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Q&A Mr Singh 25 Jun to 18 Apr 2010

Searching For My Guru

Q: I have become aware that Gobind Singh Ji was my Guru in a past life. I have been
searching for the right path and am very much drawn to Sikhism and to Naam. I have
been initiated into Radhaswami but it doesn't feel right. ut even listening to Snatam
!aur's music" I have had beautiful e#periences. So I would ask you if you are the Guru I
have been looking for" and is this the $ath I should take.
A: %irst of all may God less you. &ukam has delivered you to this sangat" as hukam
derives every situation including your e#periences of the Radhaswami sangat. 'ou may
feel lost but this is all an on going process of self discovery( you are learning by
e#perience )Gyan* which is a blessing for your bhagti )Gurparsaad* to evolve and
flourish. +nd now &ukam )will of God* has derived you here.
'ou asked if we are your spiritual Guru. Read through the website and tell us if you
recognise the $uran Sat )complete pious truth*.
,o establish self to the path you must be able to ,rust the $uran Sat speaker -../ )-/
doubt is still doubt*.
,an(0an(1han )body" mind" wealth* must be surrendered to truly discover the vision
behind our words.
,his path is full of many tests" you are now facing such a test" a very important test.
2e are 3ust slaves" here to serve another with the ,ruth" if you accept us at your feet we
are more than happy to serve you.
&ave a good read and tell us what your intuition says"
God bless you with Satnaam Simran" Naam !i Seva and eautiful andgi.
'our rother 4 Slave.
A: ,hank you for your reply. I recognise the ,ruth in these writings as I have been
studying the 5ight and Sound ,eachings for many years.
Q: I had a spontaneous raising of the !undalini until I stopped it" as I did not know what
would happen. Should this happen again" do I let it continue all the way up6
A: 'es. 'ou should never fear )Nibhoa* for the body needs to evolve within. 'ou was
born in the scum of 0aya" your body only knows 0aya hence it needs to shift( many
ad3ustments have to be made within for the Radiance of 5ight to take its greatest Glow.
5et the energies flourish" welcome them" they are for your betterment" they will shift to
become vibrations overtime )don't worry all is a correction process*.
Q: 2hilst listening to Snatam's !aur's music last year" I felt the presence of Gobind
Singh 3i in front of me which brought much love and tears.
A: 'ou received very beautiful 1arshans" count your blessings" only one in -.'s of
millions receive the glimpse of ,ruth that you have seen. +ccept us at your feet" your
bhagti can only be ,ruth.
Q: I do trust that by sharing some of my e#periences of the 1ivine that it will not be a
disservice to myself. I do so only to e#press the wondrous nature of the 1ivine and what
&e has given me thus far.
A: 'ou told us of ,ruth 7#periences" there is no folly in forwarding your spiritual
education" only ,ruth reigns Supreme. 7#periences are our gifts" use them to educate
Self" to inspire self to go further. Go further only to Glorify the ,ruth witnessed and never
to Glorify Self. 'ou are on the right track" we are with you. 'ou have been recogni8ed
by ,ruth.
Surrendering Competey
Q: &ave been realising more about surrendering and how much we are still holding
back" but at least we are aware and becoming aware of it. It is 9uite a scary thing to
completely let go and trust only in Satguru 3i" but even realising the problem within
means we can start praying to let go completely and fall into the ocean of Satgur 3i's feet.
A: Scary thing to trust a Guru" -/ doubt is doubt. :ontinue your Seva and continue the
Simran" all will happen in due process.
Q: 2hy don;t people accept the simple truth6
A: ,he problem is the young minds only want to hear the perfect one liner" rather than
recogni8ing the simple truth. ,he topics may come across repeating themselves" they
prefer to rebel than accept" in this rebellion is e#citement" to 3ust accept is too simple" too
plain. ,his is how 5ow the 0aya takes you into its scum.
!o"e And #eation$hip$
Q: +unty Ji has never had any love in her life" been abused physically )violence rather
than se#ual I think* and mentally. She is getting 9uite ill now and been praying to die. It
made her family 9uite sad" please pray for her" to send her love.
A: +unti Ji has our love" may her suffering be gifted to us.
Q: I;m deeply in love with a Sikh boy . 2e both love each other a lot. ,he only problem
is that he is a Sikh and I am a Sindhi and his parents would not agree for our marriage in
future. $lease suggest me some pray or something that could work.
A: 2e are speakers of $uran Sat( )$ious :omplete ,ruth*" we are here to educate ,ruth
to evolve the mind of the :hild God to overcome the false of 0aya and return back to the
'ou wrote The only problem is that he is a Sikh and im a Sindhi.
,he problem is the title difference between two hirdas" we were created with no color nor
shape" we are a mass of Infinite Nothingness" placed into body's to overcome the tests of
0aya and reali8e the ,ruth in all its Glory.
,hese titles of faith is the 0aya" the hagats<Saints<$rophets come to glorify ,ruth" they
do not come to sell ideals of separation.
2hatever message gifted by such Super(eings is changed overtime by 0an )poor
interpretations by $riests" $oliticians" Scholars" 2orldly !nowledge*. 'our Skin may be
black" brown or white. 'our religion may be :hristianity" Islam or &induism" regardless
there is only one ,ruth" all was created out of =ne ,ruth.
+ll that happens in life is our !aram" our !aram is ,ruth and to Glorify ,ruth we accept
all !aram as perfect regardless the highs and lows.
=ur advice for you is to educate this very ,ruth to your family and the boy with whom
you have a relationship" living life in fear holds no merit.
,here is no need for foolishness" all is $erfect all is &ukam" discover the $eace and
discover the ,ruth in every moment.
God less you with Satnaam Simran" Naam !i Seva" 4 eautiful andgi" God less
your family with Nirvair )Ik 1risht ( Single vision to recogni8e the perfect e9uality and
harmony" to witness God in every Roop )form*.
Fa$ene$$ o% Maya
Q: ,he Guru 0asters took up swords when the ill(minded people didn;t stop their
merciless ways. 2hat has happened now6 &alf of the Sikhs I see are lost. 5ost in
money" women" drugs" alcohol and so on. + few good ones are lost in Simran. ut" who
then will rise to make us into better humans" 3ust as our Guru Gobind Singh Ji was6 2ho
will fight against the atrocities6
A: 'ou are going through a stage of awareness of the false of 0aya" but you are also lost
in your own worldly knowledge. 'ou need to recogni8e that all is a process of the
moment. >nderstand that as dire the situation has become in the world" all is in perfect
harmony to what the world deserves. &ukam calls on all the rahmgyani's to remain
compliant to the &ukam and keep delivering the $uran Sat until &e )God* decides to shift
the approach of delivering ,ruth.
Q: + sikh colleague of mine went to the >! and lived a playboy lifestyle. &e came back
a few weeks ago and I talked to him for a while in e#plicit details about his se#ual
encounters. I came back home and spent the whole day with lust caught up on my mind.
I se#ualised almost every woman in my mind while going to sleep" even with
?waheguru@ on my lips. In my dreams too I was 3ust lost in se#. I didn;t say I am good.
I have been very evil and I still am. eing evil is being 0anmukh.
A: ,here are many negative forces around you and your playboy colleague. 0uch
weight is upon you both. ,hat is why you have come to detest society. 2hat you detest
about society is correct" you detest the falsehood. So you have started realising the ,ruth
( this is Gurparsaadi awareness. &owever" you must also rise above the falsehood you
detest by not lowering yourself" please give up your worldly wisdom for the ,rue
2isdom of Gyan. ,his will be earned through the medicine of Naam" Naam !i Seva and
andgi )Salutations of God through all actions*.
5ive ,ruth" Speak ,ruth" Serve ,ruth" 1eliver ,ruth" 1ie ,ruth.
rahmgyan is a gift from beyond. 'our whole mind set must evolve before you can earn
the Gurparsaad )7ternal lessings*.
Step$ For Spiritua &rogre$$
Q: $lease pray for my spiritual progress and divine blessings.
A: God less you Ji" you have our blessings. ,o receive the education of $uran Sat is a
S,7$ -A $lease read up on the B vices. ,hen make a list of yourself failing to these vices
from actions committed during the dayA

