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KP for Beginners- Part 11

Reading a KP Horary Chart

by tw853@yahoo.com
(Courtesy of KP E-zine Apri !""# issue$
Step 1. Casting a KP Horary Chart
1.1. Question
%. &et a cear 'uestion in (oo) faith to (et a correct answer. Aan *eo says in Horary
Astrology that no 'uestion shou) be as+e), no horary fi(ure cast, uness the min) is truy
serious an) 'uite an-ious concernin( the matter, otherwise erroneous .u)(ment wi
certainy resut.
1.2. Horary Number
!. Concentrate on the 'uestion an) choose a /oary number between % to !0# (% to !%#3
sub-subs )e1eope) by 2r. Kar$. &et the re'uire) /orary number by openin( a boo+ of
3""-0"" pa(es an) notin( pa(e number on the ri(ht han) si)e of the boo+. (KP Reader
VI p %"0$ 3he astroo(er can aso use a ran)om number (enerate) by the computer 45.
3he 'uerent (i1es a number that fits we with his +armic patterns by )i1ine (ui)ance for
his or her stron( ur(e to +now the correct answer to a 'uestion. (KP Reader VI p !53$
3. 6sin( a 3ime chart )oes not fuy utiize the KP /orary Astroo(y, which )epen)s on
the number (i1en by the 'uerent an) e1ery number refers to a particuar si(n, star an) sub
as the Ascen)ant. (KP Reader VI p 8#, P.7. 4hanmu(ham8 Astrosecrets & KP Part I p
!9"$ 5ithout choosin( a /orary number, the 'uerent:s ur(e is not refecte) in the 3ime
0. 3he (i1en /orary number (see)$ is to be use) within two )ays. ;f the astroo(er is not
abe to wor+ on the chart within two )ays after (ettin( the number, it is necessary to as+
another number from the 'uerent for the 'uestion. (6man( 3ane.a8 Prashna p%0$
1.. !ate and "ime of #udgment
5. 3a+e the )ate an) time of .u)(ment when the astroo(er commences anayzin( the
chart whate1er may be the )ate an) time of 'uery by the consutant. 3his moment when
the astroo(er sits for .u)(ment is simiar to the moment when the whoe bo)y of chi)
has (ot separate) from the womb of the mother. (KP Reader VI pp 88, !03$ 3his moment,
not the time of first cry (Astrosecrets Part I p !8%$, seems to be the time of birth as per
9. 3he time of .u)(ment shou) be ta+en when astroo(er actuay starts wor+in( on the
chart. ;f astroo(er is not abe to .u)(e the chart imme)iatey after castin(, it is necessary
to recacuate the chart at another time of .u)(ment when he is in position to ma+e
pre)iction. ;f the pace of .u)(ment is the same, then a the %! cusps wi remain the
same an) they wi chan(e for a )ifferent pace of .u)(ment. 4o fee) the /orary )ata in
the computer ony when astroo(er is rea)y to anayze the chart imme)iatey after
castin(. (KP Reader VI pp 3%!< K.P. Kuppu &anapathi8 Guidelines for Preparing and
Judging a Horary Chart, KP!"ine, #e$ruary %&&' para 3< 6man( 3ane.a8 Prashna p%0$
1.$. P%a&e of #udgment
=. 3a+e the pace of .u)(ment where the astroo(er is ocate) irrespecti(e of the pace
from which the 'uerent has as+e) the 'uestion by phone, E-mai, etter etc. (KP Reader
V; pp 8#, !3", !0!$
1.'. Casting a KP Horary Chart
8. Cast a KP /orary chart by usin( the foowin( KP settin(s >KP Reader V p )* (+ld
dition p )'*,, Reader VI pp 33", !0!-3$8
%$ KP Ayanamsa (preferaby KP -e. Ayana/sa of !""3$,
!$ Placidus house system,
3$ 0ean ?o)e,
0$ 123 d4y @imshottari )asa an)
5$ Geographic atitu)e of pace of .u)(ment.
1.(. Rotation of the Chart
#. ;f the 'uestion is for the 'uerent himsef or hersef, ma+e a cacuation an) anaysis
from the Ascen)ant of the /orary chart. ;f the 'uestion is for the youn(er brother or
sister, rotate the chart an) ta+e the 3
house as the Ascen)ant for that youn(er brother or
sister< for mother ta+e 0
< for first chi) ta+e 5
< for materna unce ta+e 9
< for spouse
(wifeAhusban)$ or partner or opponent or secon) chi) ta+e =
< for father ta+e #
< for
e)er brother or sister or frien) ta+e %%
< for paterna unce ta+e %!
