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One solution for all PCB and package

Reduce design cycle times with easy board
partitioning to allow concurrent multiuser
Reduce costs and eliminate unnecessary
redesign by reusing known-good circuits.
Design right-the-first-time with constraintdriven, interactive and automatic routing
for high-speed design.
Design high-density interconnects and
advanced packages accurately with 3D
utilities and viewers.
Design anywhere, manufacture anywhere,
with embedded MRC and advanced checks
with ADM.

CR-5000 Board Designer
Zukens CR-5000 Board Designer is an intuitive, integrated environment for
designing PCBs, BGAs and MCMs. With support of 3D utilities and viewers
for HDI and advanced packaging, Board Designer offers one solution for all
board technology needs. With a proven electrical, physical, and manufacturing
constraint-driven system, design teams can realize a shortened design cycle
time and achieve right-the-first-time designs. Board Designer has an open
architecture giving the flexibility to configure the solution to meet your
IT infrastructure needs. It also integrates to Zukens DS-2 ePLM system for
managing library and design data, allowing you complete control over your
design process.

One solution for all board technologies

Many companies developing products with mixed board technologies find they
need to use several design solutions to meet their needs. Board Designer offers
a unique environment to design any board technology using a single solution,
without customization or add- on software. Whether you are designing basic
analog/digital boards, high-speed design with build-up vias, flex or rigid-flex
boards, embedded components, complex package technologies e.g. system-inpackage (SiP), RF, or low temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC), Board Designer
can meet your design challenges.

Improve quality with embedded SI, EMC

and power integrity analysis.
Interface with best-in-class analysis
solutions using 3D full- wave simulation for
EMC, RF, thermal and PI analysis.
Open architecture supports integration
with DS-2 for WIP data management, or
integrate to existing PLM/PDM system.
Free and advanced viewers.
Route and verify constraints for high-speed applications such as DDR2/DDR3.


Team Based Design and Design Reuse

CR-5000 Board Designer enables multiple designers to work
concurrently on defined sections of a board using with the
Team Based Design feature which comes as a standard
function with Board Designer. Designers can partition the
design using placement rooms or user-defined sections, and
control how connectivity is controlled between each section
to allow flexibility in the work share process and significantly
reduce the overall product development schedule.
To shorten design cycle times, Board Designer employs
several methods for applying reuse circuits. Whether you
choose a known- good circuit from the library or select a
section of circuitry from an existing design, reuse layout
blocks are easily applied.

High-Speed Board Design

Board Designer offers a complete high-speed design
environment with embedded constraint management and
SI analysis. With a common entry point for both electrical
and physical rules, and automated features and constraint
wizards, designers can reduce constraint setup time with
automatic creation of differential pairs and simplified setup
of complex skew budgets for implementing high-speed
interfaces. This enables users to conduct what-if analyses
on termination strategies and layer stack-ups.

to help you achieve optimal results. Board Designer links to tools such as
Agilent ADS, AWR Microwave Office and CST Microwave Studio to exchange
design data and conduct circuit or EM simulation. This allows design teams to
validate their work to realize high-quality designs containing both baseband
and RF circuits.

Embedded Component Design

As the speed and density of ICs increases requiring more support for passive
devices, and as space on external mounting layers continues to decrease, the
need for embedded components grows. With Z-directional data structures
and dedicated inner-layer and height-specific DRCs that take into account
copper foil and insulator thickness, Board Designer gives users an accurate and
efficient tool for designing with embedded passives and active components.

Collaboration with Mechanical Design

Board Designer offers standard outputs, such as IDF, IDX, DXF, and IGES, to
interface with mechanical design systems; or designers can use Board Modeler
for viewing and validating mechanical data before importing into Board
Designer. For design teams seeking tighter collaboration between ECAD and
MCAD design, direct integration from Board Designer is supported by Siemens
NX, Dassault Systemes Catia V5, and PTC Creo, giving engineers access to
electrical data during mechanical design, and promoting effective sharing of
mechanical constraints for MCAD/ECAD co-design.

Zukens SI simulation engine provides high-speed design

support, allowing users to conduct transmission line studies
in both time and frequency domains to achieve optimal
signal quality and performance.
CR-5000 Lightning is integrated with Board Designer for
development of high-speed designs and gives access to
Zukens Lightning Power Integrity Advance solution for
fast EMC screening, DC-current and voltage analysis. Board
Designer also supports interfaces to the best- in-class
solutions for 3D full-wave analysis.
Interference and measurement checks with Board Modeler

Design for Manufacturing

3D view and edit of build-up vias

3D view and edit of build-up vias

RF Circuit Design
Board Designer offers many options for RF design and can
interface with dedicated RF high-frequency design systems

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To support the manufacturing process, users can define their manufacturing

rules upfront in the design process to ensure they are designing to
specification. Board Designer provides features such as automatic test point
generation, utilities to prepare fabrication and assembly documentation, and
offers all the common standard outputs for manufacturing, including IPC-2581
and IPC-D-356.
Manufacturing requirements can be supplemented with DFM Center ADM,
enabling users to design and verify to vendor or technology specific rules
during layout. Results of the checks can be directly addressed within Board
Designer or imported in the XDF Viewer or Board Viewer Advance for design