
igration Service, SAP %odepage %onversion %hec., SAP "arly 2atch Alert, SAP "arly
2atch Service, SAP Solution anagement Assessment
SAP 1usiness Process Performance Optimi!ation, SAP %ustomer Program Optimi!ation,
SAP Remote Performance Optimi!ation, SAP S*' Statement Optimi!ation, SAP
1usiness Process anagement, SAP +nterface anagement, SAP $ata anagement,
SAP System Administration
Reason and Prerequisites
&o perform the planned SAP Support Service session, you must prepare your SAP
System accordingly.
&his note provides you #ith acentral overvie# of the preparatory steps required.
&hese preparatory steps are also applica3le if you use the SAP Solution anager.
/or the SAP Solution anager system and all its satellite systems, you must perform the
preparatory steps descri3ed in this note.
&o guarantee the service capa3ility of each SAP System that you #ant to analy!e, the
prerequisites listed 3elo# must 3e met.
&he Short overvie# provides you #ith a chec.list, and does not usually require any
additional preparatory steps if you have already used an SAP Support Service this year, or
if you are already running the SAP "arly2atch Alert service on the system that you #ant
to analy!e. &he $etailed overvie# provides you #ith extensive information on specific
points, if you are carrying out a Service preparation in your SAP System for the first
time, or if you require more information on this su34ect.
Short overvie#
(. &echnical prerequisites 5SAP 6ote ())78)9
a9 2or.ing net#or. connection
39 Setting up the :SAPOSS: R/% destination
c9 Running collectors
d9 aintaining the hard#are and soft#are data
e9 Setting the profile parameters
;. Running the <R&%%&OO'< program 5SAP 6ote 8=)>>9 and implementing all listed
?. 0sing the Service $ata %ontrol %enter
S"" 6O&" A(;A>A for systems on 1asis Release ?.x
S"" 6O&" A(?8A) for systems on 1asis Release ).x #ithout S&-P+
). Activating the "arly2atch Alert 5SAP 6ote ;BA;;?9
>. Special features for service preparation
a9 Special features for Advanced Planner and Optimi!er 5APO9 systems
5SAP 6ote ?;B=B?9
39 Special features for 1usiness +nformation 2arehouse 5129 systems
5SAP 6ote (8BAAA9
c9 Special features for the SAP $1 data3ase system
5SAP 6ote ?>;B7(9
d9 Special features for Releases ).8A and ).81
5SAP 6ote ?A)?)89
e9 Special features for non A1AP components
5SAP 6ote A?78A8 9
f9 Special features for "nterprise Portal solutions
5SAP 6ote >;77B89
g9 Special features for SAP %ustomer Relationship management 5%R9
and SAP Supplier Relationship anagement 5SR9 systems
5SAP 6ote ?8B==>9
h9 Special features for SAP "xchange +nfrastructure
5SAP 6ote 8(A8B)9
i9 Special features for $1;,?=B
5SAP 6ote ()>?(89
$etailed overvie#
(. &echnical Prerequisites
Cou must implement SAP 6ote ())78) 5SAP Remote Services - &echnical preparation9
and fulfill the follo#ing technical prerequisites to perform an SAP Remote Service
session. +f you have already met these technical requirements in a previous Remote
Service, proceed directly to step ;.
a9 2or.ing net#or. connection
39 Setting up the :SAPOSS: R/% destination
c9 Running collectors
d9 aintaining the hard#are and soft#are data
e9 Setting the profile parameters
;. "xecuting the <R&%%&OO'< Program
R&%%&OO' 5SAP 6ote 8=)>>9 is a service tool designed to support you during the
technical preparation of your system.
R&%%&OO' chec.s the availa3ility of the tools required for SAP Service sessions. &he
report connects to the SAP6et R,? front end and retrieves a list of the add-ons, notes, and
transports for your system configuration. All the information you require, such as SAP
6otes, implementation status, short description and implementation text as #ell as
transport logs, is availa3le in this list. Any missing add-ons, notes and transports are
'Procedure after upgrade' regarding Service &ools is integrated into the tool. R&%%&OO'
can also provide help #hen importing transports.
- "xecute the <R&%%&OO'< program in your SAP System, using &ransaction S"?7 one
to t#o #ee.s 3efore each Service session.
- +mport all service tools 5such as add-ons, special transports9 that #ere recommended in
the R&%%&OO' program into your SAP System.
