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Eng. Ronald De Herrera B.

Email: rondeher@yahoo.es
Web: http://es.geocities.com/public_reclamation

I am the intellectual author of the central idea of the popular and famous operating system
multitasking Microsoft Windows. Of that which, so far I have not perceived neither a single cent.
Now, I want to claim openly this my invention, so that Microsoft gives me an economic participation
of this that today in day we all have to the reach in our desk.

What I will narrate next, puts in risk my name and my reputation like professional, but on behalf of
the justice of God it is strictly the true.

These facts happened around the years 1984-85, when I was still student of the career of electronic
engineering, in the Faculty of Engineering of the University Mayor de San Andrés, in the city of La
Paz, Republic of Bolivia.

One afternoon when I attended one of the laboratories in the matter of microprocessors. A student
of the same career but of superior degree came to me, to which I will refer in the successive thing as
Mr. I.Z. because with the course of the years, their identity something is blurred in my memory.
However, it is possible to obtain some information about this Mister, in a bank here in Bolivia, where
we were co-workers in 1993.

Fig. 1. Identikit of Mr. I.Z. just as he was seen in 1993.

Then it happened that Mr. I.Z. formulated me friendly the following question: ¿How would it be
possible to implement a system based on an only microprocessor, so that this carries out several
tasks simultaneously?

I responded him that in fact, it was not possible to execute several tasks at the same time with the
participation of an only microprocessor, but that yes it was possible by means of a commutation of
time. Then he replied: ¿But how would you make that? Then I was more explicit and I responded
him, saving the states of the microprocessor before executing the following task. ¿What is that? Mr.
I.Z said., I then passed to explain about the registers of a microprocessor. Then he asked: ¿But how

would you exchange the different tasks? I responded him by means of a sweeping of frequency, and I
passed to detail the process. Then he asked again: ¿And how would you achieve there to be
communication among the tasks? I responded him, by means of messages to the style of a central

Then I had to cut the conversation, because I should present my practice in that laboratory.
However, when the class had concluded, Mr. I.Z. was awaiting me and he stopped me to ask
persistently. I didn't understand the last part, explain to me in a paper. I then made a diagram to
explain all that that at the moment is denominated as Multithread Processing. Then Mr. I.Z. asked
again: ¿But do you believe that a microprocessor all that can make? I responded him that yes and
that at most would elevate the temperature of the chip for the increase of the operative load in this
electronic component.

Diag. 1. Reproduction in English of the original diagram used to explain Multithread Processing.

Then, when I prepared to retire, Mr. I.Z. stopped me again. Then I did tell myself: ¿Now what it will
be, what he wants? But I was surprised with the new question of Mr. I.Z.. He told me: ¿How will we
solve this? ¿How much do you want me to pay you or perhaps, do you want to work in this?

Here Mr. I.Z. was demonstrating to be a gentleman. I then told him: that I didn't have time because I
wanted to complete my studies and that instead of that, I put in their hands a future in their life and,
if with the course of the years the occasion was given, then they should reward me in the correct
proportion. ¿Truth Mr. I.Z.? Then we do seal this pact narrowing our hands and then we do say

Little time later, one month more or less, I found Mr. I.Z. in the corridor of the career of electronic,
accompanied by two foreigners. One of these foreigners used glasses, I am sure he was Mr. Bill

Fig. 2. Identikit of the foreigner that I assume was Mr. Bill Gates.

Surely, during that little time, Mr. I.Z. established contact with Microsoft and he also commented
that I was who had given him that idea. Then, these gentlemen surely wanted to know me. They saw
me and me to them. It is possible that these gentlemen had tried to speak to me. But there was not
any dialogue. This memory, checks the relationship of Mr. I.Z. with Microsoft. What confirms me
therefore that Microsoft knows that this narration, is trustworthy a hundred percent.

Could anyone say that it was very silly to have given him in that way the whole idea to Mr. I.Z. ¿But
how was I able to guess the transcendency that would have this idea? But the most important thing
in this case is that the idea I wrote it in a paper and that is enough to establish my royalties and my
right of intellectual property. That which, just as I have already related it, it is of the perfect
knowledge of Microsoft with all certainty.

