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E-mail id: tulasi_bharath2000@yahoo.co.

Mobile: +91. 9739859607



Ø Around 26 months of experience in JAVA, SERVLETS, JSP and STRUTS.

Ø Proficient in writing application using JAVA.
Ø Expertise in writing and deploying Servlets using Tomcat.
Ø Implemented Connectivity to databases using JDBC API.
Ø Knowledge in writing web-based application using Java Script, HTML and Servlets.
Ø Have good knowledge in Coding standards.
Ø Having 12 Months of Experience in windows administration and Unix flavors.
Skill Set

Areas Technology / Products

Areas of Specialization Core Java, JDBC, Servlets, Jsp, Struts.
Internet Applets, JSP, HTML, XML.
Database Mysql, MS-Access.
GUI Swings, Awt.
Languages Java, Python.
Operating Systems Windows NT/2000/XP/7, Redhat Linux-9, Fedora-5.
Web servers Tomcat, Weblogic 8.2.
Server Administration Windows-2003, Redhat EL5.
Professional Experience

Ø Working as Network Administrator in PVR Technologies, Tirupathi since (February-

2009 to November-2009) company closed.
Ø Worked as Software Engineer at Synfosys Business Solutions, Hyderabad since (March-
2007 to Aug-2008).
Ø Worked as IT Associate in Institute of Electronic Governance, Hyderabad since
(August-2006 to June-2007) on Contract Basis.
Project Details

Present Work
Taking day-to-day backups of each department end of week backup report.
Maintaining User Accounts, login, logout times home directories for each user and installation
of necessary software troubleshooting PC upgrading the computers. Maintaining update report
of all the employee details and system related information, scheduling the work knowing the
status of work at end of day. Enabling Remote Access to the client and knowing the work
procedure and any modifications.
E-mail id: tulasi_bharath2000@yahoo.co.in
Mobile: +91. 9739859607

Project #1 Safe Access, VAM June’08 – Aug’08

Client : Still Secure. (Maintenance Project)
Environment : Python, NASL, Windows & Linux.
Safe Access is an Award Winning product developed by StillSecure. Safe Access
is a complete Network Access Control (NAC) solution that stops unauthorized access,
prevents malicious endpoint activity, and enforces origination’s security policy. Safe
Access NAC solution is a best choice for both small and large originations.
VAM (vulnerability management) platform identifies tracks and manages the
repair of network vulnerabilities across the enterprise; VAM mitigates the risk of network
exploitation through end-to-end vulnerability lifecycle management.
Role: As a Team member
• Collecting the requirements from the Mantis Tool.
• Perform thorough research on the assigned task.
• Work out the design and update Mantis with this information.
• Develop the Application and setup the test environment, if required.

Project #2 Gap IT Aug’07 – Mar’08

Client : Beaumont Hospitals, USA
Environment : Java, Servlets, JSP, Tomcat, Html, SQL Server, MyEclipse.
Application Server : Weblogic.
The Gap IT On-line Patient Discharge System is a web-based application with
Physician Centric approach, to easily discharge the patients. Here in this system
Physician can log in to the system from anywhere by using Internet, and manage his/her
patient’s discharge, prescribe drugs & dosage, specify special care, further consultations,
and generate Reports. These reports could be sent to the associated Medical and
Insurance Companies. Users of this system are Hospital Admins, Physicians and
Supporting Staff. Physicians and supporting staff are the front end users and Hospital
Admin being back end user. Hospital Admin has got the following functionality:
Maintaining physician’s, patient’s information and generating reports.
Role: As a Team member
• Design, Construction and Application Development
• Unit testing the application and document the results

Project #3 Central Library (Academic Project) Jan’06 - April ‘06

Environment : Java, Servlets, JSP, Tomcat, MS-Access and Windows
The Central Library is end-user application designed mainly to use in colleges.
The Librarian can seated in front of the computer in the library and can guide the library
user by providing the availability of the book, author, number of quantities and can say in
which rack the book is present. This system prompts a message to the Librarian if the
user has not returned the book in the allotted time. The Librarian can add to books
quantity, author and location. The Librarian can view the history means the processing of
the book and the dates for the processing’s.
Role: As an Individual
E-mail id: tulasi_bharath2000@yahoo.co.in
Mobile: +91. 9739859607

• Gathering the requirements, Preparing SRS.

• Coding the Application, Unit testing.
• Preparing the Documentations.
Educational Details

Ø B.Tech Electronics & Communications from Sathyabama Deemed University,

Chennai in 2006 with an aggregate of 70.91%.
Ø Intermediate from Board of Intermediate Education, Andhra Pradesh in 2002 with
an aggregate of 67.5%.
Company Information

1. PVR Technologieswww.pvrtechno.co.in—bharathkumart@pvrtechno.co.in.
2. Synfosys Business Solutionswww.synfosys.com—bharat@synfosys.com.
3. Institute of Electronic Governancewww.ieg.gov.in.

Personal Details

Name : Bharath Kumar. Tulasi

Father Name : T. Ravi Babu
Date of Birth : 18th December 1983
Sex : Male
Nationality : Indian
Alternate Maid-id :tulasibharath2002@gmail.com,
Alternate Contact : 9945678556(KA), 9492055411(AP).

I hereby declare that the aforementioned information is correct to my knowledge

and belief.

Place : Bangalore
Date : 18\12\2009

(Bharath Kumar.Tulasi)