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Chelsea Roth

Fall 2013
SC 3353-003
Product/organization: City Sippers Coffee
Advertising goal
What is the campaigns goal?
The campaigns goal is to establish City Sippers Coffee as a top choice for
consumers who want a fast, great tasting and easy-to-make coffee drink.
Client: key facts
What are some key facts about the product that might be of interest to consumers?
City Sippers Coffee was founded in Stillwater, Okla., by Chelsea Roth in 2013.
The companys primary products are BagNBrew packets.
City Sippers Coffee products are sold in most grocery stores and convenience
Each BagNBrew bag is made of 100-percent biodegradable tea bags.
Product: key features
What is the product?
The product is City Sippers Coffee, which includes a variety of great-tasting, fast
and easy coffee beverages. BagNBrew packets are available through City Sippers
Coffee. City Sippers Coffee products are less than 100 calories per serving. City
Sippers Coffee offers four flavors to please consumers taste. City Sippers Coffee
BagNBrew packets sell for $4.99 a box. Each BagNBrew bag is made of 100-
percent biodegradable tea bags.
What is the products purpose?
City Sippers Coffees purpose is to serve consumers who want a fast, great-tasting
and easy-to-make coffee drink. BagNBrews are convenient, fast and give
consumers options to adjust the strength of their coffee.
What is the product made of?
Coffee Sippers Coffee uses the Arabica coffee bean that is native to Ethiopia and
was first cultivated in Saudi Arabia. The strong flavor cultivated by the Arabica
coffee bean gives Coffee Sippers Coffee a leading edge on competition.
Who and what made the product?
Chelsea Roth created Coffee Sippers Coffee in November 2013. A team of
scientists and dieticians skillfully crafted four flavors for consumers taste.
Target audience: demographics and psychographics
Who is the target audience?
The target audience is adults 18-34 who want to recharge and energize with a
tasty, convenient coffee drink.
How would you describe them?
They will primarily have college degrees or be in school working toward one.
They work hard for what they have. These adults lead busy lives and typically
drink a morning cup of coffee every day. They also care about the environment
and appreciate City Sippers Coffees biodegradable BagNBrew bags.
What are the products benefits?
Coffee Sippers Coffee provides consumers with the ability to enjoy a cup of
coffee in the morning with a quick, easy and cost effective way of brewing with
BagNBrew bags. This also allows consumers to adjust the strength of the flavor
and includes four flavors for every palate. Each BagNBrew bag is made of 100-
percent biodegradable tea bags.
Direct competitors and brand images
What are the manufacturers direct competitors, or who sells a similar product or offers a
similar service?
City Sippers Coffees largest direct competitors who sell similar products include:
Starbucks, Seattles Best, Dunkin Donuts, Folgers, Maxwell House and Caribou.
Other local coffee shops and chains are also direct competitors. Other competitors
may have the advantage of establishment and brand awareness, but consumers
will enjoy the variety and quality ingredients City Sippers offers.
Indirect competitors and brand images
What are activities or other things that consumers could do or use instead that might
compete with this product?
Consumers may drink other caffeinated beverages like tea or energy drinks
instead of coffee beverages.
Product/organization brand image
1. Whats the products current brand image?
a. City Sippers Coffee is viewed as an up-and-coming coffee brand. City
Sippers Coffee uses top quality imported Arabica coffee beans for the best
tasting coffee. City Sippers Coffee is also viewed as a cost-effective
option compared to buying premade beverages.
2. What is the desired brand image?
a. City Sippers Coffee is a quick, convenient and great-tasting coffee that is
easily brewed at home in minutes. City Sippers Coffee offers four flavors
to please any palate. City Sippers Coffee is made for a mature audience
and a younger audience, such as college students looking for a cost-
effective, great-tasting way to stay up.
3. Whats the brand image challenge?
a. The target audience may not be aware of how easy it is to brew a cup of
coffee at home with the easy City Sippers Coffee BagNBrew bags. It only
takes minutes to brew a great-tasting kick of energy.
Strategic message: the promise
What message should the product send?
City Sippers Coffee should send the message that it is a great option for a
breakfast beverage. Consumers can easily brew their own cup of coffee with the
option of four flavors offered by City Sippers Coffee. It is great for getting
through a busy day.
Supporting evidence: the proof
List any facts that support the message.
City Sippers Coffee offers four flavors to suit any consumers tastes.
City Sippers Coffee takes only minutes to brew. It is the perfect option for adults
on the go.
Each BagNBrew bag is made of 100-percent biodegradable tea bags, which helps
the target audience feel better about using City Sippers Coffee products.
City Sippers Coffee products are also less than 100 calories for those on a diet.

