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Holly A.

Bell: Chef Instructor room 4-104

Culinary Arts 3 Syllabus
The culinary program is under the CTE (Career and Technical Education Department) it is intended to be a four course
program with opportunities for articulation agreements at post- secondary schools, as well as industry certification. Each
year builds on previous years coursewor!.
This program offers a se#uence of courses that provides coherent and rigorous content aligned with
challenging academic standards and relevant technical !nowledge and s!ills needed to prepare for further
education and careers in the $ospitality and Tourism career cluster% provides technical s!ill proficiency,
and includes competency-based applied learning that contributes to the academic !nowledge, higher-
order reasoning and problem-solving s!ills, wor! attitudes, general employability s!ills, technical s!ills,
and occupation-specific s!ills, and !nowledge of all aspects of the $ospitality and Tourism career cluster.
The content includes but is not limited to all aspects of preparation, presentation, and serving of food%
leadership, communication s!ills, employability s!ills, and safe&efficient wor! practices are also covered.
This coursewor! prepares students for employment in the food service&hospitality industry.
Course Title" Culinary 'rts (
Course )umber" **++,(+
Course Credit" - credit
Course !escrition:
.n this course the student will research career opportunities in professional coo!ing&ba!ing% follow
guidelines on food selection, purchasing, and storage% and use communication s!ills. /tudents will prepare and
present a variety of advanced food products% create centerpieces% and research laws specific to the hospitality industry
(including handling of alcohol). 'lso covered are management s!ills% how to develop a business plan% and
utili0ation of technology in the wor!place. /tudents will be !nowledgeable about food safety manager
training&certification training programs that are acceptable in 1lorida.
'fter successfully completing this program, the student will be able to perform the following"
23.+ 4esearch career and advancement opportunities in professional coo!ing and ba!ing.
2,.+ 1ollow food identification, selection, and purchasing, receiving, storing, and inventory guidelines.
25.+ 6ractice advanced coo!ing and ba!ing techni#ues.
27.+ 8se oral and written communication s!ills in creating, e9pressing and interpreting information and ideas.
2*.+ 'pply scientific principles in coo!ing and ba!ing.
2:.+ 6repare and present food products to meet creativity aspects as well as #uality standards.
(+.+ Demonstrate management s!ills.
(-.+ Describe the importance of professional ethics and legal responsibilities.
(2.+ Comply with laws and regulations specific to the food service and hospitality industry.
((.+ Develop a business plan.
(3.+ Describe the roles within teams, wor! units, departments, organi0ations, inter-organi0ational systems, and the
larger environment.
(,.+ 8se information technology tools.
/tudents are graded on their wor! from both the classroom and lab (!itchen&dining room). There will be many
forms of assessment from written to practical. /ome of the methods utili0ed in assessment will be" oral ; written tests ;
#ui00es, mastery of competencies covered, techni#ues, noteboo!, pro<ects, participation ; citi0enship. The numerical
scale found in the /tudent $andboo! will be used to determine grades.
=ffice $ours" Tuesday ; Thursday from 2"(+ > ("++ p.m.
6hone" ((+,)2:(--,3: e9. ,3(2( e-mail" holly.bell?!eysschools.com