Really, I would never have noticed of this fact of the operating system Microsoft Windows, of not
being because at the moment I am developing a new and interesting System of Artificial Intelligence,
in the one that am developing my own engine for voice recognition, similar as when I demonstrated
it openly the year 1992 in front of the television cameras. In the course of these new developments, I
had to read the provided programming manuals for Microsoft, in those that I discovered that that
idea that I gave to Mr. I.Z. those years in those that recently the denominated D.O.S. had appeared, it
is nothing else neither anything less than the central idea of the very famous operating system
Microsoft Windows.

I write this story with the special purpose of giving with the whereabouts of Mr. I.Z. Because we
made a pact of gentlemen and now it has arrived the time of completing.

Therefore, I want to claim openly, to the world Corporation Microsoft, begin an investigation to
clarify the responsibility of the idea of what they have denominated as Multithread Processing,
and that who show the respective patents, they have with all certainty some nexus with Mr. I.Z.
whose nationality is Bolivian.

Microsoft has developed and marketed this idea thoroughly, in different areas of the industry and
technology at world level. I consider that Microsoft owes me the economic recognition that
corresponds me with all justice. Because this scientific contribution is not able to neither it should be
as incognito. I am the man that has provided this idea and of course, I have that capacity and much
more at the moment. To ignore this my reclamation, it would be to ignore my contribution to the
humanity, an ingratitude. Therefore, I want to claim the intellectual property of this idea. I am the
legitimate intellectual author of Multithread Processing.

I want to suppose that during these twenty-four years that have lapsed since I provided this idea,
Microsoft didn't know where to locate me. But now I am here. I am convinced that in the United
States of America, it is known the meaning of the ethics, the honor and the respect. For this reason,
under the code of the ethics, the honor and the respect, I am making this reclamation. Because I
believe firmly that Microsoft will know to recognize the legitimate creator of Multithread Processing.

Ladies and gentlemen of the National and International press, and who read this story, I request you
they diffuse it thoroughly. With the exclusive purpose of clarifying this allegation.

Please, for who wants to contact me or to request more information, I am available in the addresses
of electronic mail indicated up. Thank you for your deference.

November 25, 2008

La Paz – Bolivia



The famous operating system multitasking Microsoft Windows, is the logical consequence of the use
of the algorithm denominated at the moment as Multithread Processing. I am the legitimate creator
of this algorithm. Of that which so far have not perceived neither a single cent. Now, I want to claim
in an open way and openly this my invention, so that Microsoft recognizes me an economic
participation of what has marketed thoroughly in many sectors of the industry and of the technology
at world level.

This reclamation I am making from September 22 2008; through different media. Having arrived to
the public's knowledge and of the press of different places of the world. I leave evidence and
testimony, by means of the whole press and public in general that Microsoft still remains quiet
before this my reclamation. ¿How should we interpret this attitude of Microsoft? Since Microsoft
knows perfectly when and of where the idea of Multithread Processing came.

As a result of the diffusion of this matter, I have received as some readers' restlessness, comments in
relation to this my reclamation. Same comments to those that I give answers and I transcribe next.

COMMENT 1: Like you know, for not having concrete data about the identity from the person to who
you exposed your idea, it questions the truthfulness of your history.

ANSWER: The story that I wrote is a summary, but there is much more to say on this history. I know
who is Mr. I.Z. to who I refer in this story. I mean, I don't remember their name and I don't know
where he is, but I know who is. We were even co-workers in 1993. For what is possible to investigate
in that company, where he lived and if somebody knows about him.

Fig. 1. Identikit of Mr. I.Z. just as he was seen in 1993.

COMMENT 2: Not having a reliable form of checking that one of people that you observed with Mr.
I.Z. was indeed Mr. Bill Gates, it makes that your history is seen even less believable.

ANSWER: In those days Mr. Bill Gates didn't have the fame that today has. Obviously I didn't know
him and neither I didn't know what was Microsoft. Those days then, I didn't have form of knowing
that that gentleman was Bill Gates. However, their image is recorded in my memory and now I can
identify him, of course those days Mr. Bill Gates was young, I am for sure he was. But, it is true that I
cannot check it. The only thing that I can make, is to appeal to the decency of Mr. Bill Gates, because
I suppose that he is a decent man. So that he is who admits what I say.

