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Samsung SCX-4300 All In One Printer

Compatible Toner Cartridge Chip Driver Installation Instruction
Note: Beore install t!e "!i# $ri%er& #lease ma'e sure t!e #rinter(s main)oar$ is original status& no
re#la"e IC or ot!er "!ange
When the printer toner out, printer remind: Toner Empty, Replace Toner.
It cant print anymore, the printer was locked.
Beore install our "!i# $i%er& t!ere !a%e somet!ing nee$ to )e attention& %er* im#ortant:
+, The computer already installs 4300 print drier and scan drier.
-, The computer !ust connect with only one "amsun# 4300 printer, other $"% links please take them out..
3, "lot the toner cartrid#e which with our chip into the printer.
4, The whole processes please make sure power on.
., &ou only hae three chances to run the chip drier.
/, 0in$o1s XP20in$o1s -000 "an rea$ t!e $ri%er automati", 0in$o1s 3ista nee$ run t!e $ri%er as
an a$ministrator4O#en t!e C5& rig!t "li"' 6 "$run (& sele"t 6 run as an a$ministrator (7
8, Its 'etter to "lose t!e anti-%irus sot1are w(hen install the drier, some anti)so*tware mistake the
drier as irus.
9, "tart the printer, wait it warmin# up.
:ollo1ing install our "!i# $ri%er; #ut t!e $ri%er to "om#uter C5-ROM:
A, Run our $ri%er& t*#e #ass1or$: 4300& Cli"' <=es>,
B, Cli"' <installation $ri%er>
C, Sele"t ?anguage <@nglis!>
5, Cli"' <START>

@, T!en t!e setu# runningA
+'out (0 seconds later, the printer li#ht starts *lashin#. Waitin# a'out , to - minutes, the printer
control panel will display *ollowin#:
a7 PC TO 5RAM IS OB .I* display PC TO 5RAM IS NC, it mean computer and printer cant
communicate success*ully/.

Then the printer will restart automatic, chip drier install completed, click 01$IT2 to *inish the
:: :inal ne"essar* ste#, a*ter installed the drier and printer restarted, wait the printer warmin# up,
manual operation on the control panel:
Menu+0,Maintenan"eClear SettingsAll SettingsOB
Then printer li#ht will *lash3 soon turn to normal #reen li#ht. 4rint testin# pa#e, show the toner status
display (005. Installation is success*ul.
Remar's: +*ter chip drier setup, i* still show toner low, print a system report to check whether the drier
install success*ul or not. .06enu7.Report2 prints the system report/
I a)o%e s!o1 <:irm1are %ersion: +,+3iE>& it mean installation su""essul& i not $is#la* <iE>& mean
"!i# $ri%er install ailure, Please install our "!i# $ri%er again,
Samsung SCX-4300 All In One Printer
Com#ati)le Toner Cartri$ge C!i# 5ri%er Installation Instru"tion