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Maximizing Your Potentiality and Advancing Your Truth

!ross"#ollinated through Phoenix Luxor Vox$ The %oularis &rbit Vortex$

and the '(stasis Metaeonic )ntelligence*
The following report takes place heading into the partial Solar Eclipse of
October 23
, and engages heavily the bridge of the total Blood Moon Lnar
Eclipse and the Ti!es spanned between its occrrence on the "
of October p
to the celestial event on the 23
, and the inner workings of the singlar
!acrocos! Entity spported throgh these key align!ents, along with
conse#ences and control factors of passage into the anthropo!orphic field$
Let it be nderstood that %The &ield% as refereed here is si!ltaneosly'
astral, cos!ic, organic ( pheno!enal, with deep spirital and so e)istential or
philosophical i!plications, being that other worlds are par for the corse and a
given on the natre of the !aterial$ *lbeit philosophical, with +ntitive piloting
over heady +ntellectalis! of speclations and con,ectre' personal e)perience
and proactive application are given the edge$ +f anything is !eant to be
conferred in this, let it be the energy itself spporting the personal e)perience
of the one receiving in reading$ *bndance is a key word fro! here on ot, in
particlar, the abndance of options and paths to take and the !ethods to
achieve one%s ai!s, rather than stating throgh philosophies and lineages what
one%s loftiest ai!s oght to take rise as, inclding even e)hasting the Sorce in
order to define its -atre to one seeking retrn to$$ . as, it defies all captring
of #alities positive or negative bt to the hb of perception to the personal
e)perience of he or she retrning$
The /riority leans toward The &ield as well as The Bridge 0fro! one eclipse
to the ne)t1' it can be e)plored in ter!s of the nified Bridge of plral &ields
and2or the nified &ield of plral Bridges$
The Easter Egg priority will be fond per!eating both the last report
before this one %E#ino) throgh 3ay of the 3ead% in continity with the
%Lifting The 4eil% +nitiative$ That is, a central the!e not addressed ntil now 5
however obvios 5 which is of *cing the 6hapel /erilos, a$k$a$ E)tending the
Tantrik practitioners siddhi and phowa capabilities to e)tre!es in the regions of
/lto27ades and also Satrn26rons$ The cr) of generational /lto in
6apricorn playing ot alongside Satrn in Scorpio has provided an ideal
6onstrct 5 especially with the crrent Mercry in 8etrograde0s1 of 29:;
charged in each water sign and then sent throgh the air signs each rond, this
chaotic nest along with -eptne ( 6hiron in retrograde in -eptne has
!tally set p a breeding grond for raw !aterial of the Sha!an%s liking to
abond the <rand &ire Trine e)pansive at the core of cool inner space ocean$
&irst, let%s review the two phases listed at the very beginning 0"
*!ong the changes, in this case, we want to note what is relatively
constant' that of the isses broght forth pon 6hiron in /isces and a general
Libra sway$ Between what has changed and what has stayed relatively intact is
-eptne 0also in /isces1 receiving natral assistance and effortless aid by way of
Scorpio, who crrently is harbinger of all things Lord of =ar!a2&ather Ti!e
oriented and prodcing like a work horse with a blissfl intensity that sggests
a highly charged passion that is working ot beatiflly for those who have
wanted to or are able to drown the!selves in their work or other 6raft$
Significant boost on the rise> this doesn%t sggest the escapist who 5 rather than
deal with crrent isses 5 wants to get away fro! it all on a vacation$ ?e are
seeing a retreat into what !atters and a prepared place to offer the best setting
for self discovery in the work and love of work that pts one in toch, not plls
the! ot$ So, it effects those who wold ,st re,ect reality to sbstitte it for
their own to stop doing so, and redirect the!selves to take into accont that
the !ore flfilled are crrently redefining for the!selves what the h!anitarian
even !eans or i!plies' which incldes finding space and ti!e for oneself$ Many
of the intangibles people.at.large have thoght of as hobby happy.go.lcky
#iet !e.ti!e to %recharge batteries% is the trly intensified and flfilling effort
of life at its best and highest octaves$ -ot the Ti!e Ot, any!ore$ Tag.+n$$$
Of significant note is the transference of Mercry in Scorpio spporting the
retrograde -eptne right before also taking its own retro.stats and switching
ot with 4ens as the natral spporting role$ +n a big way and the !ost
prononced way possible, this has %<oddess of 6haos% 0*bndance in The 8aw1
written all over it$ +t is a very deeply seated living real.ti!e strea! centering
arond a ,ovial take on how !ch yo can take on before yo break$ +f yo are
the sort who thrives by the concepts and trths that %everything changes%
constantly, then yo are having the ti!e of yor life and receiving vast props$ +f
yo are the fi)ed variety who wants desperately to hit the brakes on the entire
!achine, to the effective point that yo even !ay have to halt the progress of
others @so!e yo !ay even likeA in order to catch a breath, + need not state the
obvios of yor condition as + !st already be in the grokking state to even get
this far in the report$ 7ang tight$ +t%s all to be addressed in this working, as well
as having already been broght p early on in %E#ino) to Sa!hain% , e)pressed
as %stbbing yor toes%$ E)pect follow throgh in the discorse being engaged

Expanding from the drop off point at Equinox, it's important that here one is given
the opportunity to explore deeper into the seriously remodeled adaptation on the new
activations that were carried over from Vortex principles and mapped into the traditional
Kabbalist's [or slightly revised Thelemite's T!"!#! $ also, it should be stated that these
pro%ections should not be viewed as a permanent altering fixated to that &ystem which
would compromise its own integrity, rather it should be viewed as as responsive and a
change in behavioral patterns of a singular intelligence branching out from the &oularis
"rbit Vortex, it is the transformation in action being recorded on the T!"!#!, instead of a
simple renovation thereof, as though it were merely furniture in a room! That will be
helpful to the understanding of how 'evurah(&everity was made 'old instead of it's usual
)ars$oriented *ed! +t still is , simple enough , yet, for the responsive activation extending
by the Vortex throughout, we at least can see the effect from the stance of the "bserver
within as a very simply hue change, which does have further symbolic tie$ins! +t is a
fantastic entrance point and + felt came with the most either curiosity or apprehension!
-uestions left unanswered that we can expand into on entrance of this .ro%ect!
+t +s 1here and 1hen the /eart 2ocuses!
2ocus +s +nvestment of Time and Energy!
1or3 +s your /ome and your /ome +s your 1or3!
4re you able to say that you #ove your 1or35 +t +s the Key to your own /eart!
The 1ay "ut +s +n!
)ars is the *une Tiwa6 in the above!!!
This '7haosphere' is called the 8ermuda /exagon $ sounds more menacing than its
actual function 9along the lines of a fertility device: , and was a nearly a lost aspect of the
Vortex! +t was recently reconstructed and upgraded through memory! "ne can get an
instantaneous, intuitive sense of how it plays into the image and times above and so far
The +ntro leading to this %uncture creates a spectacular geometric exercise , it starts
off loo3ing li3e nearly any sigil alpha$numerical form out of nearly any &ystem used to
evo3e any sort of preternatural intelligence, but quic3ly escalates into something more
complex and involved yielding its own highly potent cornucopia of vast props and high
tech astral gear! +t cropped up in one of my spiral sub%ect noteboo3s from a ways bac3,
even years! 1ith a literal brilliant flash! #et's loo3 at the waning moon in 'emini, first!!!
This was around the moment the item under inspection returned, and is worthy to
ma3e note of given )ars' temperament and instruction [)ars is also the archetype of the
7oach!!beloved or loathed!!that depends on how you conduct yourself on the 2ield, or if
you yourself bac3seat drive from the warm benches! )ars in &agittarius and then instantly
followed by .luto in 7apricorn too3 on oppositions to the waning moon traversing 'emini
and then in 7ancer, respectively! Even with the moon waning , really, in part due to it , it
created a surge in motion and capabilities of a certain variety! +t too3 the literal archetypal
form of a great cosmic coach who 'gave us run of the 2ield' 9and this applies to all gender
roles, regardless of thoughts or feelings for or against competition(sports:; and it should
have for many of us resembled a freedom to go bac3 into the play boo3s, so to spea3, and
even into the play boo3 archives and a lamp lighting up! There was a sort of subtle %olt to
the system!!that larger consequence for 'Team Earth'!