< for any un+nown
person ta+e #
house as Ascen)ant an) wor+ out. (KP Reader VI p !%3, !%9$ Bor the we
+nown pubic fi(ures or ceebrities, e1en not +nown personay, the Ascen)ant, not #

house, is use) by Kana+ Cosmia with success, for e-ampe pre)iction of Abhishe+ D
Aswarya marria(e.
Step 2. )erifi&ation of Query
%". Chec+ 7oon, the in)icator of 'uerent:s min), whether it propery refects the
'uestion by the si(nification of houses owne) an) occupie) by 7oon, its star or) an)
sub or), for e-ampe !,=,%% houses for marria(e, 3,#,%! for forei(n (oin(. Connection by
sub or) is foun) 1ery important. (Hints for Judging a Horary Chart in Astrosecrets an)
K5P5 Part II p !%5 para 5$
%%. ;n KP, the owner or or) of a house is the owner of the (rasi$ si(n where the cusp fas.
(KP Reader VI p !=0$ Conse'uenty, occupation an) or)ship of Ca)ha+a, 7ara+a are
Paci)us $ha(a base), not rasi base) an) they are )ifferent from rasi base) positions,
when some si(ns are intercepted or ban+ without any cusp fain( in those si(ns.
%!. ;n a))ition to 7oon, chec+ the si(nification of the cuspa sub or) of Ascen)ant
which aso refects the min) of 'uerent.
%3. ;f it is foun) that the 'uestion is propery refecte) by the si(nification of anyone of
re'uire) houses by the cuspa sub or)s of 7oon an) Ascen)ant, then ony procee) the
anaysis of the chart, otherwise not to procee) further. 3he 'uery has to be (enuine. ;f the
person is not serious about his or her 'uery, then accurate pre)iction cannot be (i1en.
Step . #udging *hether +atter is Promised
.1. Che&,ing the Cuspa% Sub -ord of the Con&erned House
%0. Chec+ the cuspa sub or) of the concerne) house, for e-ampe =
for marria(e, %!

for forei(n (oin( as per KP house (roupin(. 3he cuspa sub or) of a house un)er 'uery
in)icates whether the matter si(nifie) by that house is promise) or not. 3he matter in
'uestion is promise), if the foowin( con)itions are simutaneousy fufie) i.e., (KP
Reader VI pp %=%, %=8, %#!, !%", !50, 3"%$
%$ the concerne) cuspa sub or) or its star or) or its su$ or) is not retrograde<
!$ the cuspa sub or) is the si(nificator (i.e. especiay in the star of the occupant or
owner$ of anyone of re'uire) houses un)er consi)eration for the matter in
%5. /ere retro(ression of the star or) is (eneray mentione) as it is the in)icator of
nature of the e1ent. /owe1er, retro(ression of the su$ or) is aso to be consi)ere) since
the su$ is fina an) )eci)in( factor in KP. >2r. Kar8 KP & Astrology (KPA, %##9 p 5%,
K.7. 4ubramaniam8 KPA )66' p 5%, C. E. Chatt8 -a7shatra Chinta/ani p %"0F After
thorou(h research it ha) been foun) that a ruin( panet faie) to offer resuts when it is in
a su$ of retro(ra)e panet an) so it is to re.ect the ruin( panet in the su$ of a retrograde
panet. (Ruling Planets & KP e)ite) by K. 4ubramaniam, K. /ariharan pp -1ii, pp 38-3#$
%9. ;f both the star or) an) sub or) of the concerne) (=
$ cuspa sub or) are connecte)
to the ne(ati1e houses (9,%",%!$ ony, then the matter (marria(e$ cannot be promise).
(P.7. 4hanmu(ham8 Astrosecrets D KP Part ; p !93$
.2. Contro.ersy of Retrogression
.2.1. *hat is Retrogression/
%=. Eetro(ression means /o(ing $ac7.ard. 3he 4un an) 7oon ne1er retro(ra)e. Eahu
an) Ketu aways mo1e bac+war) an) so they are not consi)ere) as retro(ra)e panets.
+nly the re/aining 3 planets, 7ars, 7ercury, Gupiter, @enus an) 4aturn, mo1e )irect but
sometimes they are foun) mo1in( bac+war) an) consi)ere) as retrograde planets. (KP
Reader VI pp %09, !!%$
%8. Panets ne1er reay mo1e bac+war) an) their mo1ement is aways in one )irection.
Panets, when retro(ra)e, appear to be mo1in( bac+war) to us here on Earth from
&eocentric position, i.e. ta+in( Earth as center. 3his re1erse motion is ony a 1isua
iusion as the sower panet comin( bac+war) )ue to the own motion of the Earth:s orbit.
