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(Proved in the light of the Glorious Quran, Authentic Hadeeths and Medical Science)

1. Existence of Jinn is true but its possession is not proved by the Glorious
Quran, Authentic Hadeeths and Medical Science.

2. It is wrong to think that Jinn feels pain when a psychiatric person supposed
to be possessed by Jinn is beaten and thrashed. Actually the patient gets hurt
by the beating.

3. It is not proved by the Glorious Quran and Authentic Hadeeths that a magic
spell occurs due to the handiwork of Shaitan and Jinn, but according to
the Glorious Quran and Authentic Hadeeths it occurs by the will of
Almighty Allah for testing human beings.



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Letter From Maulana Abdul Khallaque Nadvi ......................................................................................................... 4
Letter From Maulana Abdur Raoof Shamim ........................................................................................................... 5
Shaikh Abu Ibrahim Abdul Majid Ali Hasan ............................................................................................................ 6
PREFACE .................................................................................................................................................................. 7
THE HISTORY OF MENTAL DISTURBANCE ............................................................................................................... 9
KIND OF MENTAL ILLNESS ................................................................................................................................... 9
DEPRESSION ........................................................................................................................................................ 9
MANIA ................................................................................................................................................................. 9
DISSOCIATIVE DISORDER .................................................................................................................................. 10
PROPHET MUHAMMAD (P.B.U.H) EXORCISED PEOPLE POSSESSED BY JINNS ..................................................... 10
WILD GUESSING .................................................................................................................................................... 18
BEATING JINNS AND SPIRITS ................................................................................................................................. 19
DEVIL RUNS IN THE BLOOD VESSELS OF MEN LIKE BLOOD .................................................................................. 20
SURAH BAQRAH AYAT 275 .................................................................................................................................... 20
Dont go beyond the teachings of Allah and Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) ..................................................... 22
QURAN CURES ...................................................................................................................................................... 23
BY OBSERVATION WE COME TO KNOW ............................................................................................................... 24
ENGLISH JINN, BHOJPURI JINN ............................................................................................................................. 24
DYSFUNCTIONAL UTERINE BLEEDING ................................................................................................................... 25
A FEW GET CURED BY JHAAD-PHOONK ........................................................................................................... 26
FACTS TO PONDER OVER BY RESPECTED ULEMAS ............................................................................................... 27
WAS THE GIRL POSSESSED BY A JINN? ................................................................................................................. 28
TRUTH BEHIND MAGIC AND SPELLS ..................................................................................................................... 28
THE EFFECTS OF MAGIC IS NOT BECAUSE OF SHAITAAN AND JINN ..................................................................... 29
THE RIGHT TREATMENT OF MAGIC AND SPELLS .................................................................................................. 30
SHAITAN HELPS MAGICIANS AND FORTUNE-TELLERS .......................................................................................... 31
THE TRUTH ABOUT SHAITAAN .............................................................................................................................. 32
WRONG BELIEF ..................................................................................................................................................... 32
Prayers For Entering Toilet ................................................................................................................................... 32
Prayer during journey ........................................................................................................................................... 33
Shaikh ul-Islaam Imaam Ibn Taymiyyah (R.A.) ...................................................................................................... 33
EFFECTS OF SHAITAAN .......................................................................................................................................... 33
AN INCIDENT OF A MAN POSSESSED BY JINN....................................................................................................... 33
EUNUCHS ARE SHAITAANS CHILDREN? ............................................................................................................... 34
HEIGHT OF IGNORANCE ........................................................................................................................................ 34

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HOW DO THEY DIAGNOSE: ................................................................................................................................... 35
SHAITAANS MISSION AND AMBITION ................................................................................................................. 35
My beloved and respected readers....... ............................................................................................................... 36
SHIRK, BIDDAH & STUPIDITY ................................................................................................................................. 37
Ijtehadi Errors oF Hazrat Imam ibn Taymiyyah (R.H.): ......................................................................................... 38
CYCLE OF BIRTH AND REBIRTH ............................................................................................................................. 39
ALLAHS IDOL ........................................................................................................................................................ 40
CONVERTING JINNS TO ISLAM .............................................................................................................................. 40
A TRUE INCIDENT .................................................................................................................................................. 41
WERE THEY POSSESSED BY JINN? ......................................................................................................................... 42
EVIL EYE ................................................................................................................................................................. 49
TREATMENT OF EYEING .................................................................................................................................... 51
CAN SHAITAN OR JINN MAKE A PERSON SICK? (A Letter From Saudi Arabia) ..................................................... 51
NOTE ..................................................................................................................................................................... 53

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Letter From Maulana Abdul Khallaque Nadvi

Dear Dr. Sayeeduddin, Assalamo-Alaikum, Wa rahmatullah,

I fully agree with your stand that Jinn and Shaitan cannot make a person mad by possessing him/her. It is not
clearly proved by The Quran and authentic Hadeeths that Jinn and Shaitan can possess any human being. In
fact, this wrong belief is propagated by those who have made Taweez, Ganda as their means of livelihood. A
mad person cannot get cured by taking him/her to Mazars and doing Jhaad Phoonk (to recite Quranic ayat
or of other sources and blow by the mouth in order to get rid of diseases and problems). Such person should
be taken to medical doctors who are experts in treating mental patients.

Sd/ Shaykh Abdul Khallaque Nadvi

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Letter From Maulana Abdur Raoof Shamim

It is not clearly proved by the Quran and authentic Hadeeths that a Jinn can possess any human being and
make him/her mad to behave and talk abnormally and throw stones at people and annoy them. In fact, these
kinds of persons are mental patients, who need medical treatment for their madness by expert doctors.
Allah knows best.

Sd/ Maulana Dr. Abdur Raoof Shamim Siddiqui

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Shaikh Abu Ibrahim Abdul Majid Ali Hasan

Shaikh Abu Ibrahim Abdul Majid Ali Hasan Bapu is a well known preacher who gained prominence all around
in the United Arab Emirates. He is currently based in UK.

Abdul Majid has a B.A. in Sociology and M.A. in Islamic Studies & Arabic Literature. He worked as an Imam and
Khateeb for the Ajman Awqaf before being appointed in the UK as a Minister of Religion.

He worked with Dr. Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips as a researcher in the latter's Islamic department in Dar-Ul-Fath
Publishers. Later, he co-founded the Islamic Studies program at Preston University in Ajman with Dr. Bilal
Philips. At present he lives in the United Kingdom in Luton.

He also conducted regular classes wherein he taught books such as "Differences of Opinion amongst the
Scholars" by Shaikh Ibn Uthaimeen & "The Three Fundamental Principles" by Shaikh Muhammad ibn Abd al
Wahhab and also conducted Tajweed & Hifz classes.

Abdul Majid was also known for helping out Muslims in distress & regularly made announcements in the
mosques after the Friday prayer to exhort people to help a Muslim in distress financially or in any way

He was also a prominent guest on several major Islamic shows on Sharjah TV where he regularly appeared on
shows hosted by Uthmaan Barry and Shaikh Abdul Qayyum Bastawi.

He wrote the following in an e-mail to me:

Nowhere in the Glorious Quran or in the authentic hadeeths is it mentioned that Shaitaan or Jinn can
possess men and drive them mad.

These men are actually psychologically ill. Having them treated by jhaad phoonk thinking them to be
possessed by jinn amounts to going against the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) and is a biddah.

All the ahadeeth about Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) driving out jinn from possessed men are inauthentic
and wrong interpretation and out of context quote of the Qur'an and sahih ahadith are quoted to prove this
false aqeedah.

Allah Knows Best.

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Assalaam-Alaikum Wa Rahmatullaahi Wa Barakaatahu.

Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Rahim,

We, the Muslims, by the grace of Almighty Allah, try to follow and practice The Glorious Quran and the
authentic hadeeths and reject everything which cant be proved from the Glorious Quran and the authentic
hadeeths. And for this we are thankful to Almighty Allah.

I am posing this humble question: though there is not a single verse of the Glorious Quran nor a single
hadeeth that tells that jinns can possess humans, can drive them mad and can make them speak slangs, can
make them run naked across street, can make them throw stones at others, etc. then why do we still accept
this as true and correct? What kind of Ahl-e- Imaan are we?

We dont deserve to be called true Muslims We are to believe in only those things which could be proved from
the Glorious Quran and authentic hadeeths and reject everything which couldnt be proved right from the
Glorious Quran and authentic hadeeths. Then have we become victims of Shirk and Biddah by believing
that jinns possess humans? Wouldnt Almighty Allah be angry at us for believing in such things? Patients with
mental disorder are being treated as men possessed and are made to visit various baabaas who do Jhaad
Phoonk on them to drive out the supposed jinn. For the sake of Almighty Allah, keep distance from these
Biddah and hold fast to the rope of Almighty Allah i.e. the Glorious Quran and the teachings of Prophet
Muhammad (P.B.U.H).

Almighty Allah perfected our religion, Islam through Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). Till the Day of Judgement,
no other prophet or messenger will come and thats why Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) himself taught
everything, even the minute details of the religion. He even taught us details like how to enter and exit toilets,
then how could it be possible that he didnt teach us something as big as driving jinns out of possessed
persons? Now, the Ulemas are teaching us today how to drive out jinn, thereby adding on their own to what
Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) had taught. Arent they scared of Almighty Allah and his anger?

The fact is that jinns cant possess humans, cant drive them mad, thats why Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H)
didnt teach us how to drive them out of a person as he couldnt teach something that was wrong. What
needs to be done is to keep a distance from these Biddah and hold fast to the rope of almighty Allah i.e. the
Glorious Quran and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H).

All the books about jinns available in the market today teach that jinns possess humans and drive them mad.
You can question a thousand Alims across the world, they will also speak the same thing although there is not
a single verse of The Glorious Quran nor a single authentic hadeeth which proves it to be true. Its a matter of
shame that we are accepting, believing and following wrong things and ignoring, the Glorious Quran and
authentic hadeeth on this issue.

I am telling this to all those who believe that jinns possess humans and drive them mad that if they would
bring to me anyone who had been diagnosed as possessed by jinn by an Alim in writing, I would have him
medically treated from my expenses, Insha Allah.

I have given my books, pamphlets and letters to many Alims across India and other countries and asked them
about their opinion. In the beginning, all of them said that jinns possess humans and drive them mad. But
when I gave many evidences and argued with them and tried to maintain contact with them, some of the
Alims of higher repute agreed with my views and admitted that my books and arguments were totally correct.

There is no evidence whatsoever from the glorious Quran or authentic hadeeths that jinns posses humans and
drive them mad. These possessed persons are actually mental patients who need medical treatment, as I said

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When Amils recite The Glorious Quran to a possessed person who is actually a mental patient, he either
becomes unconscious or behaves in an erratic manner, then the audience gathered becomes sure that the
patient is possessed. In a similar manner, when the possessed person is taken to a Mazar, on hearing the
loud sounds of drums, he starts jumping and shouting. In some cases, the patient behaves in an erratic
manner from a distance of nearly a kilometer from Mazaars, thereby assuring those around him that he was
possessed by jinn. Actually, all these reactions of the reciting of The Glorious Quran, behaving errationally
and abnormally on beating of drums from a kilometre away from Mazaars are due to the same reason of
mental problem. There is no difference between these cases. All these are because of the mental state of the
Neither a single verse of the Glorious Quran nor a single authentic hadeeth proves that jinns possess a human
and drive them mad. Wrong commentaries of the glorious Quran, inauthentic hadeeths and wrong
commentaries and explanation of authentic headeeths are the reasons for this Biddah being practiced by us
on such a large scale.

Inviting Amils to drive out jinns from possessed humans, organizing events where jinns are driven out and
even taking part as audience in such gatherings are acts of Shirk and Biddah. These things were never
done by Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). All such hadeeths which say that he drove out jinn from possessed
humans are inauthentic. We should abstain from believing in such things.

May Allah guide us to the right path and help us in following the teachings of the Glorious Quran and the
authentic hadeethsAmeen!

Special Thanks to:-

My elder brother Mr. Serajuddin
My wife's brother, Engineer Md.Shahbazul Haque
My elder sister's son, Engineer Md.Nadir Hasan
My friend, Maulana Dr. Abdur Raoof Shamim Siddiqui.

They have helped me a lot to present this book to the world.

May Allah reward them in this world and in the hereafter.

Dr. Sayeeduddin Mister


E-mail: drsayeeduddin@yahoo.com

Please Read another book of mine:

Ijtehadi Errors of great Islamic Scholars

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Page 9


The history of mental diseases can be traced back to 500010000 years. At that time the most common cure
to the illness was to make a hole in the skull of the mad person as people thought that the bad spirits stayed in
the skull of the mad person and by making a hole in the skull the bad spirit within the affected person would
escape through the holes. Various skulls have been excavated dating back to 500010000 years with holes in
them (Concise Text Book of Psychiatry Page1)

In the 15th and 16th century Europe, many studies were conducted to see whether a person behaving in an
irrational manner was a mental patient or a person possessed by spirit or jinns. They used to tie the hands and
legs of the patient and would throw them into rivers and seas with a view that if the person was really
possessed by a spirit then he would not die of drowning but would somehow manage to swim ashore, but if
the person was not possessed and was mentally ill then he/she would die of drowning. In this way many
innocent patients who were mentally ill died every year (Concise Text Book of Psychiatry Page.9)


Hallucination: This is a kind of mental state in which the patient suffers from various kinds of mental disorders

Auditory Hallucination : In this illness the patient hears various kinds of voice which have no existence like
someone is consistently taking his name, calling him, at times he hears someone laughing or crying, or
someone close to him who is dead calling him/her or his/her neighbors are abusing him or threatening him.

Visual Hallucination: In this illness the patient sees various non-existing faces or figures. He sees ghosts and
spirits. At times he sees his dead relatives. Even a rope appears as a snake to him/her which wants to hurt

Olfactory Hallucination: In this illness the patient smells various fragrances like a perfume or a flower or that
of various dishes. At times he/she would suddenly speak of smelling rotten fish out of nowhere.


This is a kind of mental disorder in which a patient is always despaired, sad and silent. He/she chooses to
remain idle every time. He/she cant concentrate on any work. He/she gets tired very quickly. He/she is totally
isolated from worldly affairs, wants to keep to himself/herself and is always embroiled in deep thoughts. In
some severe states he/she even thinks of committing suicide, thinking its better to end the endless sins
he/she commits by living and get freed from the problems of the world.


This is the opposite to the state of depression and is also a mental disorder in which the patient exhibits extra
energy. He/she is always doing something or the other and continuously speaking with whosoever he/she
finds thus annoying everyone around him/her. He/she finds extra power within himself/herself and doesnt
get tired easily. He/she remembers vividly even tiny details of events happened years back explaining it to
others forcibly, thinking himself/herself to be super intelligent.

When people avoid talking or meeting him/ her, he/she assumes that they are jealous of his intelligence and
vie for the quality he/she possesses.

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This is also a mental disorder and is quite common in mentally ill people. This illness is found in every part of
the world afflicting every society. An example of it is Trance & Possession Syndrome. It is the cause of the
dramas that are observed because of the supposed possession of people by jinns, spirits, ghosts, etc. In this
disease the very character of the person gets changed. He/she becomes a different person altogether which is
claimed by commoners to be a jinn or a spirit or a ghost, etc. The patient is not always in this state of illness.
Generally the patient is normal in his/her daily life. This disease affects him/ her in intervals, usually for a short
period like for half an hour or ten to fifteen minutes daily, in some cases monthly. People with no particular
knowledge on the subject, term it as hazri or mataji or Guruji. During the course of the illness, the patient
behaves and speaks in a weird manner. His/her voice gets changed and he/she becomes much more powerful
compared to an ordinary person. He/she calls himself by different names since he/she is a different person
now. He/ she doesnt even feel pain while in the state of illness even if he/she is beaten severely. This state
lasts for a few minutes usually, and after it gets over the patient feels totally exhausted and most of the time
gets unconscious. Later he becomes normal and does not remember anything about his/her acts while in the
state of illness.

Even well educated men and Ulemas have not been able to understand clearly the cause of this illness. They,
on account of having no medical knowledge, conclude that these are caused by jinns, spirits or ghosts. It
seems to them that the patient is actually possessed by a jinn or spirit. On seeing a thin, weak person hardly
getting controlled by 4-5 strong men, people tie the patient with ropes and chains and take them to Aamil
or Ojha.

What could be questioned to them is that if the person was really possessed by a jinn or a spirit then how
could the jinn/spirit be controlled by 4-5 strong men? Jinns can easily break a rope or chain and cant even
be controlled by 100 men because they have been given enormous power by Allah.

Jinns exist. There are many verses in The Glorious Quran in which jinns are mentioned. A person questioning
the existence of jinns is not a Muslim since he is rejecting verses of The Glorious Quran. But humans cant be
possessed by jinns.


I havent obtained a degree from any Islamic University but by the grace of Almighty Allah, I have been
studying The glorious Quran, its commentary, hadeeths and various religious books since I was a medical
student, and today I am writing from my experience and research of 25 years. Therefore, please judge my
work in the light of the glorious Quran and the Hadeeths before outright rejecting it.

All the hadeeths related to Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) exorcising people possessed by jinns are
inauthentic. Most of the Islamic scholars have described all such hadeeths as inauthentic and daeef.

Hadeeth 1:

Narrated Abdullah bin Namir from Uthman bin Hakim said that Abdul Rahman bin Abdul Aziz told me that
Ya'laa ibn Marrah said: I saw Allah's Messenger (sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam) do 3 things which no one before
or after me saw. I went with him on a trip. On the way, we passed by a woman sitting at the roadside with a
young boy. She called out, 'O Messenger of Allah, this boy is afflicted with a trial, and from him we have also
been afflicted with a trial. I don't know how many times per day he is seized by fits.' He (sallallaahu 'alaihi wa
sallam) said: 'Give him to me.' So she lifted him up to the Prophet.

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He (sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam) then placed the boy between himself and the middle of the saddle, opened
the boy's mouth and blew in it three times, saying, 'In the name of Allah, I am the slave of Allah, get out,
enemy of Allah!' Then he gave the boy back to her and said: 'Meet us on our return at this same place and
inform us how he has fared.' We then went. On our return, we found her in the same place with three sheep.
When he said to her, 'How has your son fared?' She replied: 'By the One who sent you with the truth, we have
not detected anything (unusual) in his behavior up to this time... [Narrated by Ahmad in his Musnad, 4/170]

Note: Only one of the 3 incidents have been mentioned above, as this is the incident which is put forward to
prove Jinns possession. The other 2 narrations (one about a camel and the other about two trees) are
irrelevant to the topic and hence it has not been mentioned here.