The 7oach wants you to score 9or stop your adversity from scoring on you:, but also
watches to see the choice you made did not pan out how you had thought when you got to
go through the archives and try something out! "r, the something you dug bac3 up from
being buried [.luto in 7apricorn to see if you could 'light a lamp' with it [)ars in
&agittarius! The cool thing is0 %ust because you didn't, it doesn't mean you suc3! +t means
that while your heart was in it and you were over%oyed at the chance and electric surge to
give it a go, your energy and soul were right , along with your heart , but your head was
not in the game or the execution of the shift(segment the right way on your end of the
2ield! +t's an extremely valuable moment, not %ust for the coach to be opportunistic at your
wea3nesses in front of your mates, but for you to learn and become more valued to the rest
of us, and you are being scouted for leadership roles to see if you whine and get all emo
over it or if you adapt and convert to get things to clic3 on your future go$rounds! 4lmost
most of all; did you bring things bac3 to help your mates or are you more li3e that one
professional wrestler type5 That was a reference to the 'champion diva'!!male or female!
Know thyself , Know thy *ole , Know what game you are even playing!
8e mindful of your surroundings!!!
This relates %ust one portion alluding to a bigger conflagration of oppositions!
.eople are sometimes %ittery when it comes to oppositions! <eedlessly so, +f you are
mindful and operating with a clear cut view and perception, your natural talents should
flow beyond %ust the trines! The other oppositions were in mind as + described the lunar
influences with the masculine spheres! The glory in oppositions are that opposites attract;
li3e magnetic engagement, they draw into each other and create a single arcing
convergence! The wor3 at one tas3 from separate angles, much as two mechanics building
one hot rod at either ends, or one designing interior as the other manages under the hood!
=omestically, a great way to loo3 at it as one person washing the dishes while the other
drys! + can avoid any chauvinist accusations with that since in my house, + do both;
either(and$or! 1hether the tas3 at hand is blissful wor3 or an unpleasant failing from
either lac3 of self confidence, disillusions or confusions on the nature of the game or falling
out of love with it, or overdrive of unfounded bravado0 don't blame the opposition! The
nature of the opposition is as fixed as a #eo in a house of mirrors sitting in a comfy recliner!
<ext, let's loo3 again into )ercury in *etrograde , + have not forgotten about our sigil
$ and how water$wor3s really do nullify the serrated edges of a retarding )ercury! +t mat
seem the most logical method to have affairs in order is to go full throttle in your airiness,
the element of logic or the seeming thereof, by and at least through the retardation of
)ercury! )ercury in the alchemical lapis represents quic3silver! 1ell, is quic3silver! 4s
such, the most volatile of the implements of the astrology wielding alchemical$shaman! +t is
the water inverted triangle to the upright fire of sulfur! This 3nowledge should aid anyone
a great deal, regardless of which sign )ercury is in on entering and station of retro and
direct! <ot to oversimplify; if candle s3rying implies fire, then mirrors instantly invo3e
water , at least, as a starting suggestion! 1hat better access point than a comfy recliner in
a funhouse of mirrors5 Except, of course, with a )ercury in *etro$status, you are being
plunged under all surfaces! &ome of you leaving the harbor won't be coming bac3, and you
may be the best swimmer on the planet, and you might still need the guy[s or girl[s you
had been saying for months or years, was a fla3e who no one could count on, to pull you
out of your water logged drowning state!
>our one good life$line tossed out to you might even come at the hands of that #ibra
you thought you had pegged!!!
The image you are seeing is 'The ? #ibras', not completely based from the trac3 by 4
.erfect 7ircle! The runic correspondence is definitely intentional! #ibras starting with the
water rune 'lagu6' and leading into 'raido'! The energy ought to invo3e easily Venus, and
the feather(wing[s of #ibra's scales as well as a serpentine vibration or sentient force$field!
4 great stone that will go with this is 4quamarine, be it blue or green! The Turquoise
wavelength has been discussed to great length already in prior reports! 7hec3 '<umi and
the )essenger', especially as the best reference! 4lready, with those two runes 9really the
whole word #ibra in runic$invo3ed interpretations: and 4quamarine, you are given some
powerful )erc$in$retro tools not many 3now of that have swiftly seen me swimmingly
along to the other side over and over! This is not guess wor3, but a fraction of what has
wor3ed for someone with channels open round the cloc3 and an astral overcloc3ing artist!
)y countless experiences will pay off, if you heed anybody's message in regard to these
things; better to chose the man who lives under the mountain than the ranger who gets
paid to wear a name tag!
4 loo3 into the further developing infiltration, and procession of the elemental trio!
This fully involved s3ry was also meant to portray going beyond the 'open$trance
state receptivity', toward a directly aware choice in substratum engineering and
consequences of personal paradigm shifting that is equally as interpersonal with such
immediacy 'through the Vine' that actually requires the word quantum or a complete loss
to fathom any attempts at quantification at all would %ust be futile! This is the ? of 7ups in
the first dec3 being designed now! The ? #ibras 9a plurality in a unifying field!!here, the
sign: transmogrify as the ? water signs; cardinal, fixed, and muted, to be the unifying
bridge in a plurality of fields!
This loo3s in a linear narrative as though ? air elementals are having their integrity
compromised! >et, here the linear comprehension along with the border of one's usual
interpretive narration is transcended at best, or at least, it is being rebelled against with
purpose! This is a mutually beneficial passage and a long$standing causeway based in
equality of access from any angle and available at different angles to the whole 6odiac in
energies and reason both unified and plural, in con%unct or opposition, etc! The material is
crucial to include as it accentuates all things about the water$wor3s through )erc$in$
retro, beyond a general statement about mirrors, tapping into the inspirational cauldron to
give one the equipment and means to achieve all goals!
+nspiration is contagious among the Effective, and among those who can do and
naturally see3 out, it's more than half the battle! 1hen it rains, it pours, and the torrents of
raw material [ore is noted as what houses the refined, precious metals all bridges are built
from, and reinforce every civil world between them to their cores!
The spiral is the same ancient one that has always implied the shamanic %ourney
quest and the galactic center; same potent )edicine as ever and always! The switch off
between left and right represents the vitriol motto of renowned! &o, this is the #apis we are
dealing in, but it has further meaning to any respectable pathwor3 or craft!
The rune is *aido, but also means *ectificando! +t is yet at once a sign of The .hoenix
within this specific placement and sigil! The archform is really the creative echo of the
archetype's condensation of intelligent 2ield into the narrative form! 8oth archform and
soul are always what they are, even if they might switch between more static and dynamic,
with the archform being naturally more static and the soul being the opposite, usually this
being the case in existing, productive models! The ego will conduct along the double helix
braid of the spiral and is the thing in the midst of ma%or transitional throes and shifts! Ego
is a central coordinating node of the )atter of equal consequence , li3e it or not , and as
matter cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed!!!

+t's an area that has been stressed that we ought to quit playing the angle of getting
rid of the ego li3e a dust ball to sweep under some other star's carpet! 8eing out of touch
with it is as big a problem as having too little self confidence or a hot air balloon for a head!
<ext to finding this old element breathed bac3 to life and fitting so precisely into all
the materials covered so far was a scribbled out mess of various prose, among which at the
top of the spiral was this0 @1e might see the plural '+' selves as the potentially serving spirit
self, interpreted by the human priest as 'od, instead of for pro%ecting onto the .eople of!!!A
This is a huge clue as to the weightiness with what the life force is that is driving the
word '*ectificando'! <ot %ust a clue, but a hardcore epithet in the most finished and
concrete terms! +t should not be uncertain what that means in any way!
1e The .eople 7onstitute 'od!!!
4n interesting note showed up with this; @=on't mista3e vast pools of energy and
frequency condensed in power regions(reserves(points as being warmth! >ou 3now what
3ind of warmth + mean!!!A
<ext page is a surprise to me even now, being years and years old, in particular the
fact that it says 2inal 8ridge and mentions the word 'amoeba', half the name of the ritual
sacred ambient pro%ect the author goes by! +t isn't as though + have a single cell obsession!
1orthy of including0
@"mega , 7rossing0 2inal 8ridge! 4 7ompleted$Extending!!!
+n some continuum parallels, + am born and so unborn! 4live in one universe or post
mortem in a beside version! 4lso, + am awa3e and aware with all the elements of oasis and
bliss of samadhi!
Then, in another, there is yet to even fathom such identity of self and while intact, no
identity at all by such reali6ation! &o, there exists parallels where +'m not only 'me asleep' or
even in a nightmare , but amoebic! &o then, 2inal 8ridge is actuali6ing from bottom up and
also descending aware as )edicine 8ody!
