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Roleplay: A Boobs Life

Boobmeister:Amanda is role-playing as Amanda

Boobmeister:I am role-playing as one of Amanda's boobs
SimulationNation:You really dont have a choice anyway Sonny
Boobmeister:I view life from a boob's-eye perspective
SimulationNation:A Boobs !ife
SimulationNation:If you will
Sonicfan"#$%:hmmm this sounds interesting&
Boobmeister:Spea'ing of which if I'm to get into character what are my
physical dimensions(
Boobmeister:*-cup o'ey do'ey :+
SimulationNation:Sonny you in(
Sonicfan"#$%:Sorry& yeahI'll ,oin in a few seconds
SimulationNation:.ant me to start it of */erry(
Ili'e0moveit:.hen I was young and had no feelings and now there's
healllllliiiing& .hen I was young you were my soul when I grew older your still
my soul& If could hold her one last time1
Sonicfan"#$%:I'm ready& what am I doing e2actly(
Boobmeister:/e's ,ust trying to get his head round it&&& I mean the concept not
the boob :+
SimulationNation:/old me later sweetheart&&
Boobmeister:3o ahead Amanda1
SimulationNation:45rggg&&4 Amanda wo'e up and turned over grabbing her
glasses and heading to the closet scratching her scalp&
Boobmeister:3raaghh1 Another rude awa'ening1 .hy does she always have
to s6uash me li'e that(1
Sonicfan"#$%:Alan wa'es up confused 4where the hec' am I( hey1 this isn't
my room14
Boobmeister:I wish I had some muscle tone li'e on her shoulders she could
flump me around all day then and I wouldn't care&&
SimulationNation:She pushed and ad,usted her rac' grabbing a lacey white
bra and fitting it on ad,usting it slightly&
Boobmeister:-ooh&&& not so harsh please1 &&& Aha& 7he prison of sil' and wire
Sonicfan"#$%:Alan gets out of the wierd place and hits a lightpole because he
was loo'ing at his phone 4ooooowwwww14
Boobmeister:7hese things could use a bit more breathing room&&& I 6uite li'e
the snug caress of the lace though
SimulationNation:4mmurr&&4 She groaned ad,usting it a bit more and slipping
her tight shirt on getting ,eans and heading to the en-suite&
Sonicfan"#$%:Alan lays down in the grass rubbing his head
Boobmeister:-wch1 8id anyone tell her I've grown out of that damned old
SimulationNation:9.7: are you doing Sonny(+
Boobmeister:7he world seems smaller and more strangling with each passing
Sonicfan"#$%:9no idea& honestlyi'm N-7 used to this rp&+
SimulationNation:She went bac' after brushing her hair and put on a loose
one shoulder shirt and leggings going bac' to brush her teeth&&and dropping
some of the foam on her breasts&& 4-h god&&4 She murmured& not awa'e until
she had coffee&
SimulationNation:9:ollow *herry Sonny&+
Boobmeister:-ooh&&& an unsolicited bath1 :+
Boobmeister:8on't get to see much foam these days&&& e2cept in the mouths
of hopeful men when they stare at me li'e I'm a lost sun'en treasure&&
SimulationNation:Stumbling downstairs she made some coffee and sat on
the couch her boobs s6uared on her breast sitting comfortably&
Boobmeister:Now foam I could get used to if only my mistress would wear it
more often instead of that sil' and wire contraption
Boobmeister:Ahh&&& a little stillness amidst the madness of the morning rush
Sonicfan"#$%:9uh&&& I'm totally lost& ;ust saying+
SimulationNation:She sipped the coffee changing the channel to the news
and slouching&
Boobmeister:Now what's on the tele&&& the news
rawahyf:9Sorry got distracted lol+
rawahyf:9So&&&& what <= are we doing( :>?