wanting to make more money )greed*"
not wanting to let go )attachment*"
not happy with outcome of a B.<B. situation )not accepting hukam( ego<pride*"
thinking se#ual thoughts or to lust )desire*.
0ake such a list and recogni8e the Inade9uacies of Self" to accept our folly is a great
reali8ation )Gurparsaad*" it shows how entwined we are with 0aya.
S,7$ CA $lease take this education seriously" if you feel you don't need to do this then our
voice as a $uran Sat speaker is worthless and you hold no ,rust for us.
S,7$ DA 7radicate 7go by facing and recogni8ing it" only then can you overcome it.
,he Simple $ious &umble eings are the eloved =nes(
7ehaa !a Neech 1argah !ah =ochA
the one who remains lowest of the low on this plain is regarded highly in 1argah.
,hat is where the importance is ,ruth )1argah*( reali8e this world is only a !hel of 0aya
)play of illusion* ( a test world" to configure the ,ruth over the 0aya and to merge back
into the source.
a* Go to the Gurudwara and do 1andouth andhnaat at the feet of 1han 1han Guru
Granth Sahib Ji )lay flat as a stick* rather than 3ust bowing on your knees. 5et the Sangat
see the ,ruth seeker fight his 7go at the :harans of ,ruth. If you feel awkward then
laugh" for the 7go planted within your being is fighting you. It is all self(created Gifted
by the %alse Society" as that is what 0aya does( it gifts false" shame" pride" ego"
attachment" desire" lust.
b* 1o Seva of the Sangat" become a Slave to the 2orld.
c* &ave no enemy" love all and accept all" even those who have betrayed you. 2hy6
ecause whatever happens in life is a Service of !aram. +nd !aram is your Gift for we
reap what we sow" nothing happens without &ukam" nothing e#ists without &ukam.
+ll is $erfect( +ll is alanced( +ll is Justified.
+ll we can do as slaves is accept" Joh ,era &ukam" Joh ,era &ukam" Joh ,era &ukam
S,7$ E A ,ake Naam Simran to new heights" Jaap in Surat )mind*A
?Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam
Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam
Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Sada Sada Satnaam@
It is the perfect medicine" repeat it and earn the Gurparsaad. Repeat it to Glorify the
,ruth" for the Sake of ,ruth )and not Self( for that is 7go*
=ver time the Naam opens the a33ar !appats" +mrit will be created within the body" the
&irda will be illuminated" the ,ruth will be recogni8ed in all its Glory )Nirvair will be
earned*. +ccept 'u(am and you will become %earless )Nirbhoa*.
S,7$ BA ,ake to +rdaas and make it your confession" we mean this literally make it your
own" seek only to Glorify ,ruth and pray to become the 5owest of the 5ow and the 0ost
,o be the $erfect Slave how can God ignore you6 &e can't" all is Justified and all is
accounted for.
God less you with Satnaam Simran" Naam !i Seva and the Greatest andgi.
Q: I tried to find more information about you )aba Ji 4 Sangat* but it seems there are
lots of people who disagree. Nowadays" no one is very happy to see one progress on
spirirutal path ( however none of the negativity about can change my mind. I found peace
after reading your webpages and found the answer.
A: ,rue there are many Nindaks )slanderers*" do not worry all is &ukam. It is &ukam that
derives the deserved' to the ,ruth. 'our intuition leads you to carry on accepting the
$uran Sat regardless of what Society speaks( this is Gurparsaad )earned blessings of the
deserved'*. 'ou may feel you haven;t done much in this life to 3ustify Gurparsaad" but
you must have done something right in order to accumulate the blessing of a %ree 0ind(
to recognise the value of $uran Sat.

+ll is Justified" +ll is $erfect" +ll is &ukam

So count your blessings.
Can you Gi"e me )aam*
Q: I was wondering if you would be able to offer naam to me to recite every morning. I
would like to progress in simran and e#perience the total stillness and smadhi. 0aybe I
am being childish. I am D. yrs old and feel the need for it. $lease help.
A: :hildish6 No this is your irthright. +sk for nothing" seek only to glorify the ,ruth
behind the intuition within to discover the rahmgyan. 2e will guide you every step of
the way" remember it is a path for the deserved'" earn the ,ruth by committing to ,ruth" (
Speak ,ruth
reath ,ruth
See ,ruth
&ear ,ruth
5ive ,ruth
Serve ,ruth
7ducate ,ruth
1ie ,ruth
God less 'ou with ?Satnaam@ Simran" Naam !i Seva and the Greatest andgi.
Spiritua +,perience$
Q: 1id you have any personal e#periences6
A: Gyan )earned wisdom derived from the nothingne$$* is the e#perience of ,ruth only
recogni8ed by the rahmgyani. &owever" to understand what we see to its core" you
must take to ,ruth with ,an(0an(1han( complete Surrender" then all will happen in due
:lick here to grasp the e#tent of our visionA
-e$t .ime %or Simran
Q: Some people I consulted about the timings if the simran said that its best at Dam. I
would like to know your thoughts on this. =ne of my +unts told me that its not good to
chant the simran at -am because all evil people follow their rituals around this time.
A: ,he problem with modern day society is they urge to gift there opinions on topics
they cannot even apprehend. 2hat is evil6 ( +ll is God" all is &ukam" the story of !aram
is his writings" the &ighs and 1ownfalls of life are all 3ustified.
2e deserve our suffering )1ukh* ( we deserve our peace )Sukh*. No $ower is beyond
,ruth" all image of $ower is derived of ,ruth" only ,ruth remains( it is infinite.
Simran can be done any time of the day" the most affective time is -am" try to continue
the simran for C.Bhrs minimum if you can )it takes this long for the inner voice to reach
1argah*" Jaap in Surat )within*.
2hatever society is feeding you on this topic is not $uran Sat and therefore can only be
2orldy !nowledge.
Q: ,hank you very much for your kind reply. I en3oyed reading it and would like to
know that what I should chant6 Should it be FSatnaamF or F2aheguruF or 0ool 0antra6
I lead a very hectic lifestyle and am wondering if I would be able to start the simran at
-am and continue for C.B hrs6 2hat other options do I have6 Should I shower
beforehand6 $lease help. $.S. I am very happy to receive a kind and honest reply (
appreciate it.
A: ,his is a &ouse of Service" we are not here to dictate ( we e#ist for Selfless Service to
gift another with the $uran Sat" the very $uran Sat that God discovered when reali8ing
Self )long before the thought of the :reation came to light*.

+ll the education given is derived Gurparsaad" it is Gyan reali8ed out of +bsolute
Nothingness blessed within the &irda from the 1eep Sleep of Smadhi" our new found
education is then taken from the hirda and gifted in language (as you see on the website
)through the Gyan of 1assan 1as Ji* and as we write to you now. ,he tragedy of the story
is that language can only educate to an e#tent" to #ecogni/e the 0i$ion behind our words
will be something you have to earn.

'ou may live a %ast $aced 5ife but we all work" commit to Simran and do Seva. 2e
accept it can be a shock to the system ( remember as long as ,ruth is gifting the shock it
can only be a good shock.
,he 0asters of this modern(age educate the Sangat of ,ruth Glorifiers to take rest much
earlier )tv shows are not that important* to then set there alarm clocks for -C.D.am.

,he ody you wear has been designed by God to remain prominent while in ,ruth( Great
Great engineering. ,he body is able to sustain many hundreds of years of life in great
health" and in the Sat 'ug )first age of man* it did 3ust that.
ut A A$ the mind o% Society $hi%ted the Con$ciou$ne$$ o% Man $hi%ted" worldly
knowledge took over" God became an entity of %alse.
Now in the fourth age of 0an" we the 0an are dictators of our =ne 0an Religions fueled
by 7go" Greed" 5ust" +ttachment" $ride and +nger. Sat 'ug ),ruth +ge* has shifted to !al
'ug and the 0aya )illusion* has taken Ra3.
,hey will bow to the !ing or even the :elebrity in courtesy but they will feel ashamed to
bow and even worse acknowledge the God G2elcome to the !al 'ug.