*i+e a train passin( a mo1in( car, passen(ers in the train e-perience the iusion that the
sower car is mo1in( bac+war) )ue to the spee) at which the train is mo1in(.
.2.2. )ie0s on Retrogression
%#. /owe1er, this 1irtua (not actua$ retro(ression has been state) in the cassic te-ts,
8ha(atha Ratna7ara, 8rihat Parashara Hora 9hatra, Horasara, Jata7a Pari:ata, Jata7a
;att.a, Phaladeepi7a, 9an7etanidhi, 9ara(ali, <ttara7ala/arita an) the artices on the
roe of HRetrograde Planets in AstrologyI in the Astrological 0aga"ine (AM, of
Can(aore, 7arch %#9= to ?o1ember %#=0, by @e)ic astroo(ers, Cepin Cehari, @.A.K.
;yer, A.anta Gain, E. *a+shmanan, E. 4anthanam, P.4. 4astri, @.K. 4inha, C. 4uryanarayan
Eao etc. An) amon( )i1er(ent 1iews retro(ression has been mainy consi)ere) as an
in)ication of stren(th (chestaba$ because a panet, when retro(ra)e, is nearer to Earth
an) can ha1e its (reater impact.
!". &race ;n(is has concu)e) in his Retrograde Planets in ine with Cue 2. /u((ins
an) &arth Aen that a retro(ra)e panet is not much )ifferent in nata chart. After
iustratin( 3! e-ampes, Cue 2. /u((ins is of the opinion that retro(ra)e panets may
appy ony to /orary Astroo(y. (A0 4eptember- specia issue on retro(ression- an)
?o1ember %#=0$
!%. ;n horary stu)ies, panets stay in )ynamic motion as foows8
%$ ;f the 'uestion is rue) by a retro(ra)e panet at the time of 'uery, the con)ition
wi chan(e when the panet (oes )irect. ;f the ruin( panet is )irect an) wi soon
turn retro(ra)e, the e1ent as+e) about may not happen. Eetro(ra)e panets in
horary brin(s thin(s an) peope bac+. (/een A)ams &arrett8 0ore A$out
Retrogrades, %##%$
!$ Bor e-ampe, if a panet retro(ra)es in the =
house the 'uerent (one out of station
wi return for the 'uery about the return. (4. Kannan, A0 Ganuary %#=!$
3$ Eetro(ra)e panets ne1er (i1e a that is e-pecte). (Chares Carter8 Horary
Astrology, %#0!$
0$ Eetro(ra)e is foun) fata to the success of 'uestion. (Aan *eo8 Horary Astrology,
!""9 E)ition p %3!$
5$ An an(uar panet (oin( retro(ra)e or into combustion may wrec+ its abiity to act
in a positi1e fashion. (G. *ee *ehman8 ;he 0artial Art of Horary Astrology p !90$
.2.. Retrogression in KP
!!. ;n KP, retro(ression )oes not matter in the nata chart anaysis but it )oes not (i1e
resuts in the /orary anaysis, if the si(nificator is in the star or su$ or) of retrograde
panets. ;n a /orary chart bha1a sputa are for e1er a constant set up an) panets are
aways on the )ynamic mo1e.
!3. 3he retrograde cuspa sub or) of the concerne) cusp, if )eposite) in the star of a
panet in direct motion, the e1ent wi materiaize after some obstaces an) )eay when it
is in direct motion an) passe) beyon) the point wherefrom retrograde motion starte).
(KP Reader VI pp %05-%09, %=", %=8$
!0. ;f the cuspa sub or) (whether in direct or retrograde motion$ is )eposite) in the star
of retrograde panet, the e1ent cannot materiaize. >KP Reader VI pp %09, %=%, %=8, !!!,
!9!-0, !8=, 3"%, Kuppu &anapathi para 3%, Astrosecrets Part II pp !%0-!! para 33, K.
/ariharan8 9teller ffects on Hu/an =ife pp !9!-90, 3. Ea.en)ra Kumar in KPA !""5 p
5%, EP D KP pp 8=-#< 2r. Arstu Prabha+ar8 -e. >i/ensions of K5P5 Astrolog (Horary,?
4tyanarayana ?ai+8 K5P5 >yna/ics (Horary$F
!5. ;f the cuspa sub or) (whether in direct or retrograde motion$ is )eposite) in the su$
of retrograde panet, the resut wi ten) to be fa1orabe after some )eay an)
impe)iments when they (et direct in motion. (KP Reader VI p !"!, C.E. Chatt8
-a7shatra Chinta/ani p %"0, RP & KP pp 8=-8#, @i.ay Kumar8 KPA !""0 p !5, 3.