This Hadeeth has been mentioned with 3 different chain of narrators in Musnad al-Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal:

Analyzing 1
Chain of Narration:

Abdullah bin Namir from Uthman bin Hakim said that Abdur Rahman bin Abdul Aziz told me that Ya'laa ibn

Regarding this Hadeeth of Musnad Ahmad, Shaykh al-Albani (rahimahullah) mentioned in his Silsilah as-
Saheeha, volume 1, page 876, chapter 485:

" " " :
) 1 / 876 485 (

This Abdur Rahman was mentioned by Ibn Abi Hatim in Al-Jarh wat-Tadeel and he did not mentioned any
jarh (disparage/criticism) and tadeel (appreciation/commendation) on him.
Hussaini said he is not famous (not well known) and other narrators are the narrators of Muslim.

Shaykh and Muhaddith Shu'ayb Al-Arna'oot in his tahqeeq (analysis) of Musnad al-Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal
wrote in volume 29, page 91:
11 / 488 - 490 .
11 / 490 - 492 ) 17 ( 1 / 223
6 / 18 - 19 .
) 29 / 91 (

Its chain is week due to the anonymity of Abdur Rahman bin Abd al-Aziz. The entire length of it is from Ibn
Abi Shaybah, 11/488-490, on authority of Abdullah bin Numayr with this chain. And in the same chapter on
authority of Jabir 11/490-492, ad-Darimi 17, Ibn Abdul-Barr in at-Tamhid, 1/223, al-Bayhaqi in ad-Dalail, 6/18-
19, and its chain is weak, as well.

Page 12

Ibn Hajars position regarding Abdur Rahman bin Abdul Aziz as mentioned in Taqreeb at-tahdheeb, 1/345,
number 3933 is that he is truthful but makes mistakes , and adh-dhahabi did not mention about him.

Yahya ibn Maeen said regarding Abdur Rahman bin Abdul Aziz as mentioned in al-Kamal fi dhaafa ar-
rijaal, volume 5, pages 468-469, that he is Majhool (unknown)

Conclusion: The hadeeth is daeef (weak). Due to the presence of Abdur Rahman bin Abdul Aziz, the chain
becomes daeef and we dont know anything about this narrator because there is neither any Jarh nor any
tadeel recorded about this narrator and many great Muhaddith have classed him as majhool (unknown) as
mentioned above. Hence this hadeeth can never be taken as evidence to prove something. Allah Knows Best.

Analyzing 2
Chain of Narration:

Narrated Aswad bin Amir that Abu Bakri bin Ayash narrated to us from Habeeb bin Abee Amra from al-
Minhaal bin Amr from Ya'laa

Shaykh al-Albani (rahimahullah) mentioned in his Silsilah as-Saheeha, volume 1, chapter 485, page 876:

: .
: .
) 1 / 876 485 (

I say: This chain is saheeh. The men are reliable. The men are of Bukhari except Asood bin Amr who is from
the men of Muslim.

However, then I say, that this chain (of narrators) comes as munqata (i.e the chain is disconnected / cut

Shaykh al-Albani (rahimahullah) then says that this Hadeeth has also been narrated by al-Haakim (2/617-618)
from the route of Yunus bin bakir on the authority of al-Amash from al-Minal bin Amr from Yalaa bin Marah
from his father.
And al-Haakim said that The Chain is saheeh and adh-dhahabi agreed with him.

Shaykh al-Albani (rahimahullah) continues further and says:

: " " " "
" ."
) 1 / 876 485 (

Page 13

I say: the saying in the chain (from my father) is doubtful as al-Hafidh ibn Hajar cleared in "at-Tahdheeb" and
said in the narrations of Ya'laa: "Ata bin Saib and al-Minhaal bin Amr makes irsaal from him". He said the
same in the biography of al-Minhal that he narrates mursal from Ya'laa bin Marrah. And based on this, the
chain is disconnected.

Shaykh Shuaib al-Arnaoot said regarding this Hadeeth in his tahqeeq of Musnad Ahmad, 29/109:

. .
) 29 / 109 (

The Chain is daeef (weak) and Munqata (disconnected) because Minhaal ibn Amr narrates it from Ya'laa Ibn
Marrah who he did not meet

Conclusion: The wording (from my father) is doubtful, and it may be an (wahm) illusion on the part of Yunus
bin baker and it is likely that it is the illusion of al-Amash as mentioned by Shaykh Shuaib al-Arnaoot in his
tahqeeq of Musnad Ahmad 29/92-93. Also, this chain of narration has problem because Minhal bin Amr did
not hear from Yalaa ibn Murrah. This is a munqata Hadeeth and hence cannot be taken in as a proof.

Analyzing 3
Chain of Narration:

Narrated Abdur Razzak that Mamar told me from Ata bin Saib, from Abdullah bin Hafs from Ya'laa ibn Marrah

Shaykh al-Albani (rahimahullah) mentioned in his Silsilah as-Saheeha, volume 1, chapter 485, page 876:

) 4 / 173 ( .
) 1 / 876 485 (

But there is another route from Abdullah bin Hafs from Ya'laa bin Marrah ath-thaqfi narrated by Ahmad
4/173 with the route of Ata bin Saib, memory of Ata bin Saib is not good and Abdullah bin hafs is majhool
(unknown) as said by al-Hafiz (Ibn Hajar) and others.

Shaykh Shuaib al-Arnaoot said regarding this Hadeeth in his tahqeeq of Musnad Ahmad, 29/107:

) 29 / 107 (

The Chain is daeef (weak) because of Abdullah bin Hafs being unknown and Ata bin Saibs memory was not
good (i.e. Ata bin Saib used to be confused)

Page 14

He then continued and said in his tahqeeq of Musnad Ahmad, 29/108:

" " 6 / 23 - 24 . " :
" .
) 29 / 108 (

This Hadeeth has been recorded by Al-Bayhaqi in ad-Dalail 6/23-24 by way of Abdur Razzaq. Al-Bayhaqi
singly narrated this Hadeeth with an increased narrator in the chain which is Abdullah bin as-Saib between
Ata bin Saib and Abdullah bin Hafs. And this is a mistake.

Ahmad Shakir said regarding this Hadeeth in his tahqeeq of Musnad Ahmad, volume 13, page 418:

The Chain is daeef (weak) because of Abdullah bin Hafs.

Abdullah bin Hafs is majhool and there is no disagreement to this fact.

Yahya Ibn Maeen said regarding him that he is not known. [See al-Kamal fi dhaafa ar-Rijaal, volume 5, page

Al-Hafidh ibn Hajar also considered him to be majhool (unknown) and no one narrates from him except Ata
bin Saib. [See Taqreeb at-Tahdheeb 1/300 number 3279]

Though Ata bin Saib was good in the earlier days of his life, but regarding the memory of Ata bin Saib
being mixed and not good as he became older, there is no disagreement to this fact. All the scholars are
unanimous on this point. [See Taarikh al-Islaam wa wafiyat al-Mashaheer wal-alam of Shamsuddin
Muhammed bin Ahmed bin Uthman adh-Dhahabi, volume 3, pages 698 700]

Conclusion: The rulings are very clear regarding this Hadeeth and chain of narrators. Abdullah ibn Hafs is
unknown and only Ata bin Saib narrates from him and we have seen that Ata bin Saibs memory is not
dependable. Even if someone claims that Ata narrated this Hadeeth when his memory was good and not
when his memory became confused, even then we see that this narration cannot be accepted on account of
Abdullah bin Hafs. So, the chain of narrator is unreliable and is a munqata Hadeeth and hence cannot be taken
in as a proof.

Hadeeth 2:

Narrated Wakee to Al-Amash from Al-Minhal bin Amr from Ya'laa ibn Marrah from his father: A woman came
to the Prophet (sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam) with an afflicted young boy. The Prophet (sallallaahu 'alaihi wa
sallam) then said: "Ukhruj 'aduwallah, ana Rasulallah" (i.e. Get out enemy of Allah; I am The Messenger of
Allah). Then, the boy was cured. The woman presented to him two sheep, butter and cheese. The Prophet said
(to one of his companions): Take the butter, cheese and a sheep and return the rest to her. (Narrated by
Ahmad in his Musnad, 4/171)

Note: This hadeeth has been narrated in two ways by Wakee. In one way it has the wordings from his father
in the chain of narration and in another place it does not have these wordings in the chain.

Nonetheless both of this chain has problems, whether it be with or without the wordings from his father.

This chain of narration contains al-Minhal bin Amr from Yalaa ibn Murrah. Shaykh al-Albani (rahimahullah)
already mentioned regarding this part of the chain that it is disconnected and has problems as we discussed
while analyzing the 2
chain of narrators of Hadeeth number 2.

Page 15

Shaykh al-Albani (rahimahullah) mentioned in his Silsilah as-Saheeha, volume 1, chapter 485, page 876:

: " " " "
" ."
) 1 / 876 485 (

I say: the saying in the chain (from his father) is doubtful as al-Hafidh ibn Hajar cleared in "at-Tahzeeb" and
said in the narrations of Ya'laa: "Ata bin Saib and al-Minhaal bin Amr makes irsaal from him". He said the
same in the biography of al-Minhal that he narrates mursal from Ya'laa bin Marrah. And based on this, the
chain is disconnected.

Shaykh Shuaib al-Arnaoot said regarding this Hadeeth in his tahqeeq of Musnad Ahmad, 29/92:

. .
) 29 / 92 (

The Chain is daeef (weak) and Munqata (disconnected) because Minhaal ibn Amr narrates it from Ya'laa Ibn
Marrah who he did not meet

Shaykh Shuaib al-Arnaoot further goes on to mention in his tahqeeq of Musnad Ahmad, 29/92-93:

... " "
. :

) 29 / 92-93 (

Bayhaqi said that the hadeeth is Wahm (illusion) and Bukhari said that i.e. his narrating from his father is
wahm (illusion) and that it is from Ya'laa himself. Wakee' had wahm (in this narration) once and he has
reported it with authenticity once.

Then however, al-bayhaqi acting upon al-Bukharis (opinion) said that he also agreed with the saying of al-
Bukhari and that it (the wording from his father) is an illusion of Yunus bin baker and it is likely that it is the
illusion of al-Amash.
And Allaah knows Best.

Page 16

Hadeeth 3:

Umm Abaan bint al-Waazi ibn Zaari ibn Aamir al-Abdi narrates from her father that her grandfather az-Zaari
went to the noble Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) with his possessed, insane son (or his nephew). She
says my grandfather said:

When we came to the noble Prophet I said, I have come to you with my son (or nephew) who is possessed so
that you pray to Almighty Allah for him. The Prophet said, Bring him to me.

He further says, I took him to the noble Prophet while the child was mounted. I dismounted him and took off
his travel clothes and made him wear a pair of beautiful clothes. Then I grasped him by the hand and led him
to the Messenger of Allah who said, Bring him close to me and put his back towards me.
He also commanded for his clothes to be taken off. Then he raised his hands and put them on the childs back
in such a way that I saw his armpits. He was saying, Come out O enemy of Allah! Come out O enemy of
Allah! Then the boy began to gaze with his true eyes and not with the previous gaze.

Then the noble Prophet made him sit in front of him and sent for some water with which he wiped the childs
face and the Holy Prophet prayed for him. After the noble Prophets prayer for the child, no one in the group
was superior to the child (i.e. in intelligence and understanding).

References: This Hadeeth has been narrated in the form mentioned above or a smaller version of this Hadeeth
and has been recorded by Imam Ahmad (rahimahullah) in his Musnad, by Abu Dawud at-Tayaalasee, by at-
Tabraani in al-Muajm al-Kabeer 5/275 number 5314, by al-Haithami in Majma al-Zawaid wa manba al-
Fawaid 9/2-3 Hadeeth number 14148, 14149.

Analyzing the Hadeeth in Musnad Ahmad:
In the Musnad Ahmad checked by Shaykh Shuaib al-Arnaoot, volume 39, page 491, it says:


" " : .
: : .
) 39 / 491 (

Its chain is weak due to Hind bint al-Waazi, also known as Umm Abaan, being unknown for no one narrates
from her except Matar bin Abdur Rahman, and Matar, is not known to be that dependable.
Abu Haatim said (regarding Matar): His place is of truth. And Ibn Hibban mentioned him in Thiqah and he
said: That he narrates al-Maqatee (disconnected ahadeeth). [See also: Hafidh ibn Hajars, Tahdheeb at-
Tahdheeb, 10/169, number 317]
There have been differences in the attribution of this Hadeeth, (whether) it was said Umm Abaan narrated
from her father, or that she narrated from her grandfather, Zaari

[Note: Ibn Haatims saying this, does not indicate that Hadeeth having Matar ibn Abdur Rahman can be taken
as an argument, or that his presence indicates the authenticity of any Hadeeth as Ibn Abi Haatim cleared the
meaning of what he means when he says: His place is of Truth.]

: : .
) ( 1/271

Page 17

[Ibn Abi Hatim said: when it said the narrator is (Sadooq Or ''Mahhillahus Sidq'' Or ''La bas bihi''), then the
Narrator is among those whose Hadeeth will be written, then will be checked.]

Source: al-Ba'ith al-Hathith, 1/271, the explanation of Ibn Katheers Ikhtisaar Uloom al-Hadeeth.

Hadeeth 4:

Abdur Rahman bin Abi Bakr, Jalaluddin as-Suyuti recorded in his book al-Khasaais al-Kubraa, volume 2, page
116-117 a narration which says:
Ahmad, ad-Daarimee, at-Tabaraani, al-Bayhaqi and Abu Nuaim collected a Hadeeth from Ibn Abbas in which
he said:
A woman came with a son of hers and said, O Messenger of Allaah, this son of mine is insane. He is seized by
fits every morning and evening and ruins our lives. Allaahs messenger (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) wiped him
and prayed for him. The boy then vomited and a black puppy came out of his mouth and ran away.

Analyzing the narration:
The author mentioned that Ahmad and others collected this Hadeeth which he narrated in his book. If we go
through this hadeeth in these books, we find that the chain of narration for this Hadeeth is:

Yazeed narrated to us that he heard from Humaid bin Salamah from Farqad as-Sabakhee from Saeed bin
Jubair from Ibn Abbas.

Regarding this Hadeeth, Shaykh Shuaib al-Arnaoot mentions in his tahkeek of Musnad Ahmad, volume 4, page

: : :
: .
) 4 / 37-38 (

The chain is weak due to the narrator Farqad as-Sabakhee. He is Farqad bin Yaqub as-Sabakhee. Bukhari said
that his Hadeeth are rejected. Ahmad and Abu Hatim said said that he is not strong. Yahya al-Qatan said that I
do not like the narrations from him and he is weak according to Ibn Saad, Ibn al-Madani, an-NasaI, Yaqub bin
Shaibah and other than them.

Hadeeth 5:

Sunan ibn MaajaAbdur Rahman bin abi Laila narrated this to a person who narrated to his father that a
person came to Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) and told him that his brother was possessed. Prophet
Muhammad (P.B.U.H) then read the following verse of The Holy Quran (a) The first four and two middle verses
of surah Baqrah (c) Aayat-ul-Kursi (d) The last three verses of Surah Baqrah (e) The initial verses of Surah Aal-
e-Imran (f) The lst verse of surah Aal-e-Imran (g) Verses of Surah Araaf (h) Verses of Surah Muminoon (i)
Verses of Surah jinn (j) The first ten verses of Surah Saafaat (k) The last three verses of Surah Hashr (I) Surah
Ikhlaas (m) Surah Naas. The possessed person then stood up and was cured.

[Sheikh Albani has termed this hadeeth of Sunan Ibn Maaja as inauthentic (Page-288)]

Page 18

Apart from these, all other hadeeths related to the subject and often quoted are either inauthentic or

We also come across hadeeths in which Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) helped his companions who were
victims of shaitaani waswasaa because of which the companions would at times forget the number of
rakats of salah they had offered. These cases of curing by Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) was very different
from the one involving possession by jinns in which a person becomes unconscious of his clothes, beats
people around him, uses abusive languages, etc. He is tied with ropes or chains and is made to visit mazaars,
khanqas and various baabaas. These baabaas (exorcist) are found among all, the different sects, who exorcise
the supposed jinns from the possessed person. Actually these possessed men are mental patients. There are
various types of mental disorders. These patients should visit specialist doctors rather than do Biddah by
visiting the exorcists.

What is shocking is that despite the presence of various inauthentic hadeeths about the significance of the
15th night of Shaban, we reject them. But because of the presence of a few inauthentic hadeeths about jinn
possessing humans, we are flocking to mazaars, khanquas and various baabaas, thereby doing Shirk and


It is because of wild guessing and imagination that the Deen-e-Haneef which was pure as brought by
Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) has become impure through Shirk and Biddah. I met an Alim who after
mentioning the hadeeth in which Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H) said: Shaitan (Devil) runs in the arteries of
man like blood started making inferences from this hadeeth by his own imaginations like: If devil can run in
the arteries like blood then it can drive a person mad, it can force human to eat filthy things, make him/her
run naked across streets, etc.

Now in a similar manner after reading the hadeeth of Sahih Muslim : While entering graveyards, offer your
salaam to the grave dwellers, various Alims have given their imagination a loose run and concluded that,
when we offer salaam to the dead, they hear it. If they can hear salaam after their death, then they might also
speak. So when we bow or present a chaadar at mazaars of a pious servant of Allah and ask him to pray for
our forgiveness to Allah, then the pious person listens to our plea and supplicates to Almighty Allah. Allah
listens to his pious servant and grants his supplication thereby removing our problems.

The wild guessing and imaginations of both these kinds of Alims have harmed the Deen-e-Haneef. The Alims
should ponder over the situation when Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) had said the above mentioned hadeeth.
The purpose of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) for saying so was to warn the Muslims from coming to a
conclusion without verifying the facts because it is a grave sin and it leads to many other vices.

Its our duty to follow what Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) had said and not add anything to it by making wild
guesses. Had making plea at MAZAARS been allowed in Shariah, there would have been many authentic
hadeeths concerning it but it isnt so. Therefore we should totally stay away from it.

The Alim, I mentioned above started arguing with me and presented to me a case of a young girl. The girl
urinated in a hole inside her bathroom and so jinn possessed her. The Alim then mentioned a hadeeth in
which Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) had prohibited from urinating in holes because jinns live there. This is
totally false. There is a hadeeth of Abu Dawood which says : Do not urinate in holes. It never mentions why
not to urinate in holes.