2hen one takes to Naam Simran" the hold of 0aya is tested and broken down overtime"
the ones who absorb into the ,ruth" lose all sight of sleep" to never re9uire sleep again" to
never re9uire re9uirements again. ( +s we said the body is gifted to do so much.
efore stopping the race at the first &urdle" an attempt must be made" how else can our
words be proven through e#perience.

?Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam
Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Sada Sada Satnaam@

,he %ormless =ne made it clear to the 0asters before us that he has no name" but if ever
to be named it would be Satnaam ),ruth is his Name*. Naam Simran is more than 3ust a
recitation" it is the foundation of =N7 to state here I stand and now we are to move
forward as &ukam commands )towards the light*.
ut you cannot see the light for your eyes are closed in the weight of 0aya" and the air is
covered with black clouds. So you remain persistent" you continue" and continue" the
Naam is the medicine" it makes you stronger" it feeds strength to your vision" to your
body" it detaches you from the 1arkness of %alse and your eyes open to witness all the
darkness around you" you see the true color of 0aya )reali8ation*.
+ pin hole of light is seen through the dark cloud" you walk towards it for this is the way
forward" the way of $uran Sat" as you e#cel the path" your wisdom becomes ,ruth
2isdom unto the point where you reali8e false to such an e#tent that you can overcome it
as if the &ukam was your own )for you have now merged with the ,ruth*" you choose for
the cloud to disappear and it disappears to find you are at the end of the $ath and the
0aster )God* a source of $ure Gold awaiting to &ug his ,ruth Seeker home

,he value of Naam is beyond comprehension" surrender to it and discover it" the Gyan is
infinite" only the rahmgyani can grasp the great depth of the ,ruth Hision.

+s we have said Simran can be done anytime of the day" the service of ,ruth is accounted
for regardless of the time or action" but the gift of +mrit Hela )-am* enhances the prayer
)and the effort* a million times literally. ,here is Gyan behind this" again it has to be
e#perienced" all you can do for the moment is Surrender to the ,ruth.

'es C.Bhrs" some of us do it everyday" some of us do it pre(planned on the night before a
day off from work regardless we educate the Sangat to take to the discovery of ,ruth
while they have the chance. No =ne has promised you access to the ,ruth in your ne#t
Janam that is if you are to be born &uman" so we focus on the $rocess of the 0oment (
we glorify each and every 0oment with ,ruth.
,hey come and ask for God" we ask for C.Bhrs( they say I'll call you back. )we cannot
help but laugh*.

:onsider your recitation of ,ruth emitting light and traveling at speed" traveling past
many !hands( 1haram !hand" Gyan !hand" Saram !hand" !aram !hand" Sach !hand
the 3ourney takes C.Bhrs to reach the destination of 1argah )the :ourt of God*.
=n arrival we continue for even longer and shout the ,ruth" awaking the hagats from
their deep bliss to see who this intruder is( an intruder he maybe" but he has earned his
way through dedication and earned blessings" they can only bow and bless you" for they
recogni8e that we share the very love that they 7#perience in the $resence of ,ruth. =ur
stories maybe uni9ue but we are the same" and the songs of love we sing are shared to
such precision our hearts beat in unison.
2e can only gift the education" it is up to you to act on it.

2ater is a universal element" it e#ists across the -E realms" as it washes the mud from the
skin it also washes the weight of negativity. ,o shower before doing simran would only
be of benefit.

,o Glorify ,ruth" we must accept that we are less than ade9uate for the ,ruth" and is that
is why we take to +rdaas" it is our confession to the ,ruth )God* that we accept we are
worthless and lost in the false of 0aya" and now call upon God as we now recogni8e him
to help us kindly )as his &ukam chooses* to deliver us from 0aya back to the ,ruth

+rdaasA click here( make it your own confession. %or you are lost in 0aya" you are of
!am !rodh 5obh 0oh and +hankaar. If you wasn't then you would be in 1argah with
the other rahmgyanis deep in the 7li#ir of ,ruth.

,he !ushi you feel from reading our words" is the recognition of $uran Sat( the
e#periences go way beyond this.

Go and discover them.

God less you with Satnaam Simran" Naam !i Seva and the Greatest andgi
+go and !u$t
Q: 'ou have shared so much divine wisdom with us over the last I months. 2e are very
thankful" but last weekend we ended up masturbating for no reason really. +nd we also
went to sangat and wanted people to praise us. 2e struggle to get up early and sit for
long hours and are still attracted to our favourite ,H programs and other tastes and
cravings. $lease advise us.
A: 2hat can we advise you" please educate us6
'ou asked for guidance 4 we gave you $uran Sat ( the very divine super power that has
gifted us with Infinite $ower and Gyan of such a depth. It will never make sense through
words alone" it must be e#perienced. ,hrough 7#periencing ,ruth Gyan is reali8ed.
2hy ask for guidance when you seek not to follow it6
2e can do nothing but gift the $uran Sat" but you do not surrender" JJ/ of you do not
listen to it" JJ/ of you do not acknowledge it.
2hat magic do you seek to transform you to become of rahmgyan.
'ou ask for education" then take itA
5ive ,ruth"
Speak ,ruth"
See ,ruth"
:ommit ,ruth +ctions"
%ocus on ,ruth"
Recogni8e ,ruth"
Serve ,ruth"
1eliver ,ruth"
%ight for ,ruth"
Gift ,ruth"
1ie ,ruth.
,o surrender to such a level" can only mean the &irda has evolved to ,ruthG 0erged as
,ruth" earning ,ruth through perfect actions.
$lease do not respond with" ?yes Guru $yare Jee you are right.@
If you accept the words we have given" then prove it in action" Glorify ,ruth for ,ruths
Sake and not self.
God less you.
God and Guru
Q: 2ho is God6 2ho is the Guru6
A: 2ho6
God is the 7ver($revailing ,ruth.
7ver($revailing because no matter the outcome it is ,ruth derived.
+ll is ,ruth derived for all is derived from the ,ruth Source.
,he ,ruth is =mnipresent" it is all around( everywhere" in everything and everyone.
Nothing e#ists on their own $eril" no action is committed purely on the whim.
,he ,ruth is running through the whole system and is the fuel to the whole system. If the
,ruth ceases then we all end.
=n Reali8ing SelfA ,he 0ass of No $roportion and Infinite :apacity discovered a Gyan
of Infinite 1imensions.
&is recognitionA F I am ,ruthF" it wasn't spoken for there was no tongue" it wasn't heard
for there was no sound" it wasn't seen for there was no vision" it was recogni8ed within.
,he God whoever men claim him to be" is a Self Reali8ed eing of Intellect that is
beyond any description" even beyond any of the words we have given. 1iscovering Self
from nothingness was a process that took DI ages )-..s of millions of years*" on
discovering the 1ivine did the &ukam )command* derive for the ,ruth )reali8ed* to be
Served to another.
+nd the :reation took irth within an instant. illions of images of God )&irdas* were
sent to climb the life forms" to reach the height of 0an" for then they may begin the
search of Self 1iscovery. ,o 1iscover ,ruth in all its Glory" those who do earn such
blessings reach the State of rahmgyan( +tal +wastha. ),hat =ne is known as the
rahmGyani K the Guru*.
Q: God never gives pain or sorrow to any of the living beings.
A: Read what we 3ust wrote about that God is everything" therefore he is also every
derived situation. 'our words are that of 2orldly !nowledge. ,his System is a ,est
System" you are blessed to discover the unimaginable in a millionth of the time that God
did. ,he catch isL you must face the !hel of 0aya to prove worth of the blessings in such
a short time frame.
,he System is running $erfectly" even when it appears to be falling apart" whatever
happens is deserved and is 3ustified. &ukam derives the !aram derived by !arni. God is
,ruth" God is $erfect hence ,ruth is $erfect" hence &ukam is $erfect" hence !aram is
If you feel our words are beyond you" that is only because you haven't grasped our Hision
)Gurparsaad*. So go and grasp it" and earn the rahmgyan. 1iscover the ,ruth of God"
call on the ,ruth Name( S+,N++0 to discover the reality.
If you have been taught his name to be different then call on him in whatever tongue you
are comfortable with" regardless Search to 1iscover the ,ruth of God.
God less you with Satnaam Simran" Naam !i Seva 4 andgi
1andering Mind
Q: 2hen we are not doing simran our mind is all over the place" then fills us with
thoughts of being unfulfilled at work" being far from God and basically makes us feel
crap" so we feel like giving up and without realising slip away from doing even ardas for
God to save us. 2e slip back into the dark well and unwittingly accept that we will never
get out" even though now and again we scale the slippery walls of the mind" get a glimpse
of the 5ight and feel our forehead buried in guru 3i's feet.
A: 7very second is an accounted process of bhagti" use your seconds wisely while you
remain in awareness. JJ/ of the ,ruth Seekers don't surrender. 0any believe they have
surrendered" where actually they have lowered title of self to their o2n com%ort e"e$. (
1e 2a$ once i(e thi$" we had grasped the meaning of surrender" the simple reali8ation
of the $erfect &ukam evolved our thinking to actually commit the .rue Surrender.
'ou have finally awoken from the 1eep Sleep of being 5ost in the 2orld of Self. ,he
negativity you speak of is our own creation of how we choose to see the !aram. 1o we
see the 1ukh or the Sukh6 Just accept the Gyan as ,ruth from the depth of your being and
the Surrender will become ,ruth.
2hen the Surrender becomes ,ruth" we become ,ruth" when we become ,ruth we can
recogni8e all that is not )&igh State of +wareness( Gurparsaad*.
God less you with the Greatest Surrender
-ac( Magic
Q: I have read your articles and started to ask Guru 3i for forgiveness for my bad deeds.
0y e#(wife;s aunt is doing kala 3adu )black magic* on me" but she is also +mritdaree
)initiated*. I am also +mritdaree. ut" the aunt is still doing kala 3adu on me today and I
had a heart attack in June last year. Someone told my wife in the market" that my e#(wife
and her aunt dont want me to live in peace and I will have another heart(attack due to
their black magic. aba 3i" I do my Naam Simran every day. ,oday I asked God to give
them pain them. 1id I do the right thing6 $lease guide me.
A: 2hen a person takes on Naam Simran more than 3ust a simple transaction of repeating
the ,ruth Name has taken place. 2hoever the being is they should make note of how
blessed they are. It is a gift K it is Gurparsaad )blessed from the higher power*. Recognise
your blessing" yes Naam Simran is available to all" but to take on the Simran is a different
thing altogether.