1hy self defend5 +t offends the <ature of a "ne Enlightenment! The [true handicap
or uneducated buffoon's %o3es or even angry slanders cannot derail the &oul shedding to
full &pirituality! 4wareness as it is in this 2inal 8ridge!!!
"mega 7rossing to 'reat '<o )an's #and' is not identified to the old s3in of personae
and appearances!!!decay of ego and investment in limited traits and availabilities!!!what is
the 'walls and freedoms' ascribed to the helpless and hapless self in its ties!
+t almost seems there is in the existent, a modern age xenophobia toward anything
not rotting or horde$able!A
4long with the sigil and the writing came a further oracular practicum that ought to
be listed here!
Those are five random ma3e$shift fractal canvases of my own serving as cards, and
are not ones that are previews from the dec3 in production now! 4ir is written that way as
an abbreviated 4esir or aethers, depending on you! &3y really means <ut, so extends
beyond %ust the blue atmosphere into the most mystical a3ashic significance! To avoid
something li3e 4er is .ast and 1ater is 2uture and the bottom draw is 'outcome'; view this
as an entire singular event , one star , it is a 'netting', a networ3, and <et%er$oriented!
2urther reading at the side of the writing above this art wor30
@The sun was thought of as descending into Bnderground for a reason! This ancient
thing today called superstition is relevant in those capable where 1isdom meets "rder C
"r, in other words, any slander or attac3 can't reach my soul and + have but one
immortal and eternal, not of specific designs by attributes avoided or sharpened li3e a tool
to get my desires or individual strengths! 1e are not personal! &o, no need to give or ta3e
in that outdated way! Environment unified with, see3s no 'you', to constrict!
These words are incredible and even heart$wrenching a way! "n some level it should
be for all sentient and intelligent beings on earth, living under the sun together! "n
another level; thin3ing of incorporating more of this spiral noteboo3! 'oing through it,
these are all lost times and provide valuable record of trains of thought during my time
voluntarily wor3ing with the 'points chauds' [hot points(masonic initiatory degrees before
te in$fighting and psychic battle began on a larger spiritual 'chessboard'! The %ournal
becomes more and more anti$authority, and rebellious; the more it does with a deeper
questioning, the more content starts to become obsessive with protecting oneself from
spiritual(astral attac3s and coping with that sort of stress! There are moments of almost
&ha3espearean prose with cohesive philosophical sections happening right beside nearly
inane scribbling that +'m now ta3en abac3 is in my own hand writing and not 'planted' by
some other author going mad in a prison cell! +t is becoming uncomfortable to read and so
the report will redirect as it was!
/owever, this needed to be divulged, mainly as it helps convey the spirit of the
)etaeonic word E3stasis! Even years and years later untouched, this passage interacts true
to form with sub%ects addressed so recently by an intuitive reclamation visible in 'Equinox
to &amhain' !
+n the image! The card position titled &et of the &un 8arque deals with shamanic
power but in particular, the lofty position given to Egypt's god of chaos(storms, and that
was spearheading the front of the barge and defending the &oul! <o small thing to entrust
with a deity form attributed with the evils [adversities humanity is sub%ect to at any time!
*ather than 'passing from &3y into fire on the way down', you are collecting your 'ore'
or raw materials of each elemental position and then , as the entire star , engaging in the
shamanic descent via the #apis! )uch li3e, '+t ta3es spending money to ma3e money', it
ta3es descending with #apis to ma3e #apis , as #apis cannot be created or destroyed, only
transformed! 1e are about to go further into the most profound implications thereof,
especially as the #apis has been code$named the &oularis "rbit, and is the *eason for the
Ecstatic &eason! E3stasis!!!Ecstasy and the Explorer utili6ing this Bnifying 2ield is at once
"mega$7rossing, a 7ompleted$Extending! 4 finished one$bridging!!!
That alone is a powerful thrust in the impetus of the entirety! 1e will also get bac3 to
that idea and some of the intricacies of how the principle body may differ, support, oppose
other cosmic engines and magic3al bodies within their currents! *ecall it the way you
would astrology!!!an opposition is what it ever and always will be! +t's not the oppositions
fault that you only feel comfortable in trine territory on a comfy recliner in a house of
=id you 3now you can also be a mnemonic agent carrying a vast cosmic library
benefiting the planet and inhabiting souls, all without drawing crappy pictures of aliens
and telling people that you are channeling your native race from another planet5
True story!!!
this garbage on the other hand, needs to put to bed once and for all!
<ever believe there is a limit to how stupid some people can get!
4s a perfect segue from &et of the &oul 8arque, it's not hard to envision that the god
would be a &agittarius sun sign, and a .isces )oon with an 4ries *ising! This person is a
comfy recliner in a house of mirrors sort of astrologer, who li3ely tells clients that
oppositions are the equivalent of pulling the =evil, the Tower, and =eath card all at the
same reading bac3 to bac3! &et at the front of the barque brings up in the 1estern 1orld
of ancient mysticism that shamanic totem power 3nown as *aven! Especially on the stories
of *aven's entering the Bnderworld! These are stories of everything from *aven snatching
up the sun from the first lodge to even becoming the reason humanity is on earth [which
some would love to hate anything between earth or heaven remotely near the origin of
life!!especially certain gnostic schools! +t is an interesting congruency, since it implies a
dar3 tric3ster ranging from malevolent and coming across as deceptive to being that to
only self centered and abusive authority figures!!a 3ind of necessary evil with the *obin
/ood potentiality! The spirit of *obin /ood comes from the whole 'blac3 sheep' aesthetic as
viewed here!
*aven , often considered as the least loyal or untrustworthy! *eally though; an
abused(overloo3ed(neglected empath! Everyone was a total dic3 to *aven, so raven chose to
become a chaotic cac3le of a caw for a call! +n champion of the 3ic3ed around genius,
*aven is 'unpleasant sounding' to al but mucic to the ears for those who find the ultimate
gem in the harsh truth! *aven's magic3 can reveal secrets, and as a totem is the
embodiment of the <eptune power that loo3s exactly li3e the configurations documented
here as <eptune and 7hiron in retrograde together in the abused .isces, and )ercury's
retro$status absolutely accentuates it all! #oyal to the truth, the tric3ster hard truths liaison;
*aven directs the children of the blac3 sheep(scapegoat 'day side's righteous parade secret
victims' to never ever, nevermore let anyone shine at your expense by ma3ing you the
lesser person! +t is a potent empowerment that it is better to live and day with an inner
satisfaction than to be a lap dog, ta3ing abuse at the whims and whimsy of those wrapped
in the luxuries of dayside fortunes! The *obin /ood motive is seeing how all that stuff was
'legally' lifted off the poor(common people in the first place! >ou can bet the creator of that
idiotic meme that is becoming the trend mutilating the high art potentially within
astrology, was a dic3 to *aven! + 3now they were abusive to hyper psychic$sensitive .isces,
to dull to be aware what it's li3e living in an actual empath's frame of reference! The
variety of person who cages up a &agittarius on loc3 down and probably issuing them
ultimatums! Then, entering into astrology with their own bad pro%ections and not being
clever or funny with their trolling and singling out to harm three 3inds of people while
themselves suc3ing at wor3ing in their more advanced and difficult game settings that
made them throw the controller across the room because they couldn't 'get it' and cry
'button smasherDD' instead of dealing with their own inadequacies!
+ grabbed this off a faceboo3 post and admit to trolling it; this is a more effective and
funny [because it's actually true trolling pro%ect! +t was easy to envision the person who
made that crap meme above as the sort of 'E' positive people who thin3 they have
eliminated the ego are transcendent of 'the duality'! They get called out here, as *aven is the
<eptune sphere's 'golden child', because of being so screwed over, as in by the elitist snob,
and the 3ing who adorns himself, thin3ing that's why the common people exist, to find %oy
in for3ing over their stashed away heirlooms of sentiment!!!they were helping them learn
detachment!!a noble cause!!by their logic!!!
or the seeming thereof!!!lost and tragically s3ewed, even mostly flacid F
4nother reason this is highly relevant is than3s to what has been going on with
Gupiter in #eo , which can be better than good, it's great , it's %ust that off the fire trine,
people are getting carried away, and not in a productive way with their 'high arts(sciences',
but instead hitting up lovers and friends with 'friendly fire'! They are slinging lead and
3noc3ing off with friendly fire, all those they are pushing to the fringes of their own
heliocentric self pampering systems! *aven is busy, a lot of incoming traffic into the
mysteries of the ama6ing!!!