Ea.en)ra Kumar8 KP Horary in KPA !""8 p %!3 D !""# p 00$
!9. ;f the cuspa sub or) (whether in direct or retrograde motion$ )eposite) in the star or
su$ of retrograde panets,
%$ it cannot (i1e the resut when that cuspa sub or) is not a stron( si(nificator of
the concerne) house<
!$ but the e1ent can materiaize when that cuspa sub or) is a stron( si(nificator of
the concerne) house. >C.E. Chatt8 Prashna Jyotish Part % D ! (&u.arati boo+$ pp
59, %85, !=#, 3%#-3!" (Courtesy of Kana+ Cosmia$< Pan+a. /im1an8 KPA %&&6 p
!=. 5ith the so(an of J;f retro(ra)e in nata is nothing, why not in /orary asoKJ, 2r.
Kar ha) intro)uce) the theory of cancellation of retrogradation by burnin( the a)1erse
effects of retro(ra)e panets throu(h the rays of 4un. (2r. Keshab E. Kar8 4ome 3hou(hts
on Eetro(ra)ation in KPA %662 pp 5"-93$ ;t was supporte) by K.7. 4ubramaniam. (KPA
)66' p 5%$ /owe1er, it is aso foun) that the sub or) of the principa cusp, if retro(ra)e
or if )eposite) in the star or su$ of a retrograde panet, can negate the resut e1en thou(h
the retrograde panet is connecte) to 4un by the way of star or)ship, or bein( within 3"
)e(rees to the 4un. (3. Ea.en)ra Kumar8 ;nference from a /onest Eetrospection, KPA
%&&3 pp 5"-5!$
!8. 3here are Vryadhipathi theory of retro(ra)e panets (i1in( the resut of other houses
(P. 7. 4hanmu(am8 Astrosecrets & KP Part I pp #%-#!< Eao Crothers in L.@.?. 7urthy:s
Eoe of Ca)ha+a in Astro(ision, Ganuary an) Bebruary !""#$, an) -adi theory of
retro(ra)e panets (i1in( the resut of pre1ious house of their pacement. (4. ?ai+8 K5P5
>yna/ics p 39< P@E Eayu)u8 7arria(e A(e - A -adi 0ethod$
!#. 4ome schoars i(nore the resut of the retro(ra)e panets by puttin( se1era e-ampes
in support to their opinions >K.7. 4ubramaniam (KPA %##= p 5%, 9u$lord 9pea7s! ) p 80-
5$, Kana+ Cosmia (KP 0uhurat p 3$, 4uni &on)hae+ar (#our 9tep;heory p 50$, 6man(
3ane.a (Prashna$, 4 P Khuar (Horary Astrology p i-$F Cut 2.C. &hose ha) foun) in
hundred of /orary cases that the retrograde panet has failed to offer the )ue resut.
(Eesut of Panets in Eetro(ression, KPA )663 p 9$
3". &uru.i K4K has brou(ht us to that e1e of thou(ht an) use) to say H0y friends, .e
ha(e co/e up to this! you should continue the research and you /ay reach to further
truthI. (KPA )663 p = an) )662 p 93$ 4o further research of a minimum of one hun)re)
carefuy )ocumente) /orary charts is re'uire) to form a cre)ibe opinion on
retro(ression whether it )oes matter or not in the /orary anaysis.
.. Che&,ing the Cuspa% Sub -ords of the 1s&endant and 11
3%. ;n a /orary chart, the Ascen)ant in)icates the efforts of 'uerent< whie the %%
shows the fufiment of )esire or success in (enera. ;f the cuspa sub or) of Ascen)ant
or %%
cusp be the si(nificator of the matter as+e) or the beneficia house % (success in
one:s effort$, ! (monetary (ain$, 3 (hep from other$, 9 ((ain to 'uerent$, %" (reputation$
an) %% (profit, fufiment of )esires$, the 'uerent can (et success in (enera. (C. E. Chatt8
-a7shatra Chinta/ani p %"5$
3!. 4o chec+ whether the cuspa sub or)s of Ascen)ant an) %%
cusp are the si(nificator
of the matter as+e) or the beneficia houses to the 'uerent an) if so, it is a supporti(e
in)icator for the materiaization of the e1ent un)er 'uery. ;f the %
cuspa sub or)
si(nifies %%
house, then fufiment of )esire is promise). (3. Ea.en)ra Kumar8 KPA
%&&3 p 5!$
Step $. Se%e&ting the 2ruitfu% Signifi&ators
$.1. KP Signifiators
33. 3he concerne) cuspa sub or) in)icates whether the matter un)er 'uery is promise)
or not. ;f it is promise), the si(nificators point the time of e1ent. (KP Reader V p !!0A
L) E)ition p !%%$ 4o note the si(nificators of the houses which si(nify the matter as+e).