)aam Simran i$ the Greate$t o% a Sha$tar$ 32eapon$45 =ne who is in the ,ruth is
beyond 1arkness of 0aya . =ur advice to you is to take your Seva of his Name and
recognise it in every walk of life" every action you witness )be it positive or negative*. K
ecause God is every action.

+ll the :reation and it;s life forces are in andgi of Glorify God" all you see" hear" feel"
e#perience is a derivative of &ukam. e it the birds singing their morning song" the
fumes from a car e#haust damaging your lungs" e"en the 6ac( magic done 6y the %oo$.

,he $erfect Just System is acting in $erfect Just alance" all happens as &ukam
commands" nothing goes un3ustified" no(one is beyond the &ukam. 2e reap what we sow.

'ou are already on the right track Ji" you recognise ,ruth in the $uran Sat spoken by the
rahmgyani. 'ou asked for forgiveness( 'ou are forgiven Ji" 3ust like that" it is done. ut
the !arni has to be repaid. Seva of ,ruth" Glorifying ,ruth" Naam Simran will assist the
repayment" the greater the Selfless Seva the sooner the debt is cleared.

1on;t 3ust stop there go further and recognise his &ukam is in play" after all this is
Gurparsaadi !hel.

'our e#periences are your own" the law of &ukam has derived your !aram by the perfect
assessment of your !arni.

2e see your 1ukh" as hard as the Slaps of ,ruth may come please" please" please
recognise &e )God* is doing it for your benefit.

1ukh 1aro Sukh Rog haaiaa K out of your gifted pain only betterment derives Ji" the
Gurbani reign;s ,ruth.

If you feel upset reading such words please don;t" only the 7go is in pain( this pain is the
hold of 0aya on your being showing its colors.

Rise above the false of this !hand" your prayers of giving pain to those who have hurt
you is not a good deed. ,he fools who live to harm others )your e#(wifes aunt* will face
their !arni. Nothing goes unrecognised" you have no need to worry about them" only the
Sat remains ,rue( all else fails.
,o e#perience the gift of Naam" recognise the currency of repeating his name alone does
not bring salvation" you have to assist the &irda to evolveA

M 5ive ,ruth +ctions
M Speak ,ruthful 2ords
M Serve ,ruth to =thers
M Give ,an 0an 4 1han at the feet of ,ruth
M 5ive in the :ompliance of &ukam
M Recognise ,ruth in all K Nirvair )Single Hisioned* K God is the Sinner" he is the Saint"
he is the disease" he is the medicine"
M 5ive %earless )overcome the 0aya !am" !rodh" 5obh" 0oh 4 +hankaar and the fear
will die with it" no more attachments" no more wants" no more needs*

'ou have been blessed the aptisim to 5ive in the ,ruth" to be a giver of +mrit. 1earest
rother become ,ruth and the +mrit will overflow from within. 'ou will literally witness
this e#perienceL on becoming ,ruth you will then have ,ruth to your status of
+mritdharee )holder of +mrit<1ivinity*.

2hatever the person in the market said should be forgotten. Never dwell on mistakes of
the past and do not look to what the future holds" they are not important" focus on the
present" take advantage of this very moment" use the seconds you have to solve and
become ,ruth.

,hat person who spoke their own prophecy will face their deeds also" no 0an has Ra3
over this !hel" God alone is the supreme all is derived via his &ukam.

:lean your &irda and ody with the Simran" bless your wife with the $uran Sat we have
given to you. 7ven we )0r Singh* had to face the 1ark 0agic" our love of discovering
,ruth was no match for the black ghosts. 2e forgive them and blessed them 0ukti. 1e
are proo% o% )aam Simran 6eing the Greate$t Sha$tar5

Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam
Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam
Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Sada Sada Satnaam.

Surrender to the ,ruth and you will become ,ruth Ji" your views will evolve" you will
only see good in every action. 2e pray you take advantage of this conversation.
Q: ,hank you for your sweet reply. I have taken on board what you said and I try each
day to do my simran" ?Satnaam Satnaam@ even when I am walking or sitting at work.
ut I have one more 9uestion. +ll my life I have lived in fear of God. I met sants who
came to our house as I was growing up. I have always asked them for Naam. +ll of them
used to say you are blessed and hold up there palm to give their blessing. I seved a Sant
from Guru Nanak Ji;s own lineage for -.(-D years with money" but I feel that they have
moved along to the ne#t person. ,his has happened to me a few time. 2hichever Sant 3i
I turn to doesnt move my hagti forward" but they are interested in worldly goods.
$lease forgive me as I have lived all my life in fear of God and know that death is true.
$lease help me. =nly God knows ones time of death. Its &is hukam. I am geting older. I
am 3ust seeking Guru 3i;s blessing.
A: %rom childhood we were also taught to fear God" however it was worldly knowledge
passed on from the 0anmukhs. 2e confessed this to the Satguru and he awoke us and
told us that this idea is false.
,he $uran Sat is Nirbhoa )%earless* 4 Nirvair )Ik 1risht( Single Hision( sees all as
$erfect and 79ual*. ,he Super 1ivine Nuality for us is to be as %earless as our 5ord God.
2hich is taught to us through &is description of 9ualities through the 0ool 0antra.
'ou are a &irda" an image of God" designed with all the Super $owers to reali8e the
rahmgyan. 7verything is 3ustified and everything is perfect. If we get beaten up
tomorrow" 3ust accept it and say" ?Joh ,era &ukam K whatever is 'our &ukam.@ +nd if
we get knocked down again ?Joh ,era &ukam.@ +nd we get knocked down again" ?Joh
,era &ukam.@

