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(Whistle-Wing, Whistler,
Greathead, Garrot)
Order: Anseriformes
Family: Anatidae
Genus: Bucephala
Species: clangula
La. anser goose
La. forma form, shape, kind
Gr. anous foolish
La. anas duck
Gr. bous ox
Gr. kephale head
Gr. boukephalos bull-headed,
La. clangere to resound (refers
whistling wings)
Louis Agassiz Fuertes
About twenty inches long. Large black head and black back
with iridescent green tinge. The remainder is white. A white
patch on each side between the eyes and the bill.
Goldeneyes inhabit the northern regions throughout the
Northern Hemisphere. The Common Goldeneye nests in the

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northern U.S., southern Alaska and most of Canada and
winters throughout Canada and as far south as California,
Texas, Florida, Mexico and the Caribbean. In Europe,
Goldeneyes migrate south passing through Switzerland to

Makes nests of grass, leaves and moss, lined with down in
deep cavities of decaying trees near rivers and fresh water
Lays six to twelve ashy green eggs which hatch after about
a month of incubation. Ducklings are led to water at a very
young age and fly at about two months age.
Dives for fish, frogs, shell fish and tender plant roots and
seeds. Also eats insects.
Excellent swimmers, spending most of their time in the water
except to nest when their poor walking abilities are revealed.
They look comical, walking in a jerky motion slapping their
huge webbed feet their wings extended often falling over if
Tolerates cold weather well being driven only by frozen
water. Migrates in small flocks sometimes with other duck
species. Wings produce a rhythmic whistling in flight;
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otherwise a silent bird.

The Common Goldeneye
Nestbox has a 12" by 12"
floor, 24" inside ceiling, 5"
wide by 4" high oval
entrance hole located 22"
(to the top of the hole)
above the floor and
ventilation openings.
Assembled with corrosion
resistant screws fit to
pre-drilled countersunk
pilot holes. Hinged roof
is secured with shutter
hooks for easy access.
Mount at least 10 feet,
higher if possible, on a
tree trunk, (6' to 8' if on a
post above water),
Common Goldeneye
Nestbox Plans

in forest bottomlands within 100 feet of a river or a pond.
Place some wood chips on the floor. Squirrels may use this

Chester A. Reed

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