Some people guessed that holes are the abode of insects and snake which can cause injuries while others
guessed that holes are the abode of jinns, Sheikh Albani has described this hadeeth of Abu Dawood as
inauthentic. So even the inauthentic hadeeth didnt mention why not to urinate in holes.

Page 19

Actually the girl must have been very frightened after urinating in a hole as she was wrongly taught that jinns
lived in holes. Because of this severe fear she got mentally ill and for brief periods became a victim of the
disease Trance and Possession Syndrome. Because of this disease, the patient gets overtaken by a different
personality altogether and speaks in a totally different tone. People around her fail to understand the true
nature of such behavior and come to the conclusion that she is possessed and the voice they are hearing is
that of the jinn. The Amil then cured the girl by performing Jhaad Phoonk and prescribing oil on which he
recited Ayatul-Kursi and Surah Jinn.

I am asking this question to all Alims around the world if there is any proof of such action being performed in
The Holy Quran or in the authentic hadeeths. If by reading Surah Jinn, jinn goes away, then if we read Surah
Naml would the ants go away? On reading Surah Kaafirun would the disbelievers go away? Or on reading
Surah Roam will the Romans go away?

The cases of Possession by jinns and spirits are found mostly among the illiterates. These are all cases of
mental disorder. If they could not be proved from The Holy Quran and authentic hadeeths, then how could
they be considered right? The need of the hour is to spread the true light and remove ignorance. The
authentic hadeeths and the right Deen should be presented to everyone. Until people are not told about the
inauthenticity of these actions, they will continue to visit Amils (exorcists), mazaars, khaanqas and baabaas
to get the possessed patients cured thereby doing Shirk and Biddah. Its my humble request to all the
Ulemas to announce without hesitation the fact that jinns cannot possess humans. This is the only way to
reduce the cases of Shirk and Biddah because of the wrong belief.

The Glorious Quran clearly states about the existence of jinns, so anyone who rejects their existence is outside
the fold of Islam since he is rejecting the words of Almighty Allah. But now where it is mentioned either in The
Glorious Quran or in the authentic hadeeths that jinns can possess humans? It is only the wrong
interpretations of the Glorious Quran and the inauthentic hadeeths which are causing this Biddah to prevail
in the Muslim society.

I pray to Almighty Allah that all Muslims understand and follow The Glorious Quran and the authentic
teachings of Prophet Muhammed (P.B.U.H.) fully and spread them to the farthest corners of the world.


Possession by a jinn or a spirit is a psychological disease. Its a mental illness which is named Trance &
Possession Syndrome. In this illness the patient virtually undergoes a change in his/her character and behaves
like another person. This is why he/she calls himself by a different name and also talks in a rather strange
voice. The Ulemas of the past and present could not understand this visible change in the nature of the
patient and going by the look of the patient they concluded that the person was possessed by a jinn.

Possessed patients are beaten so that the jinn inside will come out. It is thought that the patient doesnt feel
pain but only the jinn inside gets hurt. These thoughts are foolish and speak volume about their ignorance.
With my apologies to the Ulemas, for whom I have the greatest of respect, they are also involved,
unfortunately, in these acts unknowingly.

Often we read in the newspapers about possessed patient being beaten so severely that he dies. Actually in
this case the patients nerves get dysfunctional for the time being because of which he doest feel pain but his
internal organs do get affected which in the long run, if not immediately, harms the patient. If the injury is
caused to a delicate internal organ of the patient then jinn or the spirit inside him wont die but the patient
will. If a possessed person is shot at or he/she is hit by an iron rod causing brain haemorrhage, then in
these cases will the jinns die or the patient? Then why this illogical assumption that the patient doesnt feel
pain but the possessing jinn or spirit does?

Page 20

(Wrong interpretation of this Hadeeth is used to prove that jinns posses men)

It cannot be proved from either The Glorious Quran or the authentic hadeeths that jinns can possess humans.
Wrong interpretation of the meaning of the Glorious Quran and wrong inferences from the hadeeths of
Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) are used to prove that jinns possess them. An example of it is the wrong
translation of Sura Baqrah Ayat 275 and wrong interpretation of the hadeeth of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H)
in which he said devil runs in the blood vessels of men like blood. While mentioning this hadeeth, people
dont mention the whole of it.

The hadeeth in Sahih Bukhaari is: Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) was practising ittikaaf. His wife Sufya bint
Haiee (R.A.) went to meet him one night. She stood up to leave after talking to Prophet Muhammad
(P.B.U.H.). The holy Prophet also stood up to see her off. She lived in Usama bin Zaids (R.A.) home. Two Ansari
sahabees were passing by. When they saw Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) they started walking quickly.
Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) asked them to stop and told them that the woman was not a stranger but was
his wife, Sufya Bint Haiee. The two men then said SubhanAllah. Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) then said:
Devil runs in the blood vessels of men like blood. I was worried that the devil will make you do
Badgumaani. (Wild Guessing)

Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) thought that perhaps the Ansari men would be misguided by shaitan by
making them think wrongly. So Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) clarified to them that the woman with him was
not a stranger but his wife and also reminded them to be cautious of shaitaan as it runs in your blood vessels
like blood and can misguide you any time. By saying so Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) didnt mean that you
should be beware of the devil as he can drive you mad and crazy and make you tear your own clothes and
make you run across streets and make you throw stone at the people.

Jinn is also a creation of Almighty Allah just like a human, an elephant, a tiger etc. A tiger can injure a human,
elephant can throw him upside down but they cant possess him/her. Similarly a jinn can injure a person,
throw him/her upside down but cant possess him/her.

In an area called Misri Gali in Kolkata, men sleeping in the mehraab of a mosque were thrown upside down
by jinns but they couldnt possess them. It is possible that after seeing a jinn a person becomes so terrified
that he/she starts speaking and doing weird things making people around him/her think that he/she is
by jinn. It is known that at times a person bitten by a non poisonous snake is so frightened that he/she dies of
fear. Because of fear his/her heart stopped although he/she was bitten by a non poisonous snake.

(The wrong translation of this verse is produced as a proof that jinns possess humans)

This verse can be translated in two ways:

The correct translation: Those who charge interest their condition is like the one who has been misled by
shaitaan who has made them crazy for interest. That is why they say that business was also like interest
although Almighty Allah has made business halaal and interest haraam. Those who have stopped on being
cautioned by Almighty Allah, they will be treated by Allah and those who continue to charge interest, they will
forever live in hell.

The wrong translation : Those who charge interest, they will rise (from their graves) like a person who has
been driven mad by the touch of shaitaan because they used to say that business was also like interest

Page 21

although almighty Allah has made business halaal and interest haraam. Those who have stopped on being
cautioned by Almighty Allah, they will be treated by Allah and those who continue to charge interest, they will
forever live in hell.

The 1st translation deals with the present time while the 2nd translation deals with future. The 1st translation
says that persons who charge interest are controlled by shaitaan who has sealed their hearts and misled
them into charging interest thereby making them crazy for interest and in this state of craziness they say that
business is also like interest although Allah has made business halaal and interest haraam and if they do not
stop charging interest they will live in hell forever.

The 2nd translation deals with the Day of Judgment. Those who charged interest will rise from their graves as
if they have been driven mad by the touch of shaitaan.

The word mus means touch but here in this verse it means misleading and in this verse the Mozara
tense has been used which can be interpreted as both the present and future tense. This is the reason why
Mufassireen make mistake. Another thing is that they had already developed the perception that jinns could
possess humans and could drive them mad. That is the reason they write about the future instead of the
present and say that on the Day of Judgment those who charged interest will rise from their graves as mad
and crazy. According to this translation they would be punished on the Day of Judgment making them mad
when they rise from their graves, although the verse neither mentions the Day of Judgment nor does it
mentions graves, yet all these have been added wrongly. Besides, the greatest sin is Shirk and Allah will not
make a Mushrik rise from his grave in a crazy state. Then how could a person who charges interest be raised
from the grave by Allah in a crazy state?

The verse clearly states that the punishment for a person who charges interest is that he/she will burn forever
in hell but the wrong translation of the verse states that his/her punishment will be that he/she will rise from
the graves in a state of madness.

Those who charge interest is a different kind of mad person who wears decent clothes, who is in clear know
how of what is good for him and what isnt but he is still a slave of shaitaan. The translators of this verse
might have thought that as such a person doesnt look mad so they added from their graves in their
translation to drive home the point.

Sura Anaam verse 71 says : after receiving guidance from Allah if someone goes astray then it is like he was
misled by shaitaan into wild where he is lost. Here The Glorious Quran has given an example. Actually the
person is not misled into wild as he lives in his own city, in his own village, in his own home but he is misled by
shaitaan from the guidance of Allah and is ruined. His friends call him towards the right path of Allah but he
doesnt pay heed to this call.

It is like a sinner who is lost in wild because of shaitaan. He resides in his own home and works in accordance
with shaitaan and continues to commit sins like Shirk, Biddah, drinking, gambling etc.

Some people do not understand that these are mere examples or parables thinking them to be actual cases. In
this manner while reading the verse 275 of Sura Baqrah they think that a person who charges interest is a mad
person who talks weird things, behave erratically and runs across street in torn clothes but actually he/she is
mad of different characteristics who looks normal but is actually made mad by shaitaan for interest. This is
why he/she charges interest and says that business is also like interest although Allah has made business
halaal and interest haraam.

The translation and commentaries of some verse changes with time; an example is the last verses of Surah
Luqman which says; Allah knows what is in the womb of a woman. Earlier the commentators would write
that Allah alone knows whether the child in the mothers womb was a boy or girl but after advancement in
medical science one can know through ultrasonography whether the child to be born would be a boy or a girl.

Page 22

Now the commentators comment that Allah alone knows that whether the child to be born would be a good
person or a bad person, how much he will earn, when he will get married, when he will die, etc. Same is the
case with the verse 275 of Surah Baqrah. Earlier when a mental patient was found speaking in a different voice
and behaving erratically then people thought that he was possessed by a jinn. Now after the advancement of
medical science we have come to know that due to illness like Schizophrenia and Trance & Possession
Syndrome patients behave erratically and talk weirdly and can even speak in a voice very different from his.

Most important point is that, none of the sins of a mad person who has lost his senses get recorded as sin in
that state and he is not held accountable before Allah (S.W.T). If Satan makes a person insane, then he is
affecting his only mission and ambition. Instead he (Satan) would want that sons and daughters of Adam
(P.B.U.H), commit sins by remaining in their senses, so that their sins get recorded and they are held
accountable and hence he (Satan) succeeds in his mission. Why will Satan ruin his only mission by making
people go mad/insane?

Therefore, the correct meaning of the verse should be that a person who charges interest has been misled by
shaitaan in this world because of which he/she has become mad for interest because if shaitaan would not
have made him/ her mad, he/she would not have committed the grave sin of charging interest.

Dont go beyond the teachings of Allah and Prophet
Muhammad (P.B.U.H.)
(Sura Hujraat, Verse-1)

Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) had said, Present to me the acts of Jhaad Phoonk. Those Jhaad Phoonk
which isnt Shirk are allowed. It should be taken note of that Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) didnt permit
the ummah to do any kind of Jhaad Phoonk which was not shirk but he set a condition that those acts
should be first presented to him and only after his permission those Jhaad Phoonk could be applied. If this
hadnt been the case then he could have simply said practice those acts of Jhaad Phoonk which are not
shirk but he set the above condition before allowing any Jhaad Phoonk.
Almighty Allah has perfected his religion with Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). No more prophet will come. All
the acts of Jhaad Phoonk which Almighty Allah permits have been told to us by the last prophet of Allah.
Now that the last prophet, Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H), is no more among us, acts of Jhaad Phoonk
cannot be presented to him. Therefore we cant impose any Jhaad Phoonk as the cure of any kind of disease
even if it is the ayat of The Glorious Quran. This ayat will help in examination, this ayat will help in better
earning, this ayat will drive out jinns, this ayat will increase wealth, this ayat will help to get rid of illness,
this ayat will help to win a court case, this ayat will help barren women in giving birth, this ayat will help in
defeating ones enemy and this ayat will help in love life, etc are totally wrong if they have not been
approved by Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H).
Only those Quranic ayats and masnoon duas are acceptable which could be proved of being approved by
Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) in Jhaad Phoonk. If we say from our own that such ayat helps in treating such
disease which cant be proved to have been said by Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H), then we are committing a
sin by going beyond the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). Almighty Allah has warned us in The
Glorious Quran in the 1st verse of Surah Hujraat from going beyond the teachings of Almighty Allah and
Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H).
Considering any ayat and wazeefa as helpful in any case, even if recommended by an Alim of highest
repute, without any proof, whatsoever, of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) recommending it, is actually adding
to the teachings of Islam beyond what Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) taught and it is a Biddah and every
Biddah leads to hellfire. Those who do jhaad phoonk on mental patients taking them as possessed by jinn
by reciting to them ayat of The Glorious Quran should be beware as they are sinning by doing Biddah. They
should immediately stop their acts of Biddah and seek repentance from the forgiving and most merciful
Almighty Allah.

Page 23


According to The Glorious Quran itself, The Glorious Quran can cure diseases and has blessings but the disease
being referred to here is not only physical but also internal, spiritual, faith and conviction. The Glorious Quran
specially cures kufr, shirk, nifaaq, shubhat, shahwat, etc. Following the teachings of The Glorious Quran
helps in curing a person from lies, stealing, cheating, gambling, drinking, adultery, charging interest, etc. The
Glorious Quran cures a sinner of greed, envy, jealousy, cruelty, etc.

All the vices and the evils will be cured only if we read The Glorious Quran with its meaning and apply its
teachings in our day to day life. Our whole life, our habits, means of earning, relations, worship should be in
total alignment with the teachings of The Glorious Quran.

Along with The Glorious Quran we also have to follow the teachings of the last prophet of Almighty Allah,
Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) had said that ajwaa dates can cure diseases. So
we have to accept and believe firmly that eating ajwaa dates will cure us of diseases but if we tell someone
that on reading some ayat of The Glorious Quran on ajwaa dates and then eating it will help in curing
disease, then we will be totally wrong. Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) had said that honey cures; so we have
to firmly believe in it but we cant say that one should have honey after reading some Quranic ayat on it or
one should have kalaunji after reading some Quranic ayat on it, as this amounts to going beyond the
teachings of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) and is a Biddah and strays us from the Siraatul Mustaqeem
(straight path).

Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) had said that you should bathe your dead ones in water which has leaves of the
beri tree (the leaves of this tree is antiseptic) but if an Alim, even of highest repute, issues a fatwa that to cure
a person from magic spell, read verses of The Glorious Quran on the leaves of this tree immersed in water and
bathe the said person with this water, then we must refute the fatwa, as acting according to this fatwa will be
going beyond the teachings of Almighty Allah and Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). It cant be proved to have
been performed by Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). It amounts to adding on our own to the Deen-e-Islam and
is a Biddah and every Biddah leads to hellfire.

There are hadeeths in Sahih Bukhaari and Sahih Muslim in which Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) said: if a
person commits an act which is not approved by me, then his act is mardood. Prophet Muhammad
(P.B.U.H) never in his lifetime ordered that mental patients be treated as persons possessed by jinns and be
cured by Jhaad Phoonk. Therefore performing Jhaad Phoonk on a mental patient as if he/she is possessed
by a jinn and reading Quranic ayat on him/ her is an act of Biddah and mardood act.

In Surah Israa Ayat 82 Almighty Allah says in The Glorious Quran: And we send down of the Quran which is a
healing and mercy to those who believe.

We will be doing a great sin by manipulating the meaning of this verse for our own benefit and do Jhaad
Phoonk, sell taaweez, gandaa, keel fleeta.

The Hadeeths of Sahih Bukhaari and Sahih Muslim state that Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) had said that
70000 Muslims will enter paradise without any questioning on the day of judgement. When asked who
these men will be, Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) said these are those men who are not sooth sayers and
superstitious and those who do not get treated by stamping of fire (Daagh), nor do they perform Jhaad
Phoonk, rather they believe with firm faith in their Sustainer, the Almighty Allah.

Actually The Glorious Quran heals a momin spiritually as it helps in keeping ones mind and heart pure. By
following the teachings of The Glorious Quran a person remains in good and pure state physically and eats
pure and Halal things only which further helps in avoiding diseases. Apart from this, Salaah is a great form of
exercise which helps in the activity of heart. Fasting also helps in avoiding diseases. By following the teachings
of The Glorious Quran, if a momin restrains from drinking and illegal physical acts, he helps himself by
avoiding many dangerous diseases. A Muslim avoids acts of gambling, lies, cheating, stealing etc. by following

Page 24

the teachings of The Glorious Quran, thereby attaining a mental state of harmony. According to a survey
conducted in America, a believer in God is always in a better mental state and at peace than an atheist when
faced with any adverse circumstances in life.

If by jhaad phoonk or bathing a person in water of beri leaves on which Quranic ayat has been recited a
person co-incidentally gets cured, it doesnt mean that the act is justified or can be taken as a source of
argument and belief in future. At times coincidently issueless couples have been known to have got a child
after visiting mazaar and dargah and offering chadar on it. This does not mean we should advise other
issueless couples to visit those places in order to get a child.


1. Jinn does not usually possess children below 10 years of age.

2. Jinn does not usually possess persons of age above 30 years because of their high mental intellect.

3. The victims of Jinns are mostly women.

4. The victims of Jinns are mostly uneducated and socially and financially backwards and faced with domestic

5. The Jinns stay away from those who are educated, forward, mentally agile and contented with their life and

6. Some girls who have not yet been married despite their advanced age and some married women who are
not sexually satisfied with their husbands are hysteria patients, but their disease is understood as being
possessed by Jinn.
7. The villagers believe in Jinns possession more than those who live in cities & towns.

8. The households where extensive Jhaad-Phoonk is indulged in, their members suffer most from Jinn
possession apparently.

By observing the above facts, it can be easily understood that possession of persons by Jinn is just
psychological and mental illness which has no relevance to truth at all.


Sometimes, we hear people say that a person who does not know English begins speaking English when an
English Jinn possesses him/her. Similarly, a person who does not know Bhojpuri begins speaking Bhojpuri
when a Bhojpuri Jinn possesses him/her.

