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Figure 1

1. SA 4703 Sensor Assembly
1.1) Screw M 3 = 2 pcs. 1.2) Sensor Model SAN 023 1.3) SA 4703 Front plate
2. 1/2 ” 90o brass connector male - female
3. 28 ” Stainless inlet hose
4. 12 V.DC. Solenoid Valve
5. Rubber ring sieve
6. Wall cover
7. Model 61005 Stop Valve
8. Inlet Connector and seal assembly
8.1) Lock nut 8.2) Washer 8.3) Skirt Rubber 8.4) Skirt Nipple
9. Connector wiring 1.15 m. length = 2 pcs.
10. 220 VAC. / 12 VDC. 750 mA Adaptor
11. 12 VDC. Adaptor wiring = 1 pcs.
SA 4703 is an automatic control flush valve for urinal which operates an photoelectric sensor principle.
The program function is as follow:
2.1 Low user frequency mode ,Program operates as follow:
- Upon user approaching within sensor range (approximately 30 cm. from urinal) and hold an position more than 3 seconds, The automatic
flush will activate solenoid valve to flush the urinal for about 5 seconds. The 3wait state designed for preventing unintentionally activate of solenoid
- When user finish using urinal and leave, the solenoid valve will be activates again to make urinal second flush of 7 seconds
2.2 High frequency mode ,Program operates as follow:
- Upon user approaching within sensor range (approximately 30 cm. from urinal) and hold an position more than 3 seconds, The automatic
flush will activate solenoid valve to flush the urinal for about 5 seconds,the automatic flush will acknowledge of incoming user but will not perform
first flushing in order save water.
Note Low user frequency means continuation time of new comer from last flush is more than 10 minutes,while high user frequency ,continuation
time of new comer is equal or less than 10 minutes The program will sensor this user frequency automatically.

Figure 2

Figure 3
3.1 Connect electric D.C. wire (Red-Black) to D.C. wire (White-Black) via terminal. The Red wire connect to Positive
and Black to Negative polarity (see Figure 3).
3.2 Wiring the D.C. wire (Red-Black) through electrical conduit or in cement groove between tile then than cover with
while tile cement.

Figure 4

3.3 Install adaptor where it is convenient for mainteinance and good ventilation also away from moisture and flammable
materials. Wiring 12 VDC. through electrical conduit (if need) as per Figure 4.

- To prevent electrical hazard, connecting adaptor to 220 V.AC. supply line should be done with extreme
caution by quality technician.

- The D.C. wire from adaptor to SA 4703 should not exceed 5 meters length.

- Inspect the wire polarity +/- make sure they connect correctly other wise damage will occur to
adaptor and control circuit.

3.4 Prepare the wall as per Figure 4.


Figure 5

3.5 Assemble the inlet connector and seal assembly (8) to urinal inlet hole in the back. Tighten up the lock nut (8.1),
it will cause the skirt rubber to expand then lock and seal to the urinal. Next, assemble 90o brass connector (2) as seen in
figure 5, step 2. Finally, assemble stainless inlet hose (Figure 5, Step 3).

- Use Teflon tape and all thread pipe and connector to prevent leakage.
- Make sure there is no dirt or foreign object in water supply line. It will cause damage to solenoid valve or
flow blockage.

Figure 6

3.6 Connect both connector wiring (9) to SA 4703 sensor assembly (1) they can not be miss connected due to fixed
connector head. Leave the other ends of both wire to the bottom (Figure 6).

Figure 7
3.7 Assemble Stop valve (7), Wall cover (6) to water supply line (Figure 7,Step 1) remember to use Teflon tape to
prevent leakage.
3.8 Assemble Solenoid valve (4) and Rubber ring sieve (5) to Stop valve (7) (Figure 7,Step 2) make sure Solenoid
valve is in the right direction (see arrow an Solenoid valve body).
3.9 Installation urinal and assemble stainless inlet hose (3) to Solenoid valve (4).

Figure 8

3.10 Connect female connector from Sensor (1) to male connector of Solenoid valve (4). Connect

male connector from Sensor (1) to female connector from Adaptor (10)

3.11 Make final inspection and perform functional test.

Sensor range and water supply pressure control have been set from factory. Consult our technician if should be any
4.1 Supply 12 V.DC. to sensor assembly (1) the Red LED will blink.
4.2 While the Red LED is blinking , place your hand with in 5 cm. to sensor. The blinking will stop, wait until there is
two blink. Then remove your hand, the blinking will appear slower.
4.3 Place your hand in front of sensor where you want to set up the range. Wait until the blinking is stop and Red LED
continuously on, the sensor will record this range.
4.4 Remove your hand and the automatic flush valve is ready for use.
If sensor range need to be set up again disconnect the power and follow step 4.1-4.4 once again.

All SA 4703 are subjected to 3 years warranted by SANMART free of change under normal operation. Malfunction
cause by wrong assembly or wrong installation or intentionally damage are warrantee void.

Under normal operation, SA 4703 is maintainance free. However dirt or particle contained in water can cause the
sieve blockage. It is recommended that quality personnel should inspect and clean the sieve periodically.