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If you look at the numbers on my face, you wont see 13 anyplace 26=13+13
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A new superstition arose after the 12 ascendants: the 13 ascendants. Luckily, no one has the
pervert pseudo-mathematical genius to make this superstition working; still, here is a
preemptive strike, a silver bullet at futurity. The following manuscript will help with due
#RTRRT exorcism of people as diabolically obsessed with 13 signs - while hopefully not 13
ascendants at all - which are the work in progress of the Devil.

22 is the number of zodiacal stations.
16 is the number of ascendants.
16 is also the number of Sun signs as unrelated to the ascendant set for the current
Ascendant sets change with time and precession.
1008 is the number of planets. There are of course more of them in your each and every
horoscope, but the dear number was kept for symbolical, ritual and historical reasons.
In a beginner, 50 planets will do. The complete catalog is at your service at the site and
67 is the number of horoscope signs.
There has never been anything like 12 signs rising at east the 12 ascendants are pure
diabolic fabrication.
In real life, the 12 faux ascendants hide demons or counter-demons, e.g. The counter-
demon of Cetus is falsely masked as Gemini which does not even rise at east but
nobody knows; and the best is that nobody wants to know as all have sinned humanity
is 99% under the control of the Devil; as it was written. Default mind is like ROM.
Being untrue prevarication, the 12 ascendants hide counter-demons and are of diabolic
nature never to be deployed especially in works of magick.
Every grimoire as based on 12 signs is the work of the Devil and thus immediately to be
burnt at stake along with its diabolic scribe and copyists.
The zodiac is not at all determined by the Sun.
The 13 stations of the Sun do not determine the zodiac in any way at all.
Default mind is the mind of the Devil and the world; which will never accept scientific
proofs: this mind blinds one even having eyes does no good since nobody looks.
The initiate was called the observer of times and astrologer is astral evocation magus.
The planets don't follow the Sun.
The 15 or 16 stations of the Sun do not determine the zodiac or ascendant set at all.
In our works on Our Lord Jesus Christ, a faint star in Aries is mentioned as last time
visible as Joseph scurries fetching the midwife at dusk.
Gemini was never ascendant for the past 5000 years.
Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn are not ascendants.
The so-called cardinal signs do not rise at east and are thus not ascendants at all.
Nobody you know has an Aries, Scorpio or Sagittarius ascendant.
When you are told you have an alleged Gemini ascendant, Gemini is in fact northwards.
The standard 90 degrees ascendant miscalculation is known as quarter sky.
The position of the Sun and planets in your horoscope are unknown to astrologers.
The times of their death are unknown to astrologers. Since anyone can easily calculate
anyone's death - by memory in seconds, the present degeneration of astrologers have
been assigned deadline by a simple directional program. This file contains the death
time of the astrologer of your choice: many have already been informed according to the
Bible. This is the Aeon of Cetus, Era of Scutum. The next era is that of Hydra. The era
of Hydra is followed by the Age of Pegasus. Cetus and Hydra are zodiacal ascendants.
Scutum and Pegasus are zodiacal signs.
There is no such thing as 13 ascendants, however revolutionary this stupid idea may
seem to the illiterate: much as the sky does not show 12 so it does not render 13.
Again: the Sun signs could be rendered as 15 only: Sextans being merely concessional
to New Moon in Sextans. However, there is absolutely no relationship between factual
16 ascendants and speculative 16 Sun signs. The IAU my protest but Sun in Orion and
Cetus makes sound axiom. Sextans is facultative. One must never make a mistake to
think that the Sun signs have anything to do with ascendants. The ascendant set is a
variable not a constant. Due to precession, the ascendant sets change: they dictate
civilization, racial progress and avatars. There is no such thing as 12 avatars only.
The Sun is regarded as malefic; while the ascendants stand for Earth, thus guardian
angels. The lunar sign is important. The centaur or dwarf planet or comet at the
ascendant determines character.
While the present epoch hardly boasts in variety, precedent epochs spawned double the
number of ascendants. Of course, those were non-global times when intelligence
showcased its variegated face. Janus has an ugly face: the counter-demon set of 13 or
even worse 12 ascendants.