These beliefs are based on ignorance because possession by Jinn is is not proved either by the Quran on true
Hadeeths. In fact, every person in his/her lifetime hears others utter a word or two of English and Bhojpuri
languages. In North India even a non- Bhojpuri person sometimes hears this language and even understands
it, though speaking it fluently is difficult for him/her. A mental patient due to his/her mental problem
sometimes speaks a word or two of English and Bhojpuri. This does not mean that English or Bhojpuri Jinn has
possessed him/her. Has any one heard a South Indian mad person speaking even a word of Bhojpuri? The
answer is no. Try speaking to a mad person, who does not know English but utters a few words of English
unknowingly and without understanding. He/she will not be able to talk in English fully.

Page 25

Sometimes, people point out to a woman, who does not know how to read or recite the Quran; yet she recites
a few Quranic ayats. They believe that surely Quran knowing Jinn has possessed her. Such a belief goes
against the Quran and Hadeeths.

If that woman is asked to recite differant ayats, she will fail. In fact, in her childhood or years before, she
would have learnt a few ayats by heart. Now in the mad mental state she is recalling those ayats which are
deeply etched in her memory. Had Quran knowing Jinn possessed her, she would have recited not just a few
ayats, but other ayats as well.

During the state of madness, sub consciousness becomes more active; this is why the above cases occur.
Actually, the mind or brain is a very complex organ; this is why people think that Jinn has possessed a person
after seeing him/her talking and behaving strangely instead of understanding the complexities of the brain.

People are also heard saying that when a male jinn possess a woman, she speaks in a male voice and when a
female jinn possess a man, he speaks in a female voice. This belief is also wrong. This occurs due to a mental
disease called Trance & Possession syndrome, in which a person imitates other personality. If the other
personality happens to be of the opposite sex, he or she imitates him/her, although the male and female
cannot speak in the voices of female and male respectively. However, during this illness, pressure is exerted
on the vocal cord, which is why there is a slight change in the voice but not as much as a male speaking in a
female voice and vice versa.

Due to this wrong belief, ignorant people are flocking to Mazaars, abode of Babas, etc. with mentally ill
patients to get them rid of jinn. This practice has been continuing for centuries in which Shirk and Biddah
is prominent. It has become a tool to earn money by the so called Babas who deceive ignorant and illiterate
people. The need of the hour is to explain to the people that all the aforesaid acts are against Islam and not
supported by the Quran or Hadeeths. Those who indulge in such heinous acts are committing grave sin of
Shirk and Biddah which is not paradonable by Allah.


This is a female disease in which small quantity of bleeding occurs from the vagina all the time. According to a
Hadeeth, a woman asked the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) if she could offer prayer because of the above
disease. The prophet replied that yes she could offer her prayer after keeping some clothes and after taking a
bath because this blood comes from a vein which originates due to poking by Shaitan.

Here it is to be understood that the prophet did not say that in order to expel the Shaitan, she should recite
so and so ayat or resort to Jhaad-Phoonk but only said that this kind of bleeding was not menstruation and
she could offer prayer.

Now just consider the claims of our Aamils who claim to cure the above disease by Jhaad Phoonk, while our
dear prophet kept quiet about this disease. These Aamils deceive the public and dupe them by their Taweez
and Ganda to get them rid of the above disease.

It is quite possible that both the husband and wife are healthy and yet the wife fails to conceive. Such cases
are considered to be the handiwork of Jinn or Oopri Hawa, which speak volume of the ignorance of the
believers. They forget that everything, even birth and death, occurs by the order of Allah and no Aalim or
Soothsayer has any power to stop an event from happening or not happening.

Allah says in Quran, para 25, Surah Alshura Ayat 49 and 50. People are ungrateful towards Allah Allahs
empire is spread over the heavens and the earth. He produces whatever he wills. He bestows daughters to
whosoever He wills and bestows sons to whosoever He wills or both sons and daughters. He keeps childless
those He desires. No doubt, He knows everything and has power over everything.

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These Ayats prove that everything is under Allahs control. The Jinn or Shaitan does not have the power to
bestow a child to a woman or keep a woman childless. To even think so amounts to Shirk. Those Aamils who
do Jhaad-Phoonk on childless couples are committing a grave sin for which they would be accountable on
the day of judgement.


Yes, a few mental patients do get cured by Jhaad- Phoonk, who were supposed to be possessed by Jinn. This
is done by resorting to psychological treatment. A boy or a girl during his/her childhood hears about Jinn
possessing persons. This always remains in his/her memory. By chance, if any of them have to pass through a
very lonely place or a burial ground, he/she remembers about Jinn possessing people in a secluded place. A
young girl alone on a lonely terrace also comes to remember about possession of Jinn. When such
remembrance becomes very intense, these people are so much frightened that their mental balance and
reasoning gets paralyzed and they become the victims of Trance & Possession Syndrome.

They begin to behave in such a way that it looks as if Jinn has actually possessed him/her. Since this is a
psychological disease, Jhaad-Phoonk, which is a psychological treatment, cures him/her to a certain extent
apparently. But those who are severely afflicted by this disease do not get cured by Jhaad-Phoonk and their
condition begins to deteriorate. If they are suffering from depression, they even commit suicide.

It has been seen that Jhaad-Phoonk cures only 5 percent people, while medical treatment cures 95 percent
of the patients suffering from the above mental illness. A day will come when the cure percentage will be 100
after the medical science develops more.

The problem with cure by Jhaad-Phoonk is that it affects belief (Imaan), because this kind of treatment is
not approved by Quran or authentic Hadeeth. This paves the way for Shirk and Biddah. Many mentally ill
patients are left for months near the Mazaars by their relatives in the belief that the Baba inside the Mazaar
would cure them.

Muslim Aamils recite Quranic verses to ward off the so called Jinn possessing a person, while non Muslim
Ojhas recite Mantars. The psychological patients get cured by both the methods. If, instead of Quranic
ayats, world news in Arabic is read in such a way that the patients think that Quran is being read, a small
percentage of them will still be cured.

The need of the hour is to teach the people Quran and authentic Hadeeths and to give medical treatment to
mentally ill patients and not to take such patients for treatment to Aamils or Ojhas because they resort to
Shirk and Biddah and compel the patients and his relatives also to take part in Shirk and Biddah an
act which will never be pardoned by Almighty Allah.

In fact, to recite Quran or to do Jhaad-Phoonk on mental patients, wrongly diagnosed as possessed by Jinn
is not approved by the holy Quran and authentic Hadeeths, so this is Biddah and every Biddah leads to
Hell fire.

1 Jhaad-Phoonk means to recite Quranic ayat or of other sources and blow by the mouth in order to get rid
of diseases and problems.

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Not a single Quranic Ayat or an authentic Hadeeth proves that Jinn possess human being and make them mad
due to which the so called possessed person behaves strangely and abnormally, talks weirdly and
mysteriously, runs across the streets with torn clothes
or even sometimes naked and throws stones at the people. In fact, it is the handiwork of Shaitan to create
suspicion and misguide the people and even create ill will among the human beings. He is capable of
presenting an evil thing in a beautiful way and to prevent humans from doing a good deed.

A few people believe that when Shaitan can do bodily harm, it can even make humans mad. This is why such
people advocate resorting to Jhaad Phoonk to ward off Shaitan and Jinn. They cite a Hadeeth that a new
born baby cries due to teasing the baby by Shaitan. Another Hadeeth they cite is that the disease of
Istehaza (Dysfunctional Uterine bleeding) is caused by poking of Shaitan.

If we think deeply, we will come to understand that there is no similarity between these Hadeeths and mental
disease. If a Hafiz reads Quran loudly in an adjacent room where a woman is giving birth, will Shaitan flee on
hearing the Quranic verses and the new born baby will be saved from the teasing of Shaitan and not cry ?
Similarly, if a woman suffering from ISTEHAZA will be cured if she is subjected to Jhaad Phoonk by Quranic
ayats ?

If these cannot happen, then why mental patients are subjected to Jhaad Phoonk by Quranic ayats to ward
off supposed Jinn ? Are these acts not foolishness? Has prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) ever endorsed or
recommended the above acts to ward off Jinn ? Are we unknowingly not encouraging Biddah by resorting to
Jhaad Phoonk by Quranic ayats when it was never done by the Prophet (P.B.U.H.)?

Allah has perfected his religion, Islam, through the last prophet, Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) and no prophet will
come till the day of judgement. The prophet has explained us everything about the various events upto the
day of judgement. Is it possible that the prophet did not teach us the ways to get rid of Jinn that our ulemas
are now teaching the same, as if they are completing the Deen (religion)?

It is written in Hadeeths, that Jinn can steal things and Shaitaan spends night in the nostrils of human beings.
But these do not prove that Jinn or Shaitaan can possess human beings and can make them mad.

No proof from Quran and authentic Hadeeth is found that Jinn makes humans mad by possessing them. Only
it appears superficially so, but on deep enquiry and investigation, it is proved beyond doubt that possession of
humans by Jinn is just an assumption having no basis at all. This wrong belief of Jinn possession opens the
doors of Shirk and Biddah.

I would say that even reading Quranic ayats for treating mental patients is Biddah because it is not proved
that the prophet had ever done so. If for discussion sake it is accepted that Jinns possess only two percent
persons and the rest 98 percent are mental patients, then the relatives of every mad person would say that
their patients are really possessed by Jinn, and they will come in two percent. In this way, the act of Shirk
and Biddah will never end and continue upto the day of judgement.

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People generally mention an incident which took place during the time of Imam Ahmed bin Hambal (R.A.) as a
proof that jinn can possess men. The incident was that a girl had started claiming that she was a jinn and
wanted to marry the girl. When Imam Ahmed bin Hambal (R.A.) heard of it, he sent his slipper with the
message that if the jinn wont come out of the girls body, he would be beaten with the slipper. On hearing
this the jinn said through the girls voice that if Imam Ahmed bin Hambal (R.A.) ordered him (Jinn), he was
ready to leave even Iraq. After this the girl got cured. But the question that arises is that how could we say
with certainty that the girl was not a mental patient but actually a jinn was inside her because of which she
spoke like a jinn?

A patient with Trance and Possession syndrome actually behaves in a manner the girl behaved. The patient
thinks that someone else has taken over his body and talks in that persons voice and makes people think that
a jinn or a spirit is speaking, not the patient. Actually the girl was a mental patient and was a1so aware of the
great personality and the knowledge that Imam Ahmed bin Hambal (R.A.) had.

That is why when Imam Ahmed bin Hambal (R.A.)s order reached the girl she spoke as if she was a Jinn and
said that she would leave even Iraq if ordered by him (R.A.). When this syndrome is not very old then it can be
cured even by Jhaad Phoonk or some thrashings and beatings.

After the death of Imam Ahmed Bin Hambal (R.A), the girl again started to behave as if possessed by a Jinn.
When one Alim asked the so called Jinn to come out, the girl refused. Here is the same reason, the girl had
knowledge that the Alim was not of the great personality and the knowledge that Imam Ahmad Bin Hambal
(R.A) had so she refused.


Magic and spells exist and are mentioned in The Glorious Quran. They also have effects on many but it is
wrong to say that their effects take place because of jinn and Shaitaan. This cannot be proved by The Glorious
Qutan or authentic hadeeths. Its written in Surah Baqrah, Ayat 102, that two angels descended in Babel with
magic and spells. Almighty Allah sent down angels with magic and it was sent down as a test for mankind. Just
like poison can kill and Almighty Allah has made it so that He can test mankind so that one man doesnt kill
another by poisoning him, similarly magic is also a test so that He can test mankind that one person doesnt
harm another using magic and spells.

Magic and spells work by the permission of Almighty Allah just like poison works by His permission. As the
effects of a poison has no connection whatsoever with Shaitaan, similarly the effects of magic has no
connection with Shaitaan. Its written in The Glorious Quran in Surah Taaha Ayat 69: A magician, wherefrom
he is, will never succeed. This proves that a magician can never succeed but at times Allah makes his tricks
successful making people think that the magician has succeeded. Allah has said in The Glorious Quran in Surah
Baqrah They cant harm any person with their magic without Allahs permission.

Practicing magic is a kufr since it involves words which are kufriya. As it is a kufr, a man learns it from
Shaitaan among jinn or men. Both these Shaitaans make the magician perform many haraam acts but
they (the Shaitaan among men and jinn) cannot make the magic effective as it is Almighty Allah alone who
can make magic have its effect so that He can test us. This theory of magic having its effect because of jinn or
Shaitaan is totally baseless and cannot be proved from the Glorious Quran or any authentic Hadeeth.
Almighty Allah doesnt need anyones help in doing anything. All He has to do is say Kun and it happens.

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It is totally wrong to say that the effects of magic and spells are because of Shaitaan and jinns. Books on the
subject of jinn and magic usually state that jinn or Shaitaan enters a persons body through some magic and
harms him. When a magician wants a person to be paralyzed, he tells a jinn to harm the nervous system of the
person, to paralyze him/her. All these things are totally baseless and cannot be proved either from The
Glorious Quran or the authentic Hadeeths.

Actually those who claim to capture jinns are liars, cheaters and frauds. No man has the power to capture a
jinn and make him (the jinn) do things according to his (the mans) wish. Almighty Allah had given this power
only to Prophet Suleiman (P.B.U.H) who had prayed to Allah O my Lord! Forgive me and grant me a
kingdom that shall not belong to any after me in Surah Swad Ayat 35 and Almighty Allah accepted his
prayers as a result of which Prophet Suleiman (P.B.U.H) had control over every animal, insect, air, jinn, etc.

There is also a hadeeth of Sahih Bukhaari and Sahih Muslim that Allahs enemy, the Iblis, had once thrown a
fireball at Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) while he was offering prayers. But by Almighty Allahs help,
Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) caught him by his throat and wished to tie him in the mosque for others to
see but was reminded of Prophet Suleimans (P.B.U.H) prayers and so he (Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H))
set him free.

This verse of Quran and the Hadeeth proves that men can neither capture jinns nor can men order jinns to
perform any task. No magician can harm a person by ordering Shaitaan or jinn to enter someones body.
Those who claim to capture jinns in bottles or destroy them by fire are cheaters, frauds and liars. They can
never capture or kill a jinn.

Some Alims say that if a magician becomes a terrible sinner and always utters kufriya words, the Shaitaan is
impressed by him and becomes his (the magicians) disciple. He (Shaitaan) listens to everything the magicians
tells him and harms anyone as ordered by the magician. All these statements are utterly nonsense and cannot
be proved by the Glorious Quran or authentic Hadeeths.

Pharaoh (Firoun) was an ardent enemy of Almighty Allah and a disbeliever to the extent that he declared
himself god. He massacred thousands of innocent children and was involved in all kinds of heinous sins but
there is no evidence that he reigned over jinns also. Shaitaan and jinns never became his followers and
performed things according to their wish. If a sinner of pharaohs magnitude couldnt control jinns then how
could todays small-time magicians control them? Having such opinions that jinns can be controlled by men is
a wrong belief and cannot be proved from the Glorious Quran or authentic Hadeeths.

The effects of magic are only because of Almighty Allah Who is using magic as a test for mankind.

It cannot be proved from the Glorious Quran or authentic hadeeths that magic has its effect because of
Shaitaan or jinns. Medical science and common sense also refute this theory because there is no science
better than Islam and no science book better than the Glorious Quran.

A human brain is an interesting organ which apart from controlling the whole body and its movement, also
controls respiratory system, circulatory system, digestive system, power of hearing, power of seeing, power of
smelling, power of feeling pain, cardiovascular system, etc. Its like the headquarter of human body which is
connected to various offices (different organs), each of which perform its individual tasks.

Human beings are Ashraful Makhluqaat (best of all creatures). Still without proper medical knowledge he
doesnt know which part of the brain is connected to which organ or system. Then how could a jinn without
any medical knowledge know that on which part of the brain he should attack to make a person paralyzed or

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to make him mad or to cause him cancer of precisely a particular organ? Without medical knowledge it is not

All these points prove that magic and spells are not because of Shaitaan and jinns but they are just a tool
with which Almighty Allah tests us and they have their effects only by the will of Almighty Allah alone.


Thousands of books have been written on the subject of treatment of magic and spells. Various types of
Jhaad Phoonk, amulets, Keel, Falita, cassettes are used although they are not proved from the Glorious
Quran or authentic Hadeeths. Most of these books, written by both Ahl-e-Hadeeth and non Ahl-e- Hadeeth
authors, are full of Biddah and Shirk.

When Allahs last prophet, Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H), became ill because of magic spell done on him, it
was angel Gabriel who cured him after praying to Almighty Allah and his prayer as mentioned in Sahih Muslim
was: In the name of Allah, I do dum from everything which harms you, from the wickedness of every
creature and of those who are jealous, may God cure you. I do dum in the name of Allah. After this the
angel Gabriel recited the last two chapters of the Glorious Quran, Surah Falaq and Surah Naas, and untied
the pieces of the hair which were under the spell. This prayer cured Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) of magic.

Now it is obligatory upon the Muslims to use only these prayers in treatment of magic and spells as all other
methods, be it the recitation of other Quranic verses, will be a Biddah as they were neither practiced nor
advised by Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). It can be proved from authentic Hadeeth that two last surahs of
Quran, Ayat-al-Kursi and ajwaa dates are to be used to prevent oneself from magic and spells but if someone
has already become a victim of magic and spell then the only treatment is to use the prayers of angel Gabriel
and Surah Falaq and Surah Naas. All other treatments are Biddah and every Biddah leads to hellfire.

There is no need to visit any Amil or Moulvi in case someone is under a magic spell. Just recite the prayer of
angel Gabriel and last two chapters of the Glorious Quran at your hands and run them across your face, then
head and your whole body. Repeat it a few times, if you are under the spell of a magic and you will be cured,
Insha Allah.

When a person falls ill then we should first think that he is suffering from a physical disease and so we consult
the doctors of the concerned field. Along with that we should continue to pray to Almighty Allah to cure the
patient as it is He who will ultimately cure anyone and it is because of Him alone that medicine helps in curing
diseases. While treatment is underway, if you feel that the patient is actually a victim of a magical spell, then
there is no need to visit any Amil as the prayer of angel Gabriel and the last two Surahs of Quran, Surah Falaq
and Surah Naas are sufficient for treatment of a magical spell. Insha Allah the person will be cured if these are
recited 4 to 5 times. And if the person is still not cured, then consult some doctors with the conviction that the
person is actually physically ill. If not satisfied, then consult other doctors, but meanwhile continue to pray to
Almighty Allah. Dont visit Amils and Moulvis for Jhaad Phoonk, amulets, Keel and Falita. All these are
Biddah. Refrain from them in order to keep Almighty Allah pleased.