SimulationNation:9;ust&&&,ust go or maybe spectate&&+
Boobmeister:It ta'es me so long to focus my vision these days my eyesight
must be wea'ening
rawahyf:9)ither e2plain what we're doing or I'm leaving :>+
Boobmeister:)very time my mistress moves things go out of focus more and
more&&& things weren't li'e this when I was smaller&&&
SimulationNation:/er hand went into the lace and she ad,usted her boob
softly to the side& She got up and pulled out some cornbread eating it for
rawahyf:9.tf -&o+
SimulationNation:4.hat should I do today in the afternoon on a wee'end(4
She thought aloud&
SimulationNation:9.e told you what we were doing& cherrys my boob and Im
Boobmeister:8amn she's shifting me around again&&& why put me in a cloth
prison if you're going to 'eep moving me around all the time(1
rawahyf:9o' then&&&+
Boobmeister:-h no cornbread&&& I hope she doesn't get crumbs on me again
Boobmeister:7hey tic'le my cherry pea's sometimes they chafe a bit too
rawahyf:9I'm ,ust going to ring the doorbell and get inside the <= :> @y name
ish obviously A&*& lol&&& should I ,ust do that( :=+
rawahyf:9'inda bored eatin sushi soo+
rawahyf:9-r I can ,ust watch creepypasta vids while you <= :=+
SimulationNation:!uc'ily nothing went into the bra but she threw stuff away
and deciding to go for a wal'&&maybe a bit of a ,og when she heard the door&
Boobmeister:Now&&& what was she saying about the wee'end&&& I hope it won't
be li'e last wee'end when she got drun' as a lord
rawahyf:9yay lol+
Boobmeister:-h no no time to thin' we're off again1
SimulationNation:9Your 6ueue&&+
rawahyf:She scratched her head as she waiting in front of the door& She
thought 4/urry up14
rawahyf:9didn't rp for a while -?-+
Boobmeister:I wonder who this will be&&& she usually 'eeps me hidden from
strangers&&& well unless she's drun' that is
rawahyf:9I'm ,ust going to use the B's&&& it's easier for me+
SimulationNation:<unning off to the door she opened it breathing harder
than normal& 4/ey14 S/e said& 4I was ,ust gonna go for a ,og to the par' whats
up(4 She glanced at her boo' she was ta'ing to read at the par'&
Boobmeister:;-31 N------------111
rawahyf:9lol C+
SimulationNation:9IA continue plD+
Boobmeister:I'll come out in a rash I 'now it1
SimulationNation:4=ar's around the corner going with me(4 She as'ed
grabbing her 'eys&
Boobmeister:And then there's the sweat&&& I don't mind sweating I can
perspire with grace
rawahyf:5mm&&& o'& I guess I can go with you&
Boobmeister:But try telling that to this bloody armpit I have to sit under11
Boobmeister:After a mile's running that armpit ree's li'e a curried pot noodle
that's been standing in the sun for a wee'
SimulationNation:She loc'ed the door and ,ogged round the corner to the
par' sitting after and calming down reading her boo' on a bench&
Boobmeister:Ah now that's better :+
SimulationNation:7he wind blew very hard and it got windy& :ast&
Boobmeister:I li'e to peer down upon the printed page I find I can lose myself
in that comforting monchrome blur of blac' and white
rawahyf:Bruns after Amanda and sits down ne2t to her getting bored since I
never brought anything with me other than a bac'pac' and emergency
Boobmeister:Yee'1 Not today though1 @y cherry pea's ,ust got slapped by the
Boobmeister:-h let's go home1