This becomes visible and ta3es fruition as /ades 'owning' .ersephone! *aven as a
power is often called /ades or viewed as such while through the account %ust given here,
we see having earned the dar3 goddess in the sunlight more li3e from being at the
.ersephone end of the bargain, while the dominant light(lead(plus sign worn on the chest
is the real place of harm being done and careless retardation! &ome of this whole thing was
really mentioned in prior wor3, particularly as the misuse of a boost where so many are
feeling way too easy with pushing up their realities by forcing down and %umping off the
heads of others' sacred, cherished reality star$stuff!
+f the prior reports went unheeded by you, or you are dealing with those who have no
clue as to the value and legitimacy in the fact the author abhors wasting time, then right
now is a /ades(.ersephone clusterfuc3 of the archform #overs' with competing spar3s! The
? of 7ups of the #ibras that were previewed early on bear true water of the clearest
available! This card has always suggested abundance; as one can see, the nature of this
abundance as indicated by many spheres(bubbles rather than a single radiation of one
enlightened being living within it, is that it is a retreating(reprieve granting defense of
abundance, guarded from the bullshit of the sort of people who create that 3ind of meme
and it goes viral, while a report li3e this while not be able to fit into the library of most
people , which, in fact is not %ust fine, but, in the *aven &pirit of things, it is the best hidden
in plain site, and we are not in the business of converting the buffoons! <o need to
convince or door to door doctrine hoc3 in the hopes to one day 'raise the offerin' on some
suc3er congregation!
4moebiKathedral!!! my religion is <ature! That is %ust all there is to it!

)ore to come! <ext, we are utili6ing this water of the clearest star$stuff to go head$
to$head fighting a tyranny! 4n ancient primordial visage of a monstrosity of one, ta3ing
shape in the reality of mind as the dragon!!!not the 3ind of fortune and wish granting that
has been mentioned before! This ta3es patience, and extremely deliberate motions! This is
not pretend , this is not a drill! 4s progression from the Equinox to &amhain, this is the
escalated giant running loose as the Thorn, pictured beautifully as a force equated to
')ichael )yers on the loose'! &crap the scenario of being a 3night in shining armour,
though! >ou won't be needing that , it isn't that sort of confrontation!!!
The =ragon's )uladara , this is one happenstance of the vastly varied '&haman's
'ate'! 1e are going to have these elements at play, as a priority!!!
? , the tris3elion(trinity(val3nut and the triple goddess!
H , cross(sword(3alacha3ra(cardinal directions and male virility!
The two logos beside the raven on the chessboard digital painting $ by the author ,
are preexisting 6odiac vector elements 'nabbed' from the internet to get the idea out! That
would be .isces and 4quarius overlapped! The water conducting electricity is intentional!
1hen it comes to the ? #ibras and the ? water signs wi6ardry, you should pic3 up on
the bond between the feather and serpent explored in the #ibra frame alongside the fish
and the whirlpool of current , that commonality is the scales! The .isces symbol even loo3s
as though you are loo3ing down at scales from the top, descending into the ore, a!3!a!, the
dual raw materials you are diving into! The principle of it being in the water sign reveals it
as both a chaos [abundance and a completion [itself implying transcendence of a duality,
whether by becoming the ma6e after being consumed, finding the exit, or having +carus
wings , all of which depends on you! The energy carries in the reali6ation that .isces is
every sign and will be able to utili6e the best of every aspect of 4ll, or the most li3ely victim
to the worst sides of every angle, sometimes all at once, that it is the 'beginning and end',
and carries ultimate weight as the <eptune [)ystic ruled mystic$religious, and as such
thee &hamanic descent, i!e! the spiritual warrior entering the cave alone, vision questing in
the wilderness logo!
4s a dualistic oriented 6odiac feature, it has an innate obligation to wor3 in the
internal contradiction 9the white portion of the lapis, being procession and production
encompassing every metal: or the external hypocrisy 9the blac3 portion of the lapis,
consisting not of oppositions to(in the light, but total absence thereof:, with .isces in
particular, this is going to ta3e root as the very priestly and ceremonial shamanic high
arts(sciences that have long benefited the planet and souls on it, by shadow side grows into
the pompous corruption of big religion of hierarchical(oligarchical(monarchy$oriented
domination over 1e The .eople!
To borrow a pop$culture reference, the desolation of our dragon who plants himself
at the heart of our mountain is absolutely the corporate ambition in its meaning of
symbolism! Even though a singular reptile entity is being observed, there are not many
other ways to interpret the momentum of the beneficial power of the universal force$field
that is the intelligence called -uet6l [feathered serpent than as with the .isces' #eviathan
archform , to not be able to interpret it as the corporate venture based in the limited scope
of controlled power sources when free power is definitely easily achieved for all the world,
end the end of third world issues such as starvation and lac3 of high tech medicine,
suggests one is either not paying attention or can't(won't align the mythical with even the
most base and practical mundane world synchroni6ation!
This brings us to the next thing0 even after all this time, 7rowley 9official voice of a
new aeon:, did with his wor3 repeating the very problematic pattern the new aeon was
truly purposeful to help us ascend over; it loo3s exactly li3e a library of very mystically
gorgeous, abstract poetry that could mean mean anything, and conveniently ends up in
@the hands of the designated elite brought into the mysteriesA! +t feeds the feathered$serpent
of universal benefit for every soul right into the shadow aspect dragon that is the
consecrated corporate venture! The 8oo3 of the #aw and everything attached to it is really
holy poetry, and let's call a spade %ust that! +t might as well be *evelation I! +n that sense, it
loses ultimate effect; a motto within , hardly hidden at all, whatsoever $ @the many shall be
ruled by the fewA! That is the brutal mista3e the brought on the necessity to need an aeonic
shift in the first place! 7rowley might be the voice of someone's new aeon, and the J?
current has provided great people with valuable gnosis worth paying attention to, and by
my count, they are the people who finally began distancing themselves, feeling out that
@something here is %ust not rightA!!!by 'right', in this case + mean up to snuff and wor3ing in
all it claims to embody!
@4m + in a virtual simulation scenario inside of a virtual simulation scenario5A!
This is where we start to go over the differences between Thelema and E3stasis!
+t's great we can wor3 together, but it has to be established that we are not the same
beast(giant(devil by a different name!!!this is also not the triple braid strand in a J? and
HKL dual current, it is the alternative! +t is an alchemical 'tabula rasa'! >et, beyond a blan3
canvas, these are completed$extending mystics, artists, scientists, and yea to the atheist
cosmic explorer having a place at this table with us!
4 motto based in all this wor3ing so far from way bac3 leading to this %uncture is0
&ay 1hat >ou )E4<!
1ithout such an anchoring, it really can't be trusted along the %ourney!
*ecall *aven is the indispensable liaison who cuts through holy, abstract poetry with
blatantly raw truths uncut, and right now, this vulgar display of honesty is showing up as
the #overs of competing spar3s! The head$butting and heart$cutting and soul$rutting is by
a power source abuse that results from getting blown out of proportion by those who toss
out te anchor when Gupiter in #eo's brilliant fortune pro%ect's that coveted 'E' sign on their
This is the same energetic function responsive function as &et spearheading the solar
barque on the ever so crucial descent into the 7osmic Bnderworld , =aath!
The -lippothic 'shells' are renowned for being called 'the tunnels of &et'!
The 3eeper over becomes the rectification of, and observed as the defender through
those territories! "ften in other 1estern systems; &amael or 46a6el!
The one later called &atan , meaning 'adversary' and 'accuser' , is the one who
spearheads your ability to choose! +f you could not fall out, descend, diagnose, and die well,
you could not have sex or the ability to create life!
+t ma3es it easy to see why the crow is associated with spirits at the crossroads of life
and death, and how it came to be that they rule fertility, virility, reproduction, and
erogenous 6ones!!!ecstasy, sensuality, ultimate pleasure and pain!
&elf control, losing it in trance wor3, discipline!
Then, even the corporate or collective , all institutions!
They will 3now when you are lying!
To say what you mean is to value rough honesty as the refined within the core
of the True!
+n a word0
1ithout /onesty M <o Ecstasy!
/ow many big religions [and their less successful mirroring fringe counterparts
teach that deception 9ignoramus, by default: is not %ust o3ay, but obligatory, as long as it
goes to serve their version of the righteously hypocritical Eye5
The =evil card corresponds to the Eye!!!
<ote0 the fundamentalists of western religions syncreti6e &hiva as thee satanic avatar!