If one lakh people are treated for being affected from a spell of magic, 99999 of them are actually mental
and physical patients. Only one out of one lakh may be affected by spell.

A few naive and less intelligent moulvis consider people afflicted by mental disease as being possessed by Jinn
and advise their relatives to go for Jhaad Phoonk to cure the so called Jinn possessed patients. In this way,
these moulvis promote superstition, illiteracy, Shirk and Biddah.

The fact is that the last prophet of Allah had advised treatment for diseases. He had recommended Ajwa
Dates, Kalaunji, honey, olive (Zaitun) and application of Singi and also bathing with water in order to get

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cured from illness. In the prophets time, it amounted to obey him (P.B.U.H.) by resorting to treatment by
herbs and shrubs (Jadi Booti) available then.

In modern time, taking advantage of the latest form of treatment for curing diseases also means obeying the
prophet (P.B.U.H.).


It is narrated in Sahih Bukhaari (6213) that 'Urwa reported from 'A'isha (radhiallahu anha) that she said that
people asked Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) about the kahins (soothsayers/fortune-tellers).
Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) said to them: They are nothing (i. e. it is a mere superstition).
They said: Allah's Messenger, they at times narrate to us things which we find true. Thereupon Allah's
Messenger (may peace be upon him) said: That is a word pertaining to truth which a jinn snatches away and
then cackles into the ear of his friend as the hen does. And then they mix in it more than one hundred lies.

Also, al-Bukhaari (4701) narrated from Abu Hurayrah (may Allaah be pleased with him) that the Prophet
(peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: When Allaah decrees a matter in heaven, the angels beat
their wings in submission to His words, making a sound like a chain striking a rock. When the fear is banished
from their hearts, they say, what is it that your Lord has said? They say: 'The truth; And He is the Most High,
the Most Great.' (Quran 34.23) Then the one who is listening out (the shaitaan/jinns hiding and waiting to
snatch the news) hears that, and those who are listening out (i.e. shaitaans/jinns) are standing one above the
other Sufyaan [one of the narrators] demonstrated with his hand, holding it vertically with the fingers
outspread. So he hears what is said and passes it on to the one below him, and that one passes it to the one
who is below him, and so on until it reaches the lips of the soothsayer or fortune-teller. When the Angels see
the jinn they attack them with fireballs/flames. Maybe the fireballs/flames will hit him before he can pass
anything on, or maybe he will pass it on before he is hit. He (soothsayer/fortune-teller) tells a hundred lies
alongside it. But it will be said (by people), Did he (soothsayer) not tell us that on such and such a day, such
and such would happen? So they believe him because of the one thing which was heard from heaven. i.e., he
is believed because of the one true word that was heard/snatched from heaven by the shaitaan/jinn and
passed on to the fortune-teller.

This is the reason given by our beloved Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) when he was asked
as to why sometimes the sayings of fortune-tellers come true.

The matter of fact is that, the Shaitaans who try to steal and pass the information from the heaven to fortune-
tellers are neither under the control of the fortune-tellers nor these Shaitaans are their slaves. The fortune-
tellers do not appoint them for such work.

When a person goes to a fortune-teller and asks him about something and believes what he says. This is
disbelief in Allah (kufr), because he is believing the fortune-tellers claim to have knowledge of the unseen,
and believing a humans being claim to have knowledge of the unseen constitutes disbelief in the verse in
which Allah says (interpretation of the meaning): Say: None in the heavens and the earth knows the Ghayb
(Unseen) except Allah [Surah al-Naml 27:65].

This is what the Shaitaan wants. The Shaitaans do such work in enmity to Allah, so that the sin, misguidance,
shirk and the disobedience to Allah increases in the world which is the only mission and motive of the

Page 32

Shaitaans existence is true.
Shaitaan runs in the blood vessels of man like blood.
Shaitaan steals.
Shaitaan urinates in the ears of those humans who dont get up for Fajr.
Shaitaan spends night on nostril.
Shaitaan can change appearance and turn into even micro organisms.
Shaitaan misguides those who charge interest and make them crazy for interest.
Shaitaan ties a knot at the neck of a person who sleeps till late morning because of which the person
misses his fajr prayers.
Shaitaan enters the mouth when a person is yawning.
Shaitaan teases newborns and make them cry.
Shaitaan causes dysfunctional uterine bleeding (Istehaza).
Shaitaan once threw a ball of fire at Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H).
Shaitaan misleads and misguides those who are on the right path and is the cause of all evils.
All the above points are verified by The Glorious Quran or authentic hadeeths. But nowhere in The Glorious
Quran or in the authentic hadeeths is it mentioned that Shaitaan can possess men and drive them mad. These
men are actually psychologically ill. Having them treated by jhaad phoonk thinking them to be possessed by
jinn amounts to going against the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) and is a biddah. All the hadeeths
about Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) driving out jinn from possessed men are inauthentic. Shaitaan had told
Almighty Allah that he would mislead the children of Prophet Adam (P.B.U.H), he hadnt said that he would
possess and drive them mad. Wild guessing, weak faith and belief, wrong conclusions and old views of
forefathers (aslaf) are used to convince that jinns possess men and drive them mad.

It cant be proved either from The Glorious Quran or the authentic hadeeths that jinns can possess men and
drive them mad because of which they run across street in torn clothes or throw stones at passersby. Wrong
commentaries and interpretations of The Glorious Quran and authentic hadeeths are used to propagate the
wrong concept of jinns possessing men.
Wrong interpretation of a hadeeth of Hazrat Usman bin Abil Aas (R.A) is used by certain men to prove that
jinns can possess men.
According to the hadeeth of Sahih Bukhaari Iblis disturbs men when they are offering namaaz and can also
make them forget the number of rakats they have offered. Hazrat Usman bin Abil Aas (R.A) wasnt a mad
person and its a terrible sin even to think so about such a great man who was a companion of Prophet
Muhammad (P.B.U.H). Actually Shaitaan often disturbed Hazrat Usman bin Abil Aas (R.A) when he used to
offer his namaaz and at times would stand in front of him while he was offering namaaz because of which he
would even forget the number of rikat he had offered. Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) then struck on the chest
of Hazrat Usman bin Abil Aas (R.A), to remove Shaitaans vasvasa, after which Shaitaan could never disturb
him again.
Prayers For Entering Toilet
Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) told us to recite this prayer while entering toilet O Allah! Protect me from
male Shaitaan and female Shaitaan We recite this prayer not because we are afraid that Shaitaan might
possess us and drive us mad. This prayer is similar to the prayer Aauzu billaahi mina Shaitaannir rajeem
because of which we are safe from the Shaitaans vasvasa and misleading. When a Muslim enters toilet,
he/she has to undress. No true Muslim would want either a jinn or Shaitaan or any human to see him or her in
a naked state but one has to undress in a toilet. So he/she prays to Allah that He hides his state of nakedness
from jinns and Shaitaan. Also while undressed, Shaitaan may plant evil ideas in our mind but this prayer saves
us from the evil ideas of Shaitaan.

Page 33

Prayer during journey

Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) taught us to read this prayer when resting during a journey I seek refuge from
Allah, to protect me from the evils of His creatures. This prayer not only saves us from thieves, dacoits,
dangerous animals and all diseases but also from Shaitaans evil ideas which might cause rifts between fellow
travellers thereby helping us reach our destinations safely. This prayer is not recited so that none of the
travellers get possessed by jinn who might make him mad.

Shaikh ul-Islaam Imaam Ibn Taymiyyah (R.A.) Recited
Quranic Ayat In The Ears Of A Possessed Person And
The Jinn Started Talking

How can we say that the person was possessed by jinn but not a mental patient? A patient of Trance and
Possession Syndrome undergoes a change in his personality and talks as if he is a different person because of
which other people might think that the patient is possessed by a spirit or a jinn.

A mental patient is often beaten because he is supposed to have been possessed by a jinn and it is thought
there is no effect of beating on the patient as only the jinn gets hurt. So if the patient is shot by a bullet or hit
by an iron rod on his head who will die? The jinn or the patient? The patient of course. Then why do we think
that on beating the patient, he wont get hurt but the supposed jinn who is possessing him will get hurt?


The effects of Shaitaan have spread to the whole world. All the evils like murder, riots, terrorism, stealing,
infidelity, drugs, gambling, shirk and biddah are the result of Shaitaans misguidance. But a person doesnt get
mentally ill because of Shaitaan. Just like a person can fall ill, his heart or liver or kidney might dysfunction so
can his brain which is also an organ of the body like a heart, a kidney or a liver. He can become mad or have
psychological problem because of dysfunction of brain. Jinns cannot make a person mentally ill. These patients
need medical attention and need to visit doctors rather than mazaars for jhaad phoonk because it is a biddah
and will ultimately lead to hellfire.

It cant be proved either from The Glorious Quran or the authentic hadeeths that jinns can possess men and
drive them mad. Wrong commentaries and interpretations of The Glorious Quran and the authentic hadeeths
are used to propagate the wrong concept of jinns possessing men because of which mazaars, khaankaas, and
various baabaas do their business and spread shirk and biddah. Such baabaas who claim to drive jinns out of
possessed men are found among both Ahl-e-Hadeeth and non Ahl-e-Hadeeth who are determined to continue
their business of illiteracy, superstition, shirk and biddah.

We Muslims should only practice what is written in The Glorious Quran and the authentic hadeeths and leave
out all the rest because only that will save us from the wrath of Almighty Allah on the day of judgement.


I personally know a young man who was a victim of a mental disease. That man was named Abdul Ghaffar
(name changed). Suddenly he started speaking weird things and became afraid of everything that surrounded
him. He feared that his neighbours had hired some known criminals to kill him and his family. He stopped
coming out of his home and stopped his brothers from going out too. Then one day he shut himself inside a

Page 34

cupboard without food for three days. Family members went on searching for him but no one thought that he
might be shut inside that cupboard. When that cupboard was opened for some reason after three days, he
was found in an unconscious state. Like in many other such cases, his family also thought that he was
possessed by a jinn and took him for jhaad phoonk. His voice would change, he was controlled by four men
and was tied to chair with ropes. On being asked he would say his name was Gulfam. I was then told by his
childhood friend that when a child, Abdul Ghaffar would often say that he was so smart and good looking but
his name sound very old and he would wish that he had a different name like Gulfam and he would ask his
friend to call him Gulfam.

On hearing this I realised that he was actually a patient of a disease called Dual Personality. He had created an
imaginary person with the name Gulfam within himself. He hated his name Abdul Ghaffar and loved the name
Gulfam. Both these characters would fight for his identity as a result of which he became a victim of Trance
and Possession Syndrome. I advised his family to get him treated by a good mental doctor but they ignored my
advice and went on with the jhaad phoonk by Alims which didnt yield any result. He became more and more
involved in this syndrome and was made to visit mazaars where a supposed jinn was made to do haazri on
him and was asked questions in vain. When I heard about this, he had already been in a mazaar for two
months with his brother. I was angered and visited his father and told him to have his son treated by a good
mental doctor as all these visits to mazaars would only make him fully mad and he would soon be running
across streets in torn clothes throwing stones at passersby. He (the father) then somehow understood my
point and got his son treated by a good doctor whose medicines drove out the jinn inside him and he got
well and became a normal person.


In various books related to jinns and Shaitaan it is written that if an intercourse takes place during womans
menses, then Shaitaan takes the lead during intercourse and the woman gives birth to a eunuch.
It can be proven by medical science that the above theory is totally incorrect. According to medical science, if
an intercourse takes place during womans menses no child can be conceived.

During the 28 days menstrual cycle, on the 14
day ovulation (ovum becomes ready) takes place. This ovum
waits for 24 hours for males sperm. If sperm is not available during this time the ovum breaks up. Then after
28 days menses begin. During menses no ovum is available to meet the sperm and so child cant be conceived
at all during menses.

It is because of some defects of sex chromosome that eunuchs are born. A person can born be a male, a
female or a eunuch by Almighty Allahs will just as He makes a child blind, deaf, dumb. No one knows why
Allah chooses so. It is only Allah Who knows everything.

Allah has forbidden intercourse during menses and so we should stay away from it. If we still do so then we
will commit a terrible sin but it is wrong to think that eunuch will be born due to such action.


After having a bath, a young girl goes to the terrace of her home to dry her hair and suddenly became ill. She
came downstairs and started tossing and shaking her head. She then began to speak in a different voice, that
of a supposed jinn, and said that that girl was very beautiful and he wanted to marry that girl. A Moulvi was
then called who requested the jinn to come out of the girls body as she was of another material and they
couldnt be married since she was made of earth and he was made of fire. The Moulvi recited some Quranic
verses in the girls ears. She was then tied and beaten so that the jinn got hurt.

Page 35

The girl was actually a patient of Trance and Possession Syndrome, a disease in which the patient undergoes a
change in his/her character and behaves like another person. That is why he calls himself by a different name
and also talks in a rather strange voice making others think that the patient is possessed by a jinn.

Now the question that arises is that the jinn who possessed the girl was so decent and well mannered that he
was asking the permission of the family members before marrying her and would leave her if the permission
was not granted? It is obvious that the jinn was evil and thats why he was possessing a non mahram. If this is
not the case of psychological disorder then why didnt the jinn took her away from the terrace itself to his
home somewhere in mountain or jungle like the jinn of Prophet Suleiman(P.B.U.H) brought the throne of
Queen Saba before the blinking of an eye? Why did the jinn allow the girl to go downstairs to her home from
the terrace? It is often heard that a girl when possessed by jinn speaking in jinns voice says that she is very
beautiful and I want to marry her but never does the jinn actually takes her away. Even if the jinn is told that
he can take the girl to his home and marry her if he wishes he wont take her away because there is no jinn
possessing her to take her away and the girl is actually a mental patient.


Psychological problems are often thought of as magic spell and possession of jinn. So the patient is treated by
jhaad phoonk instead of giving him/her medical treatment. Angel Gabriels prayer, Surah Falaq and Surah Naas
are used in the beginning but since the patient is not under the spell of magic so he doesnt get well but those
baabaas who do jhaad phoonk remain defiant that the patient is under spell of magic or possessed and they
then adopt innovative method like bathing the patient by leaves of ber tree on which Quranic ayat had been
recited. But this method was not practiced by Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) and so its an act of biddah and
every biddah leads to hellfire.

These baabaas of jhaad phoonk even go to the extent of diagnosing patients (this person is under magic spell,
this person is possessed by jinn etc.). Although when Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) himself became a victim
of magic, he didnt know what had happened to him and was told by Angel Gabriel about what had happened
to him. But these baabaas are going beyond Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) and they will have to answer to
Almighty Allah for all the wrongs they are doing by spreading false information and duping people for their
own selfish ends.


You must be well aware of the story of the Shaitaan and his challenge to Allah (SWT). When commanded by
Allah to bow down to Adam, he refused to do so and from that day onwards, due to his ego, made his only
mission to deviate men from Allahs path by evil whisperings. To make them commit sins so that Allahs
servants be held accountable for it.

Remember, none of the sins of a mad person who has lost his senses get recorded as sin in that state and he is
not held accountable before Allah (SWT) because the Pen has been lifted and her bad deeds are not recorded
when that is the case. So that person is included in the words of the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be
upon him):

The Pen has been lifted from three: from the sleeper until he awakens, from the child until he reaches
puberty and from the insane person until he comes to his senses -- or until he comes round. (Narrated
by Abu Dawood (4403), al-Nasaai (3432) and Ibn Maajah (2041). Classed as saheeh by Shaykh al-Albaani in
Saheeh Abi Dawood.)

Page 36

Hence, if Satan makes a person insane, then he is affecting his own only mission and ambition of making the
sons of Adam commit sins so that they be held accountable before Allah (SWT).

Roaming around nude on the streets is a sin. To say bad words to others is a sin. To throw stones at others is a
sin. A mad, insane person does all these sins and still he is free from having committed these sins and is not
held accountable. Because he was insane at that moment.

Satan would never want this. Instead he would want that the sons of Adam, commit sins by remaining in their
full senses, so that their sins get recorded and they are held accountable and hence he (Satan) succeeds in his
mission. Why will Satan ruin his only mission by making people go mad/insane?

There is nothing in the Quran and the Sunnah to indicate that Jinns/satan can make a person mad or can
control his body physically. Mentally, shaitaan can control a human mind, but only through his evil waswasaas
and nothing else. Without evidence of the fact, many people are in the world preaching this false analogy that
Jinns can control a human mind and make him mad. It is not permissible to claim that unless there is evidence
to prove it, and there is nothing in the evidence that bears witness to that. Perhaps the origin of this claim
comes from exaggeration.

My beloved and respected readers.......

Wrong commentaries of The Glorious Quran, inauthentic hadeeths and wrong interpretation of authentic
hadeeths might be used to convince you that jinn can possess men and drive them mad. Few of those points
are mentioned below:

Shaitaan runs in the blood vessels of man like blood: Wrong interpretation of this saying of Prophet
Muhammad (P.B.U.H) is presented in general. Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) had warned every
Muslim of the evil designs of Shaitaan and how we should be aware of Shaitaans misguidance. For
details refer to my book POSSESSION OF JINN- A MYTH.
Surah Baqrah Ayat 275: Wrong Translations and commentaries of this ayat are presented. Shirk is the
greatest sin and although a mushrik wont arise on the day of judgement as a mad man then how could
a man who charge interest would be made to arise from his grave as mad. Actually Shaitaan has made
him mad for interest in this world.
Prayer before going to toilet: Do we read the prayer so that Shaitaan do not possess us and drive us
mad? Details have been dealt with in this book.
We should cover our mouth while yawning as Shaitaan enters our mouth if left uncovered but how
does this hadeeth prove that Shaitaan drives a person mad by entering through his mouth.
Shaitaan steals and spends night on nostril but it doesnt mean that he can possess a man and drive
him mad.
Shaitaan ties a knot at the neck of a person who sleeps till late morning because of which the person
misses his fajr prayers but this doesnt prove that Shaitaan can possess men and drive them mad.
Reciting of Surah Fatihah by a companion of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) on a mad person tied with
a rope made him well. How does this incident prove that the man was not mentally ill but possessed
by a jinn? By the barkat of Surah Fatihah the mad person got well just like a person bitten by a
poisonous scorpion was cured by the barkat of the recitation of Surah Fatihah.
Some people say that those who say that The Glorious Quran and authentic hadeeths doesnt prove
that jinn possess men and drive them mad are ready to give more importance to science as compared
to Islam and are undermining Islam and give instance of people not believing in meeraj of Prophet
Muhammad (P.B.U.H). But they are not realizing that effort is being made to present Islam in the light
of modern science. Meeraj is mentioned in The Glorious Quran and so anyone who doesnt believe in
meeraj is actually rejecting the words of Allah and is, therefore, outside the fold of Islam but neither a
single verse nor an authentic hadeeth says that jinn can possess men and drive them mad.
It is written in the Quran that earlier while resting during a journey, men would ask jinns of the area
to protect them. This made the jinns proud but this doesnt mean that jinn can possess men and drive
them mad.