Sonicfan"#$%:9I'm so lost1+
rawahyf:Bmy hair starts to fly in the wind and gets slightly annoyedB *an we
go bac' now(
Ili'e0moveit:ByellsB first one to get in bed with Amanda gets a free boob,ob
SimulationNation:4I gotta get home so I'll see you later( Yeah(4 She said
going off home and leaving her&
Boobmeister:7his lolloping man-person&&& I see he has some e6uipment with
him though
3o,esabs:Im sorry guys watching !e2i and Shan go bac' and forth on main
chat is much funner than this <= E8
SimulationNation:9A bye&&+
Boobmeister:.ell done mistress the wind is no place for my delicate nature
rawahyf:9omg stop calling me a he E8+
SimulationNation:9I said he so haaaa+
Boobmeister:And wait a minute&&& that was a woman-person not a man-
person&&& my eyesight really is becoming atrocious
rawahyf:9than' you lol :>+
Boobmeister:=erhaps it's all this ,iggling I seem to be doing more of these
days it must be ruining my innards
SimulationNation:3etting home she loc'ed the door tossing her coat and
loosening the bra&
Boobmeister:Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh111 :+
Sonicfan"#$%:9waitwho's leaving(+
SimulationNation:3rabbing her phone she called her boyfriend Alan&
Boobmeister:8eep breath 6uic'ly deep breaths1
rawahyf:Bta'es the small umbrella out of my bac'pac' and it opens up I hold
it towards the wind so it bloc's the air as I continue to sit on the benchB
SimulationNation:9No this is fa'e o'ay&alan&&your coming up now into the rp
Boobmeister:After that sharp wind the warmth and loosening of the straps
has made me feel all cosy and soppy :+
Sonicfan"#$%:Alan answers his phone 4/ello(4
Boobmeister:I hear an electric crac'le&&& is she using that funny device again(
Ili'e0moveit:9If Alan gets to come I wanna come to+
SimulationNation:4-h pic' up ya bloody bugger&&4 She got a clic'& 4-h /ey1 I
was wondering if you could come over(4 She as'ed smiling and tensing her
rawahyf:Bgets annoyed by the wind again and gets up to go to Amanda's
house again since my house is too far to wal' toB
Sonicfan"#$%:4yeah I'll be over in "% to 0% minutes&4
Boobmeister:I feel an ominous tension all around me&&& something bad is
about to happen I can feel it in the air&&&
rawahyf:Bdoesn't 'noc' since the wind froDe my fingers and ,ust waits at her
door holding the umbrella towards the windB
SimulationNation:4A bye14 She e2claimed throwing it to the other side of the
couch waiting for a 'noc' or doorbell ring&
rawahyf:9@y reaction to the B: part: /-!Y S/I7 /A//A/AA/ E8 .7: E8+
Boobmeister:@istress seems very e2citable today I must say&&& she's doing a
lot of flailing of her outer parts
SimulationNation:9/ad to ma'e some boy up come on&&+
rawahyf:9pfft lol+
Sonicfan"#$%:Alan gets his stuff together and grabs his gray Starter hoodie
and puts his trashed up <eboo' snea'ers on 4I need new ones&4 and heads to
Amanda's house
Boobmeister:I hope she doesn't get me and my twin out and start pushing me
up while facing the mirror again&&& why does she do that(1
rawahyf:Bpulls my white hoodie on thin'ing that I shouldn't have worn thin
,eans today as I continue to wait at the door with my hands still numbFfroDenB
SimulationNation:She gets ready retightening the bra accidentally going "
setting too tight but not bothering to change it going upstairs and changing
