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7 Qualities of an Irreplaceable Charismatic

By Fabricio Astelo
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In this article Im !oin! to show you " #ualities o$ a charismatic lea%er that you can use i$ you
wish to become more charismatic an% lea% any !rou& o$ &eo&le' (his is by no means a
com&rehensi)e an% e*hausti)e list+ but its enou!h to !i)e you an e%!e an% become an
irre&laceable asset on any or!ani,ation or to create an% lea% a !rou& o$ &eo&le base% on your
&ersonal )ision'

-a* .eber %e$ine% charisma as a certain #uality o$ an in%i)i%ual &ersonality+ by )irtue o$ which
he is set a&art $rom or%inary men an% treate% as en%owe% with su&ernatural+ su&erhuman+ or at
least s&eci$ically e*ce&tional &owers or #ualities' (hese are such as are not accessible to the
or%inary &erson+ but are re!ar%e% as o$ %i)ine ori!in or as e*em&lary+ an% on the basis o$ them
the in%i)i%ual concerne% is treate% as a lea%er (he charismatic lea%ershi& is the &ower
le!itimi,e% on the basis o$ a lea%ers e*ce&tional &ersonal #ualities or the %emonstration o$
e*traor%inary insi!ht an% accom&lishment+ which ins&ire loyalty an% obe%ience $rom $ollowers'

Its a com&letely %i$$erent /in% o$ lea%ershi& than the ones you usually rea% an% learn on
lea%ershi& boo/s' (his lea%ershi& %e&en%s u&on a &erson $ascinatin! a !rou& base% on the
stren!th o$ their &ersonality or the &assion o$ their )ision' (his is a lea%ershi& base% on the
lea%ers ability to communicate an% beha)e in ways that reach $ollowers on an emotional way to
ins&ire an% moti)ate'

Charismatic lea%ershi& its not easy to %e)elo& li/e other ty&es o$ lea%ershi&+ but this can ma/e
you irre&laceable in any !rou&''' which is a &roblem $or the or!ani,ation+ but the i%eal situation
$or you+ the in%i)i%ual+ es&ecially on our %ays o$ economic uncertain'

0ere are the " #ualities o$ a charismatic lea%er1

2) Stren!th or &ersonality1 All the charismatic lea%ers ha% a &ersonality that attracte% &eo&le to
them' Its li/e they are ma!netic' (hey ha)e a %istinct+ soli% an% stron! &ersonality' .e all /now
theres not two in%i)i%uals the same+ but the charismatic lea%er+ is really com&letely %istinct $rom
e)eryone else+ not because o$ their %i$$erent i%eas (which they mi!ht an% o$ten ha)e) but because
their &ersonality has a seemin!ly unlimite% stren!th an% &assion' (his is the true /ey3 4)eryone
is %rawn to a stron! an% &assionate in%i)i%ual' (his stren!th an% &assion culti)ates a cult o$
&ersonality that creates an a%miration an% an i%eal to as&ire to' Its the so calle% i%eal o$ e!o'

5) Vision1 6ou+ as a charismatic lea%er+ shoul% always /now to where youre hea%in!' 0a)in! a
clear )ision that &oints the way to where you an% your !rou& shoul% be hea%in! is a crucial ste&'
An% not 7ust any )ision+ one that its incre%ibly com&ellin! an% its in line with your )alues+
interests an% %esires' 6our &assion $or this )ision shoul% be so intense that other &eo&le will $all
in lo)e with it' A &ower$ul an% current )ision 8 one that really connects with your %ee&est
&assions an% tri!!ers your hi!hest &otential 8 hel&s you to /now why youre %oin! what youre
%oin!+ re!ar%less o$ whats !oin! on outsi%e o$ yoursel$ or the challen!es &resente% to you at any
!i)en time'

3) Sim&li$y your s&eech1 (he s&eech o$ a charismatic shoul% be sim&le an% strai!ht$orwar%+
&re$erably with the use o$ stories an% meta&hors9 this will ma/e e)eryone relate to you much
more easily' I$ they cannot un%erstan% you+ they wont $ollow you' Create ima!es in the min%s o$
your !rou& o$ what they can become by $ollowin! you' :oo/ at -artin :uther ;in! an% his
$amous I ha)e a %ream< s&eech1 sim&le+ strai!ht$orwar%+ $ull o$ ima!ery+ that transmits 0IS
)ision'' Its not by coinci%ence that this is one o$ the most /nown s&eeches in the history o$ the

