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` MM-80

1. Choose the correct option in each of the following: 5
a) Which of the following is hydrophilic?
i) Polyester ii) Nylon iii) cotton iv) Acrylic.
b) Which of the following metal is liquid at room temperature?
i) Sodium ii) Magnesium iii) Mercury iv) zinc.
c) Which of the following cannot displace copper from copper sulphate solution?
i) Potassium ii) Magnesium iii) Aluminium iv) Gold
d) The main constituent of natural gas is:
i) Methane ii) carbon iii) Ethane iv) None of these.
e) A good fuel should have:
i) High calorific value ii) Low calorific value iii) High temperature iv) low Temperature
2. What is Rayon? 2
3. Define Combustion. 2
4. Write any two differences between Natural and Synthetic fibre. 2
5. Presence of which material is necessary for combustion to take place. 2
6. Draw diagram showing fractional distillation of petroleum 3
7. Explain Activity series. 3
8. Explain any three properties of synthetic Material. 3
9. Explain any five uses of metals. 5
Explain five physical properties of Non metals with example.
1) Choose the most correct option: 5
i) Gravitational force acts
a) Only between the sun & the planets moving around it b) Only between the earth & the bodies
on it c)Between all bodies in the Universe d)Only between the sun & the earth
ii) The relation between SI Unit of force & the weight of 1Kg mass is:
a)1Kg f = 1N b)1Kg f = 9.8N c)1Kg f = 0.98 N d)1N = 9.8Kgf
iii) Which of the following is a contact force?
a) Frictional force b) Electrostatic force c) Gravitational force d) Magnetic force
iv) When two bodies are rubbed against each other:
a) They acquire equal & opposite charges b) They acquire similar charges
c) One body acquires a charge and the other remains uncharged d)They acquire different amounts
of charge
v) A gold leaf electroscope can be used:
a) Only to detect a charge b) Only to find the nature of a charge
c) Only to measure a charge d) To detect, measure and find the nature of a
2) On what principle springs balance work? 2
3) Why the cutting edge of a knife is made sharp? 2
4) How does a lightning conductor protect a building from lightning? 2
5) Mention two causes of earthquake? 2
6) Explain how a Styrofoam gets charged when it is rubbed with a piece of paper? 3
7) Why do the leaves of a gold leaf electroscope diverge when a charged body is
brought in contact with its disc? Do they always diverge to the same extent? 3
8) Write briefly about the ways in which buildings are protected from earthquakes? 3
9) a. What do you mean by force of friction? 5
b. Give one example of situation where it is helpful to increase friction?
c. Mention one disadvantages of friction between the parts of a machine
d. How will you reduce friction between moving parts of a machine? (Mention two points)
a) What do you mean by pressure? What is the SI Unit of pressure?
b) Describe an activity with the help of a diagram to show that liquid pressure increases
Q1. Choose the correct option: (05)
i) Sea beds have large deposits of silica derived from
a) snails b) bacteria c) protozoa d) diatoms
ii) Blood is a type of
a) Epithelial tissue b) Connective tissue c) Nervous tissue d) Muscular tissue
iii) Cilia is present in
a) Euglena b) Amoeba c)Volvox d) Paramoecium
iv) Which of the following is not a rabi crop?
a) Rice b) Mustard c) Wheat d) Potato
v) Which of the following needs to be transplanted?
a) Rice b) Wheat c)Millets d) Mustard
Q2. What is a Vacuole? (02)
Q3. Which tissue makes up the Vascular bundle? What do they do? (02)
Q4. What is Surface irrigation? Explain two modes of surface irrigation. (03)
Q5. What is Agriculture? Mention three ways of removing weeds from the crop field. (03)
Q6. Name the four types of animal tissues. Draw any one type of animal tissue. (03)
Q7. Mention three uses of fungi. (03)
Q8. a) Explain how the growth of algae harms water bodies . (05)
a) Write a short note on different ways of Preservation of food.