30. 3he si(nificators of a house in or)er of the stren(th of (ra)e A,C,C,2 D E are (i1en
as un)er8
A. Panet in the star of the occupant of a re'uire) house (for instance !,=, %% for
marria(e$ (stron(est si(nificator$
C. Lccupant of the house
C. Panet posite) in the star of or) of the house
2. *or) of the house
E. Panet(s$ con.oine) with or aspected $y the abo1e si(nificators (wea+est
si(nificator use) as a ast resort$
?ote8 ;t is Haspected $yI A,C,C,2 si(nificators but not HaspectingI A,C,C,2 as sai)
by some. >K5P5 Readers III p 30! (L) E)ition !
Part p %=0$, ;@ p %%8, @ pp %50,
!%0 (L) E)ition p %0#, !"%$, @; pp %5=,%#=F
35. A practice of consi)erin( the star or) an) su$ or) of the star lord of a planet is not
in ine with the KP basic principe8HPlanet is the source, constellation indicates nature of
the result and the 9<8 is a deciding factor .hether the /atter is fa(ora$le or not.I
>+riginal KP Vol %, 4a(ar Pubications, %#95 p 0%, KP Reader III %39 (L) E)ition %!#$,
V %39 (L) E)ition p %!#$F
$.2. Se%e&tion of 2ruitfu% Signifi&ators
39. Lut of these si(nificators, seect fruitfu si(nificators as foows8
%$ 4i(nificators which are common with the Euin( Panets at the time of .u)(ment.
3he Euin( Panets at the time of .u)(ment an) those at the time of fructification
of the e1ent are the same. ((KP Reader IV p !"%, !"8, !=0< Kuppu &anpathi para
%=, KP D EP p i-$ A si(nificator that stron(y si(nifies the re'uire) important
houses for the matter can be consi)ere) e1en thou(h it )oes not appear amon( the
ruin( panets. (K.C. 7ahapatra8 A 9yste/atic 9tep!.ise Procedure for K5PM,
KPA %&&) pp %"0-%%3$<
!$ 4i(nificators which are in the stars of the occupant or or) of anyone of re'uire)
houses un)er consi)eration (for instance !,=,%% for marria(e$<
3$ 4i(nificators which are the cuspa sub or)s of the re'uire) houses<
0$ 3he cuspa sub or)s of the re'uire) houses become the stron(est si(nificators of
those houses, if there is no planet in their stars. A panet without any panet in its
star is the stron(est to (i1e the resuts of the houses by occupation an) bein( the
sub or) to them. (KP Reader III p 3"#, KPA )66) July p % D ?o1ember p 8,
@i+ari Eamamurthi, E. 7u+un)a Ea.an, Kuppu &anapathi, Kana+ Cosmia$<
5$ 4i(nificators which appear many times amon(st the ruin( panetsA si(nificators or
connecte) with 1arious si(nifictors<
9$ 4i(nificators which are the si(n or), star or) an) sub or) of the cusp of the
concerne) house un)er 'uery<
=$ 4i(nificators which are the .oint perio) 2CA4 ruers at the time of .u)(ment.
3=. Ln the other han), the si(nificators which si(nify %!
to the re'uire) houses of the
e1ent by their sub or)s are not effecti1e si(nificators, for e-ampe house = for marria(e
si(nifie) by the panet or its star or) is not an effecti1e si(nificator, if its sub or)
si(nifies house 9 (%!
to =$. 3he same approach may not be aways correct for the
si(nificators which si(nify 9
, 8
to the re'uire) houses of the e1ent by their sub or)s
e1en thou(h (eneray panets pace) in 9, 8 or %! to any house )o not contribute to the
matters infuence) by that house. (KP Reader VI p !#=$ A stron( an) sin(e ne(ati1e
si(nificator of the e1ent shou) be re.ecte). (KP Reader IV p %05$
38. Ee.ect the si(nificator which is in the star of retrograde panet because it cannot (i1e
the resuts of its star or) )urin( its perio) or sub perio) etc. (&.C. @i.aya+umar8 KPA
%&&' pp 0=-8$
3#. ;f a panet is posite) 1ery cose to the ne-t cusp within 3.333 )e(rees, the
si(nification of the ne-t house only is to be consi)ere). ;f the orb is ti(hter an) there is no
panet tenante) in the ne-t house, the effect of the ne-t house wi be stron(er. >+riginal
KP Vol %, 4a(ar Pubications, %#95 p !8%< KP Reader IV, pa(e %"8, K.7. 4ubramaniam,