=) Feelin! your own emotions stron!ly an% ma/in! others $eel your emotions1 this is a /ey &oint
$or in$ectious transmission o$ your )ision' A charismatic lea%er is ne)er numb to li$e' :oo/
aroun%+ many &eo&le you meet are li)in! in a seemin!ly wa/in! slee&' (hey 7ust want to !et
throu!h the %ay without screwin! u&+ lon! were the %ays o$ interestin! li)es an% li)in! intensely'
(hey li)e in a cle)erly ma%e routine with no real sur&rises in their li)es' .hen someone intense
an% %i$$erent &o&s in the scene+ they $ollow him li/e bees to honey9 $or once they ha)e a bi!!er
i%eal to $ollow+ they ha)e a!ain intensity an% $ire in their li)es e)en i$ li)e% throu!h another
&erson' (his lea%s to9

>) Creation o$ emotional bon%s1 4motional bon%s last $or much lon!er than intellectual bon%s'
.hen an emotional connection is ma%e+ it can last a )ery lon! time' Charismatic :ea%ers %ont
want others to $ollow them only base% on their intellectual i%eas+ they &lay on emotions to create
&ower$ul bon%s'

?) Search $or the s&otli!ht1 .hene)er you ha)e the o&&ortunity to s&rea% your )ision+ !o $or it3 A
charismatic lea%er %oesnt hi%e on the bac/sta!e+ the charismatic lea%er is always on the sta!e'
@nly this way you can !et more $ollowers' I$ you are not /nown+ you %ont s&rea% your )ision+
an% you %ont !et more $ollowers' (a/e a%)anta!e o$ the s&otli!ht+ its a !reat o&&ortunity' See/