N4 .ope receiving a &hiva blessing at a global conference caused an uproar!O
)ar3ing &olar Eclipse now0
ET4 is K /r, HP )in! 8egins within /r of &aturn, reaches pea3 upon /r of )ars!
+ was loo3ing for a winged globe(sun dis3, and as + was going over the first few
pictures, + was thin3ing of the *ed 8ull slogan, @gives you wingsA! +n a rare moment of not
having head phones on so that + could hear the timer go off set to the eclipse, sure enough
a *ed 8ull commercial can be heard on the television downstairs, @!!!gives you wingsA! +
as3ed what was on0 @4irplane *epoA!
+t begins!!!
Set of the Soul Barque
by Von Kotterhausen
1itness here that &et is actually an overlapped %uxtaposition of especially 4pis Thoth
and 4pep, the very serpent he fends off from upsetting the &olar 8arque!
"n entrance of the eclipse [it is KP past H as + write this , /r of &aturn; + had wal3ed
outside and found myself 'surrounded', the entire perimeter of trees around me having
crows in them all tal3ing to each other! 4long with!!!a single large *aven! They were all
tal3ing together! + can bet that their business together had been forced by a single threat,
my <ortheastern 'eorgia home has a pair of roaming haw3s, among other birds of prey,
the two haw3s are most prominent, not always together! + have some beautiful
photography at only QQ mm with a =&#* camera! They came so incredibly close, and that
was around the time of creating the solar themed album 1")8 [the '"' a Vesica .iscis!!!
+t is H0KL as + write these notes on a real time Eclipse s3ry event!
+t is not recommended to loo3 directly at the sun; howeer, tere is a group of mystics
who essentially do! Gust for a moment, to get a cellular imprint fixed to their mind's eye
astrally! + am one of those who would! 1hen + did, what + received was at first a
turquoise(indigo wavelength radiant globular orb, which begin to dar3en into an obsidian
mirror of perfect circular geometry, within began to form a blood red mountain! 4
mountain in an orb ma3es one thin3 of the .aramount logo somewhat!
The 8lood )ountain began to become anamorphic, and then turning the sun itself
into a shiny, polished red drop! 4 perfect sphere! Then, the blood become anamorphic
again and was li3e a hemoglobin wave in the obsidian sphere! This continued for a while
till the pure polished obsidian sphere then began to dissipate, and the mind's eye released
the contents bac3 into the ether!
+ recently returned from a trip, and this trip was to my birth town in <orthern
+llinois! + got to see my one of my 'randmothers after over a decade of time gap!
4ma6ingly, she mentioned!!!the egg! There in her museum beautiful$mess of an artifact
filled attic, as an elementary school 3id, + found a polished blac3 egg on a stand! &he let me
have it as she gave us ? grand 3ids a choice of artifacts from her attic every time! 1hat is
even more interesting is that my fundamentalist mother loathed that egg! 1as it the dull
golden filaments that appeared phantasmal as you rotated it5 + assumed she too3 it! + had
many friends that would prove to be worthless on growing through elementary onto
middle school, as we all have! +t may have been one of them! + really thin3 it was a
fundamentalist sha3edown, as that was also as frequent growing up, doing nothing to
deter, but only exacerbate my role in all things occult and mystically oriented! &ame as not
allowing me to celebrate /alloween growing up has led to all this you are reading over the
past few pro%ects!
+ described to my hilarious, adorable, tiny Gewish 'randma how that egg had been
sac3ed, and possibly because a parental unit thought it was 'blac3 magic3', and that + now
have , of the exact same cut and si6e , a #abradorite egg! + was trying to describe
labradorescence to her! &he is JK, so + don't thin3 she really could fathom the gist of it,
however it was incredibly uplifting to see her and a healing time! + could only wish for
myself that at JK , should that happen to me , that + am as sharp witted and filled with
excellent life force and as vibrant in heart and mind as her!
2inally, what made the whole event more potent was that on the trip, + had a pac3age
coming!!!a second sacred egg as a compliment to the #abradorite one! This one, an
exquisitely carved, smaller high quality &odalite egg! 4long with it + ordered a tumbled
)oonstone! This has deep significance we are going over next thing in this pro%ect!
&econd real$time session s3ry, this time a filter and bag with a hole po3ed in was
used, to prolong exposure!!!
The sun has a lower turquoise to now gold(green radiance! The sun has horns, and
those horns could be the curve on the )ercury symbol, or a lunar reference of sorts! +t
becomes &aturn with rings energetically sweeping around me! +t then transforms into
Gupiter! +t becomes )ars! +t becomes the &aint + s3ryed in the new &odalite Egg in my care!
+t becomes the pyramid with the all$seeing$Eye from the dollar bill! +t lastly ta3es shape as
the atomic symbol, or the astrological sun symbol! /adit! +t starts to dim then dissipated
again, released from the mind's eye!
.eople spending the next I,PPP years fighting over 'what =r! &euss meant when he
said!!!' is what we are putting to an end!!!not trying to exacerbate with more warfare and
carnage produced by yet another sacred text! That alone is a central factor of why the
7rowley aeonic$mnemonic pro%ect was a ma%or miss of the mar3 away from a bull's$eye
we were set to strive for in our advancement!
1e are destined to strive for the excellence to thrive in the excellence!
Therefore, 8e Excellent!
8ac3 into addressing the astro$modalities, let's networ3 bac3 up some of the things
we had gone over earlier, and things mentioned in the prior reports dealing with ma3ing
fun of , or ma3ing lesser people , in order to better esteem our own belief systems through
trashing what is sacred to others! "nly now, we are tal3ing about the habits of those who
Gupiter in #eo's high 'good trip' material got right on top of and they came unhinged in it
all! They were set up for the 2all, %ust li3e the coach who wanted to give the freedom of the
field to show you why your choice didn't pan out as you assumed it would! Except, this 2all
is not to 3ic3 you off the time then cast you into /ell where there is eternal weeing and
gnashing of teeth!!!it's to wor3 in the departments you 3eep tripping over to get you to
perform your own personal manifestations much more efficiently!
This time, + did intend the 2all(4utumn pun!
<ow, we are dealing with people who have been victimi6ed; as in, @/eeey, buddyD +
heard you were a glutton for punishment! 1anna be pals5 + heard you can 3ic3 the .isces
and they say 'Than3 you, may + please have another'!A <ot %ust .isces, of course, but that was
being used here for relevance! + see it as a greater disrespect and neglect of the shamanic
'earth teammates' who sacrifice their own bodies to set you up to score, and you don't even
care! @+t was me! +'m the hero, here! + did all that myself! Everybody, loo3 at the giant plus
sign on my chest , that's how you 3now +'m the right one! Trust me, not that <egative$
<ancy with all those burdens that are contagious!A! Even the True &olitary .ractitioner is
hoo3ed up to a vast cosmic networ3 that is helping 'team earth' to score and 'win' a!3!a!,
ascend, evolve, attain enlightenment, etc!
There was a riddle meme on faceboo30
8etter than 'od! )ore evil than the devil!
The .oor have me! The rich want me!
+f you eat me you'll die!
1hat am +5
The answer was(is <othing!!according to consensus! )y answer was 'beyond
limitation' , or in a word '=ecadence'! + felt mine was better! 8y the logic, 'od can't go
overboard, or beyond perfect fullness! Even the devil is only capable of inflicting the
temptations or punishments on humanity within 'od's frame of allowance! The poor got
were the were by living beyond their limits all the time, and it can be argued the poor are
happier than the rich, who always only want and finally going beyond limits is the
proverbial carrot dangling in front of their face! To finally have the decadent experience is
to be and feel li3e a human again, instead of a ban3 account number! &tarvation is a lac3 of
consuming anything, so the idea of 'eating nothing', albeit a valid expression does not really
support the riddle's structure! The fact we can experience going beyond limitations
[=ecadence ma3es us all things in the riddle and meets all qualifications!
+ decided to create a riddle of my own0
+'m easy to initiate and a thrill to begin!
/ard to follow through with and harder to maintain integrity doing so!
+mpossible to sustain and always end up going corrupt %ust before dying off!
1hat am +5
The 7ollective! "r [.ositions of 4uthority would also be an acceptable answer!
<ations in and of themselves rise and fall!
2amily!!!blood is 2orever!
To bridge nations is to give them a structural status in a greater cosmic field of family!
4nything else is %ust continuing previous aeonic failures over and over, hitting our
collective head against a bric3 wall! 8uilding a better 8ible won't save us; it's the entire
problem, and has been since the institution of religion, and will be as long as we 3eep
doing it to ourselves!!!