into shorts and flats&
Boobmeister:Ah well bac' into the cage we go&&&
Sonicfan"#$%:Alan arrives at Amanda's house "" minutes later and 'noc's on
the door
Boobmeister:.oah&&& .-A/11 8id I ,ust suddenly get bigger or did my cage
get smaller((
rawahyf:9oh&&& so you 8-N7 notice a person holding an umbrella larger than
your body ne2t to you Sir Alan( -?-+
Boobmeister:I can&&& hardly&&& breathe&&&
SimulationNation:She bounces up& 4/ey Alan14 She hugs him tightly pec'ing
his chee' and letting him come inside& Seeing beyond him she saw her
friend& 4I&&sorry&&&I dont really want to hang with you&&I can get my roomie to
give you a drive home yes(4
Ili'e0moveit:9/mm I do not see an opening too this <= but I'll find it+
Boobmeister:@y veins are showing through my s'in again&&& I'm heaving up
and down&&& is this what they call cabin fever((
rawahyf:Bnods at Amanda waiting for her to get her roomieB
Sonicfan"#$%:smiles and hugs Amanda 4hi Amanda&4 he softly hugs her and
pec's her chee'
Boobmeister:-ooh a warm crush against a flat chest1 7oday is certainly a day
for the une2pected1
SimulationNation:.hen she goes upstairs to get her roomie she loosens the
settings to its normal setting& 4<ight then !iD get to it&4 She bolts out going to
give her a drive home&
Boobmeister:@istress says she really wants to hang with this guy&&& she
should try being me for a day then she'd 'now that hanging ain't all it's
crac'ed up to be&&&
SimulationNation:9Im surprised I'm li'ing this so much+
Boobmeister:And aaaah&&& ooohhh&&& I breathe again&&&
rawahyf:Bloo's at Alan up and down thin'ing 4who df is this4 then goes with
rawahyf:9I'r&&& it's hilarious+
Boobmeister:-wch1 @y twin ,ust slapped me1
rawahyf:9C lofl+
Boobmeister:I wish mistress wouldn't run around so much it seems to get my
twin into such an aggressive mood1
Sonicfan"#$%:Alan sits on the couch and yawns and says 4Amandahow are
SimulationNation:As soon as shes gone Amanda and Alan sat& 4good and
you(4 She as'ed him turning on a small setting of charm her body filling with
strong emotions around Alan&
Boobmeister:/ow are you indeed1 Nobody ever bothers to as' how I am&&&
well apart from when mistress wears those low-cut tops
rawahyf:Bas I arrive home I was goodbye to !iD and enter my houseG I loc' the
door behind me and faceplant on the couchB
Boobmeister:Now wait&&& wait a minute1 .hat's happening to me&&&
rawahyf:Bwave -?-
Boobmeister:I can feel blood rushing all around me&&& my cherry pea's are
rawahyf:9I can N-7 fer'ing spell today H btw I meant to type that+
Sonicfan"#$%:Alan gets his brown eyes to loo' into Amandas and he says
4I'm good and happy because I'm with you&4
rawahyf:9Ainda disgusted C I need more fighting&&& I 'now how to start that I:>+
SimulationNation:7he feelings intensified& She scooted so close she was
almost on him lap&
Boobmeister:.ell at least this person isn't staring at me with those bug-eyes
that people stare at me with
Boobmeister:-h no we're getting closer&&& and I'm feeling uncomfortably warm
Ili'e0moveit:9Sonic -?-+
Sonicfan"#$%:Alan smiles and he softly pec's Amanda's chee' again
Ili'e0moveit:9I'm not en,oying this <=+
rawahyf:9@oveit&&& if we have to add you in you migghttt BBBB it up+
rawahyf:9@ight +
rawahyf:9@I3/7 :H?