Page 37

All the hadeeths concerning Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) driving out jinns from possessed men are
inauthentic. Sheikh ul Islam Imam Albaani (R.A) and other noted Ulemas have declared all such
hadeeths as inauthentic.
When people could not prove from The Glorious Quran or authentic hadeeths that jinn can possess
men they resort to saying that other Imams and our forefathers (aslaf) have been doing this but they
dont realise that they could also commit mistakes. However great an Imam is, he can also draw wrong
conclusions and wrong conclusions have been drawn. Thats why if certain theories cant be proved by
The Glorious Quran or authentic hadeeths then we have to discard them. We just cant go on
practising them just because our forefathers (aslaf) had been doing so.

We Muslims should hold fast to the rope of Almighty Allah, The Glorious Quran and the authentic hadeeths,
to achieve Allahs acceptance and salvation on the day of judgement.


There are a few intellectuals and religious scholars (Aalims) who wrongly consider conjurors and magicians as
having control over Jinns who help them in their magical works. The magicians perform many tricks; they lift
things or any girl up in the air, virtually without any support. Sometimes a magician raises his hand in the air
and fetches sweets or money. The intellectuals, impressed by the tricks have mentioned in their books that
these things happen with the help of Jinn or Shaitan which is absurd and without any proof. I am more
surprised that a few Muslim intellectuals and religious preachers also subscribe to this view of Jinn or Shaitan
doing these tricks or magic; rather they (the magicians) take the help of big mirrors, sheets of glasses and
boxes having many bottoms and invisible screens and wires in order to create virtual hallucinations.
Indias greatest magician, PC Sarkar has himself acknowledged that he doesnt know any spell nor does he has
any control over any super natural power. Once he made Taj Mahal vanish in front of the people. On the stage
he serves the head of a boy or a girl and then joins it with the body. All these tricks were performed by the
tricks of his hands and not at all with the help of Jinn or Shaitan.
Those who bring sweets or money in front of the people instantly actually befool them. It is a trick and no Jinn
or Shaitan helps them. Those who claim that Jinn or Shaitan is under their control are liars, frauds and
cheaters. Those who believe them are stupid. The power to control Jinn was only given to Prophet Sulaiman
(A.S.) by Allah and to none.
It can be observed that those who perform such tricks even accept small amounts from the people. Had they
had supernatural powers and also control over Jinns they would easily have got huge amount of money with
the help of Jinns and could have lived a life of luxury. Where was the need to demand money from the
It is noteworthy that if such magicians had Jinns in their control, then why do they not find out an abducted
child or hand over thieves, murderers and culprits to the government? Why do not they punish the enemies of
Muslim by bringing them in their front with the help of Jinns?
A few Muslim religious scholars and intellectuals have written in their books that quite often some people see
their dead relatives and hear the voice of relatives, male and female. They believe that it is the Jinn who take
the form of the dead relatives to appear as such and it even speaks in the voice of the deceased. Actually it
never happens when the so called jinn appear in front of a group of people or many people together listen to
the voice of a deceased person. Only a lonely individual sees his deceased relative and hears his voice.
All these claims by the scholars are utterly wrong and baseless. In fact, the lone individual; who claims to have
seen the face of his/her deceased relative or have heard the voice of the dead man/woman is a liar or is
suffering from a mental illness. I have already explained in my book that such a person is suffering from
VISUAL HALLUCINATION, which is a kind of mental illness or AUDITORY HALLUCINATION, which too is a mental
disease which leads the patient to see his/her dead relative and hear his/her voice. Sometimes the patient of
these illnesses visualize that his neighbor will kill him or he is being abused. The general public thinks that jinn
or Shaitan appears taking the form of a dead relative and talks in the voice of the deceased. Such belief is not

Page 38

proved either by the Glorious Quran or the Authentic Ahadeeth, nor does the medical science accept it as
There is not a single verse of the Glorious Quran which proves that a Jinn can possess a man/woman/child so
as to make them mad. There is no Authentic Ahadeeth to prove that Prophet Muhammad (saw) had ever got
rid of any possessed person of jinn. Wrong interpretation of the Glorious Quran, wrong conclusions of
Ahadeeth, fabricated Ahadeeth, ijtihadi errors and old views of the forefathers (aslaf) etc are used to
propagate the aforesaid wrong beliefs.
When the religious scholars could not prove their beliefs of jinn possessing humans by the Quran and
Authentic Ahadeeth, they took the help of the Bible which says that Jesus (A.S.) ordered bad spirits to come
out of a person and these spirits left that persons body and entered into the bodies of pigs, which were
eventually drowned in a river.
We Muslims cannot follow the Bible when we have the Quran to follow. There have been made several
changes in the Bible and other heavenly books. The priests have been altering the contents of the Bible from
time to time according to their whims.
No doubt, Jesus (A.S.) had the power to give sight to a blind person and cure a sick person having leprosy and
other diseases by the will of Allah. During his time, about 2000 years ago, people considered mad persons to
be possessed by jinn. Such belief is rampant even today. Just imagine what would have been the scenario
2000 years ago when Jesus (A.S.) cured a mad person by the will of Allah, people thought that jinn or bad spirit
has been expelled from the mad person.
As mentioned earlier, the belief of jinn having power to possess a person, and make him/her mad is a
misleading belief which weakens EEMAN of a true Muslim. This belief leads to Shirk and Biddah and people
become superstitious by believing in the powers of some other creatures forgetting that every good or bad
occurs due to the will of Allah. Instead of seeking refuge in Allah, people, even Muslims, tend to believe in the
power of Aamils, soothsayers, etc. Most of the books about Jinn possessing persons or magic, whether
written by old or new scholars are filled with Shirk and Biddah, which must be avoided and rejected.
Due to these beliefs, thousands throng to the Mazars or graves to cure themselves or relatives of jinn
possession, where only Shirk is performed and yet they, who are actually mentally ill do not get cured. In
India, many people visit the temples of gods or goddesses to expel the jinn from a mental patient.
It is incumbent upon us Muslims to propagate the correct beliefs which are proved by the Glorious Quran and
Authentic Ahadeeth. Our religious scholars who keep mum in spite of Shirk being practiced in front of their
eyes should speak out the truth or else they shall face the wrath of Almighty Allah. They should abandon their
worldly considerations and muster enough courage to speak the truth. I appeal to all my readers to try their
level best to end Shirk and Biddah arising out of wrong belief of Jinn possessing humans. They should
spread the teachings of the Quran and the Ahadeeth to all and sundry.

Ijtehadi Errors oF Hazrat Imam ibn Taymiyyah (R.H.):
Hazrat Imam ibn Tayyimah (R.H) was a great Islamic scholar. He dedicated his life in removing shirk and biddah
from the Islamic community and in spreading the light of Islam to the world and for that we Muslims are
eternally grateful to him. It was only Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) who was innocent from errors. Everyone
else can and does commit some Ijhtehadi errors or mistakes.
Hazrat Imam ibn Taymiyyah held the belief that jinn or shaitaan can possess humans and can drive them mad
because of which the possessed person talks in foreign language, appears to be very powerful or acts weirdly.
Although not a single verse of Holy Quran or a single authentic Hadeeth proves that jinn can possess men.
All the Hadeeths mentioning Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) driving out jinns from possessed men are
inauthentic. Imam ibn Taymiyyah also believed that at times a jinn can marry a human being and also produce
children. [ MAJMOO-UL-FATAWA (19/39)]
According to medical science, it is impossible for individuals of two different species to conceive or reproduce
children. In 1882 German scientist Walther Fleming discovered that every cell has an element which is called
chromosome. The chromosome conatins DNA (Deoxy Ribonucleic Acid) because of which the child to be born

Page 39

attains characteristics similar to its parents. In cases of disputes, DNA fingerprinting is used to determine the
biological parents of any individual. Every living being, be it humans, tigers, cows or even trees has
chromosomes in their cells. The number of chromosomes in every species is different. In human, the number
of chromosomes is 46. The sperm of a man contains 23 chromosomes and the ovum of a woman contains 23
chromosomes. When sperm and ovum meets, the 46 chromosomes are fulfilled and the child is conceived.
Similarly when individuals of two different species mate the total number of required chromosomes are not
fulfilled, hence child cannot be conceived. Apart from this, Almighty Allah has put in place a defence
mechanism which prevents sperm of one species from meeting the ovum of another species, thus making it
impossible for a child to get conceive.
Due to the same reasons, chimpanzee (which is very similar to human beings in some ways) and humans can
never conceive or reproduce children. Similarly, humans and cows or humans and goats can never reproduce
children and in the very same manner humans and jinns cannot conceive or reproduce children.
It is possible for a jinn and a human to get married, but it is impossible for them to produce children. Theory of
reproduction of child by them is against the words of The Holy Quran and authentic Hadeeths and is Mardood
Ever since Almighty Allah has sent humans and jinns to live on earth, not one child has been born from the
mating of a jinn and a human and neither will it be possible till the judgment day. This is the law of nature
created by Almighty Allah which cannot be broken. But Almighty Allah does has the power to make it possible
if He wills, just like he created Prophet Jesus (P.B.U.H) without a father.
Imam ibn Taymiyyah also believed that if mental patients (who he thought were possessed by jinns) are
beaten, then the patient do not get hurt, but the jinn which is possessing him will get hurt and thats why, to
drive out the supposed jinns he used to beat up mental patients. Now if that possessed person is shot with a
pistol, who will get killed? The patient or the jinn? Or if the patient is hit on his head with an iron rod, who will
die? It is obvious that the innocent patient will die, so it is an ijtehadi error to continue with the same belief as
it was not performed by Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) and according to a hadeeth of Sahih Muslim and Sahih
Bukhaari, an act not proved to be performed by Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) is a mardood act.
In Imam ibn Taymiyyahs MAJMOO-UL FATAWA (19/39-40) it is written that human get possessed because of
sex, desires and love and also in cases of seething for revenge.
Almighty Allah has said in the Glorious Quran And among His signs is this that He created for you mates
among yourselves that ye may dwell in tranquility with them (Surah Rome, Ayat 21). This proves that every
creature satisfies its desire through a creature of the opposite sex of the same species not a different one.
A cow, however beautiful, will never attract a buffalo but a bull. Similarly a lioness will appeal to a lion not to a
bear and in the very same manner a woman attracts men not jinns. Moreover, even if a jinn likes a woman,
then why would he possess her? The jinn could silently satisfy its desires without anyones knowledge but it
has never happened and it cannot be proved by The Glorious Quran or authentic Hadeeths and is therefore
totally wrong. The jinns dont even need to possess men in order to take revenge. It can beat the man from
whom it seeks revenge, it can even kill him by strangling him or it can break his legs and hands by hitting with
an iron rod etc. This proves that possessed people are actually mental patient. Imam ibn Taymiyyah made
an ijtehadi error.
I pray that Almighty Allah grant him the highest of honour in paradise.


Sometimes a person or a child claims that it is his second birth and he used to live in another place in his
previous life. He tells that he is well acquainted with every minute details of that place. And when the people
reach there, they find that place very similar as described by that person. As a result, people who are not 'as
firm as rock' in their faith and belief, agree with that person's or child's story of his rebirth. Some foolish
Muslims conclude that Satan or Jinn is speaking through the child or person.

Page 40

But all such beliefs in re-incarnation (rebirth) are wrong and hollow, as it is not mentioned and can not be
proved from anywhere from the Holy Quran and authentic Hadith. Such concept of rebirth or of Satan or Jinn
possessing and speaking through humans are incorrect and are spread in order to rebuff and oppose Islam.

In fact, the child or the person in question is taught and told before hand about every specific details of that
distant place and then he is presented to the world. These are frauds done by persons in order to defame the
true Aqeeda (belief) of Islam.

On listening to him/her, people bereft of conviction of Islamic belief and Eeman, tend to believe him in full
and believe in their foolishness and little knowledge that Satan or a Jinn has possessed that person and is
speaking through him/her. Such belief also encourages opponents of Islam to spread canard against this great
religion and defame it.

In some parts of India a custom is that when a child is bitten to die by a snake then the dead body of that child
is made to float in the river. After a few years some cheaters take a big child to that family and say that "This is
your snake bitten child". They say that they fished the child's dead body out from the river, treated and made
him alive. In this way the child of cheaters became owners of the property of that foolish family.

I am writing this very disappointingly and with deep regret that some Muslim countries are giving License to
Alims to drive out Jinn from Possessed people as if these countries are giving license to spread Shirk and
Biddah. They should stop this act at once.

Shirk and biddah are performed near mazaars, khaankas, temples and at doorsteps of various baabaas
(soothsayers) where mentally ill patients are assumed to have been possessed by jinns or Shaitaan and are
treated through jhaad phoonk (exorcizing) although neither a single verse of The Glorious Quran nor a single
authentic hadeeth says that jinns can possess men and can drive them mad.
The act of reading verses of The Glorious Quran by certain Ulemas on mentally ill patients as if they are
possessed by jinn is biddah and each biddah leads to hellfire. When I told some Muslim intellectuals, who with
the help of an Alim were reading verses of The Glorious Quran on mentally ill patients thinking them to be
possessed that this is a biddah, they replied that every illness can be cured by two means. The one performed
near mazaars are wrong and sins while the one performed using verses from The Glorious Quran is not a sin
and is permitted. I told them that both methods of treatment goes against the teaching of Almighty Allah and
Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) neither treated mental patient as person
possessed by jinn by performing jhaad phoonk (exorcizing) on him nor recited on him verses of The Glorious
Quran. These acts are as wrong as saying that a person makes an idol of Almighty Allah so that those who are
used to praying to idols of their gods and goddesses can easily pray to an idol of Almighty Allah.
Treating a mentally ill patient as if they are possessed by jinn is wrong, whether it is done near mazaar,
khaankas, in mosques, hotels, community halls, factories, offices etc. because a biddah remains a biddah and
is a grievous sin and it makes no difference where such a biddah is performed.
Some people claim that they have converted jinns to Islam. These are those people who treat mentally ill
people as people possessed by jinn and perform jhaad phoonk (exorcizing) on them. When those mentally ill
people say that the jinn possessed on them is a non Muslim, then the jinn exorcist make these supposed jinn
recite the kalima and claim to have converted a jinn to Islam.
Almighty Allah never told us in The Glorious Quran to convert jinns to Islam. Neither did Abu Bakr (R.A.), Umar

Page 41

bin Khattab (R.A.), Usman (R.A.), Ali (R.A.) or for that matter any companion of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.)
had ever been recorded to have converted jinns to Islam or even made an attempt to do so. These
companions of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) went to every corner of the world known at that time to spread
the teachings of Islam but there had never been one instance of anyone of them attempting to convert jinns
to Islam.
When neither Allah told us to convert jinns to Islam nor there is any evidence that jinns have been converted
to Islam by the companions of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.), then it is wrong to claim to have converted
some jinns to Islam. Its a biddah and a sin.
Actually mentally ill patient are assumed to be possessed by jinns and jhaad phoonk (exorcizing) are
performed on them. Then the name of the jinn who has possessed the patient is asked. The mentally ill
patient gives whatever name comes to his mind. If that name happens to be that of a non Muslim then he is
made to recite the kalima. The patient recites it and the jinn exorcist gets elated that he has increased the
strength of the Muslim community by converting the jinn.
Neither The Glorious Quran nor any authentic hadeeth proves that jinn can possess men and can drive them
mad. Wrong commentaries of Quranic verses, inauthentic hadeeths, wild guesses, wrong conclusion and
ijtehadi errors of forefathers (aslaf) are responsible for this biddah.
A few days back I visited the home of a young patient of mine of 20 years who hails from a very affluent
family. I was told that he came out screaming and running from the toilet and fell unconscious. I saw him
trembling in a semi conscious state murmuring, leave me, dont hit me. I was then further told that the
previous week he met with an accident while driving his car which resulted some injuries and the car was
badly damaged.
I inspected him and found him to be normal but I understood that he was suffering from some psychological
problem. Meanwhile, his family members started reading Ayat-ul-kursi and Surah Jinn thinking that all this is
happening due to Shaitaan or a jinn. Then one huge moulana entered the room murmuring in soft voice. Since
my task was over, I prescribed medicines and tests accordingly and took their leave.
After a week, I happened to mention about the boy to a nephew of mine who then told me the truth which
was known only to that boys mother in his family. That boy was raised with lots of love and care and was
spoilt by his rich parents. He went to a night club some days back in his car where he misbehaved with a girl.
That girls friends, with the help of locals, then beat him up and damaged his car. He then returned home and
found that only his mother was present. She then instructed him to tell everyone that he met with an accident
to save her family from being ashamed in society.
After listening to this, I understood that after being severely beaten at the club, the boy who had grown up
with all pomp and pamper and was never even scolded was shocked and traumatized. He started thinking that
everyone wants to beat him. While in the toilet, this negative thought of would have overpowered him so
much that he came out shouting leave me, dont hit me and became unconscious. Generally after
witnessing such incidents, the first apprehension that comes to ones mind is that the person is possessed by a
jinn and is telling the jinn to leave him and not to hit him. Then moulanas come into the picture. Eventually
amulets and jhaad phoonk (exorcizing) are resorted to resulting in shirk and biddah. These baabaas who
perform jhaad phoonk (exorcizing) are both Ahl-e-hadeeth and non Ahl-e-hadeeth, both of whom are
performing and encouraging shirk and biddah.If you will peep into the life of any possessed person, you will
notice that at some point in his life, he suffered from shock and mental trauma which he has not forgotten