,he one who recogni8es the )Hision* ,ruth in &ukam" also recogni8es the ,ruth in
!aram" further recogni8es the ,ruth in all. ,hen that one becomes Nirvair )ik drisht*" and
is also automatically Nirbhoa )%earless*. %or they are compliant in the 5ove of &ukam
no matter how hard the Slap of !aram is( for !aram is ,ruth.
+lways remember &ukam is ,ruth. &ukam is 5ove. No matter how deep the temporary
pain is" ?1ukh 1aro Sukh Rog haaiaa.@
,he 1ukh is the medicine Ji" for Sukh derives as !aram is cleaned" and you may continue
the path of receiving the rahmgyan through the &irda
It is great to see the $uran Sat being put into practice. God less you with greatest hagti
)devotion*" Naam Simran and the most beautiful andgi.
2e are at your feet" we are the feet of the entire creation" please accept us at your feet.
2here one is in the discovery of ,ruth we feel we must bow to the ,ruth that is reaching
out from them.
God less 'ou" God less 'our 2ife" God less 'our %amily 4 God less all those who
come into contact with you.
1or(ing )ight$hi%t
Q: I wrote to you before. %irst i like to thank you for the advice. aba 3i i work nights i
start work at I...pm till .B...am with a EBmin break can please tell me do i still get the
full gain off naam simran if i only say satnaam as i work i am a recovery vechile driver
) &GH* i recover cars that are broken down some time i have people with me. :an you
also tell how is my naam simran going .
A: %ear not &arpal Ji )Nirbhoa*" God's sight is Just )Nirvair*" he is aware of your !aram"
he is the one who gifted<blessed it to you after all. Just do the Simran in your &irda" at all
times" whenever you are able to do it.
7verything is accounted for" never feel you have an unfair deal" it is beautiful" the
&ukam" the !aram" the Seva" 3ust keep blossoming" keep earning" and the evolution of
the &irda will begin. +ll occurs in due deserved process" keep earning the Naam and will
7i !ea(8 Gu% o% Me,ico
Q: :ould you please comment on the situation with the oil spill in +merica. I read
regarding the amrit e#perience from Niagara %alls and also the ocean" which is why it
intrigued me. :ould N++0 Simran" heal the leak6 $erhaps this is a test of Guru Ji" for
his beloved FdiciplesF to intuitively read the message behind the incident6
A: ,he &ukam was reali8ed in the creation" the !aram was reali8ed in the creation" the
!arni was reali8ed in the creation.
Regardless of &is Great Sight of Gyan that gifts the vision of the future" the System must
run to the process of the deserved moment. ,he agenda and law of ,ruth has been
configured )to serve truth to another*" the Reali8ed =ne )G=1* watches in comfort of
Seha3 +wastha )the unbreakable state*( his emotion is of infinite love )no passion" no
desire" no action on the whim*.
2hen the world is gifted 1ukh or Sukh" it is derived from the Sight of =ne 5ove
)Nirvair*" all to gift your betterment.
2e Reap what we Sow" there is a link between the following souls who are affected by
the =il Spill (the =ligarch" the beach restaurant owners" the sea life" plant life or wild life
)no matter their forms" they all carry a &irda*. ,he intelligence of his Gyan is beyond
ama8ing" no word holds any parallel to his wisdom( we are born into specific
surroundings to face our !arni )1eeds*.
,he 2orld is in the !al 'ug at the present" the !al 'ug has gone into the 0aha !al )the
great depression*" don't feel too upset" to derive the balance Sants and hagats are being
sent from the eyond as the ne#t generation to re(distribute the truth" to evolve the
thinking )hence we can only go up*. ut all will happen as it is due )deserved*" it may
take some time yet.
,he 5ord watches in Seha3 Smadhi unaffected" he has done everything for us" and he will
never stop loving us" but the law remains" we reap what sow" so we have to earn the Sat
,he evolution of truth will derive us back to the Sat 'ug ),ruth +ge* ( this evolution we
speak of is of the mind and we all are aware it won't happen in one night.
Q: $lease also advise what are your thoughts on keeping hair and cutting hair6 Guru
Gobind Singh mentions something about every hair on your body is numbered" what
views do you have on this topic6
A: &aving a haircut does not prevent you from meeting God" many sants and bhagats
have been and gone( before and after the Gurus" )all from different backgrounds" races"
religions*. ,he huddists shave their heads" and many have found enlightenment" the
&indus depending on sect have varied hair style choices including 0uslims.
0aster 1assan 1ass Ji and many others have untouched hair in the Sangat" while there
are 3ust as many people with cut hair" regardless all are recogni8ed e9ually" treated
e9ually" loved e9ually" and they share e9ual opportunity to discover truth.
,here is no uniform to ,ruth" that becomes ahankaar )7G=*" God is every color" every
shape 4 form.
Nothing more needs to be said.
Meeting 9n &er$on
Q: =n a personal note" when can we come and visit you in person6
A: ,he answer to your 9uestion isL when hukam derives. 2e are not hiding from you" we
are comfortable" &ukam )!aram* lives in every aspect of the !hel.
'ou can learn 3ust as much from us through emails" or phone if you wish" but you need to
apply the Gyan gifted.
=therwise what are we doing if we are not applying6 2e will let you answer that
:eci$ion Ma(ing
Q: &ow would a Gurmukh go about to make decisions in their life however trivial or life(
A: ,he mindset is key" have you surrendered to &ukam" if you have then no thought need
be made. Just live the andgi in your decision" glorify him K never your desire.
Sabh kuch tera kuch nahin mera"
7H7R',&ING IS '=>RS" N=,&ING IS 0IN7

&amre kite kichu naa howe 3i kare karawe ape aap 3i.
N=,&ING I 1= &+$$7NS" 2&+,7H7R '=> 1= :=07S ,= $+SS

Jo tudh bhawe sohi bhali kaar"
2&+,7H7R $57+S7S '=> IS + 2=N17R%>5 ,&ING

Jive 3iv hukum teve tiv kaar
=N5' '=>R &>!+0 &+$$7NS
Con%u$ed a6out $piritua e,perience
Q: I hope you and your sangat are well.

A: +ll is well" all is beautiful" all is in harmony" all is 3ustified" all is truth.

Q: I have a 9uestion about Simran that is very close to my heart. I have been practicing
!undalini 'oga as taught by 'ogi ha3an" and breath awareness meditation" fairly
regularly for over seven years. I have no merit" but God has blessed me to answer my
prayer. I was practicing silent meditation when one day" after meditation" I spontaneously
left my body. I asked for protection" and immediately I began to hear FGod 5ight +ngelsF
repeat over and over in the ethers.

A: Sabh !uch ,era !uch Nahin 0era( everything is yours nothing is mine

'ou earned the Gurparsaad to receive this e#perience" these blessings derive through the
&irda ),rue &eart* from the Nothingness of ,ruth.

Q: + few days later I was meditating on F2ahe Guru"F repeating it in my mind" when
above my normal consciousness I again began to hear FGod 5ight +ngelsF repeat
alongside the Simran. I do not know what to do. ,his e#perience has confused me.
Should I practice Simran on FGod 5ight +ngels"F or on FSat NaamF or on FSat Naam
2ahe GuruF6 =r is any name of God sufficient6

A: 2aheguru" hagwan" +llah" !udaah are 3ust a few names" it is not about chasing a
name" it is about chasing the ,ruth behind the name. ,hat is the focus of hagti" that
should remain the only focus in hagti( to discover truth" to serve truth" to glorify truth
for truths sake and never our own. In the height of ,ruth" the ever evolving hagats"
took the Gurparsaad as they deserved it" he took his hagat Nanak to 1argah )&is :ourt*.
,here he gifted him to continue the Jaap taking the name Satnaam K truth is his name.
,he discovery is beyond name.

