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DeShun Mullin

September 10, 2014

Collective Bargaining
Thurs 600!M" #$0!M
%hat is Collective Bargaining&
Collective bargaining is defined as the process in which working people, through
their unions, negotiate contracts with their employers to determine their terms of
employment, including pay, benefits, hours, leave, job health and safety policies, ways to
balance work and family and more. Collective bargaining in fewer words is basically a
way to solve workplace problems. As far as the existence of the idea of collective
barging; it has been around since the idea of employee-employer or boss-workers.
eatrice !otter "ebb, an #nglish sociologist, economist, socialist, labor historian and
social reformer first termed the word in $%&$. efore her coining the word, collective
bargaining was just considered a time when workers grouped and discussed issues with
their employers. eatrice "ebb and her husband 'idney "ebb book (ndustrial
)emocracy really just defined the movement of collective bargaining. *his made them
the frontiers of the ideas of unions and how they help. *hey showed how unions defined
the bargaining over the price of labor. Although they were the first frontiers, they didn+t
define collective bargaining.
*oday, collective bargaining has become broader than ever. (t is a term that is
coined in just about every industry. Collective bargaining is broken up into four different
types. Conjunctive bargaining or distribution bargaining which considered one of the
most common form of collective is bargaining. (t is basically when one side loses but
both parties try to maximi,e their gains. *his form of bargaining is used mostly for jobs
where the workers are paid in wages. *he negotiations within this form usually involve
unions bargaining for higher wages and the management wanting to yield at the cheaper
price. Another type is copertative bargaining, which is more of a win situation for both
parties because both parties recogni,e the need they have for each other. *his leads to
them showing more care towards to each party+s demands. *he third type is productivity
bargaining which involves bargaining on the productivity of an employee. *his type of
bargaining has some what made life uneasy for workers. *he last type is called
concessionary bargaining which is somewhat opposite of the other types. (nstead of what
the union can get from the management; its more of what can the management receive. A
good example would be a union offering the company a perk for hiring new workers or
retaining workers+ jobs. Collective bargaining has also played a huge role in the sports