") Claim 0i!her Arinci&les1 6our stren!th an% &assion comes $rom somethin! hi!her than
yoursel$' 6ou are 7ust the transmitter o$ a hi!her &rinci&le''' be it ethical an% moral )alues+ a
%ream o$ a nation+ or e)en su&ernatural or %i)ine stren!th'
(o /now how you can become a charismatic lea%er an% recei)e 3 $ree )i%eos on how to be
charismatic an% charismatic lea%ershi& )isit1 how to be charismatic
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Not All Leaders Are Charismatic
By Bryant Fielson
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Charisma in lea%ershi& is a way o$ %escribin! a &erson who seemin!ly has
no %i$$iculty %rawin! &eo&le to him or her' (his ty&e o$ charismatic lea%ershi& is e$$ecti)e 8 in
the ri!ht situations' 0istorically+ lea%ers such as .inston Churchill an% Gohn F' ;enne%y are seen
as charismatic+ but so are A%ol&h 0itler an% Sa%%am 0ussein' (his sim&ly means that
charismatic lea%ers emer!e in )arious situations an% can use their ability $or a%)ancement 8 or
not' First+ lets loo/ at what ma/es a lea%er charismatic'
As we)e sai%+ charismatic lea%ers seem to ha)e a natural $lair $or incitin! emotion an% enticin!
&eo&le to $ollow them' (hese lea%ers are the <wor/ the room< ty&es o$ lea%ers+ the ones who can
s&en% hours in a crow% $ocusin! more on the &eo&le they are tal/in! to than on themsel)es' @ne
o$ the bi!!est characteristics o$ charismatic lea%ershi& is the ability to ta/e lar!er i%eas an% boil
them %own to sim&le ones+ such as+ <I ha)e a %ream<' (hese charismatic lea%ers may be seen as
!reater than a)era!e ris/ ta/ers who $i!ht the status #uo an% lea% the char!e to inno)ate'
@n the other han%+ co8calle% non8charismatic lea%ers can be seen as someone with hi!h technical
/nowle%!e lea%in! a $iel% by e*am&le' @r &ossibly the non8charismatic lea%er is seen as a
nurturer+ &rotector+ or wise sa!e' Is one ty&e o$ lea%ershi& more e$$ecti)e than the otherC A!ain+ it
%e&en%s on the situation' For e*am&le+ &olitical an% reli!ious lea%ers are o$ten the most
charismatic 8 a$ter all+ their success %e&en%s on how many &eo&le $ollow them' But thin/ about
more conser)ati)e or!ani,ations+ such as a ban/ or in)estment house 8 is this a &lace where we
woul% &re$er a com&letely charismatic lea%er+ or a more #uiet+ lea%in! by e*am&le ty&e &ersonC
(he %an!er in %iscussin! these lea%ershi& styles is that we all ten% to com&are oursel)es to the
stan%ar%s' (heres no nee% to try to ma/e yoursel$ into a charismatic lea%er i$ its not the most
natural style $or you' @n the other han%+ i$ you lea% with charisma+ %ont try to tone it %own' So
is it true that not all lea%ers are charismaticC Absolutely' But all lea%ers share some o$ the same
traits 8 they sim&ly %emonstrate those traits in %i$$erent ways'
First+ all lea%ers share a )ision' .hether you are charismatic or not+ your lea%ershi& is
establishe% by creatin! a )ision that the or!ani,ation will $ollow' Visionary lea%ershi& is neither
charismatic nor non8charismatic 8 its 7ust &lain lea%ershi&' All lea%ers en!en%er trust+ whether its
throu!h char!e% &ublic s&ea/in! an% &ersonal ma!netism or throu!h stea%y+ soun% )ision an%
!oals' I$ you ha)e the trust o$ your or!ani,ation+ your lea%ershi& will be success$ul' Another
characteristic that all lea%ers share is the ability to moti)ate 8 an% maintain moti)ation' A!ain+
moti)ation can come $rom &ersonal ma!netism an% the ability to incite emotion an% ins&iration+
or it can come $rom a #uiet culture o$ reco!nition an% rewar%' :ea%ers also lea% with coura!e
an% honesty 8 without these traits+ your lea%ershi& wont amount to much' Finally+ lea%ers share
the nee% $or inno)ation 8 an% the ability to surroun% themsel)es with inno)ators'
-any o$ us may want to increase our charisma 8 an% there are $ew thin!s you can %o to !et there'
But remember that too much charisma can lea% to the <cult o$ &ersonality<+ where it seems that
lea%ershi& is all tal/ an% no show' .hate)er you %o+ balance your charisma base% on your
in%i)i%ual &ersonality+ the or!ani,ation+ an% how the or!ani,ation res&on%s to charisma' Some
or!ani,ations are inherently %istrust$ul o$ a hi!h le)el o$ charisma+ or they may ha)e the
ten%ency to %ismiss charismatic lea%ershi& as tal/' So be care$ul about how you a&&roach it 8 an%
remember that not all o$ us nee% the charisma o$ -artin :uther ;in! or Billy Hraham' So what
can you %o to wor/ on charismaC
First+ /now thysel$' 4*treme sel$8/nowle%!e an% sel$8awareness lea% to a hi!h le)el o$
con$i%ence 8 not o)ercon$i%ence+ but an un%erstan%in! o$ who you are an% what your
contribution will be' Another way to increase charisma is to acti)ely &ractice &ublic s&ea/in!' I$
youre an or!ani,ational lea%er+ you &robably %o ha)e to s&ea/ in &ublic on a consistent basis'
As/ $or $ee%bac/' 0ire a coach or consultant to hel& you increase your ma!netism throu!h &ublic
s&ea/in!' As we)e seen+ most charismatic lea%ers are e*cellent &ublic s&ea/ers who $eel an%
loo/ com$ortable in $ront o$ small an% lar!e au%iences' Alon! with &ublic s&ea/in! comes the
ability to <wor/ the room< as we %iscusse% earlier' Aractice e*tem&oraneous s&ea/in! alon! with
&ublic s&ea/in!' 6oull always be able to !et someone tal/in! an% thus ta/e the time to $ocus on
them' But always remember to bac/ u& your wor%s with consistent action' Finally+ be humble'
Some o$ historys success$ul charismatic lea%ers ha)e share% a sense o$ humility 8 an% the sense
that they %i% not !et where they were alone' (hese three &ractices can hel& you im&ro)e your
&ersonal charisma'
Iemember that not all lea%ers are charismatic' 6ou must lea% in the style that is most com&atible
with your &ersonality 8 an% the &ersonality o$ your or!ani,ation' Jont try to be someone youre
not 8 an% /ee& in min% that all lea%ershi& has the same !oal1 to !et &eo&le to $ollow you with
moti)ation an% ins&iration' I$ youre able to %o that in your &articular situation without a hi!h
le)el o$ charisma+ then so be it' .ith or without a hi!h le)el o$ charisma+ be sure that you e*hibit
the common traits o$ lea%ershi& an% your style will be success$ul'
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