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major experience

Erasmus Mundus Human Rights Policy and

related field of Human Rights/social science 2 yrs
EMMIR - European Master in Migration
and Intercultural Reations Bachelors degree in a field related to migration
studies: e.g. Social sciences, History, Cultural studies,
Educational sciences, Law, Economics, Development
Studies and Journalism.
EPOG - Master's Course - Economic
Policies in the age of Globalisation :
knowledge, finance and development
Bachelors or equivalent degree (180 ECTS) in
economics or in political science and law (with a
minimum of 24 ECTS or equivalent in economics
and 6 ECTS in statistics or econometrics) none
IMRD - International Master of Science in
Rural Development
Admitted students generally have a Bachelor's
degree or a recognized equivalent academic degree
of minimum 3 years study in bioscience engineering
or agricultural sciences (preferably agricultural
economics), in combination with knowledge in
environmental sciences, economics, sociology and
rural development studies.
MEDEG - Economic Development and
Growth (ko can english cert)
Bachelor's Degree in Economics. A good background
of Mathematics, Statistics and Econometrics is
required. In particular cases, the Selection
Committee can admit students with a Bachelor
Degree in other disciplines which include a
comprehensive and advanced training in economics,
mathematics and quantitative methods. none
MEGEI - MA Economics of Globalisation
and European Integration
students who have earned 240 ECTS credits in an
economics or applied economics university study
programme or have a bachelor degree in these areas
that is considered by the Joint Studies Board to be
equivalent. none
MISOCO - Joint European Master in
International Migration and Social
bachelors degree (or equivalent) in social sciences
discipline closely related to the programme
(sociology, social/cultural anthropology, political
science, and (human) geography) are invited to apply,
provided that they meet entry requirements as
specified below
Students with degrees in the other social sciences
International Relations and International
Development and/or students who have at least 60
EC in Social Sciences Methodology and Theory (as
definded above) may also apply.
All applicants are expected to have a solid basis in the
field of social sciences theory of at least (an
equivalent of) 30 EC earned during their previous
Applicants should have sufficient knowledge of social
sciences research methodology of at least (an
equivalent of) 20 EC;
Applicants should have at least earned (an equivalent
of) 10 EC in a relevant sub-field of social sciences. none
MSPME - Masters in Strategic Project
Management (European)
Bachelor degree (or an equivalent academic degree)
of minimum three years duration and 180 ECTS
credits (or equivalent) in a cognate or semi-cognate
discipline. none
MUNDUS MAPP - Erasmus Mundus
Master's in Public Policy
Bachelors degree (completed at least three years of
undergraduate study none
EMLE - European Master in Law and
Economics bachelor degree in law or economics
degree in business administration, social sciences or
other relevant topics may also apply under the
condition that the completed study programme
includes a substantial number of courses in law
and/or economics. If you're in doubt whether your
degree qualifies, please contact info[at]emle.org. none
EMIN - Erasmus Mundus Joint Master in
Economics and Management of Network
must hold a degree in Engineering, Economics or
Management none
EMGS - Global Studies - A European
A bachelors degree or recognised equivalent from an
accredited institution in Social Sciences or
GEMMA - Master's Degree in Women's
and Gender Studies
previous education in Womens and Gender Studies
is not a necessary condition none
NOHA Mundus - Joint Master's Degree
Program in International Humanitarian
degree (Bachelor) in a discipline of relevance to
humanitarian action. none
january/2015 ??? http://www.imrd.ugent.be/index.asp?p=2122&a=2122
around january??? http://portal.uc3m.es/portal/page/portal/postgraduate_studies/masters/Master_in_Economic_Development_and_Growth/Admission
end of december???http://www.ua.ac.be/main.aspx?c=.EGEI&n=96065
4th December 2014 http://www.mspme.org/admissions.html
2-january??? http://www.mundusmapp.org/prospective-students/admissions-calendar
January 15th http://www.emle.org/index.php/applicants/fees
around January 15th 2014 http://web.upcomillas.es/estudios/estu_mast_emin_admi.aspx
around january http://gesi.sozphil.uni-leipzig.de/joint-projects/emgs/application/
around 31 Decemberhttp://masteres.ugr.es/gemma/pages/becas/alumnos/no_ue
15-Dec http://www.nohanet.org/en/excellence/noha-master