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Combustion Gasification & Propulsion Laboratory


Dr. N. K. S. Rajan
Principal research scientist
Combustion, Gasification & Propulsion Laboratory (CGPL)
Department of Aerospace Engineering
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 560 012
Phone: (91-80-) 2360 0536; 2360 4164 (Res)
Fax: (91-80-) 2360 1692
email: nksr At cgpl.iisc.ernet.in
Residential Address
# D 219, Staff Qrts,
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 560 012
Personal Information
Date of Birth: 14.10.1954
Nationality: Indian
Sex: Male
Marital Status: Married
Passport: No.E743798

Educational Qualification:
Ph.D. in Faculty of Engineering (Aerospace engineering), IISc (1989)
B.E. in Mechanical Engg., Univ. of Mysore (1978)
B. Sc. (Phy-Chem-Math), Univ. Of Mysore (1974)
Research Associate : 1989-91;
Senior Scientific Officer at the Dept. of Aerospace Engg., IISc : 1991-2002.
Principle Research Scientist, aerospace Engg. Dept., IISc: 2002 onwards.
Combustion; Heat Transfer; Fluid Dynamics (Experimental and Computational);
Biomass Gasification; Instrumentation (Electronic and Mechanical); Numerical
Modelling (Analysis and Simulation); and Software Development
About 20 years of involvement in R&D projects (largely Government Sponsored
& a few Industrial Consultancy in the above areas of investigation.
Student Guidance:
Guided 9 M.E. students and several batches of B.E students for their
dissertation projects of their degree.
Professional Membership: Combustion Institute, Indian Chapter
Synopsis of Work Experience
Numerical and Experimental Studies in Heat Transfer and Fluid Dynamics
Numerical Modelling in Combustion and Rocket Propulsion
Has guided three M. E. students and about 15 batches of B. E. students for
their dissertation projects.
A M.E. level course "Computer Aided Preliminary Design of Aircraft" at Dept.,
Aerospace Engg. (2:0)
Adaptation of NASA-SP-273 code to an Interactive software for calculation of
complex thermodynamic equilibrium and rocket propulsion
Development of an interactive electronic text book for Air-breathing Propulsion
Other Contributions
R&D Projects:
Principal investigator for sponsored research projects and co-investigator of
about 15 other R&D projects, currently on-going , with a total of operating
proje outlay of aboout Rs.18 Crores.
Participation in Committees:
Has been in different committees that involved in configuration, evaluation and
purchase of computers, peripherals, networking systems, measurements,
controls, electrical power generation within and outside IISc that include -
Network Computing System at CGPL, Fibre Optic Network at Aerospace
department; Computerisation of Administration at the Central Offices of IISc;
Computer Network Systems for all the six computer centres of Universitiy of
Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore; MNES, New Delhi; Negotiation of rate
contracts for PCs at the Institute and a few others. The total purchase value of
the systems dealt with during these activity typically exceed two crore Rupees.
Developmental Activities:
Has been responsible for in-house development of many of the instrumentation
and software packages required for the experimental research work at the
laboratory. The development is an outcome of the need based specific designs
that have replaced expensive imports in the area of measurement and controls.
In certain cases they have turned out to be unique (some of them are
mentioned explicitly below). The hardware packages developed include
measurement and control systems for gasifiers and electrical loading systems;
electronically controlled gas flow control valve. The software packages include
development of real time data acquisition and control package (a 16 bit
package developed during the evaluation period, currently rewritten as a 32 bit
package); high end graphic utilities for an auto-ranging 2D plots; general
application GUI and API tools for development of computer based interactive
packages and AI knowledge base interpretation; and hardware simulation
packages for specific designs.
Infrastructure/Support Establishment:
Has been largely responsible for the establishing the network based computing
system at our laboratory that involved evaluations, negotiations, purchase,
installation and management of the hardware and software worth about 50
lakhs rupees. The key element in these operations worthy of mentioning is in
procurement the top-of-the line products at the least expense options involving
non-high profiled vendors which means to have a clarity on the choice of the
product and self-management of the integration and management.
Special Research Instruments or Apparatus Constructed Linearised Diesel Flow
Measurement System:
This was an outcome consequent to the requirement of real-time analysis and
control of fuel consumption of diesel engines, essential typically during dual
fuel operation with biomass gasifier based producer gas or biogas. The
instrument has two parts, first for the transducer and second for the
linearising. In the first version of the instrument, the transducer was developed
using a electrical resistive bridge sensor while in the later version, a standard
pressure sensor in conjunction with flow resistive element is used. In both the
cases, the non-linear response of the transducer was linearised using specially
built analogue processing circuits. The design was made using software
simulation before realisation.
Analog Power Factor Measurement System:
This development is to have a stable measurement system with high precision
(0.1%) in the entire range measured. The commercially available ones do not
have these characteristics. The enhancement accuracy is obtained by using in-
house developed sensors and analog processors.
Electronically Controlled Cascadable Flow Control Valves:
This development is for usage of multiple valves with single point automatic
control essential in many sensitive cases as gas engines and reactors. This has
special considerations to account for sequence of the valve control,
exponential programmable proportional error correction control, high speed
switching of standard DC motor for the valve drive. The control can operate
interfaced with another in-house built unit with high-speed F/V converter and
analog error analysers, other remote control units or with a computer on a
remote link. The important applications are in retrofitting a standard engine
for different fuel systems and others involving precision and automation.
List of Publications
20 Research Publications in International and National Journals & Conferences
and 6 Internal Publications as Departmental Reports.
H.S. Mukunda, P.J. Paul, U. Shrinivasa and N.K.S. Rajan, Combustion of
Wood Spheres - Experiments and Model Analysis, Proceedings of the 20th
Symposium (International) on Combustion, pp 1619--1628, 1984.
K.N. Lakshmisha, P.J. Paul, N.K.S. Rajan, G. Goyal and H.S. Mukunda,
Behaviour of Methane-Oxygen-Nitrogen Mixtures Near Flammability
Limits, Proceedings of the 22nd International Symposium on Combustion,
pp 1573-1578, 1988.
H. S. Mukunda, S. Dasappa, P. J. Paul, N. K. S. Rajan, and U. Shrinivasa.,
Gasifiers and combustors for biomass - technology and field studies,
Energy for Sustainable Development, v. 1, pp 27-38, 1994.
N. K. S. Rajan, C. M. Crasta, V. Gayathri, and H. S. Mukunda., On-line
diesel flow measurement system for wood gasifier in a dual fuel mode,
Third National Conference on Biomass Gasification, Baroda, Nov 1991.
V. Manjunath, Colin M. Crasta, V. Gayathri, N. K. S. Rajan and H. S.
Mukunda, Biomass utilisation via combustion and gasifiers - A computer
based video presentation, Fourth National Conference on Biomass
Gasification, Mysore, Jan 1993.
N. K. S. Rajan, H. S. Mukunda, and A. K. Garg., Numerical prediction of
solid propellant regression of a two-dimensional arbitrary grain
geometry, Proc. Airbreathing engines and Aerospace propulsion, v. II, pp
449--461, Dec 1994.
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H. S. Mukunda, B. N. Raghunandan, N. K. S. Rajan and P. J. Paul, High
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