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Does Using Your Cellphone

During Class Hurt Your


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The next time you receive your test grade and it isnt what you were expecting, your
cellphone might be the one to blame.

According to a recent survey done by Kent State University, (OH) students who use
their cellphones or any other electronic devices during class time, would end up having
a lower GPA, and higher anxiety. That sounds just about right, Andrea Saunders, a
French III teacher here at Gahanna Lincoln High School said If theyre using their
cellphones in class theyre not paying attention. Thats going to lead to lower grades. I
can also see where that can lead to anxiety, if they dont know whats going on, she
would go on to say. I wouldnt doubt it, said sophomore Jesse McAndrew, Cellphones
can really prohibit our learning, he said.

Source: Blog.chron.com

Thats a complex statement, Jennifer Candor- a U.S. History and World War II teacher
said. She believes that cellphones can be used as a tool in the classroom, such as fact
checking some information being said in class, but only when she says the students
can. I want them focused in on their learningas a broad sweeping statement, I nd it
interesting, but there are some holes in it, she said.
Everyone would agree that inappropriate cellphone usage in class is not a good idea at
all, and all agreed why teachers have strict policies. Sophomore Bailey McCoy agreed,
saying you might not concentrate as much and in return you will not get the whole
learning process. Sophomore Autumn McDougle echoed those words by saying you
dont really pay attention and you dont get the full lesson plan if you use your phone.
Using your cellphone in class is not always a bad thing. In fact, there are many
advantages of utilizing your phone during the appropriate time in a classroom. If you
dont have a certain textbook or notebook or a calculator you can just use your
cellphone for it, McCoy said. Candor also said students using cellphones are great for
engaging in certain activities and she can see their immediate response.

Since you cant force students to stop using their cellphones the best advice Saunders
would give to a student using their phone or any other electronic device at an
inappropriate time during class is to put it away and interact with people face to
face.When it comes down to it, the best way to interact with people, the best way to
learn, the best way to do all of the things we really love in life, is to just do it in person
and with somebody. she said.Youll never go on a digital date with someone who lives
three feet from you, like youre going to go in person, so its really important that we
remember how important it is to be present with people.

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