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Current State of VAN Routed EDI Communications:

Route via ULN /

QID Address VANs

Biztalk Server
Phone email

Manual Processes -
Differs for each EDI network

System and Network Operations

EDI Communications Managed with ECGridOS Web Services:

Biztalk Server

Route via ULN / VANs & Direct ECGrid®

Code Integrated Data + Network
Control Channel
80+ Networks QID Address
Bindings 14,000 ID's Segment
to 600,000 Routes
Netops via User / Admin
API Interfaces to Process

ECGridOS Enabled EDI Network (78 WS API Functions) :

General EDI Account Management Tasks
API Integration Compared to Non-Integrated EDI Communications Channels

Task VAN, FTP, AS2 ECGridOS API Example and Comments

Add Mailbox Phone call, emails, web forms API Call Creates Account, Sets MailboxAdd(), 19 more.
Accounts and Users User Role, Access Rights UserAdd(), 16 more calls for access
by role management.

Manage User External management if any. API manages account for users, TPAdd() 13 more.
Account EDI Outbound Messages groups, self assigned QID,
Addresses and undifferentiated except for status, meta data, more.
Network Identities destination QID

Interconnections Non-standardized methods across Automated Interconnections and InterconnectAdd() 8 more.

VANs persistent status.

EDI Messaging & Archiving via external interfaces, EDI send / rec via accounts and ParcelUpload() 17 more.
Parcel Management manual process, no metadata, no user role, sessions, archiving, ParcelDownload()
manifests, varies by network. message metadata, tracking, ParcelInBox()
manifests, acknowledgement by ParcelStatus()
No control via server binding. intermediate network waypoints,

Trading Partner No Directory or Search services to ECGrid is the only API TPSearch(), NetworkList(), other info
Network Dir. speak of. External interfaces for embedded VAN offering QID objects
Services other partner functions. None and network lookup via search
standard across networks. API

Reports External reporting if any. Fixed Reports and Instant Real Time ReportInstantStats()
Formats. Alternative, custom written Stats, Monthlies. Suitable for ReportTrafficStats()
server side message statistics further integrations and ReportMonthly()
reporting. transformation into data feeds
for dashboards.

Summary Manual processes, non-integrated, Automated, Easy to integrate All Services to bind and control the EDI
undifferentiated access, no or poor with client or server side network, report message status end-to-
support of multi-user, multi-tenant architectures. Silverlight EDI end, and manage user account roles
ecommerce systems Client in Alpha. and their relationship to Trading
The ECGridOS API has 78 Functions that add the power of a global EDI network upon any program or platform.

Any Discussion of Automation, Integration, and multi-tenancy must include Code Bindings
and grammar for EDI net communications control
Missing EDI functions Lead to What ?

90% More VAN Netops via non- Message

Server Side standardized forms, handling
phone, email Connections deficiencies

Nothing solved for Multi-Tenant, Multi-Dept. Deployments.

Advantages to ECGridOS API Integration

"Unique Instance" Enables Multi-

Automated Rock Solid Message
EDI server code Tenant Roles /
reduced Netops Reliability

Managed Advantage over

EDI Network Revenue Faster, Easier EDI
FileTransfer competing
Recovered Configs
Services Integration Servers

Value Proposition:
1) Functions are common to all server applications
2) Server attains the network authority of a 'white label' VAN
3) Handle multi-user, multi-tenant accounts with session control
and individual mailbox QID pairings-
4) API makes n-party billing trivial
API Function Subfamilies

Networks & Mailboxes

As a true electronic commerce infrastructure, ECGrid primarily routes documents between Electronic Commerce Service
Provider (ECPS) Networks. Networks which are tightly integrated with ECGrid, may further route documents by Mailbox within
the network.
Users & Authorization Levels
The ability to view and modify information throughout ECGridOS is regulated by the User’s assigned Authorization Level.
Session State is maintained through HTTP Cookies or through SOAP Headers. Each function call must be completed within a
several second timeout period, or the session expires.
Trading Partners & ECGridIDs
Each discrete, Trading Partner ID on ECGrid is assigned a unique ECGridID. These ECGridIDs are used throughout ECGridOS
to route and track documents.
Interconnects are used to confirm that trading partners on two different Networks can reliably exchange documents across the
ECGrid infrastructure.
Parcels, Interchanges & Mailbags
Electronic Commerce traffic management. How to create, track and manage data on ECGrid.
Carbon Copies
How to manage carbon copies of interchanges within the infrastructure. This transport level value added service delivers copies
of any interchange to any network attached to ECGrid.