- "xecute any additional recommendations that #ere recommended in the R&%%&OO'
&o ensure that the session runs smoothly, all traffic lights should 3e green. 2ith missing
or incorrectly imported transports, the traffic lights are either red or yello#. +n addition,
the R&%%&OO' program executes an automatic chec. of the performance collector
during a call. R&%%&OO' detects, #hether the Automatic Session anager 5AS9 and
the "arly2atch Alert 5"2A9 are activated. &hese chec.s are performed in the
3ac.ground and provide useful support in case of potential pro3lems.
&he R&%%&OO' is included in the S&-A,P+ Add-on 5see 6ote 8=)>>9.
$etailed information is availa3le in the follo#ing notes@
SAP 6ote 8=)>> Add-on S&-A,P+ - R&%%&OO'
SAP 6ote ?B=A(( R&%%&OO' - Online Delp
?.Service $ata %ontrol %enter
&he Service $ata %ontrol %enter is a service tool that provides you #ith an overvie# of
your pending and completed service sessions. +t also controls the data transfer 3et#een
your SAP System and SAP, as #ell as the data transfer to any connected SAP Solution
anager systems. &here are currently t#o versions of the Service $ata %ontrol %enter in
useE they are called #ith transactions S$%% or S$%%6.
ore information a3out the maintenance of the Service $ata %ontrol %enter can 3e
found in note A=;=)(.
+nformation a3out the 3asic use of the Service $ata %ontrol %enter can 3e found in these
A8?>8( Service $ata %ontrol %enter 5S$%%69 - /A*
;(8=>; Service $ata %ontrol %enter 5S$%%9 - /A*
%A0&+O6@ Systems on 1asis Releases lo#er than 8.x 2+&DO0& S&-P+ AC 6O
'O6-"R R"/R"SD the service definitions, since this can result in short dumps.
/or all systems on 1asis Release ? x, see 6ote A(;A>A 1"/OR" calling &ransaction
S$%% and deactivate the service definition refresh.
/or systems on 1asis Release ) x 2+&DO0&S&-P+, see 6ote A(?8A) 1"/OR" calling
&ransaction S$%% and deactivate the service definition refresh.
). Activating "arly2atch Alert
&he "arly2atch Alert 5"2A9 is a free service for the preventative monitoring of the
performance of SAP Systems. &he "2A automatically and regularly collects data 5on a
#ee.ly 3asis for example9 on your SAP System, and provides you #ith continuous
service reports to support your +& reporting. &his proactive service considera3ly reduces
the ris. of system 3ottlenec.s or failures.
Cou should activate the "arly2atch Alert for all productive SAP systems.
+nformation a3out the activation of the "arly2atch Alert is availa3le in
SAP 6ote ;BA;;?@ Activating the SAP "arly2atch Alert
$etailed information a3out the structure of the service and the resulting reports is
availa3le on the SAP Service ar.etplace, at service.sap.com,e#a.
>. &he follo#ing special features must 3e o3served during the service preparation for
mySAP.com Solutions, special data3ase platforms and R,? releases.
a9 Special features in Advanced Planner and Optimi!er 5APO9 systems
$etailed information concerning this topic is availa3le in SAP 6ote ?;B=B?.
39 Special features in 1usiness +nformation 2arehouse 5129 systems
$etailed information concerning this topic is availa3le in SAP 6ote (8BAAA.
c9 Special features in the SAP $1 data3ase system
$etailed information concerning this topic is availa3le in SAP 6ote ?>;B7(.
d9 Special features in Releases ).8A and ).81
See the information provided in SAP 6ote ?A)?)8.
e9 Special features #ith 6on A1AP components
See the information provided in SAP 6ote A?78A8.
f9 Special features #ith portal "nterprise solutions
$etailed information concerning this topic is availa3le in SAP 6ote >;77B8.
g9 Special features in SAP %ustomer Relationship anagement 5%R9 and SAP
1usiness-to-1usiness Procurement511P9 systems
$etailed information concerning this topic is availa3le in SAP 6ote ?8B==>.
h9 Special features in the SAP "xchange +nfrastructure
$etailed information concerning this topic is availa3le in SAP 6ote 8(A8B).
i9 Special features at $1;,?=B
$etailed information concerning this topic is availa3le in SAP 6ote ()>?(8.
8. +n case of *ueries
+f you have any questions or experience any difficulties during the service preparation,
create a customer message under the relevant component.