3. Ea.en)ra Kumar (KPA %&&& & %&&1$, C.@. 3ya(ara.a ;yer (KPA %&&3$, K.
4ubramanium (Astrology for 8eginner, Vol5 1$, Car 5oebc+e (@ou and the <ni(erse$,
7ichae 7cCainF 3he 1iew of (i1in( the resuts of $oth the pre1ious an) ne-t houses is
(i1en by C.E. Chatt (?a+shatra Chintamani$, Anant Eaichur, 4uni &on)hae+ar an)
Eobert /an) (/oroscope 4ymbos$.( A ?ote on the ;nfuence of a Panet near the /ouse
Cusp, Astro(ision, Gune !""8$
0". ;n KP if the sub or)s of more than one cusp are the same, then they are )eeme) to be
connecte). Bor e-ampe if %
an) %%
cuspa sub or)s happen to be the same panet, it
(i1es stron( in)ication of bein( mutuay reate) an) promise of fufiment of )esire. (3.
Eaa.en)ra Kumar8 KPA %&&% p !5$
0%. 3he nature of panets is to be consi)ere) as +ara+a (chief si(nificator$, sow or fast
mo1in( panet an) others. Bor e-ampe, 4un stan)s for father, &o1ernment, profession,
7oon for min), mother, .ourney, i'ui)s, 7ars for coura(e, brothers an) sisters,
operation, acci)ent, houseAbui)in(, 'uic+ (raspin(, en(ineerin(, 7ercury for e)ucation,
communication, power of speech, commerce, two min)s, Gupiter for weath, pro(eny,
chi)ren, e)ucation, aw an) .u)(ment, @enus for marria(e, spouse, 1ehice, u-ury items,
4aturn for on(e1ity, ser1ices, ser1ants, )eay, an), menta, Eahu for imprisonment an)
Ketu for 7o+sha, )an(er. (KP Reader III pp !35-9, !5#< Reader VI pp %88-#, !!3, !3",
!==, 3"3$
0!. A +ara+a panet sin(nifiyin( the ree1ant bha1a is stron(er than other panets
to offer the resut. /owe1er, a +ara+a panet itsef, without si(nification of the re'uire)
houses by occupation an) or)ship, cannot not be consi)ere) as an outri(ht si(nificator
for the matter it (o1erns e1en thou(h it resut is sai) to be the chief (o1ernor of the
matter. ;n KP +ara+a panets can pay a supportin( roe only, but not a ma.or roe i+e in
@er)ic, for instance without %!
cuspa sub or) bein( Eahu, chief +ara+a for
imprisonment, one can be .aie), if the re'uire) house (roupin( of !,3,8,%! is si(nifie)<
@enus aone without !,=,%% si(nification cannot (i1e marri(e< Gupiter aone without
!,5,%% si(nification cannot (i1e chi) birth. (KP Reader III pp !35-9, !5#, Eea)er VI pp
%8%, 3%3-0$.
$.. Rahu3Ketu Signifi&ators
03. Eahu or Ketu (whether it is a panet or star or) or sub or)$ the foowin(
si(nificators are ta+en in the KP Eea)ers )epen)in( on ree1ance to the e1ent un)er
consi)eration re(ar)ess of their se'uence of or)er (EahuAKetu Eues in KP in KPE-Nine,
7ay !""=$8
%$ /ouse occupie) by EahuAKetu,
!$ Panet in con.unction with EahuAKetu,
3$ Panet in aspect to EahuAKetu,
0$ 4tar or) of EahuAKetu an)
5$ 4i(n or) of (rasi$ si(n occupie) by EahuAKetu.
00. 3he si(nification of ! to 5 is (eneray by occupation an) or)ship of the ree1ant
panet an) its star or). Con.unction in the same (rasi$ si(n an) /in)u aspects without orb
are use). Eahu or Ketu )oes not aspect any panet or house since it is not a panet ha1in(
physica bo)y but it is ony a sensiti1e intersectin( point in the pathway of 4un an)
7oon. (Kuppu &anapathi$ 4o in case of con.unction or aspect with other panets,
EahuAKetu wi (i1e whate1er the con.oine) or aspectin( panet is to (i1e but not that
panet to (i1e whate1er EahuAKetu is to (i1e.