The idea of a sun descending is the exact same principle as 'The 1ord(#ogos' setting!
The 1ord is =ying, and this time, not as being reborn as the building of a better
8ible(7hurch, but instead as the #iving 1ord that is the 1yrd that is True in the seed of
all of us, and manifests not as the ability to recite scripture li3e a good little lap dog(lesser
person! <ow, we receive it in the elements of <ature 9our methods therein:, and it radiates
as refined arts and sciences 9our aims therein:, a metaeonic transmission! That means;
"mega$7rossing! 4 7ompleted$Extending , yet again mentioned one last time here! +t is
responsively a culturally con%oining 1orld &oul venture, instead of a mere and abhorrent
unified(totalitarian governmental R corporate harassment venture!
+ request no pardons when + say with conviction $
2uc3 That &hit!!!
SETI 2: Spearheading the Serpentine
by Von Kotterhausen
/ere, rather than &et as a con%untion of '4pis and 4pep', a reference to #ight$8earer, &et has
a ruddy face with large, insectoid eyes! The spear has entered 4pophis and lodged in is
pulling along the solar barque at immense velocity! 4s a message, it alludes to using
oppositions to 'ride the storm'!
8elow, a )inoan &erpent 'oddess echoes the idea of 'sei6ing the serpent', entioned earlier
on as the quet6l force$field! &he is "phiuchus, as the .hoenix is the raging 3unda of siddhis
and phowa and other innately gifted powers! &he is the perfect embodiment of all the
material gone over in archform!
<otice as well that a natural bell$shaped reference comes up in each image!
The clear water$wor3s brought up earlier on is again the ? #ibras that conspire the ?
of 7ups manifestation! 4s a trinity, it reveals triple moon fertility tris3elion, and as 1ater, it
is a withdrawing(submerged abundance! +t's cool$waters that have the ama6ing self
defense mechanism of drowning in bliss that does not rely on being priority ST? of those
who are loo3ing for 'extras' they don't mind 9or en%oy: 3illing off in their 'life movie' they
are the star of!
+t's strange that the nature of the water element is associated with samsara and maya;
mirrors and illusions! &ince, water$wor3s are seen here as empowering you in a substantial
body of legitimacy and passage to 4nima )undi features that are equipping to deal with
reality and have a better manifested reality, as you leave those who thin3 they have you
and everything else 'pegged' as you leave them in your cosmic dust!
+n light of all these developments, an oracle session was required, and the sub%ect
matter or inquiries all were about this 'E3stasis' metaeonic vehicle and my own current
status of how + got here and what + need to be doing to perform at my best, so consulted at
the well of wyrd!
The approach was simple and potent0 4 single tarot and a single rune! + did this twice!
+ included the + ching! "nce as a sort of bridge change resembling the tarot rune duo,
and again as a further progression once the momentum pic3ed up along with directives
The grouping was as follows;
the first round led to the inverted Knight of 1ands and <audi6 [<ecessity $
the second round led to the L of 7ups and =agga6 [<ew =awn!
Then, the + ching hexagram was <o! KT changing into <o! IH!
+ include this as it extends beyond my own affairs to the entire pro%ects in momentum
accumulation! To withhold it is something of unfounded insecurities about my own
vulnerability, and will create a detriment to any collective effort that is beneficial!
The Knight of 1ands ill$dignified alongside <audi6 was clear cut and a moment that
given the author's frame of mind at inquiry, was not at all something requiring con%ecture
filled with waiting to see if vague intimations might play into it; it was direct reference to
the time period and consequential falling out with the hot points and the momentum
bursting seams and then the dam all the way from closest friends and occult$oriented
family all the way to the entire community, both social, civil, and then even the entire
magic3al community! +t was a heated IPKH up to the 4utumn Eclipse! &uch loss, such
tragedy! >et, from the ashes the .hoenix did rise in this year as never before! 4ll this is
really the manifestation of that need , that necessity!
To say the Knight of 1ands was 'me' in my end of the collective and my own flop in a
'reater 1or3 would be convenient for those who + fell out with, and an extreme
misinterpretation! The entire gist was of the larger reason behind how E3stasis came
about, where for the inquiry, + was but a spec3 in the circumference of who the draw was
for and about! + was affected by these features which motivated my own compensation in
opposition, and everything in the universe aligning to state the entire thing was necessity!
+ was stric3en, smitten, and afflicted , *aven entering the Bnderworld , to 8ecome
2inished!!!and from 8ecoming 2inished to the 7ompleted$Extending!!!
The Knight of 1ands reversed indicates delays and frustration, getting nowhere, and
feeling anger at obstacles and at being denied what you want to have! This card, in the
reversed position, represents a loss of personal power or the negative use of power! +t can
indicate that you are trying to camouflage or compensate for your inability to control this
situation! 4ccompanying emotions may involve a loss of self$esteem and pessimism!
This Knight, when reversed, is impulsive, restless, impatient and lac3ing in foresight!
/e is so 3een to %ust pursue his own interests or hurry things along that he fails to really
understand whether he will be successful or what the consequences of his actions will be!
+f this is you, you need to be very careful of not rushing into things without thin3ing it
through first! Even if you are starting to get frustrated with a lac3 of action, you need to
consider the consequences before doing something! +f this is someone in your life, then it is
best to steer clear of them for the time being! They need to ma3e these mista3es in their life
to learn and improve, and cannot necessarily be controlled or held bac3 at this point!
The Knight of 1ands reversed suggests that you are at ris3 of acting impulsively,
doing or saying things that you may later regret! >ou want everything to be UfixedV straight
away and have everything wor3ing out %ust as it should but you do not seem to be allowing
yourself the time to really thin3 through what is best for you! 8e careful, too, that you are
not reacting instantly to everything that happens but that you give your circumstances
some space and time before you ta3e action! >ou may also find yourself feeling frustrated
that there are certain factors impacting your situation that you feel you cannot control!
4gain, remind yourself that there 1+## be things that you can control and change as you
want to!
This naturally , as a recap of sequences , became the procession that shifted to the
next phase as the L of 7ups with =agga6! The figure in the L of 7ups established along
with =aga6 such a sense of responsibility! "n my own behalf, that + had to, and that + did; +
had spent months to get the word out at great length why the drama had unfolded the way
it did! + do not use the word drama in the derogatory sense! + was living in the .erfect 7ircle
song '? #ibras'! Everything that happened exactly how it did, did so not because + was the
ethereal 9yet wea3ly constituted:, fla3y artist .isces, but because + was strong enough! +t's
simple as that and plain, saying what + mean and meaning what + say, in no uncertain
)any who will end up seeing this were not there the months of trial and tribulation,
and will get it to a degree, especially by situations they were put through, but those who
ingest this whole pro%ect [library over the course of seeing the tip of the iceberg of my life,
through especially social media blogs, ought to be left with an impression that resembles;
@GesusD 1hat the hell is going on in the cosmos that someone would put all that on
somebody to get all this material produced that +'m going over now5A! +t's li3e that! 1ith
that, to any person of steel nerves combined with a soul sensitivity, there should still come
some sense of care and apprehension over how real their own 3arma can get!
+t might leave them in a perennial state of, @"h, + %ust li3e to dabble, or speculateA! +
would not hate on you if you did, either!
There are countless bullet$list worthy points as to why one might either bring this
into their philosophy, mysticism, magic3 body, or general art and science! + will leave those
reasons to the observer of all this who 3nows them well within for themselves! Those
reasons are also why one might ma3e a full on conversion, witnessing the benefit of
E3stasis, as well as The Vortex and all content it is composed of, as well as the other
materials included that have yet to be disclosed!
The + ching hexagram that bridged the tarot(rune duo0
<o! KT , 4pproval! Trigrams Thunder over Earth!
7oming to 7onsensus! &ingle point of view , we have an accord!
)any smaller gatherings supporting the one natural choice $
signified is an admiration that compliments an atmosphere for lifestyles of leadership!
The changes were to line K and line H!
<o! IH$ The Turning .oint!
#ine K change0 4pproval Expressed! &atisfaction 3ept to oneself!
Karma or consequence must be noted, recalling that to ta3e pleasure in others'
misfortune leads to misfortunes of oneself!
#ine H change0 =o <ot =oubt! *emain confident as the path is true! 4s 1inter &olstice,
it is time of new beginnings(opportunities! /ealth and clarity!
7ontinue or return to wal3ing the proper path!