Fig. 2. Identikit of the foreigner that I assume was Mr. Bill Gates.

COMMENT 3: Dear Engineer, worries that an asseveration of this magnitude, not based with the
respective documentation, far from generating a good publicity, it can damage your professional
reputation, capable and highly qualified that you have been able to build deservedly along these
years of professional life.

ANSWER: This that I say is completely true and it is unacceptable the abuse. Also, it has me very mad
the fact that I would never have found out if I had not discovered it. Reason for which I am claiming.
My royalties should be recognized and respected. ¿What is it supposed that I should make? ¿To
cross the arms and to feign that this never happened?

COMMENT 4: The multitasking processing was not invention of Microsoft, it was invented and
consequently developed by the IBM in the years 70. I suggest to see something of information in the
following address: http://www.monografias.com/trabajos14/histcomput/histcomput2.shtml#GENER.
Another link in: http://www.unixsup.com/unixlinux/historiaunixcuxs.html with some history on the
invention of the multitasking processing and the Operative Systems. By way of reminder, I want to

comment that the multitasking processing was implemented for the first time obviously with the
Father of the OS UNIX in 1974 for computers DEC PDP-11 and was the IBM the one that for the first
time implemented the multitasking processing in personal computers (PC).

ANSWER: Evidently, the history of the computers begins with Alejandro Bool and its Symbolic Logic.
One of the first computers was the famous ENIAC around the years 40. Later on it was the series DEC

In the years of this my history (1984-85), the Center of Calculation of the Faculty of Engineering,
didn't make a lot it had changed the old machine IBM of perforated cards, in which was programmed
using Fortran. I am speaking of the machine IBM of perforated cards that was used in the Faculty and
other institutions in Bolivia (also in many countries), as banks, INE, CENACO, until the years 1982
inclusive. I don't know which UNIX had been able to be implemented by means of perforated cards,
because in those machines there was not enough memory RAM, I am speaking at most of 4 Kbytes
and that is a lot for those machines.

It is evident that the first commercial version of Windows was the year 1991. The question is: (if at all
I was lying) ¿Why D.O.S. was developed as a monotasking system, if supposedly, an algorithm was
already known able to carry out a multitasking processing?

It is obvious that the history of the years 70 that you comment are not correctly interpreted. In fact,
UNIX was not born just as at the moment we know it. It is important not to confuse a system
multiuser with one multitasking, also based on an only microprocessor. It is true that the systems
multiuser were devised there more or less by the years 50, hardly as architectures Client-Servant,
based on theory of lines, but that is not multitasking. You can to confirm, what I say if you look for
pictures of the hardware and of the terminals that were used in those days. It is absurd to believe
that those machines, with microprocessors based on vacuum lamps, Multithread Processing could

The integration technology to great scale VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration), chips of high integration
of components, it has allowed to implement and to execute Multithread Processing. This technology
VLSI has been gotten newly at the beginning of the years 80. The test of this, they are the
microprocessors of 8 bits. In those that scarcely it was implementing monotasking systems and
multiuser systems based on lines like originally UNIX was born.

It is evident that in Internet there are enough distorted histories. But the reasoning and the logic
should be our base for any serious investigation.

COMMENT 5: The dates to those that you make mention 1984-85, it denotes that you had
modernized knowledge of the technologies developed in the decade of the 70, but it doesn't
demonstrate in way some that the invention of this technology is of your responsibility.

ANSWER: Like I said, I didn't know at least what was Microsoft. In fact, I didn't know much of
operative systems for not saying anything. Because of having known on O.S. I would never have given
this idea in that way. So much is true this that in fact the question that Mr. I.Z. formulated me it was:
¿How could you implement a multitasking system? I responded him: ¿What is that? He responded:
¿Don't you know what is multitasking? I responded him that not, that I didn't understand much of
English. Then he clarified me the multitasking meaning. I told him then, that is solved by means of a

processing in parallel with several microprocessors. But he said, it is that that method limits you the
number of tasks that you can execute at the same time, because it is in function of the number of
microprocessors that you prepare in parallel. It was then when I had the idea of the commutation of

COMMENT 6: UNIX yes was the first multitasking system and also multiuser that evidently are two
different things. If D.O.S. was implemented as monotasking was because, for architecture PC had not
still been developed the multitasking and it is so the first operating system in implementing the
multitasking for PC was the OS/2 version 1.0 of the IBM.