05. A practice is foun) that if any panet is )eposite) in the star of EahuAKetu, then
EahuAKetu wi offer the resuts of that panet. (Astrosecrets Part I p 3"8< KPA %&&% p 0"$
/owe1er, as per KP that panet wi (i1e whate1er EahuAKetu is to (i1e but not
EahuAKetu to (i1e whate1er that panet is to (i1e. 3hat is why EahuAKetu can (i1e the
resut of a house by occupation, ony when there is no panet in its stars. >KP Reader V pp
!%!, !=0-5 (L) E)ition pp !"", !39$, Reader VI p %#", !8!< C.E. Chatt8 ?a+shatara
Chintamani p %#F
$.. Ru%ing P%anets
09. Euin( panets are the panets which rue the moment at the time of .u)(ment of any
'uestion. 3he ori(ina 5 ruin( panets are iste) beow in their or)er of preference
(+riginal KP Vol %, 9agar Pu$lications, )623 pp !=3-0, 0%!< KP Reader VI p %!3, RP &
KP pp i-, -1ii, 3!< 2r. 4atya Pra+ash Chow)hary8 Ruling Planets in KP$8
%$ Ascen)ant star or)
!$ Ascen)ant si(n or)
3$ 7oon star or)
0$ 7oon si(n or)
5$ 2ay *or) (/in)u 2ay from sunrise to ne-t sunrise$
0=. ;f Eahu or Ketu is con.oine) or aspecte) by a ruin( panet, or if Eahu or Ketu is
posite) in a si(n owne) by one of the ruin( panets, then Eahu or Ketu shou) be
incu)e) as a ruin( panet. ;f Eahu or Ketu appears to be a ruin( panet, it:s si(n or) is
repace) by it. ;n case the si(n or) is aso a stron( si(nificator, it can be ta+en aon( with
Eahu or Ketu.
08. 4ome KP astroo(ers aso consi)er the su$ or)s of Ascen)ant an) 7oon as ruin(
panets an) they use = ruin( panets. (RP & KP pp 95, =#, %"8$
0#. Panets in con.unction or aspect to the ruin( panets can aso be consi)ere) as ruin(
panest, especiay if the panet is stron( an) ocate) in the ruin( Ascen)ant itsef.
5". 3he ruin( panets in retro(ra)e )o not pre1ent the e1ent to ta+e pace but wi ony
(i1e the resut when they become )irect in motion. Ee.ect the ruin( panets which are
posite) in the star or su$ of retrograde panets. (KP Reader VI pp %9=, %=%, %=9, %8=,
!"!, !!0, !=0$
5%. ;t is a common practice to wor+ out the ruin( panets at the time of castin( the chart
or time of .u)(ment of 'uery e1en thou(h the 'uestion is so1e) with the hep of a /orary
;t is the best metho) of choosin( the fruitfu si(nificators which are common with the
si(nificators. (KP Reader VI pp !=0, %38, %0%, !""$
5!. Another opinion is that the ruin( panets of /orary Ascen)ant as per chosen number
hep to reach ri(ht concusion. >2r. Prabha+ar8 -e. >i/ensions of KP Astrology
(Horary, p 90F Eeason is that the Ascen)ant cusp )eri1es the fate of 'uerent an) fate
cannot be chan(e). (2r. Kar in KPA %&&) p !!$
Step '. Che&,ing !asa4 Bhu,ti4 1ntara4 Soo,shma 5!B1S6
53. Chec+ whether the current 2CA or)s are8
%$ common with the Euin( Panets at the time of .u)(ment< an)
!$ si(nificators of the matter un)er 'uery<
3$ if so, it in)icates the materiaization of e1ent.
50. Chec+ up whether Punarphoo, impyin( )eay, the materiaization of the e1ent on
subse'uent attempts, or 4aturn causin( )eay (KP Reader VI pp %=#-%8"$, e-ists, which
nee)s consi)eration in fi-in( the timin( of e1ent.

55. 3he e1ent wi materiaize )urin( the con.oine) perio) (2CA4$ of the seecte)
si(nificators when the transit a(rees, i.e., 4un, 7on an)Aor the .oint perio) ruers (2CA4
or)s$ are transitin( in the star or sub of the same .oint perio) ruers. ;f the 2asa aow an
e1ent, the e1ent can happen in that 2asa. ;f the 2asa )oes not aow the e1ent, chec+ the
ne-t 2asa which aows the e1ent to ta+e pace. Lnce 2asa aows the e1ent, chec+ the
current Chu+ti an) if this Chu+ti aows chec+ the nearest Antara, 4oo+shma an) then the
3ransit, which wi in)icate the nearest timin( of e1ent. ;n case if current Chu+ti )oes not
aow the e1ent, chec+ ne-t Chu+ti which aows the e1ent to ta+e pace an) then chec+
aso Antara, 4oo+shma the same, an) then the 3ransit.