FF-S"R-6"&.... /or all pro3lems,questions concerning the Remote%onnection from
customer to SAP
FF-S"R-6"&-D&' Setting up the connection from SAP to the customer system, or
pro3lems #hen using this connection
1%-0P--A$$O6 Pro3lems implementing S&-P+ or S&-A,P+
SG-S--S$$ Pro3lems #ith the R&%%&OO' or S$%% tool
FF-S"R-&%%-"2A "arly2atch Alert
FF-S"R-&%%-"2 "arly2atch %hec.
FF-S"R-&%%--' -oing'ive %hec.
1%-%%-O6-OS Pro3lems #ith the OS collector 5S&B89
1%-%%-O6-&06 Pro3lems #ith the performance collector 5 S&B?9
FF-S"R-&%% All other questions and pro3lems on running service sessions.
49 $ata Protection
2hen an SAP Support Service session is executed, only technical system data is
do#nloadedE SAP does not loo. at application data. /urthermore, no data is changedE
data is only displayed according to the user's authori!ations, so that service-related
system analyses can 3e carried out. $etailed information on data protection in connection
#ith remote connections is availa3le in SAP 6ote )8=B;.
.9 Authori!ations
&o execute a service session, SAP requires users #ho are equipped #ith suita3le
authori!ation profiles.
/or an "arly2atch session SAP requires an #ho is authori!ed to use &ransaction S$%%
and #ho has display authori!ation for &ransaction S"B= 5transport logs9, so that 1asis
analysis chec.s can 3e executed in the B88 client. &his is ensured if you implement SAP
6ote A?(; and then ad4ust the ne# user "arly#atch as descri3ed in that note.
/or a -oing'ive session, SAP requires a user #ith the SAPHA'' and SAPH6"2
authori!ation profiles, so that application analysis chec.s can 3e executed in your
production client. &he user's authori!ation profiles are entered in &ransaction S0B;.
l9 Reports, *uestionnaires and Service Sessions
Cou #ill receive questionnaires for specific service sessions 5such as SAP -oing'ive
%hec.s9 from the 'Service preparation' service message. &he Service essage descri3es
ho# to do#nload the questionnaire to your local P%, ho# to fill in the questionnaire, and,
ho# to upload it in the Service %hannel and return it to SAP. $etailed information on the
SAP Service %hannel is availa3le in SAP 6ote );;)8( or on the SAP Service
ar.etplace under the :servicechannel: aliasE 5http@,,service.sap.com,servicechannel9.
After a SAP Support Service #as executed, you receive the 'Results of session' Service
essage, #hich informs you of your service session result. Cou can do#nload the service
report as a #ord document 3y clic.ing the Service report lin..
m9 "sta3lishing and Opening Service %onnections
&o run a service session, SAP as.s that you set up a remote connection to SAP. &he R,?
Support remote connection is required for most services.
$etailed information on service connections and entering system data is availa3le in SAP
6ote ?(>(>.
n9 Procedure for 0pgrading an SAP System
2hen you upgrade an SAP system, the follo#ing strategy applies to SAP support tools@
- Solution tools Plug-+n 5Add-on S&-P+9.
$uring an upgrade, the system requests the '0pgrade %$' #hich contains the version for
the target release. 5&his %$ is only availa3le electronically on the SAP Service
ar.etplace and cannot 3e ordered from SAP as a physical %$.9
%onsequently, the add-on is retained 3y the user after the upgrade. See SAP 6ote >?==AA,
Section +G, and the additional notes provided here.
- Service &ools for Application 5Add-on S&-A,P+9.
After the upgrade, import the S&-A,P+ add-on from 6ote 8=)>> and run the R&%%&OO'
report contained in this note. See also the detailed information availa3le in SAP 6ote
o9 Overvie# of &ransactions, Add-ons and &erms
- S$%% Service $ata %ontrol %enter 5 &ransactions S$%% or S$%%69
Overvie# of service sessions, collects analysis data, transfers data from your SAP System
to SAP.
- R&%%&OO'
R&%%&OO' chec.s the prerequisites in the SAP System for a service session and
provides precise instructions as to #hich steps are to 3e carried out.
Add-ons for each 5productive9 system in system landscape
- S&-P+@ Solution &ools Plug-+ns 56ote >?==AA9
- S&-A,P+@ Service &ools for Applications Plug-+n 56ote 8=)>>9
SAP Solution anager Add-Ons
- S&@ SAP Solution anager
- S&-1%@ 1asis Settings
- S&-P'@ 1usiness Process Repository
- S&-R@ Roadmaps
- S&-S"R@ SAP Solution anager Service &ools
- "arly2atch Alert 5"2A9@ Pro-Active SAP service #hich can 3e carried out in a
customer's SAP Solution anager or in a system at SAP.