Page 42

yet. These are actually mentally ill patients. Right treatment of these psychological problems at the right time
should be done else the patient may become seriously ill by mental breakdown. That is why generally
illiterate, poor, people disturbed by family problems etc. are possessed by jinns while educated, rich and
those people who are satisfied with their lives scare away these possessing jinns!
Whenever I tell someone that there is no proof from The Glorious Quran or Authentic Hadeeths that jinn or
Shaitaan can possess a person and drive them mad, he tells me about an incident which had happened in his
family or in his locality when jinn had possessed someone. So I thought of discussing those incidents and
experiences which takes place in our society and prove that all these incidents are actually cases of
psychological problem. The possessed person should be taken to a good mental doctor and be treated
scientifically. I request everyone to first take a look at my journal if they are confused whether the person
possessed by jinn is mentally ill or not so that they may get their answers, InshaAllah.
Falsehood is being spread using the story of a Pakistani woman who was believed to be possessed by a Hindu
female jinn. Some person interviewed her and during the course of the interview asked the Hindu jinn to
accept Islam. The jinn says that she brings news from the sky and is showered by fireballs on her way because
of which, her one wing was broken.
TRUE FACT: The woman was actually mentally ill and was suffering from a disease called Trance and
Possession Syndrome and had assumed that a jinn was possessing her. Almighty Allah has not given us the
responsibility of doing dawah to jinns. No companion of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.), be it Abu Bakr (R.A.),
Umar (R.A.), Usman (R.A.), Ali (R.A.) or any other companion of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) ever converted
or tried to convert a jinn to Islam. The companions of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) went to all corners of the
earth to spread the message of Allah but none of them ever thought of converting jinn to Islam. Thats why,
doing dawah to jinn is a bidah and every bidah leads to hellfire.
The disease stricken woman was a Muslim and knew that Shaitian goes to the sky to bring news and they are
pelted with fireballs there. So she said these things and made it sound coming from a possessing Hindu jinn
and convinced everyone that she is actually possessed by a jinn.
Since The Glorious Quran and authentic hadeeths do not state that jinn can possess people and drive them
mad, therefore having such belief shows weakness in the faith. I pray to Almighty Allah that He guides us to
the straight path and helps us in following The Glorious Quran and the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad
A man was being taken to an Amil after he was possessed by a jinn. But the man/jinn didnt wanted to go and
was forced to sit into a car by three strong men. Being driven to against his will, the man/jinn said that he will
have the car crashed. After few minutes the driver of the car felt that he is losing his power on the steering
and may lose control of the car altogether and would get all the people killed. So he refused to further drive
the car.
TRUE FACT: The man possessed by jinn was actually a mental patient. If he would have been actually
possessed by jinn, then why would the jinn give warning? The jinn could have simply overturned the car
without warning or could just punched everyone inside the car to show off his skills instead of only sounding
the warning. But because there was no jinn, nothing of that sort happened nor could have happened. The
driver of the car was scared after listening to the warning of the man and must have been shivering out of fear
which made him feel that he was not able to control the steering. Most importantly, even hundred strong men

Page 43

cannot overpower a jinn because Almighty Allah has given them enormous strength so three strong men can
do no good in keeping a jinn possessed man in control.
A young Moulvi used to do jhaad phoonk and was also famous for driving out jinns from possessed people and
was thus well respected among his people. Once the Moulvi was caught coming out of a theatre showing an
adult movie in a burqa. People recognized and ridiculed him and he was no longer respected but jeered at for
his action. Then the Moulvi said that he once drove out an evil jinn from a possessed person and that jinn had
warned him that he will get his revenge against the Moulvi. So it was that jinn who made him wear a burqa
and see the adult movie. The Moulvi claimed innocence from the whole scenario and won back his respect
from the people.
TRUE FACT: The cunning Moulvi saved himself by claiming that he watched the movie under the influence of
an evil jinn. He must have wanted to see the movie so came up with the idea of wearing a burqa to the
theatre but was still recognized so he very shrewdly told the story of the evil jinn and was able to fool the
people. Since people of his place believed that jinn possessed people, so they readily accepted the story of the
Moulvi and were fooled.

An employee of a hotel died late night in the hotel. Since the burial was to take place in the morning after, so
his body was kept in one of the room of the hotel for the entire night. The owner of the hotel asked another
employee to sleep in the same room where the dead body was kept. The employee was afraid to stay in the
same room where the dead body was, but had no choice as he was ordered by his employer. In the morning,
when other employees went to the room they found that the young man was dancing around crazily and had
lost his mind. They thought that he was possessed by the spirit of the dead man
TRUE FACT: The hotels owner was an educated man. He didnt believe in possession by jinn or spirits. He took
the young man to a psychiatrist who examined him and said that his fear took him over after he spent the
whole night with the body. He prescribed some medicine which eventually brought back that man to
When I was a child, a woman used to stay at our house who was half mad. Usually she would be alright but
whenever a loud sound was made in front of her or a cracker was fired, she would jabber good man bad
man two or three times and then again become normal. Everyone used to say that she was possessed by
spirit of an English speaking person.
TRUE FACT: The woman was mentally ill. Her brain would suffer some shock whenever a loud sound was
made and she would utter some English words that she must have listened long back and were still in her
memory. If she would have been really possessed then she could have talked in English instead of repeating
the same words every time.

A young man was drowned in a lake while he was bathing. In the same lake, a woman and her five year old
son also died few months back. After few days a friend of the dead man started talking and acting crazily.
Sometimes he would talk like a man, sometimes a woman and sometimes like a child. People started saying
that he was possessed by three people, his friend and the dead woman and her son all of whom got drowned
in the same lake. The Moulvis suggested that either that was the case or he was possessed by a jinn who
speaks in dead peoples voice.

Page 44

TRUE FACT: The Glorious Quran and the authentic hadeeths nowhere says that people can be possessed by
jinn or spirits of loved ones. All these are false beliefs and we Muslims should refrain from all wrong beliefs.
Actually, the man was very afraid after his friend died in the lake. He also knew that a woman and her son also
died in the lake few months ago. His fears caused him to become a victim of a kind of dissociative disorder
called Multiple Personalities Syndrome and started talking in the voice of all three dead people. When jhaad
phoonk could not treat him, he went to medical doctors for treatment, and today by the grace of Almighty
Allah he has totally recovered.

A young man used to read Quran every day. He was adviced by another man to read the Quran with its
meaning. The young man started reading the Quran with meaning. After somedays he started speaking and
behaving weirdly. People thought that since the young man was reading the Quran with its meaning so the
Shaitan became angry and possessed him. People advised that the young man should be taken to some Amil
who could exorcize the Shaitaan.
TRUE FACT: The man who advised the young man to read the Quran with its meaning was of true faith. He
said that it is not proved by the Quran and authentic Ahadeeth that Jinn and Shaitan can possess a person and
can drive them mad and so that young man is not possessed by a Jinn or Shaitaan. He took that young man to
a mental hospital where he was given medicine for his mental problems. Finally after 3 months of treatment
the young man was absolutely alright.

The backyard of a boys home was a desolated place with wild trees and was famous for being the abode of
jinns. Once that boy threw hot water there by mistake and then started acting weirdly. He talked as if he was a
jinn and said that the boy has angered him by throwing hot water on him and he will have his revenge by
hurting the boy. Then people who do jhaad phoonk were called who performed jhaad phoonk on the boy who
then became normal.
TRUE FACT: The boy had grown up thinking that jinns live in his backyard and this thought always played in his
mind subconsciously. Out of carelessness he threw hot water in his backyard, but then realized that he might
have hurt a jinn living there and his fear led him to a mental disease called Trance & Possession Syndrome.
The boy had always heard and believed that jinn possess human and can be driven out by jhaad phoonk. So
when jhaad phoonk was performed on him, his mental state became normal and he became well.
The question that arises is that if the jinn was angered when hot water was thrown on him and wanted to take
revenge, then why didnt he beat the boy or threw him somewhere or did something to physically harm the
boy. The jinn could have taken the shape of a man and displayed his anger in person but he didnt. The jinns
possession of the boy clearly shows that the boy was not mentally stable. This is always the case that jinn
would possess a person and speak through him instead of taking shape of a man and talking which goes on to
show that there is no jinn. The possessed person is actually mentally ill. In a similar manner, when such
supposed jinn wants to marry a girl, he could take shape of a man and propose for the marriage which can be
easily done by a real jinn, but this supposed jinn possesses the girl which proves nothing except that the girl
is actually mentally ill.

A fourteen year old boy passes by a cave or a dilapidated structure. That cave or the structure is known for
being the abode of jinns and spirits. The boy then reaches his home and falls ill. He starts talking and behaving

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abnormally and says that he is a jinn who was quietly sitting outside the cave but this boy came and struck me
while walking and now the jinn wont leave the boy. A Moulvi is then called who applies some oil on which
some prayer is recited to the ears of the possessed boy, blows smoke from incense sticks and beat him a
little. The jinn then gets driven out and the boy becomes perfectly alright. Everyone around are sure now that
the boy was possessed by a jinn.
TRUE FACT: Actually the boy had been fed with the wrong information that jinns and spirits live in that cave or
structure. While passing by that place lonely, he gets frightened and becomes victim of the disease Trance &
Possession Syndrome. After the jhaad phoonk, his fear goes away and he gets alright.

CASE 10:
A sixteen year old girl goes to her terrace after taking a bath to dry her hair in evening. Suddenly she gets ill
and starts talking and behaving weirdly. A Moulvi is called who recites something on her and then she tells in a
male voice that she is a jinn who saw the girl drying her hair and fell in love and now wants to marry the girl.
The Moulvi then starts talking to jinn telling him that he is made of fire while the girl is made of clay, their
pairing is impossible. But the jinn persists, so the Moulvi then lights incense sticks, recites some prayers on a
stick and starts beating the girl with that stick. After some heavy beatings, the jinn agrees to leave the girl. The
Moulvi then makes him take an oath on Prophet Suleiman (P.B.U.H.) that he will never again possess this girl.
The jinn then runs away after promising.
TRUE FACT: The question that arises here is that why did the jinn let the girl go down from terrace? Why
didnt he take her away from the terrace itself? Was the jinn so decent and good that he wanted to take
permission of the girls family before marrying her? Why didnt he leave the girl when he was not permitted to
marry her? If the jinn would have been allowed to marry the girl and told to take her with him then would the
jinn had done so? No he wouldnt have because there was no jinn actually possessing that girl. Actually the girl
was mentally ill and telling everything by herself but the Moulvi in his ignorance and foolishness thought that
the girl was possessed by jinn and was beating her to drive out the supposed jinn possessing her. If the jinn
really wanted to marry her then why didnt he take the shape of a man and propose to marry her instead of
possessing her? One can conclude that the girl was not possessed by a jinn but was mentally ill and was saying
everything by herself.
I am perplexed and sad that no Ulema ever thought of telling the jinn to take a human shape and present his
case. I am sorry to say but Ulemas have been blindly following the actions of their forefathers thus practising
shirk and biddah.

CASE 11:
Outside a persons home was an empty plot which had some wild plants and was known for being the abode
of jinns and spirits. That person then thought of making use of that empty plot by constructing something over
there. So he started working on it and employed labourers to start the work. A teenaged daughter of this
person is then possessed by a jinn who starts saying that the place belongs to him and he lives there. An Amil
is then called who talks to the jinn but the jinn refuses to give permission to allow construction in that plot. So
amulets are used in that plot and eventually the jinn leaves the place.
TRUE FACT: It was well known that jinn lives in that plot of land and this information was fed into the girls
mind which made her afraid. When her father started construction there, she became very frightened and
became ill with Trance & Possession Syndrome and presumed that a jinn possessed her and asked her father
not to do any construction there. When amulets were used, she regained her senses as she had been taught
that jinns go away when amulets are brought near them. Eventually she became alright as her fear receded
and so did the possessing jinn.

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CASE 12:
When I was a student of medical college, a young girl was brought there for treatment. Two days back, her
legs suddenly stopped working and she was paralyzed. After thoroughly examining her, our teacher told us
then that she was not physically handicapped. Her only brother wanted to be an army officer and was due to
attend an interview in a few days for admission in some military academy and she was against it. Suddenly her
legs stopped working because of a disease called False Neurological Disease which can be treated in two ways.
The first way is to tell the patient that she is possessed by a spirit or a jinn and jhaad phoonk be performed on
her which will yield result and she will be back to normal and the other way of treatment is to tell her that she
is seriously sick and needs complicated medical treatment and this was the way we adopted. We put saline on
her and gave her some injections of vitamins. Meanwhile her brother couldnt attend his interview because of
her illness. In a span of a week, the girl became alright and went back home.
TRUE FACT: We have to understand that the girl was not lying that she was paralyzed but after she couldnt
prevent her only brother from joining the army, she suffered mentally and only after undergoing treatment
and her brother missing his interview that she felt better and ultimately was cured.

CASE 13:

A girl after urinating in a hole in her bathroom started talking and behaving weirdly. A Moulana is then called
who recites Sura Jinn and Ayat-ul-Kursi on her. She then becomes alright and so everyone thought that she
urinated in the hole where jinn lives who possessed her and left her only after jhaad phoonk was done on her.
TRUE FACT: The theory that jinn lives in hole cannot be supported by either The Glorious Quran or authentic
Hadeeths. There is a weak hadeeth in Abu Daud and Nisaai in which Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) had said
that one should not urinate in holes. In that weak hadeeth, it is not mentioned why one should not urinate in
holes. Some must have thought that insects of various kinds live in holes, thats why Prophet Muhammad
(P.B.U.H) said not to urinate there while others must have guessed that jinns live in holes. Either way nothing
is confirmed.
The girl always thought that jinn lives in holes and was very frightened after urinating in it and that fear
engulfed her to the extent that she started behaving strangely and only when jhaad phoonk was performed on
her by a Moulana that her fear lessened and she became alright. On reciting Sura Jinn if jinn goes away, then
will ants go away on reading Sura Naml, Romans go away on reading Sura Rome or Kaafirs go away on reading
Sura Kaafirun? Its high time to ponder.

CASE 14:
A 30 year old man came to a madarasah to study. He told the management that he used to teach at a
madarasah in his village but he came to city to gain further education. While studying there, one night he
started shouting from the kitchen. He was found with his head on the stove and a big vessel upon him upside
down. The head of the madarasah then had him taken out from there and talked to him. He then said that he
was a jinn possessing the man who was tired of this man who used to read out loudly Quranic verses every
night. The head of the madarasah then performed jhaad phoonk on him and he became normal. He then later
told the head of the madarasah that he used to visualize beautiful women at night. To avoid committing sins,
he would read out loudly verses of The Glorious Quran and said he could not even marry because of his
terrible financial condition.
TRUE FACT: The poor person was mentally disturbed due to lack of money and a woman in his life. In the
loneliness of night, he would visualize women and would think that the women were jinn. Being religious, he
would read Ayat-ul-Kursi and Sura Jinn to avoid committing sins to drive away those women jinn. Under this

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mental turmoil he went in the kitchen, so people around him thought that he was possessed by a jinn who put
a vessel on him.

CASE 15:
This incident happened in an illiterate family where an old woman died. The next day another woman of the
house started talking and acting weirdly. A Moulvi was then called who examined her and said that she was
possessed by the old woman and seven other deceased members of the family and those spirits were
troubling her. The Moulvi then does jhaad phoonk but to no avail. She was made to visit several mazaars too
but was eventually treated by medical doctors.
TRUE FACT: There are many illiterate people who think that spirit of dead people can appear in front of living
and can possess them and cause harm. Some Ulemas says that these are not spirits but the persons devil
companion (hamzad) which appears in front of living and causes harm by possessing them although there is
no proof of it in either The Glorious Quran or authentic Hadeeths. These beliefs only lead to shirk and should
be rejected by everyone as these are innovations.
Actually the woman was very frightened after the death of the old woman that she would be possessed by
her. This fear increased to the extent that she became mentally ill. Jhaad phoonk usually solves such cases but
this woman was exceptionally frightened, so it didnt work and ultimately mental doctors treated her back to

CASE 16:
In some places a ritual is performed during marriage in which a jinn is called by people to possess the bride
and is requested to take care and guard the bride. To call a jinn, women beat drums and shout various
mantras. The bride then starts dancing when jinn possesses her. The jinn is then told everything what needs
to be said. The drum beating is then stopped and the bride becomes normal again.
TRUE FACT: Its important to notice that even here no one sees the jinn and its only when the bride starts
dancing that people assume that jinn has possessed her. In a society where every child is taught that jinn
possesses the bride on the day of her marriage, where every child sees her various aunts and elder sisters
getting possessed by jinn on the day of their marriage, she grows up with the mindset that when drums are
beaten and mantras are shouted during marriages, a jinn comes and possesses the bride. So during her
marriage when the same actions are performed, she starts dancing in the same fashion like she had seen
presuming that she too is possessed and starts talking like a jinn.

CASE 17:
Someone told me that after the marriage of his brother, his sister-in-law was possessed by jinn and started
behaving weirdly. Usually she was alright, but once in a month she would be possessed by jinn for 2-3 days
and then return back to normal. When possessed, she would say that I am a jinn. The jinn also said that he
was a good Muslim jinn who offered Salaat and fasting. He had befriended the woman and wanted to meet
her. The person told me that he scolded the jinn and shook hand with him through his sister-in-law. When he
shook his hand with his sister-in-law, her hand was very heavy and moments later she jumped four feet into
the air and sat on the almirah. He said that her heavy hand and jumping in air proved that she was actually
possessed by a jinn. He was then frightened, so he offered Salaat and also read Sura Jinn as he had heard that
jinn are pleased on hearing Sura Jinn. While offering Salaat, he felt that the jinn were pushing him lightly every
now and then.

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TRUE FACT: Saying that a jinn became evident is wrong, one should rather say that the madness of his sister-
in-law became evident. No one sees a jinn possessing a person but only see a possessed person behaving and
talking weirdly which shows that the person is mentally unstable. Why would a jinn who offers Salaat and fast
possess a non-mahram woman? Why did this man feel that his sister-in-laws hand was heavy? The answer is
that this man was totally convinced that his sister-in-law was possessed by a jinn and knowing that a jinn is
very powerful, his nerves made him feel that her hands were very heavy. And if the woman was really
possessed then she could have easily jumped to the roof of a four floor building and not only four feet in the
When this person became afraid, he started offering Salaat and reading Sura Jinn. Its nowhere mentioned
either in The Glorious Quran or authentic Hadeeths that jinns are pleased on hearing Sura Jinn or for that
matter women are pleased on hearing Sura Nisaa, Kaafirs are pleased on hearing Sura Kaafirun etc. and the
person was not being pushed by a jinn while he was offering Salaat as the jinn could have easily hurt him by
pushing very hard but actually the man was shivering out of his fear. After analyzing these points one can
safely conclude that the woman was not possessed by a jinn but was mentally sick and disturbed.

