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Security Binds Her Ch 08

He sat on the edge of the bed and gave her space to sit and have some free space, even if he wanted
her in his lap. "This morning was," he sighed, "not handled well either one of us."
Panic filled her eyes and she reminded him so much of the animal to be persecuted, that he suddenly
wants to be fished. Chase down her house and pin it - he paused to ideas. The aim was to bring her
back from being scared.
"I'm sorry, sir." She whispered, her eyes on the bedding on his knees.
"Look at me." She did. "I did not have you in the chair, I had ruled otherwise your defiance." This
means that should never bet. The brother
She opened her mouth and then closed it. Her eyebrows pulled together and her eyes filled with
tears as he desperately tried to find a way to respond. Her panic really bothering him, so he raised
his hand.
"It's okay, you do not immediately respond., I turned the camera off, so we can speak freely." Her
eyes widened slightly, and she nodded slightly. He gave her orange juice.
"Drink it, that's all. You need sugar." A vicodin. Take a deep breath, "You deserved to be punished
for trying to run, you understand, right?"
She was drinking orange juice but stopped responding. "Yes, sir. Th-thank you for my punishment,
sir." Lightly shook when he said he wanted to curse his brother and his damn poster rules, and his
fetish fucking with electricity.
"Good girl." He replied, but only because he could not face the rule of his brother. After she thanked
him for the punishment that could have killed her out of it badly. When he heard her scream, like
she had to turn off the sound, and then saw him go limp and his heart jumped into his throat.
Probably did it on purpose.
"Thank you, sir." Her muscles were shaking and he knew it was exhaustion. He would put it through
too much. She had enough fuel for her body and she was slim. He was lucky he was not shocked. He
was glad when he saw her drink more orange juice.
"I brought food as well. Someone suggested French toast this morning, and I went with him." She
flinched, not even a hint of a smile on his poor attempt at humor. "Will you let me feed you?" And not
kick plate on the floor while shouting, he said to himself.
Her stomach growled and tried to hide a smile. Finally he said, "Yes, sir."
He cut off a corner of French toast and kept it on her fork. I approach it as weak as she was, but he
knew he could not change its dynamic that much. She winced as he slowly eased forward until her
pink lips closed over bite and sat back to chewing. More orange juice to wash it down. He cut
another piece for her, "I want you to know that as long as you properly addressed me, can I ask a
question without risk of punishment now."
She gulped and nodded, "Yes, sir."
He continued to feed her as he spoke. "My partner will be here soon." She flinched back from him,
but he continued: "I will do my best to limit his interaction with you to prevent further events like
this morning., But you have to behave."
She nodded and spoke for another bite, "I will, sir. Really sell me to someone, Master?"
His heart raced to the question, but he made himself still respond, "That's what you're here."
"Do you ... Do you want to sell me, Master?" It was either incredibly attentive, and was as obvious as
his brother said. Or maybe they just wanted to stay with him? Special glimmer of hope illuminated
him, but he fizzled out.
"What I want does not matter.'re Here to sell." She bit her lip and nodded, tears sliding down her
cheeks. She finished the orange juice, and took the glass from her set it aside.
"Can you tell me, wi-will hurt me like that, sir?" She grit her teeth against a sob, and he was
strangely relieved to see at least a willingness to talk back, and she was responding emotionally. She
is not like Beth.
"I do not know." He watched as fear overwhelmed her, but he decided not to lie to her in this free
moment had. He could not guarantee who would win the auction, after all.
"I'm sorry, I tried to run, sir." Her shoulders shook as he tried to suppress tears. He had never felt
compassion when others were shouting, but he found that he wanted to stop her, no matter how
beautiful she looked.
"I have not given you test the issue this morning. I tried to point to my partner that you have been
obedient, and it backfired." He put his hand in his hair, he offered her a bit off. "That's why I punish
you so badly."
"I did not mean to make you fail, Master. I will not do it again, just please do not put me back in the
chair." Her eyes were down again, and silently cursed his brother again.
"No other chair."
She nodded, biting her lower lip. "Thank you, sir, I just - thank you." She tugged the bedding below
the knee. "May I ask, what will happen next, sir?"
He sighed, "auction will happen in two days by my partner. Must be ready by then. Know?"
There was a pause, and it grated nerves that she did not respond to a direct question, but he made
himself wait. Finally he said quietly, "How, sir?" Thalia in bed staring speaks so softly with her
breathy voice that it almost wrong. He discussed what he told her he wanted her to say anything. He
did not want someone like her, but he knew that if he did not act in time when his brother arrived
chairs the least of her worries.
"Be obedient., If you are not obedient, you deter interested in any Master who can treat you well."
He tried to bite my tongue, but another part came out of his mouth, "You should try to seduce some
of them either. If they want you, they want you., If no one buys at this auction, we will have more."
And I can until then.
He wanted to slap himself. His brother would never let her keep. Then it did not want to train
another girl. This meant that he had no money.
