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Web Inspection in Top Form


Productivity and ROI
sets the standards in video web inspection! The PC-based system
with high-resolution digital camera offers well engineered techno-
logy, a space-saving single-monitor concept, pin-sharp image quality,
numerous image monitoring options and comprehensive equipment.
Characteristics of the SUPER HANDYScan 4000
Superior technology
SUPER HANDYScan 4000 is based on PC technology and works
with Windows XPe. This 100 % digital concept means: precise
data processing, reliable system stability and more storage
Outstanding image replication
The digital camera provides photographic picture quality with ne
details, sharp contrasts and natural colours necessary features
for precise print inspection! The system is available with a
125 mm x 95 mm (5 x 4) and 225 mm x 169 mm (9 x 7) eld
of view.
Elaborate functions
Even in the standard version, the SUPER HANDYScan 4000 comes
with a comprehensive range of features. With multiple functions,
such as split screen overviews, position memory with gallery
function and numerous zoom options, the system is an ideal tool
for your quality assurance.

Intelligent system concept

The single-monitor solution of SUPER HANDYScan 4000 combines
the elements of graphic image display and simple operation on
one touch screen. This means that, where space is limited you can
both monitor the print and manage all functions from a
centralized station.
Ease of operation
The quick job setup, the intuitive, multilingual user interface and
the clearly laid out menus ensure simple and convenient daily
work. This means that with SUPER HANDYScan 4000 you save
time and money on every job.
Individual conguration
SUPER HANDYScan 4000 grows with your needs. Its modular
design means you can integrate hard- and software options such
as a second camera or the repeat overview function in your
system when your production situation requires it. So you receive
a system that is perfectly matched to your special needs.

With the elaborate quality management concept of the

SUPER HANDYScan 4000 you prot in multiple ways:
Youll increase your productivity thanks to automated
print inspection.
You save time and money due to reduced waste and
quick system setup.
Youll increase customer satisfaction thanks to
high quality printed products.


SUPER Functions for SUPER Results
Position Memory with gallery function
With the innovative position memory
function you can save up to 16 camera
positions (including the settings for zoom,
iris and strobe selection) in seconds.
Saved positions in the position gallery
Split screen with horizontal and vertical screen splitting
Distorted image
Pincushion compensation
A well-known problem with many web
inspection systems is the so-called
pincushion or barrel effect.
This refers to the unwanted cushion or
barrel-type distortion of the displayed image.
These effects make the evaluation of the
image much more difcult. The use of
specially developed components in the
SUPER HANDYScan 4000 means that
distortion can be reduced to a minimum.
Image with distortion compensation
The positions are displayed in the clearly laid
out position gallery and can be easily called
up from there for administration.
compared directly with each other. Thereby
the split screen function allows continuous
visual comparison of the current print with
the stored golden.
Multi function split screen
Split screen functions are very important
for effective print inspection. With this
display option, reference and live image
can be displayed simultaneously and
In the SUPER HANDYScan 4000 system the
screen display can be split both horizontally
and vertically.

SUPER Functions for SUPER Results
Auto Constant Scan (ACS)
This automatic scan function samples the repeat both in machine direction and across
the web. This simplies the monitoring of the print repeat and saves time and material
with each job. The ACS works with the options Scan 100%, a zoom-sensitive scan
with automatic step width adjustment for 100% coverage of the pattern repeat and
Step Scan, with which the pattern repeat is sampled with adjustable step sizes in
the X and Y directions.
180 Image rotation
This function allows an electronic 180 rotation of the image
displayed on the monitor. Thus the display can be simply tted
to the web running direction.
Programmable Positions
With the scan function Programmable Positions the SUPER HANDYScan 4000 allows
the user to monitor the repeat automatically based on saved positions. This may be, for
example, critical print features. During the scan, the positions are continuously scanned
and displayed with all the saved settings, such as split screen and zoom.
Mode of operation Auto Constant Scan
Mode of operation Programmable Positions
Mode of operation Combi Scan
Quick Zoom
Using the Quick Zoom function, you can call up frequently used
zoom values at the push of a button. This saves time, job by job,
day by day.
Quick Zoom, minimum zoom Function 180 Image rotation
Combi Scan
An effective print inspection must include the monitoring of all
relevant quality criteria. This includes not only the monitoring of
large web sections, but also the checking of critical print features,
as well as the complete sampling of the entire repeat. The Combi
Scan function combines the scan options Programmable Positions
and ACS in a continuous loop. Combi Scan means that building a
custom inspection routine for every job is fast and easy and that
every job is inspected in the most efcient and productive way.
Quick Zoom, maximum zoom

Space-saving single monitor solution
with intuitive touchscreen user interface
The SUPER HANDYScan 4000 single-monitor solution combines
display and operation on a single touch screen. This innovative
concept means that you can monitor the print run and centrally
control all system functions, even if you only have limited available
space. Together with the intuitive Graphic User Interface (GUI),
this provides you with an easily operated and powerful tool for web
Operator interface Full size view
GUI characteristics:
Easy switching between operator interface and full size view
Frequently used functions can be called at the touch of a button
Time savings thanks to intuitive operating icons
Touch screen operator interface responds instantly to
operator commands
Multi-language OSD (on-screen display) menu
Password-protected system settings

Superior camera technology

Print monitoring is only as good as the camera technology used.
SUPER HANDYScan 4000 is based on a complete digital concept,
including a high-resolution, digital 1-chip camera with Ethernet
interface. The advantages of this technology are outstanding data
transfer speed, image quality, realistic colours, accuracy to smallest
details and connection options.
Two Fields of view are available:
125 mm x 95 mm (5 x 4) with 10x zoom lens for
standard web inspection routines (standard)
225 mm x 169 mm (9 x 7) with 14x or 21x zoom lens for
inspection of three times more web area with each picture
In addition, the system can be customized to your individual
production requirements with numerous strobe options
(such as UV- or lacquer strobes).