,he God is of no form" the God derived from nothingness" from reali8ing self as an
entity" the discovery became of self" DI ages into the hagti )-..;s of million of years*"
his 3ourney of self discovery grew beyond any measure )infinite*" he reali8ed self as
,ruth. 2e are living this 3ourney" only we have to face his creation of 0aya
)illusions<distractions*" by doing so" he cuts the timeline to discover truth" mere years vs
-..;s of millions.

Q: I am so confused as I feel that God's Spirit has given me darshan" but I do not want to
deceive myself and so I ask you.

A: ,rust your intuiton Ji" the intuition is the voice of the &irda" surrender to it. 'es you
e#perienced God" you e#perience him everyday" he is all that you see and all that you
don't" he lives in every action" he is every action )positive and negative*" he is the devil
literally" he is the saint literally" he is the friend" he is the foe. &e derives himself )truth*
through events of life" and through the faces of life" as mentioned in the previous

Q: I can give more information if I have not given enough" but hope and pray that
someone with more insight" e#perience" and wisdom can see more penetratingly into my
situation. +lso" should I wait for darshan from a person" or 3ust practice Simran and trust
that God will protect me and lead me where I need to be6

A: +ll is happening at the process of the deserved moment )for we reap what we sow*.
&ave no stance )that is ego*" 3ust accept that all is happening to according to ,ruth. In
reali8ation of ,ruth there is no waiting" no sense of patience" it is all about acceptance"
when you choose all will derive" be it now or a billion years )this isn't 3ust a statement"
this is love of the ,rue &eart" it is infinite*( Joh tera &ukam.

,he &ukam is $erfect" it derives our !aram which is derived by our !arni.

Q: I do not want to be an egotist" but there are so few e#perienced practitioners to seek
guidance from" and I do not want to lose the way" but also feel I must trust God and
practice to the best of my meager ability.

A: 2e earn as we deserve" continue to serve through Naam Simran" Naam !i Seva 4
andgi" and all will happen as it is due.

Q: 'ogi ha3an told us that he does not initiate anyone" but that we must initiate
ourselves through our honest and thorough application of the teachings" and that it is the
applied teachings which will transform us. Is this right" or is this a self(deception6

A: 'ogi ha3an Ji speaks truth" apply the teachings ( this is the earning" this is the seva"
this is the andgi.

'ou must surrender" learn to trust your true heart )hirda*" this is the God within you" this
is the truth you have come to discover" we are not going outwards" the discovery is
within" deeper and deeper" realm within a realm" it doesn;t stop.

Q: +m I protected and guided by a master and simply not aware of it6

A: Surrender to the 0asters and you will have their blessings.

Q: 2e are laughing" so many 9uestions" let go of your worldly wisdom for it is worthless
in hagti. &ukam is ,ruth and your !aram is ,ruth. 7verything is happening with such
mathematical precision that when you do take sight of it )Nirvair*" you won;t have
anything to say" but only bow in the presence of this wondrous khel" for it is beautiful.
A: No 5ogic need be applied.

Q: &ow can I focus on one name of God when it seems that many will do6

A: If you make the effort" we are sure you capable of doing it.

Ik =nkaar Satnaam

Q: $lease forgive the rambling nature of my 9uestion. I hope this finds you in peace.

A: ,o reali8e him through Nirvair )Ik 1risht( one sight*" =ne can only be in peace.

'ou are a eautiful Soul" we are happy to serve as you evolve" so feel free to contact us
as you wish.
Read through the website of www.satnaam.info" apply the Gyan to your life" make it your
life. 5ive the andgi )glorify him in your actions" live truth" speak truth" see truth" earn
truth" serve truth" die truth*.

God less you to reali8e him.
1anting God
Q: 2e 3ust want to fall in love with Satnaam Satguru always and forever and get through
these final furlongs.
A: ,his is the very problem" what want should there be6 ( None whatsoever.
2e e#perience 5ove" through reali8ing ,ruth to its reality" and not the reality we
endeavor the ideal to be.
Reali8e &im " we are telling you the answers" reali8e him in everything" why else do we
speak of Nirvair so much" it is the most crucial part of hagti" if we cannot even see him"
in this 0aya !hel" then what chance do we have to recogni8e him. ( Simple ,ruth.
Recogni8e &im and you will Reali8e &im.
If you can see him in all" if you can witness him in all" then your duty as a lover of God
can only mean you can 5ove his :reation in every form be it the Sinner or Saint" the
$eaceful or the Hiscous regardless all are emanating ,ruth of &im.
2e earn his love" 2e earn it" there is no other way" this isn't a competition" this isn't a
race" we are evolving to what we deserve" there isn't any more ,ruth to this" it is what it
'ou ,ruly seek to fall in 5ove with ,ruth" then go chase it" through Naam Simran" Naam
!i !amai and the most the eautiful andgi )5ive &im in every action" how else do we
become &im<,ruth*.
Read this a thousand times" practice these words infinitely" the key to him is in the
e#perience of these words.
Reap the e#perience" you are more than capable.
Feeing !i(e A Faiure 9n -hagti and !i%e
Q: please forgive us for all our bad thoughts" slipping a few steps back into maya last few
weeks" N has been blessed with your sangat" however we only get feelings of failure
within ourself on hearing your story and hers. So we know that is maya and e#pectation
of ourself" you guys have surrendered" we have not ( so how can this mind be
disappointed with the results. so we turn it around that if you can do it and God is
showing us infront of our eyes how you did it" then so can we. +lso God is showing us
that it is not that you guys are close to &im and have access to &im" but it is also &im
coming to us through you. So then our mind feels happy and peaceful again that God is
near to us as well" even though we may not e#pereince " see" or feel such things as
A: hagti is devotion( devotion of the devout.

,he hagat has no thoughts" only to live in the Glorification of ,ruth.

2hatever the Satgur teaches him" he accepts.

,he hagat will earn &is blessings to reali8e God" there are no e#ceptions" there are no
shortcuts. It is a rough narrow track where the horse cannot carry us" so we walk alone"
we get a head start as we surrendered to a being who has already completed the never
ending 3ourney" )an owed gift of the Satgur from God*.

2e do nothing" we 3ust Jaap in hope of Glorifying his Name.

2hat we achieve has no measure" ,ruly Immeasurable" the e#tent to what the reali8ation
becomes is far and great" the hagat responds ?but I didn;t do anything to reali8e this.@

,he Satgur e#plains ?Now you see the 7#tent of 5ove recogni8ed from being a Slave to
the ,ruth" why else are we in +nand while being the =utcasts of Society" the search was
more than worth it in the end@

Nothing in the >niverse goes un3ustified" all is $erfect" all is ,ruth" all is in alance" all is
in &armony.

:an you accept this6

Sat is in every action" you know this" you see this" so accept it( we have said it before and
we will say it many more times again" ;no notion o% thought< no action< no 2i$dom i$
6eyond the Gyan o% .ruth=.

2hat he reali8ed that day when he Reali8ed Self as ,ruth was of no measure" he
configured the plateau" and the Gyan imploded into the infinite" and that boundary was
never seen or recogni8ed again" it 3ust flourished" and it never stopped" so powerful and
immense the Gyan grew at the speed of nothingness and continues on this very day" even
this very second. 2hy else do the hagats say he is eyond.

,his issue of worldly knowledge )your email* is not the way forward" take a deep breath
and a step back" and look at the words you wrote. 1earest rother tell us ,ruly do you not
e#perience God. efore you respond" we are aware on what terms you issued the
statement" so lets continueA

&e is the =mnipresent" he is within all" he speaks through the animals" he speaks through
the men" he speaks through the Satgurus" he speaks through the !aram" he speaks
through the &ukam.
&e has written an individual specific story for you to reali8e him in a short time" for you
to do his seva and distribute his name a millions times. 1o not 3ust read what we have
written" look at the paragraph above" his Gyan doctored for you to issue )reali8e* &im
)God* as a result" that is if you choose to seek him.
2hat love is that" isn;t that ,rue 5ove6 &e is fulfilling the &ukam to Gift the ,ruth to
another" and that is what he is doing for you" there is no e#ception for any of his children"
we are all treated fairly and e9ually.

