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Bombay may be the capital but pune, much further in land, i it oul! "hen #heat i
preferred by north and rice in outh, maharahtrian eat both but ue the rice in different
form$ from teamed rice flour dumplin% &M'(A)S* er+ed at ganesh puja to delicate rice
flour bicuit &Anarsa* er+ed at diwali.

Anarsa i a li%ht, airy, lacy bicuit #ith li%htly che#y te,ture and +ery difficult to ma-e!
.irt rice i oc-ed for e+eral day, in freh #ater each day, and then dried, pounded to fine
flour! It i then mi,ed #ith /a%%ery and little oil and left in a open tin for around 0 day! The
mi,ture #ill ha+e a te,ture of oft dou%h! The dou%h i patted into thin round on a leaf lined
#ith poppy eed and then deep fried in medium hot oil!
In a typical #eddin% ban1uet, food are arran%ed on thali in a +ery pecial order li-e the
number on a cloc-, the left ide i for eaonin%, relihe and a+orie, the rite for
+e%etable, plit pea ad #eet! At 23o4cloc- poition i the mot baic eaonin%$ alt,
follo#in% it on left are the #ed%e of lemon, a freh coconut chutney, then 3 freh relihe
&Koshimbirs* one made #ith cucumber bit and cruhed peanut$, other #ith boiled and
mahed pump-in #ith %round mutard and yo%hurt! Then a #eet and our man%o chutney
and then come the a+orie$ papadam, sago crisps and a fe# bhajjas &+e%etable fritter*
To the rite hand ide of the alt came$ Aruchi bhaji another #et! Batata bhaji i popular a a
dry one$ potato coo-ed in cumin eed, curry lea+e lime /uice #ith a touch of coconut and
u%ar! "et one may be brin/al preparation fla+oured #ith Maharahtra4 famou Kala
masala$&contain uually roated and %round cinnamon, cardamom, eame, cumin and
piece of blac- coconut*
Ne,t come #eet #hich include, jalebis, a pecial kheer made #ith emolina dou%h rolled
and cut to reemble rice!
Then placed on a masala bhat/ fried rice #ith +e%etable uch a cabba%e etc #ith puran
The firt coure i er+ed at 5 o4cloc- poition and may be a mall mould of rice #ith too+ar
dal and little pourin% of %hee!
The Maratha belon%in% to #or-in% cla and a%riculture #ere India4 bet #arrior! They
ha+e eaten and en/oyed #hat e+er come in their #ay! 'n hunt they marinate 1uail in
yo%hurt6 clo+e and blac- pepper #rap them in #et clay and put into houlderin% fire to ba-e!
Maratha eat their food hot and un#eetened! Kolhapur i famou for it hot lamb dihe and
+illa%er around )olhapur are -no#n to drin- up the ro%an of the dih! Tra+elin% #et from
)olhapur, one reache ratna%iri on the -on-an coat! Thi area ha a ditinction of producin%
bet man%oe in the #orld$ Alphanso. Maharahtrian only eat freh man%o a a fruit but alo
ma-e /uice and eat #ith frehly fried poories and chircoot , a pice imilar to S7ech#ah
peppercorn i ued on the -on-an coat for the preparation of fih dihe!
Bombay the tate capital and alo #etern India4 principal ea port ha +ibrant blend of
different culture and food habit! Cra#ford mar-et #hich #a built in 2892i ued for the
ale of freh product$ bet oran%e from Na%pur, cherrie from )ahmir , #eet and our
lichis from (ehradun , u%ary baby melon from :uc-no# and Alphano from Ratna%iri! In
pite of different tate, there i one e1uali7er in Bombay to #hich e+eryone uccumb$ that i
The time un do#n thi fa+ourite nac- i made of a toed mi,ture of puffed rice , #heat
flour crip , chopped onion , chopped boiled potatoe , 3 chutney one i made up of %reen
coriander and %reen chillie and another a thic- #eet and our tamarind and date and latly
topped #ith e+, a fine +ermicelli made out of chic- pea flour!
POP!A" #$%&'% ("O) )A&A"A%&*"A
*O)A*O %AA"; Saar i not e,actly oup! They are oupy and eaten #ith Indian bread or
#ith rice!
(A"A+%$ B&A,$; it i a %reen bean dih coo-ed #ith either urad, moon% or yello# plit
pea! The dih i coo-ed in a re+ere double boiler method$ the food i in the bottom pot and
#ater on top! In reult the food i coo-ed in the minimal #ater that drip do#n a
condenation! It i a nutritiou protein dih!
BA*A*A A)BA*; It i a potato dih coo-ed #ith tomatoe and freh coconut,
A"OO-; it i a minced chic-en fritter contributed by Ira1i <e# #ho are ettled in Bombay!
KO!&AP"$ )**O.; it i a fiery hot mutton dih, +ery much li-ed by mahratta #ho
#ere once the bra+et of Indian #arrior!
*O)A*O PA!AK B&A*; rice dih coo-ed #ith tomato and pinach!
B&OP!A /&A B&"*A ; Tempered mahed ah%ourd!
)A%A!0A/&$ +A.1$ ; Sliced of brin/al coo-ed #ith fla+ored coconut pate %arnihed
#ith %reen coriander lea+e
A"B$ /&$ B&A,$ ; S#eet and our arbi preparation!
B.# 1OB$ /&$ KO%&)B$"$; Cabba%e and mun% dal preparation, ha+in% tron%
fla+or of hin%!
KA*A/&$ A)*$ ; It i %round peanut and chana dal preparation, enriched #ith %ram flour,
hin% , /a%%ery and %aram maala!
+A"A. ; =rated coconut and too+ar dal preparation
PO)("'* )A%A!'#A" ; >omfret in rich maala
BO)BA0 #/K KABAB; Shallo# fried tuffed Bombay duc-
)**O. P!!AO; Rich mutton pilaf
+A!/&$ K&$/&#$; Spicy rice and +al ? prouted field bean &#hole* preparation
BA*A*A +A#A ; Mahed potato ball, coated #ith bean batter and deep fried!
B&'! P"$ ; Spicy chat preparation made of puffed rice , boiled diced potato, coconut and
tomato, er+ed topped #ith meetha chutney!
B'%A. !A#; Mi,ture of coo-ed bean and ra+a, #eetened #ith u%ar and haped into
KA, /&$ +A#$ ; =round cahe#nut #eet puddin%!
##& PAK ; Rice -heer preparation
P"A. P!$ ; Thic- #eet bread tuffed #ith #eet and %round coo-ed chana dal and