1al3 with head held high 3nowing there is fruit to bear in all directions!
@1hy does no one pray for &atan $ the one soul who needed it more than any other5A
)ar3 Twain
+ saw that as a faceboo3 status of a chic3 who doesn't socially interact with me on
social media , very li3ely + can easily presume or intuit that it's because the author is way
too satanic in visage, and supernaturally 'creepy'!
1hat if &atan doesn't want you to5 )aybe it's painful! >ou 3now that a soul is a pure
light source within the core of each sentient being; offering inspiration, radiance, choice
and levity5 "dd thought that the .rince of =ar3ness for the 4ges would transform into a
white doe returning to the &ource of the =uality because one person who wouldn't socially
interact with him decided to post a status toying with the idea that one day they might try!
1hen you say, @"h, + can't learn anything from this personA $
they are the only ones given exactly what you need to hear!
The Blood Stays on The Blade
"uroboros , the famous serpent who swallows his own tail!
+f we literally recreate such a scenario, in our minds, one might logically say such a
thing could only ever happen to any clever serpent if they tric3ed themselves into believing
they were their own food source! /ere reference is being made to the downfall of any
transformation not fully cogni6ant in every part of!!!
+f one can ma3e an enemy here into a 8rother or &ister, the question becomes; /ow
do + 3eep a 8rother or &ister elsewhere from turning into an enemy as + divert my limited
attention to the conversion of one ore into a bridge of gold or silver or other precious
The &olution is simple, but not so easy to accomplish!!!
4lways 8e 2ull!!! 8ecome 2ullness 7onstantly!
)y full &elf!
+ can see all outcomes of my interpersonal shifting so + don't devour my own self as
The Enemy! Especially when my 8rother(&ister is down$cast, waning, in retro$status,
or we are in oppositions! "r even, when they are devouring their own tail!
+ was about to consult for the other hexagram when + tried a rune layout previously
strange to me! The name '1ell of 1yrd' was a drawing point!
+t too fed into all this in terms of optimi6ing the metaeonic engineering!
2irst came &owilo , representation of the -uester! .erson [or in this case also
.rinciple or .rime 2orce at the heart of everything! +nsights and concerns reflecting inside
and outwardly! The circumstances or surroundings of the /ereness of the .ursuant!
&econd came +ngwa6 , =ifficult .ath!!!what either lac3s or is a force standing in the
way! +n this case, given all material so far, + naturally translated that really its appearance
here was revealing what was already going on in spades, yet still required, desired, and
needed more of! +t reinforced the choices made as a difficult path ta3er! 4 mountain
climber or descender into the heart of dar3ness to create )edicine!
Then came Bru6 , *oad 8ehind! The bac3$setting or past that shapes up as crucial to
mental influences and really 'that which has gone before' or 'where been'! )a3es perfect
4fter that was *aido , The 1ay to the *oot! <ear futures! +mmediate next steps as
well as how does the present affect tomorrow! *aido being the 7hariot, and + was %ust
tal3ing about my road trip bac3 home to see family + havenVt seen in a decadeE or had not
even met, yet!
2ollowing that was )anna6 [inverted , 7alculated &tep! )indset or courses set in
motion that will assist! 7autiously remember! )oving forward! 8e mindful in! /ere was the
only converse rune and it was pronounced instantly as the disconnect or severity in
experiences with people! >et, it was needed to show up and be seen! To be able to do this; to
go out on a limb is an understatement! There has been a strong mistrust after everything
the author has gone through that drove him to create the path, rather than choose one in a
different collective, to seed and propagate this potent alternative!
2inally came 'ebo , 4t the 1ell of 1yrd, the insight to the overall energy and
declaration! +t is "utcome and defining factor sculpting the whole inquiry! This E3stasis
transmission ended with the 'ift rune, a 'reat Exchange that plays out mutual!
Then, to match into this, + drew one tarot card!!!
"nce again, plays into all this perfectly! To 3eep things moving along, +'ve left room to
loo3 up meanings and study things for oneself and ma3e correlations at their own pace
and unique translations that will doubtless shift around in relevance to their own bodies
and statuses!
It was all worth it...
4n image of the Gacobson's "rgan!
/ow a serpent senses slight chemical changes, or essentially smells vibrations, electrical
triggers in the air!
+f a person developed sensory perceptions to such heights and sensitivity, in a similar
manner, not only would that be 3ic3 ass, but the vibrations of fro6en light 9which happens
to be another name for &now -uart6: would be li3e candy!
+t's easy to imagine why a dragon would want to %ust lay around in treasures all their days!
&uch mutations happen all the time!
*ight now is a great entrance spot to bring up the 2ey, and how the 1ell of 1yrd
ended up expanding into the Vortex as 7erridwen's 7auldron!
The 2ey , so often people laugh because it is now misconstrued as Tin3erbell or a
=isney pixie sprin3ling imagination$land fairy dust! "ne should 3now their history! There
is a reason they are called the 2air 2ol3! +t's similar when one gives you the right$of$way to
3eep gremlins from under their hood!!!or /od!
+f you want your %un3 to crac3 up the right way, be nice to your local 2ey!
They are all elementals, often mista3en as angels or demons, they are the .wen or the
points!!!be they hot ones or cool ones [a!3!a! .etro or *ada! They are at the openings or
portals everywhere in great throngs and dimensions! )any spea3 of seeing them and
interacting with them due to trying =)T and being cannon$balled into their reality!
Then, there are the mutants!!!hybrids! &ome beautiful and some horrific, rarely one
removed from the other! The 'ede [ghuede are also 2ey; spirits who reign over the magics
that 3ill!
The 7ha3ina are also 2ey, and all totem powers are familiars! 4ll 2amiliars ac3nowledge 2ey
as not %ust familial, but even the source of their residence!
This is the *abbit in the )oon Ko3opelli that was part of a sacred painting that later became
a revised logo for the author's independent music label venture!
The *abbit is seen spiraling forth from the 7entral 'alactic &un!
&eti alongside a portrayal of the 2ir 8olg!
Eklipsoliel: The Blood Moon Grimoire
+f "re holds the precious metals to be smelted that ma3e civili6ations go 'round and
bridge nations and create wealthy families, then 2eldspar is an important 'fey$stone' of the
mystic that is a huge facet of the whole #apis! 2eld is the 'erman word for 2ield and &par
means 'free of ore'!
The metaphysical nature of feldspar reflects the 2ey, too, in that it is everywhere of
shear scope and volume, yet rare are the 'treasure ones' of brilliance and exceptional
beauty that are reserved for %ewelry! Keywords are0 =iversity, 4daptability, 2lexibility, and
.otentiality , especially in the Transformational!
+t now should start to ma3e even more sense and a grander vision come into fous as
to why a &odalite egg arrived at my house coming home from my trip, a compliment for
the large #abradorite egg, and a )oonstone [1hite #abradorite came with it!
The latter two are feldspar while &odalite is a feldspatha6oid [li3ened to feldspar!
&odalite's higher vibration is violet wavelength as /ac3manite! 4t some point study
how depending where in the world your /ac3manite comes from, it may start clear and
almost opal$li3e until in the sun it will become violet, and conversely, some from other
places on earth will start out more violet with a near mahogany tint, until you put it in the
sun and it will ta3e on a more blan3ly opaque state!
&odalite is perfect for this as a feature is that under a BV light, one may reveal a
patchy orange fluorescence! &o, this actually covers the wavelengths stressed in the prior
report of 4utumn Equinox! +t is igneous while many feldspar stones are sedimentary, a
further complimenting factor!
)oonstone is a true lunar$goddess stone and lives up to the name! Thought of often
as a stone for women, and a stabili6er of menstrual cycles, and for the purposes here, ideal
as a shamanic bridge for lycanthropic force$fields; the shapeshifter's and extra$sensory
perception receiver's ally stone, covering a vast range of metaphysical capabilities! 2or the
means of establishing base with 7erridwen's 7auldron(2ield of the "rchids of 4steria, it is
an 4lbite )oonstone in your possession under the full moon is the ultimate gift!
4wen is Epiphany, of the cauldron of +nspiration!
The 7auldron is a triage!
This is 8leodwudd , the )aiden!
/er other epithets are &hilibo, &ha3ti, 1hope, 'reen Tara, 2reya, &he3inah, &ovielei,
'uinevere, 4rtemis 9or some would rather 4phrodite:, Venus, <eith or even often seen as
<uit 9or some would rather +sis or /athor; to me, that is more )other than )aiden, though
no less beautiful:, Eris and more!!!