CASE 18:
An author of a book on jinns and magical spell mentioned an incident in his book about his teacher who hailed
from Saudi Arabia:
The teacher of the author in his childhood was putting the stems of dates on the roof of his home with help of
his sister who was on the roof. She somehow lost her balance and fell to the ground. A jinn was sitting at the
place where she fell who was hurt by her and became angry and started strangling her which caused her great
pain. After few hours when jinns anger would recede he would leave her but whenever he was reminded of
this incident, he would return and strangle her for a few hours. In that state the girl would say that she was a
jinn and was there to revenge himself. This continued almost for ten years and eventually, she was strangled
to death by the jinn possessing her.
TRUE FACT: In this case also the jinn didnt appear in front of anyone in either his original form or that of any
human being but spoke only from the mouth of the girl who was actually a mental patient.
The girl felt pain because of some damages in her brain. She didnt fall on any jinn nor did any jinn strangled
her. The injury to her brain caused her to feel pain in intermittent period and suffered from epilepsy. In 1870,
Hunglinghs Jackson, an imminent British neurologist defined epilepsy as an intermittent derangement of
nervous system due to an excess and disorderly discharge of cerebral nervous tissue on muscles. The term
convulsion means an intense paroxysm of involuntary repetitive muscular contraction.
A seizure is suddenly involuntary alteration in perception or behaviour caused by an abnormal synchronized
discharge of cortical neurons in central nervous system.
Hard blow on head, complications during delivery, very high fever, wound in internal part of the ear and sinus
infections may cause epilepsy. Ten percent of epileptic patients may become psychiatric patients.
When this incident took place, good medical equipments were not available to treat patients having brain
injury but The Glorious Quran and authentic Hadeeths were present then why did this false perception was
adopted that the girl was possessed by a jinn and was strangled by it? We should understand that Islam is way
ahead of science and no book is more scientifically correct than The Glorious Quran. Praise be to ALLAH !

CASE 19:
An old Alim had written that followers of some peer and Sufi say that Peer Sahib can even fly. When the peer
wants to visit somewhere, he goes by flying. When he would visit forests, birds would come and request him

Page 49

to slaughter it and serve it in his khaanqa; trees would bow and offer their respect to him. The Alim thus
concluded that it was Shaitaan who would fly the peer around and would speak through bird and would go
inside the trees and talk to the peer.
TRUE FACT: The innocent Alim was duped by the lies of the followers of the peer and believed in every word
he spoke, so he tried to rationalize the lies. Did the Alim ever see the peer flying or talking to a bird or a tree?
The follower of the peer said all these tales as he was used to bloat everything related to his peer so that more
and more people could follow. The Alim failed to understand so and said that all these were the handiwork of
Shaitaan but there is no proof in either The Glorious Quran or authentic Hadeeths that a jinn can possess a
person, a bird or a tree and talk through them.

CASE 20:
A hafiz told me that his daughter was seriously sick but medical doctors failed to diagnose her disease. So he
thought that she was either possessed by a jinn or was under some magical spell and started doing jhaad
phoonk on her. I advised him against it and told him that its a biddah but he refused and said he cant leave
his daughter in that state to die. But by Almighty Allahs grace the girl was diagnosed in a few days by doctors
to be suffering from brain TB. She was then treated accordingly and regained her health.
TRUE FACT: At times patient take time to get back to their health or it cant even be known which disease the
patient is suffering from. People assume that the patient then must be possessed by a jinn or is under magical
spell. These are signs of weak Imaan. There was a time when there was no treatment for TB then would it be
right for people of that time to conclude that the patient was possessed by a jinn and not medically sick.
Today there is no cure for cancer, then is it caused by possession by jinn or magic spell? Its shameful that till
the hafizs daughter was diagnosed with brain TB, he was misguiding people and spreading biddah.

Not a single verse of The Glorious Quran and nor a single authentic hadeeth states that jinn or shaitaan can
possess men and drive them mad or can make someone speak in an alien language or can make a man sound
like a woman and vice versa. Actually they are psychiatric patients. Wrong commentaries of The Glorious
Quran, inauthentic and weak Hadeeths, wild guesses and blind following of the actions of forefathers (asalaf)
are responsible for the continuation and spread of these wrong beliefs which only increase shirk and biddah.
I am writing this very disappointingly and with deep regret that some Muslim countries are giving license to
Alims to drive out jinn from possessed people in a way legalizing spread of biddah and shirk. They should
stop this act at once.
I have mentioned some cases and their facts. Apart from these there are many more cases discussed in my
book. I request you that if you find anyone possessed by a jinn then analyze his case through these facts.
InshaAllah it will be clear to you that in all such cases the possessed person is actually mentally ill requiring
medical treatment and care.
Evil eye is a wrong term because a person cannot fall sick by the eye of shaitaan or a wicked person, correct
term is eyeing
Getting eyed is a fact and it is mentioned in The Glorious Quran and authentic hadeeths. Prophet Muhammad
(P.B.U.H.) used to read the last two chapters of The Glorious Quran (Surah Falaq and Surah Naas) to prevent
eyeing. A hadeeth of Sahih Muslim states that: if there would have been anything which could supersede fate,
it would be eyeing and when one of you is asked to take a bath then take it. Eyeing is of two types: Eyeing by
oneself or a loved one and eyeing by an enemy or an envious person.
Self Eyed and Eyed by a loved one: This eyeing is caused by Allahs anger. For example Allah is angered when

Page 50

a person appreciates his health, his body, his children or his wealth and feels proud and boasts about it
without thanking Almighty Allah as He is the One Who has provided him his health, his wealth, his children
and everything else. Allah may then take away His blessings and bounties He had bestowed on him.
A hadeeth of Ahmed, Nisaai and Ibn Maaja states that Amir Bin Rabia (R.A.) saw Sohail bin Haneef (R.A.) going
to take a bath and said that he had never seen such a beautiful body. Moments later Sohail bin Haneef (R.A.)
became sick. When Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) heard of it he became angry and told Amir bin Rabia (R.A.)
why didnt he said Ba-rak-Allah and why do you people wants to kill your brother.
Eyeing by enemies and by envious people: A person cant be eyed just because his enemy or an envious
person looked at him or his properties with an envious eye. For example, if a person has a prosperous
business or he has a garden full of fruits which an envious person watches with envy, then will that persons
business fail or his garden will be destroyed? No, in fact his business will grow more and Allah will give more
fruits in his garden and Almighty Allah will burn the envious person in his envy and might further take away
the bounties He had bestowed on that envious person.
A jealous person lives miserably watching other succeed but the object of his jealousy, the person from whom
he is envious, does not suffer either physically or monetarily. Then the envious person takes some action, as
described in the last verse of Surah Falaq: when the envious person shows his envy, like he can burn the
properties of the person or can get things stolen from his home or can sue him wrongly or can get him beaten
by goons, etc.
Some old scholars used to think that eyeing is caused by spirits which is totally wrong and cant be proved
from The Glorious Quran or the authentic hadeeths. A person can be eyed by himself or his loved one when
he angers Allah and eyeing from an enemy or an envious person can happen only when he takes some action
out of envy. Old Islamic scholars, for whom I have deepest of respect, had made wild guesses which has no
proof from The Glorious Quran or the authentic hadeeths. They said that bad spirit of the envious people
harms the spirit of the person he is envious which results in him falling sick. I ask any scholar from anywhere in
the world to show even one verse of The Glorious Quran or any authentic hadeeth where it is written that the
bad spirit of an envious person harms the spirit of another person and eyes him which makes him sick. This is
a wrong belief and every Muslim must reject it altogether.
Enemies and envious person cannot eye anyone just by watching with envy but old scholars believed
otherwise and thus mentioned verse 51 of Surah Qalam to prove their point which said: and the unbelievers
would almost trip thee with their eyes when they hear the message; and they say Surely he is possessed!.
The Kafir and Mushrikeen hated Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) for inviting people towards One Allah. When
Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) read out Quran in front of them, they would become very angry. If a person
could have been harmed just by being eyed with anger and envy, then Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) would
have been severely eyed and harmed. People argue that Almighty Allah saved Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.)
from being eyed but then how Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) himself became a victim of magic? Every
Muslim of that time was hated by the unbelievers of Mecca and was eyed with hatred and jealousy but there
is not one record that any companion of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) ever became sick just because of
eyeing by an unbeliever.
I have already mentioned that eyeing can be caused by an enemy only when he takes some action out of envy
like the enemies of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) did to him to harm him. Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.)
was rained with stone in Taif, camels dung were put on his back during Salah, thorns were laid on his path,
goats dung was put in his food plate, his teeth were broken, face bloodied, food poisoned, he was boycotted
and isolated with his family and followers in the valley of Shaib-Abi-Talib, magical spells were performed on
him, attempts were made to kill him and he was finally forced to migrate from his birthplace. A very long list
can be made about the hardships that Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) had to bear because of the actions of

Page 51

his enemies.
Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) used to blow on the face of his grand children, Hasan (R.A.) and Hussain (R.A.)
saying that he sought the shelter from all Shaitaans (devils) and all those creatures that harbour ill will be
against you and all those who wanted to eye you.
This action of Prophet (P.B.U.H.) clearly proves that he used to seek shelter and protection from Allah alone
for his grand children from the bad intentions of their adversaries and from those who intended to harm them
by eyeing. A person can be eyed by his well wishers and a person gets eyed by his opponents or enemy only
when the latter takes any practical step against that person. Merely eyeing by enemies does not and cannot
harm anyone.
In Surah Yusuf, verse no. 67 and 68 of the Holy Quran, it is mentioned that Prophet Yaqub (P.B.U.H.) advised
his sons, who were going to Egypt, to enter the cities by different doors. He also said that he could not avoid
anything bad coming from Allah and that he had full faith in the almighty.
The people interpret from this incident that Prophet Yaqub (P.B.U.H.) did so to save his sons from being eyed
although no reason has been mentioned in the above Ayats to warrant such interpretation. It is possible that
Prophet Yaqub (P.B.U.H.) gave the above advice to his sons out of fear that they might become victims of
attack by an enemy or meet with an accident together.
This is why he had advised them to enter through different gates. This seems to be the valid reason for
Prophet Yaqub (P.B.U.H.)s above advice.


According to the authentic hadeeth of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.), the right treatment of eyeing is that
the person who has eyed must take a bath and the water from that bath should be put on the eyed person. In
this way Almighty Allah gives health to the eyed person. Only Almighty Allah knows how this method works
but I presume that Allah wants to lightly punish and embarrass the person for not saying Ba-rak-Allah or Ma-
sha-Allah. Also other people might get to know that this person eyed on someone and be wary of thanking
Almighty Allah for the countless blessings He has bestowed on him.
(A Letter From Saudi Arabia)

As'Salm Alaikum Wa'Rahmatullhi Wa'Baraktuh
Hope this finds you in good health, I am AboKhaled from Saudi arabia, I happened to read your book
posession by jinns and I am impressed by the way you have put your thoughts down, may allah reward you
for it. I personally also hold the opinion that any reality can be only defined by either by reality itself and if it is
a reality that cannot be sensed by the senses then it has to be explained by a divine text. As we know Jinns are
intangible and cannot be sensed therefore to prove their ability to interact with man , to harm him or control
him and so on has to be proved by the quran and the sunnah. In this regards there is a detailed question and
answer that shekh ataa abu rashta, wrote and explained using evidences , I have also attached the same for
your perusal.
Question: People often become ill and their illness is attributed to some involvement from the Jinn. Many
people also claim they can see, hear and command Jinn, and accomplish many tasks by using Jinn, or by
making the Jinn use other people. Is there a real tangible relationship between humans and Jinn?
1- Jinn, to humans, are one of the unseen things. They are invisible to us. Allah (swt) said (in meaning of the

Page 52

translation): Truly, he and his soldiers see you from where you cannot see them [7:27], referring to Iblis and
his followers (the Jinn, since Iblis is one of the Jinn); also: Except for Iblis, he was one of the Jinn [18:50].
2- The default of our relationship with the Jinn is that they are only capable of Waswasa (whispering to us).
Allah (swt) says: Then Shaitan whispered suggestions to them [7:21] and Then Shaitan whispered to
him [20:120]. Shaytan here is Iblis; he is one of the Jinn.
3- The Shaitan cannot force humans to do anything. Humans choose to follow the Shaitan. Allah (swt) said:
And Shaitan will say, when the matter has been decided: Truly, Allah promised you a promise of truth. And I
too promised you, but I betrayed you. I had no authority over you except that I called you, and you responded
to me [14:22], and He (swt) said: Certainly, you (Shaitan) shall have no authority over My slaves, except
those of the Ghaween (those who go astray) who follow you [15:42], and He (swt) said: So when you want
to recite the Quran, seek refuge with Allah from the Shaitan, Al-Rajeem (the cursed outcast). Truly, he has no
power over those who believe and put their trust (Tawakkul) in their Lord [16: 98 - 99 ].
4- Any tangible relationship beyond this default relationship, as shown to us by Allah (swt), requires a specific
text to support it. If there is a text that describes a specific situation, then we believe in the specific situation
in accordance with the text.
For example, the authority of Sulayman (as) over Jinn and his commanding them to do his bidding was
transmitted to us through an Islamic text (the Quran), and therefore we believe in it. Allah (swt) said in Surat
Al-Naml about Sulayman that: He said, O chiefs! Which of you can bring me her throne before they come to
me surrendering in obedience? An Ifrit (strong one) from the Jinn said: I will bring it to you before you rise
from your place (council). Truly, I am indeed strong and trustworthy for such a task [27: 38 - 39 ], and Allah
(swt) said: And to Sulayman (We subjected) the wind, its morning (stride from sunrise to midnoon) was a
months (journey), and its afternoon (stride from the midday decline of the sun to sunset) was a months
(journey; i.e. in one day, he could travel a two months journey). And We caused a fount of molten copper to
flow for him, and there were Jinn that worked in front of him with the permission of his Lord. And
whosoever of them turned aside from Our Command, We cause him to taste the torment of the blazing fire.
They worked for him as he desired, (making) high rooms, images, basins as large as reservoirs, and (cooking)
cauldrons fixed (in their places). Work you, O family of Dawood, with thanks. But few of My slaves are
grateful [34: 12 - 13 ].
5- The Prophet (saw) would resolve any tangible issue through normal human interaction, as long as there was
no specific text from Wahi (revelation) informing him that the situation was related to the Jinn. This applies to
every situation. For example, if someone came across the body of a person who was killed, no one would think
that a Jinn killed that person, unless an Islamic text was revealed indicating this specifically. This is why, in the
situation of the man who was killed in Khaybar, the investigation of who killed him was restricted to only
humans, and not Jinn: It was narrated in Sahih Muslim that Abdullah bin Sahl and Muhayyisa stopped in
Khaybar due to fatigue and running out of supplies. Someone came to Muhayyisa and told him that Abdullah
bin Sahl had been killed and was thrown into a ditch (or the indent around a date tree). He then went to the
Jews and said By Allah, you killed him and they said By Allah, we did not kill him. The matter reached the
Messenger of Allah (saw), who said: They must either pay the Diyyah (blood money) for killing your
companion or they will face war. The Messenger of Allah (saw) sent a letter to them stating this, but they
responded saying By Allah, we did not kill him. The rest of the story is well-known. At no point did anyone in
any way investigate whether a Jinn was involved.
6- Therefore, if there is no Islamic text that specifies a tangible role for the Jinn in a specific situation, then the
situation remains within the default relationship between humans and Jinn, which is a relationship of
Waswasa (whispers), and nothing more.
Since the message of the Prophet of Allah (saw) is the final message, the Wahi (revelation) was discontinued
after its completion, and there are no new texts, therefore there are no longer any tangible relationships
between humans and the Jinn, only Waswasa. And as we stated before, the Waswasa of the Jinn has no
authority or control over a person, unless that person obeys this Waswasa through his or her own free choice.
This is how all tangible situations were dealt with during the time of the rightly guided Khulafaa (Al-Khulafaa
Ar-Rashidun). Whether the tangible event was murder or theft, cheating or fraud, no one ever considered that
Jinn were involved, and only considered humans as suspects. This is because the relationship between

Page 53

humans and Jinn is Waswasa, unless a specific text was revealed regarding the situation. Since there can no
longer be any new specific texts after the Messenger of Allah (saw), we therefore conclude that all tangible
events that take place in our world are the work of humans and not Jinn. The world of Jinn is other than our
world, and their relationship with us is nothing more than Waswasa.
Based on this, if a human becomes ill, there is no connection between that and Jinn. The person is to be
treated in accordance with what was revealed in Islam, i.e. medicine. This is whetherthe medicine is
administered through physical means, as was narrated in the Hadith of Usama bin Shareek, who said: I came
to the Prophet of Allah (saw) and his companions and they were as if birds were resting on them (they were
very still and tranquil). I gave my Salam and then sat. The Araab then came in from here and there, and said
O Messenger of Allah, should we take medicine? and he replied, (Yes), take medicine, for Allah, azza wa jall,
made a cure for every illness except of death. [Abu Dawood]
or administered through Dua and Ruqyah, as narrated in Sahih Muslim, on the authority of Aisha, the
mother of the believer (ra), who said The Messenger of Allah (saw) would perform Ruqyah with these words:
Remove the harm, oh Lord of the people, in Your hands is the cure, and there is no remover (of harm) except
You. This can be done with other similar Dua from the Quran or Sunnah, or any Dua that is in accordance
with them.
As for turning to people who claim to have a tangible or material relationship with the Jinn to cure the sick,
this is nothing more than trickery and fraudulence from those Dajjals who fool simpletons in order to exploit
them and take their money without right.
18th of Jumada Al-Thaani, 1430Hijri
I thank you once again for your valuable effort and make dua for you and ask you the same.
Barakallahu feek
Was'Salm Alaikum
To believe that Shaitan or Jinn can make a person sick is Shirk. Only Almighty Allah has the power to make
a person sick or healthy. To hold this belief is to reject words of the Glorious Quran and Authentic Hadeeth.
A person having this belief should repent and seek forgiveness from Almighty Allah.
Dr. Sayeeduddin Mister
E-mail: drsayeeduddin@yahoo.com


If any person wants to print this book of mine to eradicate illiteracy, superstition, shirk and biddah they can
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I will be grateful to you if you inform me about the number of copies of this book being printed, the language
and the country it is printed in. You can inform me through email. Almighty Allah will reward you in this world
and in the hereafter for propagating the truth of The Glorious Quran and the authentic hadeeths and to
remove shirk and biddah.

You can print and distribute this book in all the languages of the world. I pray to Allah to grant you Jannat.
Please do provide me with your name and I will InshaAllah pray for you.

Yours truly
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