59. ;f a panet (in )irect or retro(ra)e motion$ is a si(nificator of anyone of re'uire)
houses, for instance !,=,%% for marria(e, an) it is )eposite) in the star of a retrograde
panet, that panet cannot (i1e the resut in its perio) or sub-perio). Cut another
si(nificator of re'uire) houses, whether it is in direct or retrograde motion, wi (i1e the
resut, if this si(nificator is in the star of a panet in )irect motion. (KP Reader VI pp %09-
%0=, !8!$ ;n another theory retro(ression is use) in chec+in( the transits of 2CA or)s,
which shou) not be in the concerne) star an) su$ of retrograde panets for the
materiaization of an e1ent. (4uni &on)hae+ar8 #our 9tep;heory pp 08-50$
Step (. "ransit Che&,
5=. Casicay in KP transit the source of matter is in)icate) by the transitin( panet an)
what wi happen is shown by its star or)< whether it wi materiaize or not< whether it is
fa1orabe or not is in)icate) by its su$ or) accor)in( to the occupie) an) owne) houses.
>KP Eea)er @ p %9% (L) E)ition p %53$F A panet transitin( in a star si(nifies the matters
shown by the star or) )ue to its occupation an) or)ship an) the )ifferent subs passe) by
that panet in)icate the 1arious sta(es an) success or faiure of the resuts shown by the
star or). >KP Reader V pp %89-= (L) E)ition pp %==-8$F
58. ;n KP (eneray fruitfu perio)s are seecte) by the @imshottari )asa system an)
transits are use) to chec+ whether they a(ree with )asa an) to pinpoint the timin( of
e1ents as toos of precision to compement the )asa system.
5#. At the time of e1ent, 4un, 7on an)Aor the .oint perio) (2CA4$ ruers are (eneray
foun) to be transitin( in8
%$ the star or su$ of the sa/e .oint perio) ruers<
!$ the star or su$ of the fruitful si(nificators of the particuar e1ent (other than the
.oint perio) ruers$ in the chart. >KP Reader III p %#8 (L) E)ition !
Part p 0!$,
-a7shatra Chinta/ani p 3=, 3. Ea.en)ra Kumar8 KPA %&&1 pp 05-09F
9". 3he first con)ition (0!.%$ is consi)eration of ony the chosen 2CA4 or)s whether
they are transitin( in the star or sub of the sa/e 2CA4 or)s, impyin( to consi)er the
si(nification of transitin( 2CA4 or)s which is promise) in the nata or horary chart.
Ee(ar)in( reocation chart, it is sai) in KP Reader V p %9! (L) E)ition p %55$ that one
should not al.ays calculate the Ascendant for the place of $irth unless the nati(e is
per/anent in his $irth place. An) then the transitin( 4un an) 7oon are hepfu to choose
the appropriate 4oo+shma or accurate timin( of e1ent.
9%. 3he 2CA4 brin(s a matter to happen 1ery cose to the timin( of e1ent an) any matter
to be compete) wi ha1e to be operate) by transits of trios8 4un, 7oon, Ascen)ant. 3hat
is in case of fi-in( 4un transit, then 7oon transit shou) fuy cooperate with that of 4un
transit an) finay the Ascen)ant transit shou) be on the sensiti1e zone of the zo)iac.
(Astrosecrets Part I pp !=5-9$
9!. An accurate timin( of an e1ent can be fi-e) by transit as foows (KP Reader V p %93,
Reader VI p %3%, RP & KP p 9#-=!$8
), ;f an e1ent is i+ey to ta+e pace within a few hours, mo1e the Ascen)ant
countin( from the Ascen)in( )e(ree of the moment of .u)(ment to the sensiti(e
and fruitful "one of zo)iac, i.e., si(n or), star or) an) sub or) (o1erne) by each
of the seecte) fruitfu si(nificators, for instance for runnin( con.oine) perio) of
@en-7oo-7er 2CA, refer @enus si(n, 7oon star, 7ercury sub or 7oon si(n,
7ercury star, @enus sub or 7ercury si(n, 7oon star, @enus sub< or
%, ;f the e1ent is e-pecte) to happen within some )ays, mo1e the 7oon to such a
sensiti(e "one? or
1, ;f it is to ta+e pace in some months, mo1e the 4un< or
A, ;f it is to happen in some years, Gupiter shou) be mo1e) to fin) out the time of
93. ;n fin)in( the time of e1ent by the Euin( Panets metho) the sensiti(e "one is where
one ruin( panet becomes the si(n or), secon) ruin( panet becomes the star or) an)
thir) ruin( panet become the sub or) an) the abo1e same principes are to be appie) in
mo1in( Ascen)ant, 7oon, 4un an) Gupiter.