No money means no house, no car, no life.
No girl was worth it.
Even Thalia.
"Yes, sir." She nodded, looking at the now empty plate and bit her lip. I bite my lip to her.
Realizing that fed her entire plate of food, because I said, and looked a little more stable. It can also
be vicodin digging into even the dull pain. Her mouth was perfect, and she looked better now that
she stopped crying, although he liked the way his nose and cheeks turned pink, and how her eyes
were alive, as she took a small gasps of breath while she cried.
His penis was hard in his pants, and he knew it was twisted that thinking about her crying put him
there. But after a fight in the kitchen that he wanted to fuck her, to make her submit again. He also
was not finished earlier, when she stopped responding. That would not have happened without the
damn chair, but the request of his brother, if she failed the test kitchen left him with no choice.
He should never bet against his brother, he always lost.
His heart was struck in the chest when he wanted so much that he was salivating.
"Put it back." His voice was rough. She did not argue, but slightly trembled as she lay on her back
and pushed her legs apart.
"Yes, sir." Her voice was breathless and made his penis jump when he wanted, but he knew that
getting her back first. When he stroked her thighs shaking felt her muscles. She wanted to close her
legs for him, but dare not, he knows what he is still waiting for her. Chairs done something good at
least. If it completely broken when it was all for nothing.
He ran his tongue into her slit, pushing hands legs farther apart. Her hips shifted slightly, and
turned his attention to her clitoris. A small bundle of nerves making up her muscles tremble,
regardless of what she wanted. He slipped his tongue into her, tasting her again and groaned
against her body. His thumb gently pressed against her clit, moving in rolling circles, that of her
hips moving in time.
It can be relaxing, food, conversation, or rather vicodin, but eventually began to respond.
Soft moans came from her, and he returned it, tastings, he grew wet against his mouth. He looked at
the plane of the body, the belly tightening and relaxing as it moved his hips against his mouth. Her
breasts rising and falling with his breaths. Her head was tilted back to see her throat work as he
pulled the soft sounds of pleasure from it. He did not regret telling her the reality of their future,
hoping that would keep her in line otherwise would never be able to keep his hands off her brother.
He wanted to be the one to touch her.
Speechless, breathless moan came out of it, dissolving into whine when clenched her hands in the
fabric on one side of it. His lips moved back to her clit and reveled in how her hips bucked against
him. To think that you risked to meet his brother. I would much rather meet Thalia. He stuck his
finger inside her slippery pussy and her moaning changed, back arched off the bed and release back
to tilt sideways. He slid a second finger into her warmth and began to mutter small reasons of his
balls ache.
"Please ..." she moaned softly, and he knew it was probably not aware that anything he said. Her
fists tightened into the litter and wanted his hands in his hair again, but he did not want to break the
moment. Her breath gasped and felt her hips to tilt the back of the mouth.
"May I?" Another gasp as he pressed his mouth to her clit again, "Can I? Master?" Her voice whined,
and he curved his fingers up and gave her what she wants, when he spoke of his body.
"Come on." He commanded, and she did. Its walls tighten around his fingers, and he felt her pulse.
He ran his tongue over her, tasting her juices as her face covered with sticky wet fingers. He
groaned and fought the urge to mount it. He'd just pulled it back, it could be tomorrow.
Perhaps only tomorrow.
A heavy feeling settled in his stomach at the thought that two days would be gone. It could be under
another man.
He stood up and held over her. Flush climbed into his chest and face with orgasm, her lips were
swollen from how often bite them. He kissed her hard, but she moaned softly against his mouth. He
knew that she could taste it, and settled in the hips between her thighs. Her body relaxed under him,
but he just wanted to feel it. To know that his for a while longer. He bit her lower lip and she gasped,
opened her mouth to be able to put his tongue into her.
He groaned into her mouth as she squeezed his penis against her through his pants. He broke the
kiss and leaned his head on a pillow on her head, her face in her silky hair. If they get up, they
wanted to marry her, and not lightly.
"Thank you, sir." She whispered against his shoulder, and it was nearly called off. He clenched his
fingers in sheets on either side of her and kissed her again before pushing back. He looked at her
body was its own form of torture.
"Good girl." He cleared his throat and sat down between his knees. This view was even worse, he
wanted to touch her, to fuck her until he just wanted to.
He was out of control. His brother was right.
He made himself get out of bed, ignoring his erection, which began to border on painful. "Promise
me you'll behave."
"I promise you, sir." She rose up on his elbows, and he groaned in the spirit. Why not fuck her now?
"No further questions. None."
"No, sir." She shook her head a little.
"Let's try again later cooking, rest now. If you have a busy day tomorrow." He said it smoothly, and
she opened her mouth to ask a question and then stopped. He could not handle it as close as he was
to her anymore, so he was grateful.
"Yes, sir." Her brown eyes were fixed on his, and he tried to remember her like this. Obedient and