Maximum Benets due to
Optimally Customized Software Options
SUPER HANDYScan 4000 grows with your needs. Customize the
system to your personal production requirements with the versatile
software options.
Image Lock
Web tension changes may lead to an effect where the image
appears to move uncontrollably on the monitor. This impairment
of visual web inspection is compensated for using the Image Lock
software option. The image is displayed in a judder free manner.
This ensures optimum print inspection results.
Job Save
The Job Save function ensures quick and easy job setup. Up to 100
jobs can be saved with all settings such as split screen and zoom and
then simply called at the touch of a button.
Colour Monitoring
Colour consistency for each roll of a produced job is an important
element in the production of printed products.
The SUPER HANDYScan 4000 software option Colour Monitoring
assures the continuous automatic comparison of the colour values
of the currently running printing process with user-dened positions.
So you retain control over the colour quality of your production
and provide your customers with perfect printed products.
Virtual Repeat display
Using the Virtual Repeat function, you can easily navigate the
camera. At the touch of a button, the system creates an overview of
the complete repeat. Based on this overview, image details can be
controlled and displayed easily.
*not available in combination with the Virtual Repeat option
USB-image export
Everyday production constantly requires the saving of camera images
so that they can be reused. The optional USB storage function of
the SUPER HANDYScan 4000 system offers you a convenient tool to
archive these images. Simply connect any commercially available
storage medium with a USB interface to the port and then export
the desired image.
90 Camera rotation
When producing labels, it frequently occurs that the camera position
must be tted to the position of the labels. For this purpose, the
camera of the SUPER HANDYScan 4000 can optionally be rotated
90 degrees. The systems algorithms calculate all necessary settings
and automatically adjust the system.*
Maximum Benets due to
Optimally Customized Hardware Options
SUPER HANDYScan 4000 grows with your needs. Customize the
system to your personal production requirements with the versatile
hardware options.
Back strobe
A back strobe is used to visually check the front-to-back print
register (FTBR) of translucent and many other substrates by
illuminating the web from the opposite side. Mounted opposite
the camera, the image on the monitor will show the front side
printing with the backside printing shining through.

Additional strobe units
Because some applications require special lighting,
SUPER HANDYScan 4000 offers a variety of additional strobe
options, e.g. UV strobes (for viewing UV uorescent materials) or
reective strobes to view lacquer or coatings more easily. Installation
of the strobes adds another dimension of operator functionality to
your system.
The optional backstrobe to check the precise front-to-back register
accuracy on many different substrates.
Dual camera system
With an optional second camera the SUPER HANDYScan 4000
becomes a even more effective tool for inspecting front, back and
front-to-back print in a variety of ways. Both camera images can be
displayed in an alternating as well as simultaneous way (split screen
mode). Thus both images can be compared at a glance.
With front-to-back inspection, camera 1 records an image, while the
opposite camera 2 simultaneously illuminates. Even with heavy
paper substrates, remarkably clear images of both sides of the web
are displayed on the monitor.
Additional monitors
With many printing presses, the operating personnel has to move
frequently between work areas during the course of the day.
Increase the productivity of your SUPER HANDYScan 4000 by adding
an extra monitor.
Depending on your individual production conditions, you can
either add a second touchscreen with full operating functionality or
a second monitor with image display function.
Display options of the dual camera systems
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Type: 1-chip digital
Resolution: 1280 x 1024
Field of view: 125 mm x 95 mm (5" x 4")
225 mm x 169 mm (9" x 7")*
Lens: 10:1
(for eld of view 125 mm x 95 mm)
14:1 or 21:1
(for eld of view 225 mm x 169 mm)
Power supply
100 V 240 V, 50 / 60 Hz, 400 VA
Ambient temperature
min. 0 C (32 F)
max. 40 C (104 F)
Humidity 20 % 80 %, non-condensing
Monitor: see separate technical details
Storage temperature
-10 C to +55 C (14 F to 131 F)
Monitor: see separate technical details
Standard features
Position memory for 16 positions and gallery function
Scan function (based on positions, complete repeat and
Multi-function split screen
Electronic 180 image rotation
Pincushion compensation (avoidance of pincushion or barrel
180 image rotation for matching to the web running direction
Quick Zoom function with storage options
System options
Second camera
Second monitor (touchscreen with full operating functionality
or for web monitoring)
Back strobe
UV strobe, lacquer strobe
Virtual Repeat (display of the complete repeat with navigation
Colour Monitoring (software for color comparison)
Image Lock (image stabilisation)
USB image export
90 camera rotation (for use in label production)


Technical Overview