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Topic: Big data - research ICT-16-2015
Opening Date -.--,-+,-/
Publication date +0-,1-+,-/ Deadline Date -/-,/-+,-. -1:,,:,, (2russels local time)
Total Call Budget 3.4-5,,,5,,, ain Pillar 6ndustrial Leadership
!tatus 7pen
8opic 9escription 8opic Conditions * 9ocuments Submission Ser:ice
Specific Challene: 8he acti:ities supported ;ithin L'68 under this topic contribute to the 2i 9ata challene b#
addressin the fundamental research problems related to the scalabilit# and responsi:eness of anal#tics capabilities (such
as pri:ac#-a;are machine learnin5 lanuae understandin5 data minin and :isuali<ation). Special focus is on industr#-
:alidated5 user-defined challenes li=e predictions5 and riorous processes for monitorin and measurement.
a" #esearch $ Inno%ation &ctions: proposals are expected to co:er one or both of the themes identified belo;.
> Collaborati:e pro?ects to de:elop no:el data structures5 alorithms5 methodolo#5 soft;are architectures5
optimisation methodoloies and lanuae understandin technoloies for carr#in out data anal#tics5 data "ualit#
assessment and impro:ement5 prediction and :isuali<ation tas=s at extremel# lare scale and ;ith di:erse structured and
unstructured data. 7f specific interest is the real time cross-stream anal#sis of :er# lare numbers of di:erse5 and5 ;here
appropriate5 multilinual5 multimodal data streams. 8he a:ailabilit# for testin and :alidation purposes of extremel# lare
and realisticall# complex 'uropean data sets and/or streams is a strict re"uirement for participation as is the a:ailabilit#
of appropriate populations of experimental sub?ects for human factors testin in the domain of usabilit# and effecti:eness
of :isuali<ations. 'xplicit experimental protocols and anal#ses of statistical po;er are re"uired in the description of
usabilit# :alidation experiments for the s#stems proposed. )roposals are expected5 ;here appropriate5 to ma=e best
possible use of lare :olumes of di:erse open data from the 'uropean @nion 7pen 9ata portalA-B and/or other 'uropean
open data sources5 includin data comin from '@ initiati:es li=e Copernicus and Calileo.
> Collaborati:e pro?ects to define rele:ant benchmar=s in domains of industrial rele:ance5 assemble the data
resources and infrastructure necessar# for administerin and :alidatin the benchmar=s and oranise e:aluation
campains ;ith a commitment to producin public reports on the performance of participants aainst the defined
benchmar=s. Since the oal is to create bi data anal#sis and prediction benchmar=in en:ironments of sufficient eneral
usefulness to be able to become self-sustainin after the end of fundin5 proposals ;ill ha:e to pro:ide detailed and
con:incin exit strateies.
b" !upport actions to define challenes and pri<e schemes for :erifiable performance in tas=s re"uirin extremel#
lare scale prediction and deep anal#sis. Compact consortia are re"uired to oranise and run ;ell-publicised fast
turn-around prediction competitions based on 'uropean datasets of a sinificant si<e. )roposals in this cateor# are
expected to be short in duration and are not re"uired to pro:ide sustainabilit# strateies past the end of the pro?ect.
'xpected impact:
> Abilit# to trac= publicl# and "uantitati:el# proress in the performance and optimi<ation of :er# lare scale data
anal#tics technoloies in a 'uropean ecos#stem consistin of hundreds of companiesD the abilit# to trac= this proress is
crucial for industrial plannin and strate# de:elopment.
> Ad:anced real-time and predicti:e data anal#tics technoloies thorouhl# :alidated b# means of riorous
experiments testin their scalabilit#5 accurac# and feasibilit# and read# to be turned o:er to thousands of inno:ators and
lare scale s#stem de:elopers.
> 9emonstrated abilit# of de:eloped technoloies to =eep abreast of ro;th in data :olumes and :ariet# b#
:alidation experiments.
> 9emonstration of the technoloical and :alue-eneration potential of the 'uropean 7pen 9ata documentin
impro:ements in the mar=et position and ?ob creations of hundreds of 'uropean data intensi:e companies.
8#pes of action:
a. &esearch * 6nno:ation Actions E A mix of proposals re"uestin Small and Large contributions are expected
b. Coordination and Support Actions
A-B http://open-data.europa.eu/
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