5ook at our story" you have it in black and white" we gave a glimpse" ha3i I had the shit
kicked out of me every single day at least C(D times" real pain" not spiritual pain" we
became that insane we wouldn;t know who was real and who was of the spirit world" go
get some -O rated films that e#ploit violence" those D minute scenes you see" was a
natural discourse to our daily living.
'et when asked" when confronted" we told them" I choose you )God*" and did we get a
gesture to say he listening6 'es we did" we 3ust had to look beyond our foolish worldly
knowledge" and see that it was him who was beating us.
&ow many people did we kill" how many family;s did we not spare" how many people;s
!ushi did we take away" killing men in battle is one thing be it -..;s or -...;s but then to
sack a city" we deserve everything we receive )$ast !arni of 0r Singh*.
+nd so he beat us )G=1*" because we seek to end the !aram in this life" we could have
been patient and done it one step at a time" but he was aware of our 5ove growing for
him" in all the Naam we committed and yet we would be hit continuously" we was
learning of the ,ruth" we was learning that our beliefs of the $erfect God is ,ruth.
=ne day we did Naam and they continued to beat us )1ark Spirits*" they never left" if
they could not be affected by ,ruth then they must be ,ruth.

Satnaam( ,ruth is &is Name" and all live in the Name of ,ruth

'ou said it for yourself" he is showing you through his children" and yet you still listen to
0aya" the 3ealousy" the foolishness 4 the desire.

7ven the evolving hagat of Sant &irda did not listen to us at first" her mind was pre(set
to not really listen at all to anything we would tell her" she naturally contested to us.
%orward this email to her" she will tell you it is ,rue.

+nd what did she do to wake up" we confronted her and told her $uran Sat" all we seek is
betterment" all we do is out of 5ove. &e visits you all in the night" and will give you any
light he will allow himself to give. &e does this through us" there we sit at your bedsides"
as you finally take rest from your infinite thoughts.

2hat 5ove" of what love immeasurable form" he does without warrant" he does without
re9uest" and yet we can still turn against the ,ruth within us to take the Glory from his

2e watch you like a &awk" our rother climbs and goes then astray.

0ayaA look at her" see her in the form of these thoughts" these ideals" these re9uirements"
these petty needs" she is the one you should seek the battle with. She is you" you created
her" you designed her to your ideals" the God within you )&irda* designed it;s own test" if
you can design your own test then you can only have the answers to solve your own
0aya is nothing" she is the feather on the path" with a puff of air you can send her off
course" it is time you reali8e that. + battle of the mind" a battle of Self" do you choose
Society and its strategic Illusion" or do you choose ,ruth.

,he Infinite 1ivine $ower is with you" so fortunate is our rother he has the +id of the
rahmgyanis. $eople are literally screaming out there pain<love to have what you have"
but we cannot respond to them )$ractice of +tal +wastha*" they do not deserve us yet" not
in this hour of need" they are repaying their debts" God less them all. So fortunate is our
rother" he forgot where he naturally stands.

,he ,ruth is yours( take it.

2here 0aya has no voice" the hagat reali8es this is a path to Glorify his Name" his
5ove" his 1iscovery. ,he hagat seeks nothing for self" the hagat reali8es his worth as
nothing" for he is fortunate to glimpse the ,ruth.

God less you to reali8e his 5ove in all its Glory" God less you to overcome 0aya once
and for all" God less you with Greatest Naam Simran" Naam !i Seva 4 eautiful
andgi )may you live in his name" in every action*.
#a(hri and 1a$hing Feet
Q: 2e washed the feet of the sangat last week.
A: 1han 1han aba Nanak took the signature of love )Rakhri* from ibi Nanaki. Seva is
the signature of love" devotion( ,ruth. God is not 3ust the image of the action" he is the
love in the action.
Go further than washing the physical feet" become lowest of the low" and the most
humble by reali8ing the love blessed to you" the Gurparsaad is at your feet" utili8e"
discover through the confession of +rdaas. ,his is all a discovery of nirvair" nirvair is
bhagti" no nirvair then no bhagti.
Seva Seva Seva 5ove 5ove 5ove" choose to be nothing" seek nothing" desire nothing.
Sab !uch 1han 1han.
Going 10 $tep$ 6ac(2ard$
Q: 2e 3ust went back -. steps over the last few weeks. 7ven though we have served the
sangat yet we don;t regard it as real seva. Seva is selfless " we have done it for our own
ends" we 3ust did the seva for our ego satisfaction K to make us feel good that we did