Epiphany in <u is especially named &ophia, or )other of 'od!!!
1e have the /igh .riestess card here before us ,
from the author's dec3 in design currently!
4n important or centrifugal aspect is that &he con%oins Earth('aia with the +ndigo
wavelength of the .leiades! The root common denominator in rune former is 8er3ana$
Ehwa6$#agu6! 8E# W
&he is the 'oddess .rime and Thee 7onsort! The feminine opposition to 8aal!
&econd half of the 7osmic Twins!
/er 7onsort's counterpart root common denominator is .ertho$Ehwa6$/agala6!
.E/!!! as in the path of! The Tower card corresponds to this, and it's symbol is )outh!
To loo3 at this image one more time, including the star, there are three bifurcating
hori6ontal planes! The bottom is .eh, and the other two are obviously the &erpent and the
=oor! The ? wor3ing together are the + ching trigram of /eaven! This sheds even more
light upon the &olar 8oat divination layout! #oo3 how .eh reconfigures with the
descending spiral serpentine force as you tilt your head on the axis!
1hat is important to note here is the #abradorite egg up top, and the three stones
underneath!!!they are 4ma6onite [of unusual quality, &odalite egg, and )oonstone with an
unusual shape that loo3s li3e a cat at some angles, or an owl at others!
4bove that crucial trio is a *ussian 1hite .henacite [in a meditating 8uddha shape,
and under the trio is a .yrite heart with a #apis tree talisman, a Te3tite meteorite [called
simply 'magic' among some indigenous peoples of earth, with a .rehnite w( Epidote
underneath it! 4n 4pophyllite under the )oonstone, a Tibetan -uart6 &cepter, and finally
to the side of that you will see a 8lue Kyanite! This configuration is flexible, and really good
for the 7auldron as it will be explored in depth! The #apis tree is there in case of anybody
having issues with &odalite, although + do not see why that would occur! The large .yrite is
there to show a pure .yrite "re sample! +t's a bridge$stone! +t occurs in flec3s within #apis!
The feldspar group is the real 3ey to this! #abradorite, 4ma6onite, )oonstone, and
including the igneous feldspatha6oid &odalite! The &odalite in this has the trine energy; a
natural effortless support with the feldspar!
4nother loo3 at the #abradorite egg! #abradorite is the mystic's ultimate stone!
+t is the energy and essence of the 4urora 8orealis! +f it calls to you, it's recommended!

The &odalite egg was the last in stoc3! + often consider a great time saver to be that if
you have something in mind a lot lately, than you chec3 on it among other options, and it's
the last one, it's almost a dead giveaway that it sets there waiting for you! &ee at the bottom
the &aint of 1hite 7alcite5 /arder to see here, but it seems hands are folded while head is
bowed, and the crown bursts as a galaxy halo! &o, this is unusually potent! +t should be easy
to witness how they compliment each other in the wor3! They carry the aeonic flavor, so to
spea3! 4ll this is gradual progress in the violet$saffron wavelengths; without laying the
Equinox groundwor3, all this might be confusing! 1ithout reaching this branch, all of the
prior wor3 3ind of hits the floor of the ocean quic3ly!!!not enough depth provided!
<ote0 .henacite is for advanced crystal system practitioners! To avoid issues, it is
recommended to 'ground out' with a variety that includes %aspers, blac3 tourmaline,
axinite, and the list goes on!!! none of it is hidden resource material! <ote also that while
Te3tite is blac3, it has some base uses, but it is not by nature a grounding entity!

This is the 4rt(&cience of 7erridwen's 7auldron! 4s this whole thing expanded in the
Ecstacy )etaeonic Veinwor3!
<ow, it will help to loo3 at this again, the sun boat divination is the 'olden 8olt
spread, officially! 4s every tarot card has its own element0 7ups, 1ands, &words, .entacles;
it's good to approach this engine frame wor3 literally as star fusion! The equal armed
solar cross being earth, air, fire, or water! >ou would be operating this as for example; L of
7ups in Earth would be the 'yol3' of water at the core of the surrounding nest of Earth! +t
will help significantly to now how water is pro%ecting into earth, or how the wands suit
would be pro%ecting at the seed core of 4er to create significant changes! +t 3eeps
exchanging this way! +t deeply corresponds with the three cauldrons ma3ing up
7erridwen's .rime 7auldron! &lower or cool spirits means there is no need for grounding
implements, when you ac3nowledge the shamanic quest already in full swing!
4 quantum leap has less significance as linear time and more dimensional capability!
Thus, more is expected of you! /old yourself to such standards under your own accord and
behave accordingly! <ot a morality statement of conduct, rather a magnetic one about the
standards of your production and what you associate to putting out there in the
anthropomorphic 2ield!
4s stated a long time ago, it ta3es patience and a constant becoming!
Vortex reissue coming soon...
+t's ama6ing how after all this time, + only %ust pro%ected the vortex onto the Xodiac of
+t is revolving counter cloc3wise and the sun is transiting from .isces to 4quarius!
That specific aspect is called the Temple Xodiac!
This is it's opposition and complimenting aspect0 the 7loc3$wor3 &pace$hammer!
+ only began western(vedic astrology recently!
The Vortex is as old as Time itself!
The star of &olar 8arque turns on this axis to create the planes shifting as the /eaven
trigram of the + ching and in doing so is a representation of "rion! +f you envision it as an
'C' or the 'ebo rune, you see Taurus(Bru6 [Tammu6 on the bottom axis and "phiuchus t
the top! The sun!!!our 'old in the 'evurah!
+n conclusion, we all 3now and have had dealing with that special group0
2rater 8e7arefuuull and &oror 7rowley's7onsort!
+f you are always at KPPY, then you %ust never really even left the bench as you bar3
strategies of static wisdom cliches to those sacrificing their bodies to ma3e big plays!
Thy are bound to hit the mar3 once a wee3 by saying Today is &unday by lac3 of real
+t is honour to have these oppositions and challenges to be part of all this!
#i3e the L of 7ups and =agga6 transitory phase, with it should come some heay duty,
industrial strength sense of responsibility!
>ou can play the games of the fol3 of the folly or you can step up to this league and 2ield,
you %ust can't step up to this 2ield and 3eep playing the games of the fol3 of folly!
4ll this up to now has been about getting you to produce in optimal efficiency in
metaeonic reality structure quality control,
and so little of it is designed to ma3e shit easier on you or buffer you with a 'corporate
power' to hide behind!
4s such, E3stasis is best suited to those who are not speculating dabblers riding a statused
and privileged guru's coattails! =on't expect warm welcomes from those comfy in such
settings, either! <ot because they learn you are their competition, but because you are
brutally honest as externally as you strive to be internally!
+t is not a secret society or a cult, but the legit and nuclear alternative to those burned by
the corporate metaphysical venture, and were made a scapegoat sacrifice to preserve false
ideas and corrupt activities!
4s alternative, it revolves around shamanic dedication and meditation that is personal as
interpersonal, instead of a ceremonial holy archetypical adorning structure!
+t is Bniversal experience sans the 7atholic strictures!
Therefore, wor3 at an even pace at all times in self initiated desire for Excellence!
#et the 1or3 be Ecstatic +nto 8lissful!
This is far more appreciative of those who can and do isolate or are solitary, yet involved
through their media(medium and not completely cut off and hermetic, but recogni6e and
answer the call of the 1orld Tribe instead of building a better holy nation!
.rophetic or divinatory vision questing and s3rying is 3ey to continuing momentum of a
righteous paradigm shift!!!!if that settles, the hori6on stops expanding!
)etaeonic engineering is not for those who are trying to 'get away' or %ump over the moon
by gnostic methods or belief structures! 1hy bother having mass to feed into things that
have become stagnant5 +t is better to reali6e when something's time is waning so
something more effective can rise up!
2reedom and #iberation is 7oming!
To arrive /ere and being near on purpose,
restoring &cience and 4rt in a perennial 8eing within the Time of the 'ods;
simultaneously having integrity intact along with the priority thrust of intense honesty!
This, over intrigues and subduing necessity of authority to provide motivation for a fleeting
semblance of order or security in the mundane!
The 4uthority spo3en of is your own innate self control sold off to be able to afford
blaming the external individual to protect a shoddy collective effort and no anchor!
&ay what you mean!
2ollow through on what you say!
+f the free mil3 is ta3en for granted, the cow dries up!
7ontributions help the crow fly straight and are appreciated!
+t goes into more of everything you see here and are benefiting from! Than3s F
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