SFX: Sound of microwave beeping
(Establish, then fade at :02)


SFX: Sound of coffee being poured into a mug


SFX: Sounds of someone sipping a beverage and
excaiming ah (:03)


MUSIC: (Fade out at :29)

Title: Enjoy the Baily uiinu
ClientSponsoi: City Sippeis
Length: Su seconus
Aii Bates: Septembei 1-Naich 1

Tired of waiting for a pot of coffee to brew? Its
time for a change.

Its time to make the switch to instant coffee by
City Sippers Coffee.

Savor gourmet imported Arabica coffee in

Enjoy a variety of flavors offered by City Sippers
Coffee. Its quick, convenient and great-tasting.
Simply drop a BagNBrew packet in a cup of hot
water and wait.

Start your morning the right way. Enjoy the daily
grind for those on the move.


Title: Enjoy the Baily uiinu
ClientSponsoi: City Sippeis
Length: 6u seconus
Aii Bates: Septembei 1-Naich 1
WS: Sun rising in the distance (:03)

ZOOM: Camera zooms in on an alarm cock (:02)

MS: Hand reaches over to turn off the alarm clock

CU: Close up of feet sliding out from under covers
of bed and hitting ground (:04)

WS: Man walks out of bedroom in pajamas and
goes into the kitchen (:09)

ZOOM: Man opens microwave and puts mug of
water in for two minutes (:05)

MS: Man opens microwave to retrieve mug (:03)

CU: Close up of man dropping a BagNBrew
packet of City Sippers Coffee in the mug (:03)

MS: Man pours bowl of cereal and continues
getting ready for the day (:10)

ZOOM: Camera zooms in on steaming coffee mug

MS: Man takes a sip of coffee and exclaims ahh

CU: Man grabs keys to car (:02)

MS: Man gets into car with mug of coffee in hand
with Quick. Convenient. Great-tasting. Gets you
ready for your day. (:04)

CU: Rearview mirror shot of man drinking coffee
on his way to work with The daily grind for those
on the move (:04)


(Midnight City - M83 [Instrumental.] Establish,
then under.)

Alarm clock going off

(Back up)

Microwave beeps


Its quick, convenient and great-tasting. City
Sippers gets you ready for your day.

Enjoy the daily grind.

(Up and then fade out at :59)
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Scene: X Shot:
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Scene: Tuin off alaim clock (:u6) Shot: NS
Scene: Alaim clock (:u2) Shot: Zoom
Scene: Suniise (:uS) Shot: WS
Scene: uetting out of beu (:u4) Shot: C0
Scene: Put mug in miciowave (:uS) Shot: Zoom
Scene: Retiieve mug (:uS) Shot: NS

Page: 2 of 2
Scene: Biew coffee with BagNBiew (:uS) Shot: C0 Scene: uet ieauy (:1u) Shot: NS
Scene: Sips coffee (:u4) Shot: NS Scene: uiab keys (:u2) Shot: C0
Scene: Enuing (:u4) Shot: C0 Scene: uets into cai (:u4) Shot: NS
It's quick, convenient anu gieat-tasting. City
Sippeis gets you ieauy foi youi uay.
Enjoy the uaily giinu.
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