0ind 3ust wants to be stubborn" we know we 3ust need to keep doing humble ardaas. So
please forgive us " please keep us under your feet.
A: +ll is well" the whole situation is karam" the whole situation is 3ustified truth" forever
in balance no matter the maya tension we feel. ,his is a process" this is a simple test of
bhagti" we are watching it transpire" you went and you came back. -. steps back true"
and then -- steps forward.
7n3oy the khel.
:oing Simran mentay
Q: I have received naam daan from my radha soami guru. I am 3ust wondering about
doing simiran. I know we are to do simiran mentally" but I do it using my lips. &ow do I
do this mentally as I am having trouble doing this6
A: +ll is beautiful" all is in harmony" the e#perience of Naam runs to the deserved process
of the moment.
'ou are in the first stage of naam" there is no wrong in this" the body will evolve at the
accord of hukam )through Gurparsaad*. 5et all transpire as he chooses for it" &ukam
Ra3aee :halna.
+fter all this is a story of God doing to Self" for we can do nothing" we are 3ust mere
5et there be no thoughts" all your seva is being accounted for" so please continue to en3oy
the bhagti( to glorify him and not self.
God bless you to evolve the Naam to Surat" may you be blessed with Sunn Smadhi"
Naam !i Seva 4 the most beautiful andgi.
Concentrating 9n Simran
Q: 2henever I do simran at night before go to sleep I have dreams of either gurudwaras
or sometimes of future etc but i do it fo ony -. mins only. well i am trying hard to e#tend
time. 2hat should be timeyou advice for simran. also pl8 tell me that soometimes i have
dreams of wrong thing as affected by kaam vasna etc what should i do. sometimesi do
simran but mymindis thinking of some work etc instead of charan kamal of guru 3i what
shoul i do " i stop doing simran when my concentration is not good .
A: ,hank you for contacting us" you have been in our thoughts recently and now here you
,he purpose of doing simran is to gift betterment" you was born with a blessing to reali8e
a unbelievable Gyan of vast infinite proportions. ,he simran releases us from the 0aya
hold" and cleans the dirt from our vision" so we may see the Real ,ruth.
'ou seek to reali8e this ,ruth" then we must earn it. +ll is earned" all gifts are deserved"
-. minutes of simran is a start and is accounted for" but let's be honest we both know you
can do better.
'es you may work" most of us do and we are still able to take time out to glorify truth.
'ou seek to reali8e ,ruth then enhance the andgi by living truth )that means no lies"
slandering" no into#icants" no 3udging of others" no taking advantage of others*" serve
truth )be humble" live to help* deliver truth )speak simple truth" never hold bias*.
C.Bhours at -am is a very strong time to do simran" your voice will reach 1argah in that
time. Jaap in Surat" and 3aap with no re9uirement" need nor desire.
'our thoughts are your distraction" not to worry" this all a process of the moment" the
second you are recognised to be deserved of the $eace of 0ind you will receive it.
Get the ball rolling and we will face each obstacles as they derive.
+ll is &ukam" all is running $erfectly" all is balanced.
,ake Naam Simran seriously and let the ,ruth Name bless your body" washing your &irda
4 0ind.
Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Sada Sada Satnaam
#eay :epre$$ed
Q: I am really depressed " since my second baby) C years ago*. y Guru JI's grace I have
nothing much to complain about life" but I can not seem to get away from my hollow
feeling that makes me want to cry all the time. I am on anti depressant and tran9uili8ers"
but I feel I am wasting my life away. $lease bless me so that I can come out my
depression" and my medicines. $lease bless me so that I can do something worthwhile
with this human life which is so precious. 2aiting for your reply with lots of hope.
A: ,hank you Satnaam Ji for blessing S Ji the strength to contact us.
GurbaniA 1ukh 1aru Sukh Rog haaiaa
,he Gifted $ain )1>!&* is our 0edicine )1+R>* to receive etterment )S>!&*.
,he whole universe is run by &ukam" through &ukam we are gifted our !aram. +nd the
!aram is a great khel" a Gurparsaadi !hel )of great blessings*.
%or 1ukh and Sukh are the same" they gift you to reach this Gurparsaad.
'ou said it yourself" there is little to complain of.
,he Gyan of !aram is so advanced he gave you a sense of 1ukhi to derive youA ,o reach
out to a &ouse of ,ruth ( so you may move forward into the light and carry on the
discovery of ,ruth.
2e as beings are 3ust actors" we can do nothing" it is 3ust God doing all to Self.
+fter DI ages of hagti" he reali8ed a Great 1ivine recogni8ed in the worldly tongue as
So outstanding was the discovery he had to gift it to another" it was felt it should be
served to another.
+nd thats where we come in )his creation*. 2e are thrown into the 0aya of the 2orld
)illusion* to face it head on )a test*" to earn the Gyan of ,ruth in a millionth of the time
that it took him to reali8e it.
'our depression is Gurparsaad )earned blessings*" see beyond the statement of mind" it is
a khel being played before you.
'our heart has reached out back to the Source in this blessed &our of Need.
'ou may feelA ut what have I done to earn such blessings6
S is your name for this !aram" you have lived times before" we all have" we climb the
life forms from microbes" climbing the ranks through the animals to human form )where
we can begin bhagti*.
'ou have been doing hagti before" we can only bow to you for your past search of the
,ruth. Now he the Nirgun is calling you again" to carry on where you left off.
+ll is eautiful ( +ll is ,ruth ( +ll is $erfect( +ll is alanced.
,ake to Naam Simran with ,an 0an 4 1han )-../ Surrender*" and your depression will
disappear very 9uickly. +wake the +mrit factories within yourself" and wash your &irda
with the glorified ,ruth.
,he Nasha cannot be compared" the Nasha of ,ruth is infinite and Supreme. 2hy else are
we doing this seva6
God works through us )his actors*" to 5ove" Serve" 7ducate and &elp one another.
&e is ever(present( he is =mnipresent.
,ake to +rdaas and tell him" you are knocking at his doorL
Jaap in Surat )&eart*
Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam
Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Sada Sada Satnaam
5ive &umble" Simple and be ,hankful. See him in all )Nirvair*" See ,ruth in all +ctions
and you will feel fearless )Nirbhoa*.
Go to 1argah" by meditating for C.B hours during amrit vela )- am onwards*" it takes this
long for your Simran to pass through the !hands to reach his :ourt.
Give the Sants and hagats who are lost in deep states of $eace an abrupt awakening" and
tell them another ,ruth Seeker has come homeQ. ,hey can only bow at your feet with
Supreme 5ove.
God less you S Ji and thank you for contacting us.
$lease feel free to communicate as and when you feel.
#emain Cam +"en 9% .he Guru #e6u(e$ >ou
Q: 0ay we always keep our head under your feet" may we always wash your feet in our
heart" may you always be in peace and showered in infinite divine love.

2e are sorry for our cra8iness at the beginning of this week. 2e think reading your pain
and frustrations also triggered something in us. 2ith your blessings we are back to peace
as well.
,hankyou" we love you very much" we are always thankful for what you have done for us
and are still doing for us" you bring our mind back to the centre with even 3ust a few
A: Just be calm" let all happen as he has already chosen. ,here is no need to do anything.
+ll is well" cease these haste movements" there is no rhythm to such a flow. 2e are not
as blind as you think" everything is &ukam )for or against*" everything is !aram" all is
,ruth and non of us are beyond it. No matter how foul we come across we remain calm"
try to remain calm" all happens in a specific way for a reason. +ll is &ukam )Good ad (
$ositive Negative*. God less you. 2e love you too.
?na6e to %ind Soution$ .o My &ro6em$
Q: I have been a very sickly child" and at present am suffering greatly due to headaches" a
weak digestion" constipation and low blood pressure. ,hese problems I have had since
childhood" so much so" that completing my education was like a punishment. =ver the
past -O months I have gained -B kilos due to severe pain in my stomach" below the
ribs...which is now slightly better...but the other problems persist on an everyday basis.
0y greatest regret is my inability to sit down and do simran with proper concentration.
2hilst lying down I am doing simran...but I desperately want to get better and devote
more 9uality time to simran...which my health does not allow.
I am unable to find solutions to my problems. &umbly seeking your guidance"
forgiveness and blessings.
A: God less you" yes we see you have to deal with many problems in life and find
yourself unable to find a solution.
,he ,ruth is the Solution" all is !aram( repayment of !arni derived from the 5aw of
&ukam. 2e all have to face our !aram" even the Sants and hagats. 2e all make
mistakes" it's in our nature to learn from our mistakes" and that is what we do. +s ,ruth
Slaves we learn to accept our !aram as ,ruth" because we Reap what we Sow" we
deserve what we get" God is the +ll !nower and we know nothing.
God is ,ruth and the ,ruth is $erfect" Justified and alanced.
=ne morning we woke up and our brain function 4 body was never the same again" we
had to face the Slap of !aram alone" whatever we received we deserved" and we had
know one to guide us through it.
,hankfully at the time we had already been into spiritual practice" and carried on feeding
our body the medicine of Naam. ,he !aram was repaid.
Naam is the medicine to everything" it washes our !aram" it awakes our body within(
opening the spiritual doors" the body overtime goes into Rom Rom )every cell singing
,ruth*. 'ou are not alone now" reali8e your blessings" your !aram has now brought you
here" same for your +unt )Gurparsaad (eternal blessings*. ,his Sangat will serve you
,ruth and do their upmost to help you" guide you and pray with you.
Reali8e &ukam is ,ruth and surrender to it" the frustration of 1ukh can only be irradiated
once it is seen in it's ,rue %orm.
Gurbani ,eachsA 1ukh 1aru Sukh Rog haaiaa( so simple and so true" the gifted pain is
the medicine to derive us betterment
,here is no posture for doing simran" if God wants you to sit up and meditate on ,ruth
then you will sit up )through Gurparsaad*" all is a $rocess of the 0oment. +ll we ask is
you do simran from the depth of your heart" to Jaap in Surat )mind* with all the love you
can give. 2e are infinite beings like the God" your love has no end either" discover and
gift it back to the ,ruth.
ecome ,ruth" Speak ,ruth" 5ive ,ruth" Serve ,ruth" 1eliver ,ruth recogni8e him in
every action" recogni8e every action as ,ruth" glorify him in every action )this is andgi(
Salutations to the ,ruth*.
+nd do +rdaas Ji at this feet Ji" tell him you are not worthy" become lowest of the low at
his feet" be humble for glimpsing the ,ruth. :lick here to read the +rdas to do.
Recogni8e the e#tent of these words through e#periencing our Hision" take to Naam for
C.Bhrs during +mrit Hela" it will take your +stral voice C.Bhrs to pass through all the inner
realms to finally reach 1argah. &ave your prayers heard there" let them know you are
'ou may feel frustrated" but everything is accounted for" even if you cannot see it. God
recogni8es every action" every service" nothing you do goes un3ustified.
2hatever you do" do it to Glorify ,ruth and never Self. 2e are not important" only ,ruth
is" we are derived from ,ruth" it is to the ,ruth we seek to return.
God less you with Satnaam Simran" Naam !i Seva and the greatest andgi