Boobmeister:@y twin's getting rather moist&&& or is that me(
SimulationNation:9/Aaaa&&&Sean is not impressed& Im his sweetheart so a line
might be crossed& Sorry&& H>+
rawahyf:9.7: @eister I?H+
Boobmeister:It's hard to tell which of us is getting sweaty when it's in the
rawahyf:Bgrabs my blue bi'e and rushes to Amanda and furiously 'noc's on
the door yellingB ./A7 8: A<) Y-5 8-IN3
Boobmeister:I hear angry humming vibrations from without&&& something nasty
is brewing
rawahyf:9C would've been awesome with the 'ic' though+
Boobmeister:If I could pee' out a little further from my coverings I might be
able to see&&&
SimulationNation:She leaned down on the couch to see the door being
pounded on& 48- N-7 8IS75<B IS -N14 She screamed&
rawahyf:9You shouldn't have done that :>+
Boobmeister:-oohh&&& those shrill tones shudder through my veins
Sonicfan"#$%:4who is that(4
Boobmeister:And now I'm s6uished again&&& this is too much1
SimulationNation:4I ,ust&&I dont 'now Alan14 /er annoyed tone mi2ed with a
rawahyf:Bta'es my rubber band out of my hair and my hair falls down to my
hips as I untangle a clip from the rubber band unloc's the door with rage
rawahyf:9face on -?-+
Boobmeister:@y cherry pea's remain per'y but the warmth has chilled in my
SimulationNation:4./A7 8- Y-5 .AN7(4
Sonicfan"#$%:Alan loo's confused 4so much for peace and 6uiet&4
rawahyf:Bputs my hands on my hips as I loo' at Amanda furiouslyB .hat the
BBBB are you doin :H
Boobmeister:.ell my eyesight may be failing but my hearing seems to
improve with age
Boobmeister:Aha another man-person I see before me&&& I wonder whether
I'm in for another s6ueeDe
Sonicfan"#$%:4and you are(4
SimulationNation:4)hm&&Being a teen(4 Amanda said in a suggestive but
sarcastic tone& She ,umps up from the couch and goes over to where the
noise came from&
Boobmeister:-wch my twin ,ust slapped me&& A3AIN1
rawahyf:Beye is twitching madly at AmandaB I:I
Boobmeister:@istress must be angry with something she's stic'ing me out in
defiance towards this intruder
SimulationNation:4.hat( ./A7(4 She as'ed her a shrill tone&
Boobmeister:I do wish she wouldn't chesticulate li'e that&&&
Sonicfan"#$%:Alan ,umps 4eep1 should I go(4
SimulationNation:She stood up very tall towering over the girl&
Ili'e0moveit:9/ow could I ruin this rp( 7here's so many things we could do to
ma'e me fit in& )2ample: replace Alan with me+
Sonicfan"#$%:4maybe not& I'm staying4 and hides somewhere
Boobmeister:Ah&&& a reddened face s6uats below me&&& it's so rare I get to see
them from thsi angle
rawahyf:9that ma'es it funnier&&& for me+
J0JBlue8ragon:9:or once I'm not that disappointed to see moveit+
rawahyf:Bslaps Amanda with nails so hard she falls to the groundB ./Y
.-N7 Y-5 7)!! Y-5< -.N :<I)N8 ./A7 Y-5'<) 8-IN3(1 I7S
=<)77Y SI@=!) I: Y-5 ASA @) I:K
SimulationNation:4Alan&&go to the bac' room or something&4 She waved him&
Ili'e0moveit:9.ow ally that meant a lot and I'm not being sarcastic+
rawahyf:9moveit if you were alan I would tac'le you and Sparta 'ic' you out
of Amanda's house -?-+
Boobmeister:I'm crushed again111 .hy does nobody have any concern for my
J0JBlue8ragon:9-'ay disappointment levels rose a bit you spelled my name
rawahyf:9@y answer: because you're a boob -?-+
SimulationNation:4Y-5 ASS/-!)1 I'!! .<)*A Y-514
Sonicfan"#$%:Alan hides off in another room
rawahyf:Bbitch slaps Amanda to the ground againB -?-
Boobmeister:And so much noise1 .hat I wouldn't give for a padded bra right
Ili'e0moveit:9/ow is it spelled(+
rawahyf:9this rp is hilarious :>+
Boobmeister:I feel li'e a battered ,elly :9
SimulationNation:9It was&&when you stop being a bitch+
SimulationNation:9Shots fired+
J0JBlue8ragon:9Ainda stupid I8A what this is even about but it's en,oyable+
rawahyf:B)*A5S) Y-5 8I8N7 7)!! @) -N) SI@=!) 8)7AI! -N .7:
Y-5'<) 8-IN31
rawahyf:9I only made it li'e this cuD it got boring+
Boobmeister:/ello&&& someone's loud and opinionated&&&
Ili'e0moveit:9I do not find the getting frea'y parts amusing+
SimulationNation:4I told you S-*IA! A8KAN*)S&4