ANSWER: Firstly, we will agree on that this my reclamation is not on the invention of Multitasking.
But rather, in 'like' the Multitasking processing was gotten in machines based on an only

The concept of Multitasking I have not invented it. In fact, just as I exposed previously, the original
question of Mr. I.Z. it was: ¿How could you implement a Multitasking system?

This checks that the concept of Multitasking already existed previously to my idea. Now that, there
are several methods to make the Multitasking processing.

1) By means of processing in parallel, for hardware, with the participation of several

2) By means of architecture Client-Servant, using theory of lines, with the participation of a
microprocessor (method originally used by UNIX).
3) By means of commutation of time, Multithread Processing, with the participation of a

This last method is the one that I am claiming. This method is based on to place in a tabulated stack
the states of the microprocessor of the corresponding task and to exchange them according to the
priority. (At the present time, they combine the methods 1, 2 and 3).

Regarding D.O.S., the architecture PC only differs of the old Main Frame, because these last ones had
several microprocessors in parallel (method 1). This meant an enormous cost for domestic users. For
this fundamental reason, it was not possible to market PCs with more than one microprocessor. Also,
it is more than evident that in those days Multithread Processing was not known, because
definitively it didn't still exist a hardware able to process and to execute Multithread Processing.
Even today in our days, with the last advances of the machines Pentium, we can observe that it
becomes heavy the system. With the hardware of those days, it is ridiculous to speak of Multithread

Then, with the coming of the technology VLSI at the beginning of the 80, was possible to develop the
microprocessors of 8 bits, such as the family Motorola 650X, the family Intel 808X and the family
Zilog Z80X among others. Then the first domestic computers arose, such as Sinclair, Timex, Atari and
of course the first PC of IBM. Which even used an interpreter Basic, residing in the ROM. Basic that
was originally developed by IBM. Then, this Basic migrated to disk and D.O.S. arose. But, if
'supposedly' IBM knew Multithread Processing (this it is the point of the discussion). ¿Why IBM did
wait that Microsoft this implements? Simply, because the algorithm of Multithread Processing was
not known.

COMMENT 7: As paragraph to your arguments, it is only to remember that IBM didn't wait to that
Microsoft implements the multitasking. The own IBM, was that it developed the first operating
system that implemented multitasking for architecture PC of a single processor and this operating
system one is the well-known OS/2 v. 1.0, you can corroborate this in different documentation,
including the manual of the same OS/2.

ANSWER: It is true about that there was already Multitasking Operative Systems of a single
microprocessor in those days. ¿But what method did they use? This is the point dear reader. It was
the method of theory of lines (method 2). Because, UNIX was conceived as system centralized exactly
to be able to process lines. It was assumed that each user could execute a task at most at the same
time, that which is correct. Other tasks put on in background, in fact in line as if they were other
users, but with levels of priority. In essence lines. OS/2 used this same method exactly. This is
obvious, because if Multithread Processing had known, OS/2 its own Windows would also have
developed. Because Windows, is the logical consequence of the use of the algorithm Multithread
Processing. With the hardware that existed those days, it was not possible the execution of
Multithread Processing. I am the author of Multithread Processing. See for where it is seen, nobody
can discuss me this, because simply I am saying the truth. This knows Microsoft perfectly.

COMMENT 8: I Understand that you can have several arguments in this respect, but what is needed
in this matter is evidences, which cannot be based on mere memories.

ANSWER: To begin, an invention is not a 'mere' memory. About having authentic evidences. Indeed,
if I had material evidences, I would take this case for the legal road and not for the public road as I
am making it. Because I don't have another road. But unquestionably, Microsoft knows of where
Multithread Processing came. Reason for that, I am appealing to the code of the ethics, the honor
and the respect. Microsoft should show to the whole world that exists the ethics, the honor and
the respect in the United States of America.

I am a science man. My work deserves respect. The Intellectual Property deserves respect. I am
claiming what corresponds me with all justice. Microsoft should pay me the rights of Multithread

December 15, 2008

La Paz – Bolivia